Disco Pants Weather Slowly Returning

Monday’s snowfall meant having to clean up some and thus no going anywhere. The temperature was decent for wearing disco pants but it just didn’t happen. Problem is that Tuesday and Wednesday were forecast to feature sub-freezing temperatures so wearing disco pants was pretty much out of the question. The slow start to the month of November continued on.

On Thursday two good things happened. First the temperature was forecast to be right around the freezing mark which is my lower limit for wearing spandex disco jeans. So I was looking forward to going out in some disco pants and my two-tone AA altered pair was the one I had in mind. The second bit of good news is that my brand, shiny new pair of Dr. Martens boots came in early in the day so I was able to pair them with the disco pants and the look was absolutely amazing. The only thing is they left my white socks stained rather heavily in black. I do hope those stains come out.

These days when it’s been sub-freezing I have been wearing my Brooks shiny black spandex vintage 1980s (or 1990s) tights which I purchased from a thrift store a couple of months ago. And even though Thusday was going to be right around the freezing mark I thought it may be a good idea to keep them on underneath disco pants. However, as I wrote in the past about wearing spandex tights or Under Armor underneath disco pants, they can tend to leave seam lines visible through the disco pants, especially on the outside legs. I had not noticed that on these Brooks tights there are no seams on the outside legs (unlike my Eastbay tights). Perfect! I kept them on and put my AA two-tone disco pants over them and had no issues with unsightly seam lines on the outside legs. So I might have found a way to actually keep wearing disco pants even when it’s only in the twenties outside, but I don’t think I would go any colder than that. Even with the disco pants and tights around the 32° mark on Thursday I still felt some chill on the legs. Additionally, when I was sitting in a restaurant waiting on a takeout order I felt a very chilly draft cutting right through both layers on my legs. And this was inside! I have no idea where that cool air was coming from.

But I’m glad I got my second wearing of the month on Thursday. On Friday I plan to get my third and it looks like the temps around here will be slowly rising to the forties in the coming days. That is good news because now with these awesome new boots I got I want to be wearing them with my other colors of disco pants. Not to mention my Emu boots as well, but those are more for when it’s super cold out there and there is snow/ice/slush.

I used to not be a boot guy. I was all about sneakers. Before I got into disco pants and skinny jeans during that horrid era of baggy & bulky everything, I wore some pretty unpleasant-looking sneakers retrospectively. But I also wore some Tommy Hilfiger dress/casual shoes which I became fond of. I still have my favorite pair after about twenty years. I wore that pair a lot. And it is still a nice looking shoe but in comparison to today’s fashion it looks quite dated with its chunky sole. You may have noticed today’s dress shoes mostly all have very thin soles.

When I wasn’t wearing those Tommys I’d be wearing some rather unremarkable sneakers such as Nike Xccelerator and Skechers among others. None of those shoes would look quite right with any kind of skinny or super skinny jeans or pants. But I also indulged in some sneakers with timeless looks such as the Nike Air Force 1, Air Jordan IV, Vans Wally, Nike Cortez and Saucony Jazz. Not all of these would look all that great with skinny pants either but they were better looking nonetheless. Boot however were something I just kept for winter wear or shoveling snow. It was only after I got into American Apparel disco pants and vintage disco jeans that my footwear world expanded to include boots, casual and dress shoes.

As someone who was not into boots I now really like the four pairs of Dr. Martens I have along with the three pairs of Emu and Ugg boots in my wardrobe (not to mention the various pairs of dressier ankle boots). For the most part I do not make use of these boots during summer or any kind of warm weather. But come the chillier temps associated with fall and the messy weather of winter, I almost exclusively wear those boots. The reasons include wanting to keep my sneakers clean and protected and also a matter of keeping my feet warm. I have found that sneakers don’t do a good job of keeping feet warm in cold weather, and since I am completely free to wear whatever footwear I choose at any time, I go with what is optimal for me. At this point in November I would be wearing my Reebok 4600 and New Balance 420 and perhaps even my various pairs of white Converse. But as already mentioned, the unique weather on display for this November has forced me to go deep quite deep and too early into the far caverns of my closet.

Thank goodness that all these cold-weather boots go great with disco pants! The Dr. Martens I have are probably not considered cold-weather gear since they don’t really have any fur lining and are not advertised as such but they do work well with some of those thick winter socks.

