Received 3rd Order of Chinese Disco Pants

Today I received my 3rd order of Chinese disco pants. Again, I ordered all XL and the colors are black, blue, navy, white & gold. There is some good news and some bad news.  Here is the good news:

  • The blue pair fits skintight. This is the first of 3 pairs that fit skintight
  • The black pair fit a bit tighter than the one from the first order. It fits about how I expect an XL to fit on me and quite similar to the XL AA pair I once had
  • The navy pair also fit about how an XL should fit
  • This means I can size down on the black & navy to get better fits

The bad news is that:

  • The gold pair fits super loose
  • The white pair fits super loose
  • The blue pair fits skintight as an XL so I can’t size down any further for a looser fit
  • There are still some horrible sizing inconsistencies not matter the seller

I will provide fit pics on my next post.

One final bit of good news is that I can size down on the white and gold as well to get better (tighter) fits. I’m going to order from the same seller and get size large in black, navy and white. And grey if they have it. I really like the navy color. They would make great shorts. And I’ll probably get another blue in XL and make shorts out of them as well. As far as gold goes, I don’t think I’ll get anymore of that color. I’ve got a tight pair and a loose pair. Red, I’ve got two tight pairs. Purple, I’ve got two tight pairs. Turquoise, I have one tight pair.

Stay tuned for photos.

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64th Wearing of Spandex Disco Pants

I wore spandex disco jeans today for the 16th time this year. It was one of those cooler summer days today when there is very little sunshine and plenty of remnant clouds from the past days’ flooding rains. The high temperature was 73° but with no sun it felt cool and comfortable. So it was perfect to wear the pants.

I wore one of my new black Le Gambi’s today. And I did something I have never done before. I paired the pants with a short-sleeve button shirt–one of those straight-hemmed shirts meant to be worn untucked. Up to now I have only been seen in public wearing disco pants with some sort of jacket. This is the first time I have worn only a shirt with these pants, and a button shirt at that. I think it works really well. It also helps that I’ve been wearing this type of shirt with my disco cutoff shorts out and about recently. That made the transition a lot easier and if there are any more days like today this summer I can dress like this again. But it has to be those straight-hemmed shirts meant to be untucked. However, if the shirt is the kind meant to be tucked, it would have to be slimmer-fitting or smaller overall for the look to work. The good thing is I have enough of both kinds to create different pairings.

I went to the usual thrift store today and then to a store at the usual mall. Felt very good to be in disco jeans again after nearly two months of not wearing them. I really think this fall will be an exciting time. I’m thinking 3 or 4 times a week in disco pants is a real possibility. And then on Halloween I may even wear a wild color I haven’t worn yet! Will have to make the most of the fall season because winter is a harder season than summer in terms of wearing disco pants. But I will still sneak in a few wearings here and there during the winter months.

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Chinese Disco Pants – Stock Up on Them!!

In my last post where I reviewed the 2nd order of Chinese disco pants I received, I feel that I did not emphasize that I really like the pants despite the sizing issues. I mean, where else can you find pants like these for $9 or $10? And these are pretty versatile. If you’re into leggings you can wear them as such. Guys who are spending $40, $50 or more to get leggings for men called ‘meggings’ would find these perfectly suitable. Why spend so much when these will do the job? Sure, you may have to place a few orders to get the sizing right but at these prices, so what? As a reader of this blog has told me, he received a few pairs which didn’t fit quite right or which were sent in error. He sold them on ebay and broke even or even made a little profit!

If you want to make shorts out of these pants you will have some very nice, comfortable shorts for hot weather. Maybe you want to use them as exercise apparel. That will work, too. They’re very stretchy. Or perhaps you’re a musician and you want to use them as stage gear. Well, put on your Converse or some boots and you’ve got the perfect look. And they make for some great sleepwear as I have been using my larger, looser pairs for this purpose.

I keep thinking back to those girls’ lycra pants that a local discount store named Venture sold back in the 80’s:


These pants cost $7.99-9.99 at THAT time. And these were basic leggings/tights with no button, zipper or pockets. Nearly 30 years later and you can get actual disco pants for about the same price, and even less if you adjust for inflation! It is just so worth it.

I remember when I saw this ad in the Venture paper all those years ago. I was mesmerized. I wanted to get me some of those pants! Venture had become my new most favorite store. But this wasn’t the first time I had seen such pants in their ads. A few weeks earlier I had seen in their paper girls wearing hot pink pants and black pants. A week after that another photo of girls wearing hot pink ones and black ones. However, as I wrote before, I never saw these pants at the actual Venture store I frequented. Not having a little sister meant you didn’t go to the girls’ section of the store.

