2018: 10 Year Anniversary of the AA Disco Pant

I just realized with this being 2018 that it’s going to be:

  1. The 10 year anniversary of American Apparel’s disco pant
  2. The 10 year anniversary of me buying my first pair of AA disco pants
  3. The 10 year anniversary of when I started to get really interested and serious about disco pants.

I don’t remember how it is that I first learned about AA disco pants. I’m sure I was searching online for skinny jeans or such and somehow I miraculously came upon them. Remember, I was already familiar with American Apparel, having purchased shirts from them a few years earlier. But my memory fails as to the exact details. Regardless, as soon as I discovered them I ordered a pair. It was Christmas Eve 2008 when I ordered my first ever pair of AA disco pants. It was a medium in black–black is the only color they had them in then. And I still have them! About a week later I bought another. This time in small. It eventually I gave away to a girl friend who wore them on several occasions. But it’s probably been at least five years since I’ve seen her wear them. I suspect she no longer does.

But I am very satisfied to still have my first pair. Yes, it’s a little worn in the crotch area. I think that’s where they all seem to wear out first. But still very wearable. Oddly enough I have never worn this pair in public.

It did take another three full years before I began to indulge in buying vintage disco pants. And since then I have amassed over six dozen pairs. But I do credit the AA pants with setting me off on that course. The two vintage pairs of Frederick’s I had purchased years before that were disappointing so I don’t count them as the true catalysts of my collection.

The AA disco pants were the first spandex disco pants to fit me just like I remembered seeing how they fit those rockstars and dancers and actors and actresses on television. They were shiny, skintight and the right length. They were better than anything else I had up to that point.

My goal now is to get these pants in every color they have. I won’t make the mistake again of selling them. Had I known there was a chance I’d never find some of those colors again I would have never sold them. Currently they have them in seven colors of which I have black and menthe. I have the older version in midnight. Should I get a new one in midnight anyway? Probably not. But my priority at this time would be to get the royal, red and pearl. Hoping eventually they bring back silver and cranberry red. Brown would be a dream come true. And charcoal, well, we’re getting there.

So this is a special year. A 10-year anniversary of sorts for the AA disco pant and me. And the year I plan to wear disco pants the most times ever. When we get to Christmas Eve of this year I will be curious to see what new editions or changes and how many wearings I will have had by then. Looking to be an interesting year!

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Fifth Wearing of the Year – Black AA Disco Pants

Yesterday I wore a brand new pair of the old American Apparel disco pant–what I call the originals from before the time they shut down–in black size large. This was a pair I bought a year or two ago on ebay for a pretty good price. I paired them with my Ugg-style tall boots and a black puffer jacket and headed to the mall. This was the fifth wearing of the year and the first for this month of February.

Since it is still very cold here I did wear Under Armour tights under the disco pants. To tell you the truth, though, I didn’t even notice any seam lines underneath them. Maybe because the pants are a size large. But don’t get me wrong–they are still a skintight fit. The main difference between large and medium and small is all in the waist. I can fit into all three of those sizes but the major difference is in how they feel on my waist. Ideally, small gives me the best fit since I prefer disco pants to fit tight as possible. But after some time they start to hurt in the waist. And I’m not sure they would fit over the Under Armour. Medium gives me some more breathing room and is still an exceptional fit, but might also start to hurt in the waist after a few hours. Large is absolutely comfortable in every way possible but is a little loose in the crotch. So for purposes of going out I think large is the utmost in ideal for me though my true love lies with medium.

This is the only pair of AA disco pants I own in large. Most all my other ones are mostly medium and a few small. This includes both the originals and the newer ones. I think it’s safe to say that the new mediums are similar to the old large ones. So once again I am thinking I’d like to get some of the darker colors to wear this winter before I switch over to the straight leg spandex jeans for spring.