Ever notice how at the first sign of the slightest of cool weather women break out their various winter boots? They don’t wait. You don’t see many of them continue to wear sneakers during late fall and winter. Guys on the other hand keep wearing sneakers throughout the year. Those who don’t usually are seen wearing those boring beige or tan colored Timberland boots which I despise. I used to wear sneakers all year round, too. Women seem to have some sense of wisdom regarding this and I’m glad I’ve caught on now.

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Slow November

So after a huge October in terms of disco pants wearings I have had only one in this month of November. That’s why I have not written much. And while initially my reason for not wearing them as much was to give myself a bit of a break after setting a record, lately my reason has been the early cold spell that has taken over since Halloween. We should still be in the 50s around here this time of the year but we’ve been in the teens to the 40s with very few 50s in between.

Monday looks to be right around freezing with snow in the forecast. And I am eager to wear disco pants again. I may do so tomorrow because the rest of the week does not look any warmer—-some days will be colder in fact— and there will be other things to which aren’t necessarily ideal for disco pants. Thus Monday may be the best day for disco pants.

I’m at ninety wearings for the year. Only ten more to go. Had I not gotten the twenty wearings in October there would be cause for concern about reaching a hundred. But with only ten more needed and fifty days to go for the year that means I only need to wear disco pants once every five days from here on out. Of course, I’m not going to follow that schedule since the weather is not cooperating this early, and who knows how much worse it will get by December. Of course, December may turn out to be mild. October was below normal, I believe, and November is turning out the same way so far. So December may make up the deficit.

In reality though I am looking at two definite wearings this week which is fine. I really love my black and charcoal altered AA disco pants in particular so whenever I get the chance I try to wear those. But if I do wear any on Monday I think it will be the two-tone which I haven’t worn in a while.


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20 Wearings in October: Accomplished!

Well! I guess writing some controversial stuff is what finally gets some comments on this blog, huh? My ire was directed towards that one person alone, not anyone else.

So to Ms. Walmart worker: I know you’ll never apologize for your burst of unprofessional laughter. It’s OK. I’ll try to forget about it. You’re not someone I need to see or be around everyday. I just hope your bosses keep you busy enough so you don’t have time to observe what the customers are wearing from head to toe. Perhaps place you in a different department since more than one greeter at a doorway is rather superfluous. Oh, and that other Walmart greeter who was working beside you that day—she’s older than you, very friendly and respectful. Maybe you could learn to be more like her.

I’m done talking about her.

On Wednesday I decided to wear my vintage navy blue Jonden spandex jeans. I returned to the now infamous Walmart and I picked up what I needed. However I did enter and exit through the other doors mainly due to the fact that I was going to patronize another store on that side of the mall. The Ross store.

The parking lot was rather full once again. What’s going on? Is it Christmas shopping season already? Anyway I did found an agreeable spot and headed to the Ross store. Found a lot of nice items there. This is one of my favorite if not my favorite Ross store. I like the location, I like the inside and I never fail to find something interesting. Also this is one of two unique Ross stores in that the location of the men’s clothing is on the right side of the store. The other unique one has a second floor. But all the others have the same setup—the men’s clothing is on the left side right near the start. But yes, I really do like this one best.

I went to a few other places afterwards and that was it or Wednesday. Wearing #19 was in the books.

On Thursday which was Halloween and the final day of October I wore my newly altered cranberry red AA disco pants as I went to my regular thrift store. That was it! My twentieth wearing for the month of October! Mission accomplished!! Now only eleven wearings remain in order to get one hundred for this year.

The cranberry red is certainly the loudest color I’ve ever worn in recent history. (I have worn gold and red and bright blue many years ago). I would argue they are louder than the imperial purple due to the darkness of the purple. So I did feel a bit more visible. I kinda felt like they may be better suited for more formal events not so much for casual use. I think I may stick with using mostly black, charcoal, midnight navy and brown when I go out and about.

Our normal temperature for this time of the year is in the fifties. Yet we have been experiencing thirties and low forties. This is still good disco pants weather but what happened to the fifties? That’s my ideal temp for wearing disco pants but it lasted for about two weeks and is gone! I’m just hoping this is not a harbinger of things to come and that November will be colder than it should be. That could affect my getting the remaining eleven wearings I need for the record.

