Brown Altered AA Disco Pants On the Way!

The charcoal AA disco pants have currently become my favorites. And that means both pairs. I’m so glad I had two pairs done. I feel they’re even more awesome than black. And they go with everything just as well as black. There was definitely a good reason I had these altered. Didn’t know I would love them this much!

As you can imagine I wore them again today. It was my fourth overall wearing for this new year and it already matches my total for the month of January 2018. Today I went with the large pair which only had the legs widened. Had some stomach issues overnight so I didn’t want to put too much pressure with the medium. The plan was to go with the medium but as I tried to fasten them I noticed it was a bit tight and I didn’t want to squeeze the stomach. The large was just perfect in this case.

I had planned on taking the brown one in tomorrow to get done. Even set up an appointment with the tailor to talk over a few details. But on the way home today I drove through some large puddles of standing water on a busy street and then just a few minutes later my check engine light started flashing and the car began to shake. Luckily the light stopped flashing and is just steady on now. But I’m hoping it’s just a matter of needing to dry out and hopefully all will be well tomorrow. Otherwise, it could ruin my appointment and worse, set me back some additional money. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

But man, I am just loving these AA disco pants. And I like the fact that I have the two options to wear–a large with just widened legs and a medium with widened and elongated legs. I only wish the medium were just as long as the large so I wouldn’t have to have them lengthened. But I seriously want to get some other colors made up  in the same way. So brown will be next. I guess I’ll have to be content with having brown solely in medium. Then I’d like to do midnight navy. I currently have two pairs of the AA originals in this color. One is a small and the other a medium. The medium is brand new while the small is one I found while thrifting. I think I should look to get a large. I want to stick with the original made in the USA version. They were definitely tighter compared to the new ones made in Mexico by Gildan. And then I want to get some forest green made and probably a black and a pearl. I realize these are big plans and they may not come to pass, but it gives me more to look forward to. And I’m not even bothering with the Chinese ones anymore. There is no comparison between them and AA ones. None.

By the way, today was rainy and not sunny at all so my charcoal pants did not do much shining. But they’re still more brilliant than anything anyone else was wearing!

OK, I started this post two days ago and since then I have taken my brown pants in to get altered. So it will be a week’s worth of wait. I am very excited. I asked her to copy what she did on the charcoal medium pants with one minor detail of difference. In the meantime I will be wearing the charcoal pairs and whatever else until then.

Today was very cold here. Not disco pants weather. In fact, my thicker skinny jeans did not act as a buffer against the cold air. Tomorrow will be slightly better but I will most likely not wear any until Friday.

In another bit of news I came across a nicely priced pair of the two-tone AA disco pants in size large. Since I already have a medium I plan on having this large altered but only to the extent of widening the legs. Otherwise, they should be long enough. I think it will be very cool. If I were to alter the medium I have then I would need to find another pair of the two-tones to cut up for extra material. That would prove to be a costly and probably a time-consuming endeavor.

Finally, the car turned out okay. It started out with the engine light still on but after a bit of driving it turned off. So all is well, thankfully!

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Charcoal AA Disco Pants Becoming a Huge Favorite

Increasingly mild weather here means more wearings of spandex disco jeans for me. Yes, today was another. This time I wore the large charcoal American Apparel pants which I had altered. I am very pleased with them. They fit and look great. Though not as tight as the medium they still do their thing of looking  like an awesome pair of shiny, skintight disco pants.

I had no problems with length on this pair. Since it is a large it is a little longer than the medium. I sat down, got up, squatted, got up, bent down and there were no issues with the pant legs creeping up. I wore my white leather Converse high tops with them and it was a perfect match. I’m not sure I could get away with wearing a low top Converse. But that’s fine as long as the high tops work and I’ve got my Dr. Martens boots, too.

Did I mention that today was finally sunny? Yes, it was and my charcoal disco pants were shining brightly in the parking lot of the thrift store. It would have been very hard not noticing them today.