Anyway, my point is that these Chinese disco pants are super affordable. Let’s face it–American Apparel disco pants are most likely not coming back. And while many claim disco pants are dead and will only follow fickle fashion trends, there are others out there who still want to keep wearing them or try them for the first time. If you’re not sure you will like disco pants why not get a $10 pair of these and try it out? Of course the quality is inferior to the ones from AA. But most people don’t want to or cannot spend $85 on a pair of what reductionists might call nothing more than a pair of shiny leggings, which we all know is incorrect anyway. Not that you even could take $85 anymore and buy a pair of them. You can try to find a brand new unworn pair on ebay and pay over $100 for them, or settle for a pre-worn, underdescribed pair which may arrive with disappointing surprises. Or shop on Aliexpress and get one, two, five or eight pairs without breaking the bank.

The only strange thing I have to report is that the first 2 sellers I purchased these pants from recently now no longer sell them. First seller, a bit weird but nothing to write home about. Second seller, starting to raise eyebrows. I seriously doubt I purchased the last items they had in stock. Maybe they know something’s up. I still have my 3rd order to recieve and the black pair from my 2nd order. Plus there are plenty of other sellers offering disco pants on Aliexpress. The ones I have purchased from happen to be the ones selling the for the lowest prices. There are others selling them for as much as $20-25 which is still a bargain. I don’t know if they are the exact same pants though. Might be better quality, might not.

Here is a link to the most recent seller I purchased from: AliExpress Disco Pants

From this seller I ordered black, navy blue, white, champagne (gold) & royal blue. All size XL. These are all so inexpensive it would be wise to stock up on them, especially since some of these sellers are no longer offering them.

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2nd Order of Chinese Disco Pants

On Saturday I received 5 of the 6 pairs of disco pants I ordered about two weeks ago. I was advised I would be getting two separate packages so I’m not not worried. The pair I did not receive was the black one. I have plenty to say so here goes….

First of all, this set of pants has the same sizing inconsistencies as the others. I purchased all XL and some fit skintight while others fit quite loose. The interesting thing is that the blue fit exactly the same as the blue from the last order–that is, very loose. On the other hand, the red & purple fit skintight just as they did from the previous order. The purple had a somewhat higher rise which made for a bit of an awkward fit at the waist.

I also received two other colors–gray & gold. The gray fit disappointingly loose as the blue. The gold was the literal ‘gold mine’ in this order. It fit skintight and the color is so nice. I am very pleased with the gold pair.

Ultimately it seems that these sellers have basically the same pants. While one may have a few extra colors they are the same disco pants with the same inconsistencies. Here are photos of the pants as I received them and some fit pics:






Disco Pants Mine16a

Disco Pants Mine17a

Disco Pants Mine18a

Disco Pants Mine19a

Disco Pants Mine20a

There you have it! Looks like this order came with two losers, namely the blue and grey. I’m not sure if I should try to reorder them in large or medium. Problem is last year I had ordered a grey in large from another seller and it was a very skintight fit. So I’m just not sure.

But as you can see, the purple and red fit just like the others from the last order. The gold is definitely a great addition.

I have yet to received the black pair which as of today, Tuesday, has not arrived. And there is still the order I placed last week which is due to arrive. Can’t wait for those!

That pair of disco cutoff shorts I wear regularly had that little issue of the inseam threads unravelling a bit. Well, I bought some Fabri-tac and glued the two parts of the seam together and it is just fine now. In fact, I don’t think I will do anything else with these shorts. I’m going to leave the crooked-cut legs as are and not have them hemmed. But any other pairs I make will have a nice, straight seam.

By the way, I did wear my shiny cutoff shorts today again. It’s now the 7th time I’ve done so.


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6th Wearing of Disco Pant Cutoff Shorts

Today was the 6th time I wore my disco pant cutoff shorts. It was really hot and humid here today so they were definitely a go-to item. Actually that’s just an excuse. I’d wear them all summer long, humid or dry, hot or not-so-hot. But it was great being in them today. I went to a supermarket and to Walmart in those skintight, shiny shorts. Unfortunately, I didn’t pass by any mirrors so I didn’t get to check the shorts out. But summer is still young, the shorts are holding up well and there will plenty more opportunities to wear them (and others).

Edit: As I was writing this I had to make another trip outdoors to Walgreens so I decided to don the same outfit from earlier today, including the disco cutoff shorts.

