We’re in a Disco Pant Wearings Recession

Hello fellow lovers of spandex disco pants! Nothing much going on here. I wore disco pants one time last month (April) and so far in May I haven’t worn at all. Beside the pandemic other crazy things have been going on and it really puts somewhat of a damper on the mood for wearing disco pants. Not only that but I don’t want to risk the pants picking up the virus, as this thing has a rather sizable lifespan on fabrics and other non-living surfaces. So I’ve been trying to wear the same two or three or four pairs of skinny jeans with about only two different pairs of sneakers. But I did pull out a newer pair of vintage Le’Gambi black disco pants to wear when I do get in the mood. This is a pair I picked up last year. Very shiny, sufficiently tight and quite comfortable. It’s the pair I wore for last month’s single wearing.

I’m going to keep my AA altered pairs on hold for a while in terms of wearing them. Like I said I don’t want them to pick up any trace of this disease. But I’m OK with this vintage pair since I have so many of them in black now. So when I do feel like wearing them I can just put them on and not be terribly concerned with what may happen. The only thing is that disco pants don’t go all that well with the two pairs of sneakers I am rotating. One is a pair of New Balance 420 that I picked up at my local thrift store a couple years ago. I love NB 420s! So 80s and vintage-looking. For me it’s all about those semi-shiny nylon panels above the toe areas. Nylon just looks good on anything! On some pairs the nylon toe-box area gets nicely creased for a great worn-in look. Also I really like the soles as they resemble car tires to me. These sneakers are the best ones New Balance ever put out and may just be what I consider to be a perfect sneaker. They are super low profile and go great with skinny jeans. I guess they’re OK with disco pants as well but perhaps some other colors may work better than this particular thrift store pair does.

The second pair of sneakers I have been exclusively wearing is a solid white Nike Air Force 1 low. It’s a very old pair—at least 13 years—but in very good condition. The only trouble is that the rubber soles have completely yellowed and contrasts unpleasantly with still bright white of the soft leather uppers. So I tried painting them with white acrylic paint and the shoes looked virtually new. But as soon as I started wearing them the paint cracked and peeled away. It started right where the rubber bends and it’s been spreading around from there. I found out I need to apply a scratch-resistant sealer over the paint in order to keep the paint intact. Until I can find such a thing, I am going to leave these sneakers as are because there is no point in painting over and over again.

But I really like these sneakers because they look really. Another classic 80s retro look. Very comfortable. And this being an older model it still features the soft leather Nike used to use in their sneakers. I can’t stand the new stiff synthetic leather they use. As much as I like these sneakers I would never buy another new pair of these. At least not until they go back to that real, soft leather. Thus, I want to get the most wear out of this pair.

The Nikes are bulkier and heavier than the NB 420 and probably don’t look as good with AA’s version of the disco pant. They are more suited towards the vintage type of disco jeans. But I have seen photos of women wearing AA disco pants with Nike Air Force 1s and it looks darn good. Extremely good. But women don’t wear size 11 men’s sneakers. The AA disco pants exacerbate the size of your feet and footwear—perhaps you like that or maybe you don’t. I don’t so I try to stick to shoes that are lower profile (with the exception of Converse high tops) and less bulky particularly with the AA style disco pants. So I would wear these with the vintage ones.

There is a third pair of sneakers that I should start adding to my rotation. It’s a pair of white, low Converse CTS that I’ve had for almost eight years now. It’s a little different from the typical Converse All Star in that it’s made for skateboarders and features a comfortable insole, padded collar (similar to Vans Era), a cloth toe cap (as opposed to the traditional rubber) and six pairs of lace eyelets which is one less than on the regular All Stars for the size I wear. These are no longer bright white but surprisingly for their age are also not all that dirty. I need to get more use out of these! They go very well with all styles of spandex disco jeans.

All that aside, one thing that concerns me is that the weather forecasts are starting to show warmer weather on the way. Of course, I know it’s mid-May and bound to happen but it will be a spoiler in terms of wearing disco pants. The only good thing is that I don’t see myself going out much during the summer. For one because I am not enjoying hot weather as much as I used to. For another because I think it would be rather unbearable to have to wear a mask in 80 or 90 degree weather and that’s without consideration for humidity! So I’m not looking forward to that. My only regret is that this pandemic had to happen during the three prime months in the beginning part of the year when I can get the most wearings.

What also doesn’t help is that I have gained a bit of weight during all this. So yes, a slightly bigger muffin top. Perhaps a slightly heavier chest. Both bad things when you want nothing less than to go out in disco pants ALL THE TIME!

Again, the only saving grace is that if this pandemic is still around during the height of summer (which I’m sure it will be) I won’t be going out much anyway. We’ll have to call it an anomaly of a year. A bad year. The year that wasn’t.

In other news, I finally secured a pair of—————————————————————-

————————–I know what you’re thinking————————————————————

————————–forest green AA disco pants———————————————————–

————————but no. Not that one. I still look though. However what I did find is a pair of black H&M disco pants in size medium that’s in excellent shape. And I just happened to take it to get altered today. Won’t be ready until next Saturday at the earliest. I love H&M’s disco pants because they resemble an actual pair of denim jeans more so than the AA or LA disco pants. They have faux front pockets, extra seam stitches on the back, belt loops and rivets. And I love that their outseams are narrow while the inseams are the wider types, just like on most denim jeans nowadays. But that is what might actually lead to a probably when altering them.

See, since AA’s inseam is the narrow one there was no problem un-stitching it to add the extra material and then stitching both sides of the extra material back up. It looks uniform from crotch to hem. But with the H&Ms the extra material may have to be placed on the outseams of the pants which makes it more visible but not terrible. I’m waiting to hear from the seamstress on what she thinks about it. I don’t really mind as long as it looks professional. This might be the only way for me to have a pair of these altered to my taste.