So now I’m really eager to get the brown ones altered in the same way. I wanted to take them to the shop today but I figured perhaps the tailor is still out on holiday. Next week for sure. But here are some difficulties I have to consider. I have two pairs in brown both medium. One brand new, one used. The used one has some wear in the crotch area. Which one do I get altered? Also, will getting either pair just widened in the lower legs be enough? As I have mentioned before, AA’s disco pants in medium is noticeably shorter in large. I think I remember seeing this in their sizing charts as well. Two things: first, the length doesn’t matter that much in their present super-skinny form. They have tons of vertical stretch and since they stay gripped to your lower legs they are never going to creep up and appear too short on you. Second, even if they were short, women can get away with wearing pants that look too short. I’m not saying I agree with that, but that’s just how it is and it’s these silly rules & guidelines that we must do what we can to abolish. Or if not abolish then expand them to benefit guys, too. That being said, for the time being I like to have my pants come down to my ankles or a little more as long as they’re not dragging on the ground. I’ve not only gone through the nasty baggy pants look but simultaneously the ‘too long’ phase where the hems drag on the ground, get permanently dirty and start to shred. Horrible times. (By the way, if you watch those 60s videos of James Brown, The Temptations, The Four Tops, et al., you’ll notice that they wore pants that were well above their ankles. And that was considered stylish then).

But as I was saying, AA disco pants as are will grip to your lower legs. That’s why you don’t really have to worry about their inseam measurement. I’ve seen many women ask, “Will they be long enough for me?” Well, if they’re long enough for my long legs they will surely be sufficient for the overwhelming majority of any interested females. However with my idea to loosen the lower legs they will no longer be gripped tightly to them so they will pull up. I had this very same concern with the charcoal pants and especially with the large one since I wasn’t planning on lengthening it—didn’t know that was possible at the time. But that pair turned out fine.

I was thinking I could try widening the legs first and then if they were too short, see if it would be possible to make them longer. But I don’t know if that would be practical nor how much work it would be for the tailor. This would all be so less complicated had I just stocked up on multiple pairs when they were still being sold! I will have to do some figuring this weekend. And as I wrote in the last post, I am strongly considering having this done on a midnight, a forest green, a white and perhaps even a black. Cranberry would be nice too, but the chances of finding two or three pairs—which is the minimum I need to have this done– that are in good condition and at a reasonable price is either unlikely or will take some time. This is true of the forest green as well. I’d say it’s even harder to find that green than the cranberry right now. And I want to find the original made-in-the-USA ones to alter.

Continued mild weather here means I’m continuing to wear spandex jeans on a regular basis. There are at least four more days in the 40s and 50s here followed by a trend back to the 30s. I really don’t see a let up in this great, mild, disco pant weather. If this keeps up, this may be my most favorite January ever!

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Off To A Good Start In 2019

From the period of the last several days in December 2018 to the first few days of January 2019, I went out four out of six days and wore disco pants on all four of those days! I don’t believe I have ever done that before. I could have made it five today, but like I said before, you really have to be in the right mood for it. So I wore super skinny jeans today. A pair I really like. Tomorrow for sure I will wear disco pants as it is ‘Thrift Store Friday’, and who knows where else I may go.

But yesterday was the second time I wore the altered charcoal medium AA pants. I felt really good in them. I didn’t go to very many places but I did go to a new one. I wore them to get my hair cut at a salon I had never patronized before. There a woman works all by herself and as she cut my hair we talked. I thought she was going to say something about my pants but she didn’t. I know for sure that she did notice them. It would have been fun to talk about them. I’m sure they’re something she would wear. What I don’t know is how old she is but I imagine she’s in her 40s. And she was wearing leggings so I don’t see disco pants being far-fetched in terms of being something she would rock. Also cool about the haircut yesterday was that it was only her and me there. No one else at all.

So these charcoal AA pants I had altered are quickly becoming a favorite of mine. In fact, I am going to see about going back to the cleaners tomorrow to get the brown ones done. I have to make the very critical decision of whether I’ll have the pants just widened or both widened and elongated. I don’t have enough brown pairs to do both and still retain one in their original super skinny fit. So it will have to be one or the other. The only troubling detail is that I’ll have to leave the charcoal pair that I want the brown one made similar to with the tailor so I will not be able to wear it for a week. I guess it’s not too bad since I have two pairs, huh?