Two days into November and I have not worn disco pants yet. I will be taking it slower this month. No need for non-stop wearings. I’ll get back into it during the first full week of the month with about two wearings or so. At that rate I could finish the month with about eight wearings and then will only need to get three in December. I’m confident I can get at least three in December. I certainly hope it doesn’t get sub-freezing and stay there that month.


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High School Feelings Déjà Vu

One down, two to go. This is it. Eighteen wearings are in the books. It’s gonna happen. Even though on Tuesday I was seriously rethinking it all.

On Monday I decided to wear my imperial purple AA disco pants. Let’s say things weren’t going so well that day. I needed to return some items to Ross but I couldn’t find one of the receipts I needed. Next, sans the receipt, I headed to Walmart to quickly pick something up. As I walked in through the doors I was greeted by the Walmart greeters and shortly after I hurriedly passed them by I heard a hyena-like laughter as I made my way to the pharmacy. This was not the kind of laughter someone was trying to suppress even in the least bit. This was a full-fledged, from the stomach type of laughter you’d expect to hear at a drunken party, not at a workplace. I cannot help thinking that the laughter was directed towards me in my purple disco pants.

To add insult to injury, when I arrived at the pharmacy I had just missed them by five minutes. See, I don’t know if this is going on where you live, but around here all the big box store pharmacies are closing between the hours of 1:30PM to 2PM so the pharmacists can take a lunch break. Funny, I don’t know what they had been doing all these previous years. Also, it’s construed as a ‘pharmacists’ lunch break’, not the pharmacy staff lunch break or some other more egalitarian name. Anyway it’s a real pain because that is the time I usually patronize our local pharmacies around here (not just for me but for other people I look after). Needless to say I was seriously pissed and almost paralyzed in terms of what I was going to do. Should I wait the twenty-five minutes when they re-opened? But what about the fact that I told the people who were waiting for me in the car that I’d be right back? If I did decide to leave I was going to have to pass by the Walmart greeters again and risk being an object of jest. The choices weren’t good but I did go with the latter. I was double pissed; being the object of blatant laughter and missing the pharmacy by five minutes. What else could go wrong?

I considered making my way back to the car via the other entrance but that would have led to an extra long walk outside in the parking lot and it was even colder today. So I went the way I came in and decided to face whatever was coming my way. I actually started feeling quite self-conscious then and began to question myself whether I want to be wearing disco pants all this often. Well, I want to conquer this feat I created for myself so for the time being I must do it. But I don’t think I’ll be wearing them at Walmart anymore.

I nervously made my way back to the entrance I came in and there was no laughter this time as I walked out. Just a ‘thank you for shopping’ from the laughing lady—ironic since I walked out empty-handed—and a ‘bye’ from the other lady that I waved at.

Can I put on my ‘mean hat’ for a while? I do have one and sometimes I think it’s even bigger than many other people’s. All this is assuming of course that the laughter was directed at me. First of all, the laughing woman is obese. Second of all, she’s middle-aged. Third, she works at Walmart. I can understand some young, in-shape career-woman looking at me and laughing her head off. I wouldn’t accept it nor would it make me feel better. But what right did this woman have with that hysterical laughter? She could never fit into a pair of disco pants. They’re not made in her size! And not only is she too old for disco pants now but she’s probably been too old for them all her life. Her mental age has switched on and off between a child-like immaturity and a too-old-for-anything-but-the-grave type of mindset. To top it all off she works at Walmart! What the hell right does she have to laugh at anyone?? Because she has a job she is better than someone who doesn’t? I’m sorry ma’am but your job ranks up there (or should I say ‘down there’) with McDonald’s and other fast-food and big box store bottom-of-the-ladder employment. Incidentally, why would you need two greeters at the same entrance/exit? Sounds like she’s not being kept busy enough. Personally I don’t care if they have enough free time to parade around the store on a broom all day long, but when they start ridiculing the customers they’ve crossed the line and something needs to be done. In this case I’ve decided that I won’t wear disco pants to this Walmart anymore; or at least not the altered AA ones. I think I can get away with wearing the vintage ones that are a bit more conservative in fit.