One bit of good news is that the color charcoal is back on the AA website as a choice for disco pants. However, when you click on it you’re not able buy that color yet, but at least it has reappeared and it’s just a matter of time before  it will be available. I can’t wait! I have been looking so forward to having a pair of true gray, shiny, spandex jeans to wear. Yes, since I currently have two pairs of the originals in charcoal I could already have had one made for me. But the thought of cutting up either one pains me. Especially the most recent pair I just got earlier this year. I bought them from a girl on whom they looked unbelievably amazing. And then when I put them on they looked amazing on me too. So I think I’ll leave that one as is and modify the brand new pair I bought a few years ago on ebay. Once these new charcoal pairs become available I’ll buy one and use it for the extra material needed to make straight legs out of the original pair. However it’s not like I’m not lamenting buying a new pair just to cut it up. But I will have shorts made out of the new one I buy. Thus in the end I shall have:
1. Charcoal AA disco pant (original)
2. Charcoal AA disco pant (original, modified straight-leg)
3. Charcoal AA disco pant shorts

The cool thing about wearing AA disco pants is that most people who see me probably have no idea what they are. Especially guys. Oh, some girls might wonder, “Is he wearing disco pants?” But most probably wonder if I’m wearing leggings, meggings, tights or some type of exercise gear.

I just had a thought–will AA disco pants be long enough on me to make into straight leg pants? The Chinese ones turned out to be a perfect fit. But that is something I should look into before making all these grand plans!

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Another Unique Characteristic of H&M Disco Pants

I changed the face of my blog a bit. Made it a little more thematic by adding some of my personal favorite photos. Mainly of the pants. I tried not to include any faces just in case one of the wearers should find themselves on this blog. At the same time though I made my page a little more daunting to look at. You’ll have to be careful if you’re checking this out in some public area. No, there’s not risque here or inappropriate, but if you’re seen reading here others may surely label you as a fetishist or other. I think the background is lovely but I may end up going back to previous one. It makes it a bit more challenging for me as well to write here because I have privacy issues. Anyway, the left and right columns of photos are some really great ones and some of them are even my own!

There was one additional difference between the H&M disco pants and AA’s (as well as the classic straight-leg version) that I failed to mention in my respective post. The wide jean-like seam that is found on the outside leg (outseam) on AA pairs and straight-leg pairs is on the inside leg (inseam) of the H&M spandex pants. And the narrow inseam found on AA and vintage-fit disco pants is the outseam of the H&Ms. Is this important? Not terribly. Even though most of the jeans I own and have owned have featured the narrow seam on the outside leg and the wide seam on the inside leg, I have seen plenty where the reverse was true. I believe the original designers decided to go with the wide seam outwards in order to give spandex disco pants a more jeans-like look. I suppose they thought the narrow seam on the outside legs might give the pants the appearance of being tights. Of course I’m only specualting here.

As far as jeans go, I have always preferred the narrow seam on the outside. I think it makes for a smoother overall look. In the case of disco pants, I’m not bothered by the wide seam on the outside but I would prefer it on the inside leg. When the pants are particularly tight, the wide seam on the outside leg follows the shape of your legs and lower body in a very noticeable manner. In this case I’d prefer having a narrow seam outside which would make it a lot less visible if the pants are extremely tight.

So I really like the design of the H&M disco pants. They have the unique faux front pockets, belt loops, jean-like rivets and narrow outseams. If I were designing my own version of spandex jeans I would really borrow from these ideas. The areas in which I would improve on would be using a nylon/spandex material that is 1. slightly more shiny and 2. more stretchy side-to-side and of course I would make it in a straight-leg version.

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Steel Blue Debut!

I’m up to four wearings for this month and for this young year. It being the 26th day of January you might expect me to have more wearings by now. But it’s okay. I’m still on pace to make this the best year ever in terms of wearing disco pants.

Yesterday I wore my ever faithful black, small-label Le’Gambi pair which was the second pair of black Le’Gambi pants I bought way back in 2012. It still remains one of my faves. I paired it with white, low-cut Converse sneakers and a short, black puffer jacket. Went to a couple of thrift stores.

Earlier this week though I wanted to do something different. Something a bit more interesting. So I wore my steel blue Le’Gambi pair. Yes, for the first time ever I wore that color out in public. I went to the Burlington discount store and later to a grocery store. I wore my longer, black puffer jacket with that one. But it felt great to get out there in a different color.

So far this year I have acquired two additional pairs of spandex jeans. A brand-new-with-tags AA pair of the before-they-closed variety. And a no-name vintage pair in a color I didn’t have. I also await a pair I purchased online which is similar to AA’s but of a different brand. It was cheap enough so why not? Also I had a wine-colored pair sitting around the house which when I purchased looked to small to fit me. But I tried it a few days ago and I think it’s a perfect fit. So I guess I can call it another official addition and a new color.