Have I complained about how some Depop and Poshmark sellers use stock photos of AA disco pants to sell their cheap knockoff versions? I really hate that. That’s similar to some Aliexpress sellers who clearly use AA’s pics with AA’s models to sell their similar-yet-obviously-different disco pants. There really is no excuse for that. I have no issues with using stock photos if you’re selling a brand new, exact item. But if your item is even slightly different or is not new, that just ain’t right. That’s why I advise to exercise caution when buying pre-owned pairs online. Make sure you know what you’re getting and be sure to know the condition of the crotch & bum seams. Those are critical areas!

One of the faithful readers of this blog, Russ, has submitted photos of his cranberry red AA disco pants. Let me say that I love this color and I used to have one of these but I sold it. Big, big mistake. And now I am ‘cranberry red’ with envy!


I didn’t realize Russ was in that good shape. Makes me want to take some action in changing my lifestyle habits. If I could find enough pairs in this color I would consider having a few altered as well.

Here is a pic of Russ wearing leopard-print vintage pair of disco jeans:


As you know I’m not a fan of the printed disco pants. But it is a very ‘rock & roll’ look and there’s nothing particularly feminine about it. I can totally see guys wearing this. My issues are patterns and how they serve to distract from the shine of the nylon.

Getting back to tomorrow–not sure which color or pair I’ll wear. Since I am enjoying the charcoal one so much I did have a crazy thought—maybe I could get a few in midnight and forest green and have them altered as well. I know, I already have those colors in newly made, vintage straight leg pairs. But I have been more cautious about wearing those in recent months. I don’t want to damage them because I don’t know if I’ll be able to replace them. And the AA ones once altered are right up my alley and absolutely fun to wear. I could consider even having the pearl color done too. It’s definitely something to think about, but cost will be a consideration. And the forest green one is getting very hard to find now, too.

Currently on ebay there is a lavender-colored AA pair for sale. It is going for $150. A bit steep, ay? Not only would I not pay $150 for a pair of AA disco pants but I don’t remember this color ever being sold by AA. Do you? Take a look:


I swear I have never seen that color sold by AA and I would testify in a court of law! What do you guys think? Furthermore, that tag inside the pants looks fishy. It does not look like the typical tag I have seen on all pairs of their disco pants I have and have had. None of their tags have half the name covered up under the fabric. You know what I’m thinking? Fake. Now, they may be an awesome pair of disco pants and I would love to have that color. But in no way are they AA. I’ve never seen that color sold anywhere. Then again, I was not aware of all the sellers of disco pants that popped up around 2012. Those are not AA and they are certainly not worth $150. (What I write here is not a reflection of the seller but of the item itself).

In the past another reader of this blog brought to my attention that some pairs of Chinese-made disco pants that he purchased also had tags that said ‘American Apparel’ on them. Due to this and the fact that I too have some is why I feel these are unquestionably not AA. What do you think? As a side note this particular ebayer is also selling a cranberry red pair for $100! Way too expensive for the condition it’s in. This seller has a slew of pretty high-priced items listed. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder where they get all this stuff.

Now I must go figure out which brown pair I am going to have altered and which alteration I’m going to have done on it. And whether it’s a good idea to go tomorrow!



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2018 – The Year in Review

Well, I got my 51st wearing of the year on this New Year’s Eve. I went with the navy blue Jonden but I did consider the charcoal AA pair again. So I’ve worn disco pants three times in a row now. Not three days because I didn’t go out on Sunday. Or you could say I wore disco pants three of the last four days.

I finish December with six wearings which is my best effort since this past August. (I am a statistics geek so bear with me). Obviously 2018 has been the best year in terms of wearings. My first wearing this year came on January 2 with the Le’Gambi midnight. The final wearing came with the navy Jonden. Technically, I could still wear another pair out today. In my book it wouldn’t count as another wearing but it would go down as the final pair worn. If I were going anywhere for New Year’s Eve tonight I would certainly wear a pair, but I haven’t gone out on this day in years. I used to go for church service. But that was before I started wearing disco pants. If I were doing church tonight I would totally wear a pair.