I’m not going to give any more details about this woman other than to say that she is of the same kind that used to make comments and bother me about my tight jeans in high school. I guess some things just don’t change. But the good thing is I can wear disco pants and she cannot. She can only prance about in fat clothes all the while trying to make herself feel better about her body, her age and where she is in life by ridiculing others. Whatever works for ya but not at my expense.

After that waste of time at Walmart I headed on over to the Ross in the same mall. I swear to the gods that it looked like black Friday or some other Christmas shopping weekend. There were no parking spots available! OK, so the lot wasn’t completely full but any nearby spot that opened was quickly gobbled up. Sure I could have parked in one of those spots at the back of the lot that has never seen a car grace the space between the yellow lines, but it would have been similar to leaving the car at home in the garage and walking on foot to the store.

My ire compounded like a bad credit card by this point, so I drove to farthest Ross store that has become part of my rotation now. And the trip there turned out to be a waste as I found nothing there, nothing in the sense of the stuff I have been finding loads of the last two months or so. I didn’t even bother doing a refund or exchange on the one item I took with me because I didn’t buy anything.

The only redeeming quality of the outdoor excursion was some good food I purchased afterwards—fried shrimp, roasted onions, Lorraine Swiss cheese and Volpi salami. Oh, and a nice soft loaf of Texas toast. All that food made up for the bad start to the day.

One final bit of good news is that on Wednesday I will have my cranberry red pair of altered AA disco pants.

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OcToBer 20 Very Likely

I’m going for it! I have fully decided today that I am going for it. After an 0 for 2 weekend my only hope for a twenty-wearing month of October would rest on the final week of the month.

On Saturday I did go out but I felt like wearing some skinny jeans. I did that knowing that perhaps I would go out on Sunday, but I also knew perhaps I wouldn’t. And if I didn’t I knew that my potential record of twenty was in true jeopardy because the place I would have to go on Monday was not a place I wanted to wear disco pants to. But I did it anyway.

On Monday I wore what I now consider to be one of my more ‘conservative’ pairs of spandex disco jeans. It was the very first pair of proper-fitting, vintage disco pants I bought—the black Bojeangles size four. Yes, that is now a conservative pair in terms of my disco pants and a pair I feel pretty comfortable and confident in almost any scenario.

So I went to this place wearing these vintage disco pants and it was a really cool move. I don’t know if anyone noticed but it doesn’t matter. Not only that but I went to four other places that day. Unfortunately, going to the cleaners to pick up my newly modded cranberry red AA disco pants was not one of them. Those pants won’t be ready until late Tuesday so I will not be picking them up until Wednesday. That means the earliest I’ll be able to wear them will be Halloween so it’s looking like that is what I will wear on that glorious day!

Basically, the rest of this final days of October 2019 look like this:

  • Tuesday: probably go to Walmart followed by a Ross store located nearby (will wear disco pants)
  • Wednesday: perhaps laundromat (will wear disco pants); if not, then another Ross store (will wear disco pants)
  • Thursday: local thrift store since something else is going on Friday (will wear disco pants)

So it’s pretty much looking like it’s in the bag. I’d like to wear my imperial purple pair on Tuesday but since I have to go to Walmart I’m not too keen on it. You know, that whole thing with ‘Walmart people.’ But I may just run in there to pick up the thing I need and swiftly head on over to Ross. So it’s a good possibility for the purple pants.

On Wednesday there’s a chance of going to the laundromat. If that’s the case I will wear disco pants but it will be that looser pair of large, midnight navy altered AA ones. If no laundromat then Ross will be more likely and I will wear the charcoal medium.

On Thursday which for this week will be thrift store day and also Halloween, I will wear the cranberry red. However, if I am feeling particularly adventurous I may opt for something more out there being Halloween and all. But we’ll see.

I finally got a new pair of vintage disco jeans on Monday. You may remember that at one time some years ago I had a pair of silver-lilac Le’Gambi disco pants. I parted with this pair because I figured I would never wear them. What a foolish reason, huh? And if I remember correctly the main reason was that they were too tight on me! Too tight on me!! I don’t know what I was thinking. Regardless, I came into a pair which is a lilac color, even moreso than that Le’Gambi. The Le’Gambi seemed to have just a hint of lilac to it. It was clearly  more silver. But the pair I just received is fully lilac and it is really shiny. It is a Palm brand and makes for the second pair of that brand I now have.