Speaking of others, I have not yet received my 2nd order of disco pants from China. It’s taking longer than the first one. That order I received 10 calendar days after ordering it. This second one is already on its 13th calendar day. And I placed another order last night with a third vendor on Aliexpress. This vendor is one of the few that have the pants in a navy color. I just want all these to come quick so I can see how they fit and what sort of adjustments I need to make for future orders and for the shorts I want to have made.

Remember the excessively loose fitting black and blue disco pants I received from the first vendor? Well, I’ve been sleeping in them. Yes, I’ve been using them as pajamas. They work out well because they don’t creep up on your legs like typical pajamas do. They stay nicely at your ankles. Plus they are nice to touch during the night. So silky smooth! Feels like you’re wearing silk pajamas!

Will I ever wear them out during the day? Not really sure. They are probably the closest thing to AA-style disco pants I could wear. I guess it depends on how much more confident I become in the near future. But I seriously believe that because they are not skintight most people would think they’re just retro track pants or something like that. If they had some stripes down the sides they would definitely be considered track pants. It’s too bad the seller I got these from is no longer selling disco pants. I would have picked up a few more pairs, loose or not.

The verdict is in: it may be possible to modify one of these Chinese pants from leggings-leg to straight leg, but it would require the right equipment and the know-how. And it may be pricey. This is the gist of the expert opinion I received. So I am going to proceed with this. My only hope is that the place where I regularly take my disco pants and jeans to get repaired can do this. I would hate to search around for another place. But I don’t want to go in there with just one project to do. I want to get some shorts made as well but I have to wait on these orders to come in.

So if you’re going to order these pants on Aliexpress here is what you need to know: there will be variances in the pants from seller to seller. And I don’t mean just the price. I have purchased black ones from 3 different sellers and all 3 pants have had their nuances. The first one I ordered size XL from featured a super high rise. We’re talking like 14 inches here. But the pants fit tight and quite comfortable and look great. In fact, the shorts I made were from a pair from this first seller. The XL pair from the second seller also fit tight and did not have such a long rise. I have not measured it so I cannot state what it is but it surely feels and looks shorter. This is the pair I am going to have the lower legs modified on. The pair from the third seller is the one I am currently using as pj’s. This one is not tight and its rise also does not look or feel as long as the first. Therefore, my advice is shop around with a few different sellers and see which you prefer when they arrive. Then if you want extra pairs buy from the same seller. This is exactly why I have not gotten the ball rolling yet on having the shorts made. I have to wait for this order to come in and see how the pants fit. If they’re great then I have to order again because I want to have extra pairs. If they’re not so great, again I have to order once more but in different sizes. So it may take a while.

It was really great to be back in my disco pant cutoffs today after over a week of not wearing them. Looking forward to the next wearing.

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5th Wearing Disco Pant Cutoffs & Modifying Chinese Disco Pants

I wore my disco cutoff shorts today for the fifth time. To me they seem to be the best shorts I have ever worn. O.K. so they don’t have all the convenient pockets a pair of cargo shorts does. But I carry my messenger bag most days now because last year I lost my smartphone last year and not only did someone find it, but they didn’t bother to make an attempt to return it. And the reason I lost it was because of a lack of pockets. And I’m concerned about keeping these phones pressed up against the body packed inside a pocket of a skintight pair of pants for all the health reasons associated with electromagnetic radiation. So keeping it in a bag that is not as close to my body is better but still not the best solution.

But getting back to these shorts–they’re awesome! I’ve got the back pockets which I carry my wallet in and the other is free to carry whatever I wish. And unlike the back pockets on most jeans today these are higher up so when you’re sitting down you don’t feel whatever is in your pockets pressing up on your thighs. I hate that feeling! That is my only complaint with Nudie Thin Finn jeans. They are perfectly tight without the leggings look but the rear pockets hang way too low and makes you look as though you are sagging your pants.

And yes, these shorts have a super-high rise (like 14 inches) but it’s not like anyone but me is going to see that. The main things are that they are comfortable in every sense and look absolutely great. And I’m wearing some pretty unique here, so I may just be called a ‘trendsetter.’

I went to the post office today and to two different supermarkets. Was walking around the stores looking for some soft drinks on sale. And then I went to a delicatessen that had some mirrors on a wall. There was no one else in there so I looked at my shorts in there. It’s pretty amazing how even in a lower-light place these shorts have such a high shine. And they were looking really good as I moved around. I wore a shorter, slimmer button-shirt that didn’t cover everything and I noticed in the mirrors that I could see some wrinkles on the front and back as I took steps or stood straight. It was a really good pairing. I don’t like when the shirt is too long ot loose and covers up too much.