What were the highlights of 2018 in terms of disco pants for me? One was wearing the two-tone AA pants for the second time. The first time had been just a few weeks earlier in December 2017. Here I was again going out in those skintight, shiny, undeniably American Apparel pants and having fun doing so!

Another highlight was wearing steel blue spandex disco jeans for the first time. That was a thrill because it was the first non-dark color I wore out (not counting the gold and red pairs I wore to church parties). I have three now in that color and the one I wore was the first pair I acquired of the Le’Gambi brand, and it is a particularly skintight one. The third pair is another Le’Gambi and it is equally skintight and fun to wear.

This year was also the year I first wore a solid black pair of large AA disco pants. It was still winter and surely enough I wore them with my tall Emu boots. This same pair I later wore in the summer with the hems rolled up and Converse white high tops. That was a bold decision indeed!

Also 2018 featured the first comment I received about the pants. If you’ll recall, it was a woman who works at Walgreens and told me that if I’m going to wear pants like that I can’t cover up my bottom. She even make me turn around so she could ‘observe’ the back of the pants. So it was the first comment I received and it wasn’t negative!

In the final highlights of the year, I wore disco pants to a relative’s house. I hadn’t been expecting to go there or I had forgotten about it. We were on our way back from the mall. A person I was with wanted to go to that house so we went. And there I was sitting on her sofa wearing skintight black shiny spandex disco jeans. But I felt totally comfortable, like nothing was out of the ordinary. And this was also the year that I acquired sufficient pairs of charcoal AA disco pants in order to have one altered. I had two altered in fact and while neither turned out ideally, both turned out pretty great and I was pleased because I understood that nothing more could be done. And the final highlight was, of course, that I actually wore a pair of those altered charcoal pants.

So those were the highlights of disco pants year 2018. It was a record year in many aspects. I hope to keep building on this. Even if it’s in small steps. For example, instead of shooting for 100 wearings in 2019 I think 60 wearings would be great. Instead of trying to wear the louder colors I’ll just focus on wearing any color. I’d rather wear black ones everyday than plan to wear red ones or gold ones and chickening out and not wearing any. I’m perfectly fine with wearing only black ones always. The reason I want to incorporate the other colors into my rotation is:

1. because I have them and what’s the point of having them and not wearing them? I get great satisfaction from trying them on in the house and doing photo shoots but what I really want is to wear them casually outside the house. But like I said I’m content with wearing only black all the time or rotating the four or five dark colors I have been.

2. because it’s a growing experience to try different things. If there’s something you want to do and it’s not a bad thing or it doesn’t hurt anyone—sorry out there if it hurts your eyes to see me in disco pants, but not really sorry—you should look into doing it. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and the people around you. For example, I have learned that, for the most part, the people around me don’t care that I’m wearing shiny spandex pants. It’s not really that novel of a thing. On the way home today I saw a middle-aged guy with graying facial hair wearing a skirt and high heels walking along the sidewalk. That’s not my style but I fully support his right to do that. I couldn’t imagine living in a place where you’d be punished for doing that. And believe me, I don’t mean just the middle east. There are plenty of places–a lot closer than we think–where people are used to doing things only one way: the old-fashioned way and nothing else!

With the way I’m feeling now, I could wear disco pants everyday. And with the weather cooperating as it has been lately it is possible I could do that. At least for another week. For the most part lately I have been wearing them with Dr. Martens boots. I am looking forward to pairing my Ugg-style Emu boots with them soon. I love the look of disco pants and Ugg boots though surprisingly it’s a very rare sight to see. Here are a few scarce pics I found on the web:

Not sure why two such popular items are so hard to find together in photos. I have posted others in the past. Will have to revisit those.

Let’s see what 2019 brings!

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50th Wearing & Disco Pants on “Wynonna Earp”

Last night I went to bed fully expecting to wear disco pants on Saturday (today). This morning I woke up fully expecting to wear disco pants. And after a few comment exchanges with fellow disco pants enthusiast, Russ, about Leif Garrett, I had to watch some Leif videos online. After that I was even more eager to wear them today. And so I did. And in the process I got my 50th wearing of the year!

With two days yet to go this year I may just wear spandex jeans another one or two times. Why not? They’re great fun to wear and they look great on me and I in them.