I was concerned that this pair was going to be a bit too short for me like others I have recently bought. I believe the inseam was stated as thirty inches and that is just about two inches too short. And when I pulled it out of the package and unfolded it, again it looked like it was going to be ever so short. I tried them on and they just reach my ankles so they will be best worn with Dr. Martens boots, Converse high tops or my new Toms high tops. I think they would go perfect with those Dr. Martens Zaniel boots I thought I was getting. Did I mention what happened with those? Well, I got an email from Shoes.com stating they no longer had the size I ordered so they sent me a thirty percent off coupon for my next order. Dangit! I was really looking forward to getting those boots. I can buy them from Amazon but everyone is trying to get $135 for them and I had a nice discount on them with Shoes.com. So I don’t know what to do about. I still really want those.

But getting back to my new pants—the fit is incredible and the shine is quite high. Not Chinese disco pants level but they’re probably some of the shiniest of the vintage style disco pants. They fit skintight everywhere they need to fit skintight and they are in super great condition. I was definitely thrilled to get add these to my stash. Will I ever wear this color in public? Hmm, perhaps on a Halloween!


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Another 5 Weekday in a Row of Disco Pants

On Friday I completed my second full weekday streak of disco pant wearings. This time was a little different from the first in that:

a. All five days took place in October
b. Not all wearings featured AA disco pants.
So that’s something I can still work on doing. Might not happen this year though. I could argue that this second time was much better due to the weather and the outfits I was able to wear. That first time around was warm and I was limited to wearing short sleeved button shirts which are not my top preference with spandex disco jeans.
Next week may not work in terms of another weekday streak due to the fact that I’ll be getting new tires delivered at home. That means I probably will not go out on the day they’re expected since I don’t want to run the risk of having them stolen if they’re sitting on my front porch. I wish they would be more specific as to delivery time. But in the chance they get delivered super early I could take them the same day to get installed. The benefit of that is that I’ll just miss one day of wearing disco pants instead of two if they should arrive late in the day. Remember, I’m still shooting for a twenty wearing month. Missing two weekdays means I’ll have to get more wearings on weekends.
(UPDATE: Tires were delivered and installed on Saturday which means the probability of an October five-weekday AA disco pants marathon has just increased.)
On Thursday as planned I picked up my brown pair from the cleaners. Otherwise I would have gotten them back no sooner than October 28. And on Friday I wore them with my new Reebok’s. Probably not the best looking combination since the pants are brown and the Reeboks are white with red highlights. But women wear clothing of scattered colors and hues, so why can’t I? Still it’s not a combo I will visit regularly.
Friday was my thrift store day and I just happened to find another pair of black, made in the USA American Apparel disco pants. This one cost only $3.49! It is in pretty poor condition but actually very wearable. It’s a medium and there are lots of white spandex fibers showing up in the crotch and bum seems, pockets and other places. But once you put the pants on those little details become less of a focal point. The stunningness of the disco pants shine and tightness really outdoes any shortcomings the pants may suffer due to wear and tear. Furthermore, this one will come in handy if I should decide to alter any more pairs of black ones.
By the way, I tried this one on and it fits perfectly. I noticed the zipper had been replaced so whoever owned these before me really loved them a lot. Can’t blame her. The pants’ shine and the skintight way it fits me is undoubtedly something to love. Glad I found this one.
So on Saturday my old car got some new rubber for it’s wheels and I also got some new rubber for my feet. I ordered a pair of Toms sneakers a few days ago and it came in. It’s very similar to a pair of Converse All Star high tops but without the rubber toe cap. Also the Tom’s has seven lace eyelets compared to Converse’s eight. The Toms is leather and quite lightweight. It is the epitome of what one would call a sneaker-boot. Reminds me a bit of some of the Dr. Martens boots I have. Looking forward to wearing this one with some of my disco pants.
And speaking of Dr. Martens I did manage to purchase a pair of their Zaniel Brando (or Logger) unisex boots from that same shop that had run out of my size. I sat on sending off that order for several days until my size was gone. And I could have gotten twenty percent off! Frantically I started looking around anywhere that had them in my size. And hopefully with a discount as well. But to no avail. The only place I found that had them in my size was on Amazon but there was no discount there and probably would have had to pay shipping and tax as well. So I was starting to leg go of the idea that those boots were meant to be part of my wardrobe. Then on Friday I checked on that first website once again and they were re-stocked in my size! Not only that but with a twenty-five percent off promo code to boot!! (Pun definitely intended). I immediately ordered a pair and even though I still had to pay some eleven dollars of tax it was cheaper than buying from anywhere else.
Like my other three pairs of Dr. Martens boots, the Zaniel is also a flat-soled boot. What distinguishes this one from the other three is that this one is shiny leather with a slightly taller shaft than the others. Also this one is unisex, but isn’t everything really??? To me, yes, but to most of the rest of the world I know it isn’t, so it’s cool to have something officially designated as unisex. Many awesome articles of clothing that are unisex are so great to be seen worn by both genders. This includes Converse All Star sneakers, New Balance 420 sneakers, Reebok 4600, Vans sneakers, skinny jeans and even some disco pants.
So I’m looking forward to these Dr. Martens boots to wear with my disco pants when it gets even chillier out. That’s all for now.