I cannot imagine at this point buying too many more pairs. Yes, there are still some AA pairs I want to get and a few more colors I’m hoping they will soon offer. But I think it’s safe to say I will not be buying any more of the Chinese ones nor any of the skinny fit ones (excepting AA of course). In terms of vintage, unless there’s a color I’ve got to have–think bright green, brown or gray–I will be slowing down majorly. I have lost some weight and hope to lose more so I may need to update my collection of new Le’Gambi and Bojeangles pairs.

I am not sure if I am going to have any more Chinese pairs made into the straight leg style. I think I will just wait to get more pairs of the AAs in charcoal and brown and have those converted. Currently I have 2 charcoal and 1 brown. I thought AA was going to soon sell the charcoal once again but for whatever reason they scrapped that color in favor of some of the more questionably popular choices such as menthe, deep peacock & royal. I’m very sure charcoal was one of their most popular, especially considering it was one of the last few colors they were still offering before they shut down.

It would be great to have a straight-leg spandex jean in the charcoal color. If AA were selling this color I would have already bought a pair and then shopped around for a used one to use as extra material for the legs. As I mentioned, I already have two but both are so nice I can’t bear to mess with them. Brown will be more difficult as they are harder to find and moreso in a size medium which is what I need. Cranberry red is also one I want but it too is harder to find.

But now the most important thing for me is to start wearing these pants everywhere I go. When it’s really cold I can wear my AAs with some Under Armour. When it’s at least in the 30s I can wear my classic ones. Only trouble is, when it’s in the 80s and above I can’t wear any unless I really slim down. Also I like jacket weather so I have pockets to put my keys and things.

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Copper, Turquoise & Gold

Recently a very nice pair of copper-colored Bojeangles spandex disco jeans was for sale on eBay and ended up going for $133. I may have played a hand in that bidding war but I do have my limits as to how much I’ll pay for pre-owned clothing. At first I wasn’t sure if I could really utilize that color, but I have other colors that are arguably even harder to include in an outfit without screaming “look at me!” I did think it would be an interesting hue to have at the very least for taking some pics with. And, who knows, perhaps someday even wear on stage!

The bidding went beyond the price I was willing to pay so it wasn’t meant to be. Copper is a rare color so any disco pants in this color will never be cheap. I didn’t win the auction, but I’m okay with that. Maybe someday I’ll have that color. Maybe.

So I thought I would alert you, the reader, to other spandex disco jeans that I have across for sale online. Ebay is great for that but it’s not the only place you can find them. In fact, you can find very nice vintage pairs for less than the going prices on ebay. As I have mentioned before, Etsy is also very pricey. Poshmark and Depop are much better with prices but most of the disco pants on there are of the AA or AA dupes kind. Most but not all. I did get a vintage orange pair on Depop so they are out there.

Anyway here are a few I have come across that remain for sale as of yet:

Turquoise Le’Gambi Spandex Disco Jeans
This link will take you directly to the seller’s page where you can see fit pics and buy the pants. The photos below are from the seller’s Instagram account of the very same pants.



The price is $86 which is not bad at all considering that this color in this brand (Le’Gambi) is quite hard to find. As you can see it has the upside-down trapezoidal on the rear pocket. The pair I have in this color has the small rectangle Le’Gambi label. If I had the financial resources to spare and didn’t already have this color I would surely pick this one up.

Gold Bojeangles Spandex Disco Jeans
The above link will take you to the Instagram seller of a pair of gold Bojeangles. Again, you’ll have to look around a bit at the photos to find them. This pair is going for $62. I don’t have a Bojeangles in gold but I do have a Le’Gambi which to me is tops. Very good deal though. It is described as having a “slight hole in seam at waist line.” Doesn’t sound bad. You surely will not find any gold Bojeangles on ebay going for only $62! There are no fit pics with this one.

So there you have two good deals on some really rare, top-brand, vintage disco pants. These may not last long so if you’re interested be sure to contact the seller!

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H&M Disco Pants Review

I want to do a review of H&M’s Divided disco pants. I know it’s rather moot at this time since it has been several years since H&M has sold disco pants. But I want to do one anyway because I know disco pants fans all over will appreciate some honest opinions.

I’m going to use AA disco pants as the standard. It is the one all the other manufacturers tried to emulate. And since it is closest to the originals of the 70’s and 80’s in terms of quality, design, fit and feel, it is unquestionably the one to compare all others against.