It was just below freezing today but I managed in my black vintage Le’Gambi pants. Tomorrow should be closer to 40 so that makes it even better.

I paired the pants with a pair of Dr. Martens black boots, though it was cold enough to wear my Emu boots with. Or even my Ugg Guthrie boots which are still brand new in-the-box.

But getting back to Leif Garrett—if I could ask him one question it would be what he thought of wearing disco pants at the age of 16, 17. I imagine that, like Menudo, who was also underage, he didn’t have much say in terms of his public outfits. Not that age was the only factor of course. Surely other artists who were legally adults didn’t get to choose what they wore during performances and photo shoots. The Beatles used to wear leather outfits before they became famous. But after their renown they had to wear those suits so associated with them through 1966, after which the Summer of Love and hippie fashions dictated the styles. Come to think of it, I’d love to ask the members of Menudo what they thought of wearing shiny spandex jeans as well. I’m sure they had even less and most likely no say in what their outfits looked like.

Leif was probably not only the first guy but the first anyone to wear spandex disco pants after the summer of Sandy & ‘Grease.’ According to my research, while Grease was the catalyst for these pants in the summer of ’78, they didn’t really take off until the following year. This is why I am trying to compile a list of all TV shows and movies where disco pants could be seen. That will give a better understanding of when things started, peaked and sadly, came to an end.

On another note, Shaun Cassidy was another big-time wearer of these pants and he was a few years older than Leif. In fact, when the pants were finally a thing he was already twenty. Thus I wonder if he had some say in his outfits. But again I know it wasn’t all about age. I know that had it been me in the position of Leif or Shaun I would have never made a public appearance or done any photo shoots not wearing disco pants. I would have insisted they become a trademark of my image, just like Mr. Rogers’ sweaters, Bob Ross’ ‘fro and Frank Zappa’s garish facial hair.

By the way, those disco pants I found at the thrift store last Friday were not Hot Topic as I stated. They’re Forever 21. Here’s a photo of a similar pair from the web:


The shine is much more subtle and totally not the shine we have come to expect from spandex disco pants. The fit isn’t even that great either. The material is just too stretchy. Perhaps in a different light it may look better but who knows. This was definitely one of the dupes to avoid. Even if these had originally cost $25 brand new you would be so much better off with one of the Chinese ones from Aliexpress. At least those had the right shine and fit.

Finally, I came across a newer Canadian television show called “Wynonna Earp.” A character on this show named Waverly Earp and played by British actress Dominique Provost-Chalkley is wearing AA disco pants in the eleventh episode of the first season. Here’s the still I came across:

waverly earp2-001

This episode is called “Landslide” and was first broadcast on June 10, 2016. So when you think about it it’s a rather late date in terms of seeing disco pants on a tv show. But it’s a good sign. Clearly these pants are still popular and if they keep putting them on newer shows it could lead to a revival. And I have no problem with these coming back strong. I don’t need to be the only one wearing them. My philosophy has always been when I come across something awesome I want to share it with as many people as possible.

Anyway, I mistakenly ended up watching the debut episode of this show thinking it was the one with the disco pants. This first episode had a very attractive young woman wearing leather-type leggings. Sadly she was killed off early on. After watching most of the first one I realized it was the wrong one. I didn’t enjoy the show. Too violent, too gory. Not a show I would watch unless they consistently featured the attractive Earp sisters in disco pants. And did I mention the above Waverly Earp even got shot at the end? She didn’t die but the above still is from before that happened. Once gunfire erupted at the house she’s pictured in she was dragging her knees and legs in those disco pants in order to avoid getting hit. Oh and she has a perverted, tattooed, two-timing sleaze of a male she calls a boyfriend (though she is either bisexual or a lesbian).

I went ahead and purchased this episode just to get more images of her in the disco pants. Here are some of the best:


The images are disappointingly unclear but at least the disco pants and their unmistakable shiny are quite visible. There is not a lot of footage of her in disco pants. The main scenes are when she’s coming into the room with two cups, when she’s on the kitchen floor with her WMD, and when she’s falls to the floor after having been shot. That was it and it all happened within the final portion of the episode. Add this one to the archives!