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2nd Comment On My Disco Pants

Guess what? On Tuesday I did wear disco pants as planned and it was the charcoal medium as I intended. So which jacket did I wear with them? At first I put on the navy blue H&M rain jacket and I was set on going with it. I was fixing my hair in front of the mirror and looking at how the jacket allowed a great deal of my disco pants to be seen. Other than last Friday when I wore this jacket for the first time with disco pants, this is probably the most my disco pants would have been exposed to the public. But I decided not to go with this jacket.

I chose the shiny new black bomber jacket I just got on Saturday. It’s also short and shows a great deal of my disco pants. I felt daring and adventurous and nothing was going to stop me. It was a great looking combination which I definitely intend to explore further with the other colors of disco jeans I have.

Also on Tuesday a second person noticed my pants and commented about them. It was the eye doctor herself who said something like, “Look at those fancy pants you’re wearing!” Strangely enough this is not the first time she saw me in disco pants but it was the first time she made a comment. I just responded by saying they’re comfortable and that was that. I wonder what she thought of them. I should have asked her if she liked them, but I know that putting someone on the spot with a question like that usually results in them responding with a “yes” just to be nice. But it was interesting. She is the second person and woman at that to comment about my disco pants. It seems that it’s the people who know you even if it’s just at a level of familiarity that beckons them to say something. The other person is that woman who works at a local Walgreens. I don’t mind the comments as long as they’re not negative but even if they are I’m too mature at this point to care.

On Wednesday I visited another Ross and decided to wear my very first pair of vintage Le’Gambi small-label, black spandex disco pants. I really wanted to wear the Reeboks again and I felt they look better with the wider-legged vintage disco pants. Plus since the altered AA pairs are all a bit short I figured they would not sit over the Reeboks as I wished once I’d repeatedly sit and stand in them. And I don’t care to keep making adjustments every time I get out of the car. So I wore the vintage Le’Gambi pants, Reeboks and my navy blue Levi’s denim jacket. Found some really great things there.

On Thursday I visited yet another Ross store—this is one I had never gone to before. It turned out to be another treasure trove of cool items. More importantly, I wore my altered midnight navy AA disco pants in medium with white Converse high tops and the same Levi’s jacket. Finally found me a cool dark denim jacket from Levi’s. That’s what I had been looking for the last several days. I had seen plenty of these the last few weeks before it got chilly. Now they had become scarce. But I got one today so I’m pretty excited about it. It features the traditional short-cut-fit, unlike the one I had worn the last few days. This one will allow for a good portion of any disco pants I wear to be seen. Very cool.

I keep finding an endless supply of these new types of what I like to call ‘hybrid’ sneaker shoes. Their tops look like dress shoes—the oxfords we’re all used to seeing—but the soles are flat—no heel—with a sporty, athletic look to them. I didn’t like them at first but I have come to really appreciated and love their look now. I think they go great with disco pants! So now I have two pairs in tan and one pair in black. And I keep looking for any other interesting ones. They’re only in the twenties and thirties of dollars. Some of the brands include Parker & Sky, Aldo and others. Absolutely pairs up with an already semi-casual disco pants outfit or one even more on the formal side.

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