I like how these disco cutoff shorts are holding up after five wearings thus far. I have to get more made but now I’m waiting on another order to arrive. I’ve got to make sure I get the right size made into shorts. So after this next order comes in I will examine the pants carefully and see if I need to make size adjustments with shorts in mind. As I already wrote previously, this last seller I received disco pants from is no long selling them and it’s a shame because I’m pretty sure sizing down to large in black and in blue would have made some perfect fitting cutoff shorts.

One commenter mentioned that in the past he also cut off a pair of disco pants to make into shorts but they kept creeping up on him. So I imagine that means when he’d get up from sitting down the shorts had moved up on his leg and he would have to pull them back down. Thankfully, this is not a problem I’m having with them. I think what has helped me is that I cut them down to just above the knees. That’s an area where you usually have some space between the material and your skin, provide your pants are not completely skintight from waist to ankle. So even if my shorts creep up a little when I’m sitting, they fall back into place when I get up. I guess it’s because the ‘hems’ aren’t gripping onto my legs around that area and they have enough slack to move back down. They 100% fit and perform just like I hoped they would.

For the last two nights I have been using the really large black pair I received last week as pajamas. They work really great as pj’s because, while being quite loose, they are still rather tight at the ankles and so they don’t creep while you move around in bed and sleep. Not only that but they are also silky smooth and touching them makes you feel good. Sure it would be even more fun to wear ones that are skintight but these will do. I’m still debating whether or not I’ll wear these out somewhere. Even though they are not tight as they should be, there is still something intriguing about them.

I’m trying to see if I can take one of these well-fitting, black Chinese disco pants and have their lower legs adjusted to make them like the vintage style. I know it’s possible to make loose pants tighter but I’m not sure if the opposite is possible and still have something that looks good. So I have asked an expert and hopefully there will be some good news for me. It would be magnificent to have a pair of these inexpensive pants to look like the Le Gambi’s, Bojeangles, Frederick’s, etc. originals. That would be a dream come true for me. I love spandex disco pants and having some more variety of them would be a great thing. These would certainly make ideal for summer wearing.

But you’re probably saying to youself, “Why would you spend $25 or more to modify a pair of pants that not only cost $8 or $9 but is also a lower-quality item that most likely will not last very long?” And my answer would be “why not?” If I spent $40 or $50 overall and I have a pair of pants that I am in love with I think it’s a small amount to pay. If I were told that it’s possible to modify American Apparel’s disco pants into the vintage straight-leg style for $50 on top of the original $85 price tag of course I would do it! Without hesitation. And I know AA’s pant would last a lot longer than these Chinese ones. But at least for the time being I’m not ready to mess around with the few AA pants I have. AND the AA pants don’t have two things the Chinese pants do: the super high shine and thinner, lighter-weight material.

We’ll see what happens.


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Barbara Rhoades in Disco Pants on ‘Magnum P.I.” (1982)

A reader of this blog sent me some photos of Barbara Rhoades from a 1982 episode of Magnum P.I. In this episode she wears both gold and snakeskin print spandex disco pants. And of course, she plays an unsavory character. Just further evidence that Hollywood was trying to make the disco pant a preferred piece of the scheming, bad and/or empty-headed sexpot. Thank goodness Charlie’s Angels served as a counterbalance to them! Anyway, 1982 was still the height of disco pants so no surprise they would be seen in a Magnum P.I. episode. In fact, I’d be surprised if there weren’t any more episodes of this show where disco pants could be found.

As I am not a fan of snakeskin or tiger-print or zebra-print or any print for that matter, I am only going to post the solid gold color disco pants she wore on this episode. She was about 35 or 36 here so it’s good to see that a slightly older female was still wearing such pants even if her character was questionable. You’ll note that while her pants are the tightest-fitting disco pants ever, even looser-fitting spandex has a way of grabbing onto you and still giving the impression of being a second-skin.






















The pants look really great here. I was told it’s a gold color but at least in the photos it looks more like champagne or something like that. That is a color I don’t have and would like to add to my collection. Gold can be a bit loud as it’s not a color of pants that either gender wears frequently. This one seems to be softer and in between gold and silver. I’ve seen some in this color on ebay or elsewhere but either they were too small or I just couldn’t afford them.

Also, I can’t tell what brand they are. She does a pretty good job of keep that part covered up, but most likely they are Le Gambi or Bojeangles.

The reader sent me some video clips of this episode as well but I cannot share them here. Thanks to him for sharing all the photos and clips!

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