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Charcoal AA Disco Pants Debut / 10 Year Anniversary of First AA Disco Pant

Today marks the first time I wore my altered pair of size medium charcoal AA disco pants! Yes, I wore them. Paired them with some Dr. Martens boots and a black puffer jacket. Only went to my usual thrift store and then to a grocery store. But it was very cool.

As I am the eternal pessimist and cynic I must admit that it was easier to wear them today because it was 100% cloudy. Quite a dark day. So the shine was subtle. On a sunny day these pants would surely glow from quite a distance. They are really shiny. But it was good progress for me nonetheless. I now feel I can wear these a lot more often.

It was in the low 30s here today so wearing any disco pants was a gamble. But it turned out fine. Initially I just put them on to see how they would look and ended up not taking them off till I got back home a little bit ago. I have done this many times in the past.

Let’s see how these pants look on me. I’m just trying them on for fun. I will absolutely NOT go out in these! I have some time to burn so no problem.”

And then I end up not taking them off. It seems to be an effective way for me wear disco pants more often. And with the way I’m feeling at the moment, I want to wear them tomorrow and on Sunday and on Monday, too. Why not? The year is coming to a close and soon things will get back to hum-drum normal. This is still a festive part of the year. Seven p.m. on Christmas Day doesn’t mean the holiday season is over. I realize New Year’s Day is nowhere near as important as Christmas itself is, but it’s still the basis of many a beloved Christmas carol that we sing and listen to. Thus, even though it is difficult to be in the ‘Christmas spirit’ with all the respective programming on television and radio having vanished without a trace, I still am and keep myself in it by continuing to indulge in holiday music and the various movies and shows I have on DVD and VHS. This also helps me to better cope with the winter blues.

So while disco pants don’t necessarily have to be associated with festive occasions, why not wear them more often during the year-end holiday season? Why not try to usher in a new year in style and good taste? It is early to say this and I did declare I would stay away from making such predictions, but I really think 2019 will be a huge year in terms of disco pants wearings for me. Key word is could. Stuff happens that change plans. So I’m on the verge of 50 wearings for 2018 and I’m going to enjoy this and not look too far ahead. The weather has been great and as long as it stays above freezing I can work with spandex disco jeans. The next three days are a real possibility to wear them.

There was something I forgot to mention earlier this week. Something very important. Christmas Eve on Monday was the ten year anniversary of my very first pair of American Apparel disco pants. Ten years! Wow! These amazing pants that started me not only on my journey of purchasing and collecting them but also wearing them. And yes, I still have that very pair of black size medium that cost $90 when they originally came out. For me to still have an article of clothing ten years after I acquired it is really no  large feat. I still have around ten pairs of skinny/slim jeans from the time I started buying those. I also continue to have my favorite pair of Levi’s jeans from at least 26 years ago, though they are destroyed and no longer wearable. And sneakers that are well over ten years old, too do remain in my possession. So I keep things for long periods of time. But the ten year anniversary of my first AA disco pant is very important because not only does it represent my foray into the world of spandex disco jeans but it was also the very first pair that looked right and fit me right just like the ones I used to see on television and in photos. OK, yes, it had skinny legs, but it was a better fit than any other disco pant I had up to that point (which was actually three). The AA disco pant is what got me hooked and I’m still buying them ten years later. And now that I’ve had a few pairs altered to my taste the possibilities for wearing them are endless! I just want to see them bring back some of the other colors and maybe even come out with a bootcut version! No, I’m not a fan of bootcut pants or jeans, but I would buy and totally wear bootcut spandex disco pants! Plus, they could be easily altered to straight or slim leg. And I’d like to see this next incarnation sold as unisex. I really wish AA would publish photos of guys wearing their disco pants. Especially since they don’t keep any photos of people wearing their clothing up for very long. They’re constantly changing them.

AA’s disco pant peaked about five to six years ago but those who are more mature in thought and not so obsessed with fickle fashion trends are still wearing them or perhaps even now discovering them. The teenybopper girls who wore them during their peak most likely didn’t even look at them a year later. Social media celebrity Zoella, who was famous for being famous, kept wearing them even past their peak era and subsequently received some criticism from the fashion-nazi. For that reason I cut Zoella some slack. Otherwise, had she never sported disco pants we would not even be talking about her here.