From what I understand, H&M offered a few variations on their disco pant. You might remember that I had a pocketless pair in black sometime last year which I encountered at the thrift store. While it look great with its shine and it’s simulated front pockets, the missing rear pockets was a deal-breaker for me. Spandex disco jeans need to have those back pockets; otherwise, they’re just leggings or jeggings.

The newest pair of H&M disco pants I own has the back pockets. They are not rounded on the bottom as AA’s are but are more V-shaped. The shine is great. It also has the simulated front pockets and even belt loops which both are a major plus for me. I especially love the idea of belt loops. The simulated front pockets are awesome too but truthfully no one is going to see them on me at this point anyway.

The pair I have is a small and I was rather surprised that I was able to get them on never having tried a small in any of the other brands. It was extremely difficult getting them through my lower legs. Possibly the hardest time I’ve ever had in that area. They seem to have less side-to-side stretch than AA pants do. And I was a bit surprised that, once I had the pants completely on, they weren’t tighter in the crotch and bum areas. For something that took so much effort to get through the lower legs I expected a tighter fit in the upper regions. Not that they aren’t tight. But propotionally, I was expecting more. Not a major deal however.

On a more serious note, the H&M pants don’t seem to be stitched as well as AA’s. The areas right around the base of the zipper and below it appear to be weak with a tendency to come undone. Seeing how these pants cost only about 40% of what AA’s cost and not made in the Western world I suppose it’s understandable. Still for a pair of pants that is form-fitting and meant to be worn skintight the weak stitching is not exactly tolerable.

So I give H&M’s disco pant an A-. All the necessary ingredients are there along with a few unique touches. If it weren’t for the belt loops and faux front pockets I would have given a B or B+. Offering a few additional colors could have made them quite competitive with AA and increased my grade. These pants are a much more affordable alternative to AA’s disco pant with the same good quality, thick nylon/spandex. However, seeing how these were phased out even before AA closed shop last year, the H&M will be harder to find and perhaps even more difficult if you seek a brand new pair.

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2 Wearings in 2018

I’ve already got two wearings of spandex disco pants thus far for 2018. First was a few days ago when I wore the Le’Gambi midnight navy and then today with the two-tone AA disco pants. I went to my usual thrift store and also to a local Aldi supermarket. And while it was very cold today there was plenty of sunshine so I know my pants were displaying their high shine

While they are less warm than jeans in this weather, it is bearable. Jeans are not that much warmer especially since most jeans nowadays are made from either lightweight or mid-weight denim. Plus I do keep that extra layer of UA tights underneath. And today was only about 10°F here!

In my previous post I mentioned that the first new pair of disco pants I would get in 2018 would be a royal blue AA pair. Well, just yesterday I received a pre-owned charcoal pair I bought online. They are in excellent condition and was a steal of a price. I’m surprised it didn’t sell earlier. I almost wore this pair today but I may have to warm up to its lighter color a bit longer.

Oh, I didn’t find any disco pants while thrifting today. But I did find an interesting disco ball button-up shirt for only $3.99!

So I’m thinking I should buy some more AA disco pants now. At least the midnight navy and the royal blue until they add more colors. Disco pants are a lot more easy to move around in than jeans are. They’re more comfortable. And since they’re skintight down to the ankles they fit inside my Ugg-like boots smoothly. And since I plan to wear only this kind of footwear during the winter I would prefer to wear pants that fit the lower legs skintight. That means I will mostly wear the AA pants and my Levi’s 519 Extreme Skinny jeans and my Nudie High Kai. Perhaps the Cheap Mondays as well but I have yet to see if they fit over the UA tights. That is one of the biggest challenges during winter–seeing what fits comfortably over the UA tights. That’s where disco pants have an edge. That 10% spandex content is unusual to find in any pair of jeans that aren’t jeggings.

Another thing I would like to have now is a pair of boots like the one I already have but in dark brown. Unfortunately, neither Ugg nor Emu nor any brand of these sheepskin boots makes them in the tall style in dark brown. For men anyway. I am pondering whether I should pick up a pair of women’s in a size I could wear. I just found an online store that has the Classic Tall Uggs in chocolate women’s size 11 which means men’s size 10. I think I will buy it! I don’t want to get into the habit of wearing an expensive pair of shoes everyday. Having a second pair would mean I could rotate them.

Anyway, I just wanted to check in and say that I’ve gotten my second wearing in five days of this brand new year. AND, only one more day of this horribly frigid weather so next week is looking like I will be able to more comfortably wear disco pants. Perhaps even give the boots a break for a day here and there.

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