Strangely enough most of the other bandwagon disco pant dupes sellers jumped off right around the same time the peak was dropping. I think that was a mistake for many of them. Just look at the reviews of the disco pant on AA’s website. Sales are strong and so many positive reviews have been posted just this month. There were some other really good versions out there. H&M’s. Primark’s. Glamorous’. There were some pretty awful ones too. Topshop’s come to mind. But they all dropped out and let AA have the whole market. For the most part that was fine with me with the exception of one store called “One Nation Clothing” which had a bright green color that I have been searching so long for.


For whatever reason I never bought those. I even sent them a message on Facebook a long while after they had been available and was told they no longer had any. They were very short-lived! But I love that color! By the way, I just love disco pants and white Converse!

I’ll wrap up this post with a few pics of my AA disco pants on the day I received them ten years ago:


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More Wearings, Less Blog Posts

I found out I had a lot more posts in 2017 than I do thus far in 2018. Seems like I was blogging more last year. Why? I don’t know. But I do have more wearings this year. So if that’s the trade-off between writing more and wearing less, I’ll take the wearing more and writing less!

I could have had my 4th wearing recently but I opted not to. And it was a perfect opportunity because I only went to the usual thrift store. It was only in the 30s and I figure I have plenty of time to get my two additional wearings for the big fifty for the year. Any day is really a possibility. But what I really want is to wear one of my altered charcoal AA disco pants.

My thrift store visit on Friday produced a pair of blue Hot Topic (or one of those teen brands) disco pants and two pairs of American Apparel nylon leggings. The disco pants aren’t all that shiny but they do have a distinct sheen to them. And while this one is a size small it is super stretchy and I was able to fit in them quite easily. However, the fact that they are so stretchy leaves them lacking in creating a really tight look in the upper area. But they still work well as a pair of lightweight, tight and semi-shiny pair of pants to lounge around in. They feature a snap button, nylon zipper and two back pockets. Between it and a pair of the cheapie Chinese disco pants, the Chinese wins in all regards, particularly in the shine and fit categories.

As far as the AA tights go I have yet to try them on. Don’t know if I will keep them. After having and wearing disco pants, tights and leggings just don’t seem to do much for me. I still think they’re great to look at and wear and all, but I’d much rather be in skinny disco pants. I’m not even all that crazy about the black pair of AA tights I have. They’re nowhere near as shiny as their disco pants.  They can serve as exercise apparel. I’ll look into selling them if I can get four or five times the price I paid.

So why did I buy them if I’m not really into them, you ask? I guess I’m a bit obsessed with all things American Apparel. Still can’t help believing that soon enough many of their wonderful items will not be selling anymore. Just a quick look on ebay reveals that only 26 items that have ‘American Apparel disco pants’ somewhere in the listing are currently for sale. Twenty-six! And that’s not counting any listings that are just keyword-spamming the AA brand. But there are still plenty on Poshmark & Depop.

As of right now it’s the 26th of December and I still need to get the two wearings for the 50 total for 2018. Tomorrow would be perfect weather-wise but there’s a doctor appointment and I’d rather not. Even though this is a doctor who has seen me in them before. There will still be Friday (which is sure to be the 49th), Saturday, Sunday & Monday. I’ll make every effort to get another wearing on one of those three final days. And I will do my best to make sure one of these last two wearings will be one of the charcoal AA pants I had altered.

Another Christmas has come and gone. I didn’t get any spandex disco jeans for myself or anyone else. I really think this is it for me now. There has to be something unlike anything I already have in order for me to buy it. And the price has to be right. I’m still looking for that vintage brown pair and that cranberry red AA pair; that bright green one that seemingly doesn’t exist; the copper/bronze vintage pair; the champagne vintage one; and any Jonden brand pairs that should appear. And I’d still like to get a Palm brand and a Peter Golding one. But to be perfectly honest I am quite content that I did not purchase any of those five or so about a month ago. To all those who did buy them I hope you find great enjoyment in wearing them!



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