There is one more thing really cool about these H&Ms. They’re made longer than AA’s disco pants so I won’t have to request the extra work of lengthening them. They are just long enough for me as is.

So that’s what’s going on here. I haven’t been able to go to any thrift stores since March due to the closings so no disco pant finds there. I imagine there may be tons of great new stuff when they do re-open. But who knows. Maybe no one has been donating anything.

Well, that’s about it for now. Looking forward to reporting back on getting my altered H&M disco pants in a couple weeks. And hoping I’ll get to wear them in the fall if not sooner!


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Disco Pants Amidst the Pandemic

So how are you all doing during this pandemic lockdown? I have mixed feelings. On one hand I like the fact that normalcy has been completely thrown out the window. I think what was perceived as ‘normal’ wasn’t good for most people even though most people probably couldn’t see it. And now many of these people are longing for a return to ‘normal.’ And a large majority are so used to that normal that they cannot see anything but it. Not that this is a wonderful time either, but I see this as a transition phase between a ‘normal’ that was not good for most to a new ‘normal’ that could be better for a lot more people.

On the other hand, I don’t like this because I have not been wearing my disco pants. At all. Not that I cannot. Nor that I have been home all the time. But the times I do go out it’s to do the menial things which almost feel like a waste to wear disco pants for. But I am dying to wear them. Not a single wearing this month and I think only one last month. Normally, March and April would be huge months for me in terms of disco pant wearings. Weather has still been perfect but I haven’t made use of it.

Another bad thing is that I am eating more and probably gaining weight. That is bad for anyone who wears disco pants. I mean, a little bit of extra weight is okay, but if you already have a muffin top and you don’t exercise regularly then you’re definitely going in the wrong direction.

Also this ordeal has caused me to modify what clothing I wear when I do go out. I’m trying to stick to the same three or four pairs of jeans and about two pairs of sneakers. Naturally, the jeans are all of the skinny variety and the sneakers have been limited to a pair of white Nike Air Force 1 low and a thrift store pair of New Balance 420. Luckily, I think I could get away with wearing either pair with a pair of my modified American Apparel disco pants. Of course, if not, I’ve got my vintage pairs.

But I do think I will try a pair this week. I cannot go a month without any wearings. The last month I actually had with no wearings was way back in June 2017! Pretty unbelievable that in two months I will have worn disco pants at least once per month for three whole years! Definitely can’t let that record get crushed here in April 2020, pandemic or not.

My only concern with wearing disco pants during this time is getting germs on them. I know I’m running the same risk with any of the skinny jeans or sneakers I’m wearing, but the disco pants are on another level. At worse I guess I could just put on one of my older pairs that are not on what I consider to be on my best/favorite list. Yeah, that’s it. I’ll just let the AA pairs take a longer rest and I’ll put on one of my old black, vintage pairs of which I have plenty. In fact, one of the most recent pairs I came into was an old Le’Gambi black one that for whatever reason looked extra shiny. I’ll have to dig that one up.

I’ve been looking over my vast collection of photos of people in disco pants and two thoughts come to mind:

  1. They look so good when the fit is right and I just want to wear mine soooo bad.
  2. Why did these people (women mostly) stop wearing these awesome, amazing pants? Do they not realize how good they looked in them? Even if they gained some weight they could size up and still look great in them. So what happened?

And don’t give me any crap about the age thing. I understand that if some 24 year old started wearing these pants in 2012 and now she’s 32, she may feel like the pants are beyond her at this time. Maybe she’s a stick-in-the-mud now. She’s got a corporate career, has children and probably a spouse. But she could still wear them and look great. She could reinvent them and make them her own. Maybe when she was in her twenties she’d wear them with a cropped top, maybe baring some shoulders. She doesn’t have to do that now. I have personally never been a fan of disco pants with cropped tops or any other kind of scanty tops. Yes, disco pants are sexy (among having so many other qualities) so when you wear them you don’t need to wear something that is ‘sexy’ (and only sexy) on top as well. I always felt that was excessive and preferred the photos of women wearing simple tees, sweaters or button shirts instead. That’s exactly how a now 30-something with career, spouse and children could wear them.

Now let’s say it was some 17-year old wearing her first pair of disco pants in 2012. Now she’s post-high school, post-college and a sophisticated 25 year old who has already embarked on her career for several years or perhaps doing graduate work. Surely disco pants are beneath her. But they don’t have to be. It’s all in how you wear them. She doesn’t have to wear them like she did before to make the boys stare at her liquid-legginged limbs. She can wear them more maturely now with style and with respectability.

As I’ve written before there are some women who wore disco pants during their 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 or so heyday and still very much like them now. That’s perfectly sensible and shows an exquisite taste for style. They wore disco pants and teens and continue to wear them or have rediscovered them as 20-somethings. Or they wore them as early 20-somethings and now wearing them as late 20-somethings or even 30-somethings. That’s great. There will never be an item of clothing as cool, versatile or attractive as the spandex disco pant.

Anyway, let’s keep an eye out and see what happens with everything that’s going on. Some say things will get better or already are starting to. Those are the politicians who need things to get better in order to not reflect badly on them. I would really hate to be a politician now and I wonder how many of them actually regret having won elections last year. And then there are others who say things are going to get a lot worse. At some point in time in the near future, one of those groups will be correct and the other wrong. Personally, I’m of the thinking that things are going to get worse and that’s my honest opinion because I have nothing to gain or lose from saying so. But let’s stay tuned and see what happens. And let’s wear our disco pants during this difficult time to at least make things feel better!

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Pandemic Effect On Disco Pants

I haven’t worn spandex disco pants much in this new year of 2020. January was decent with ten wearings. But it went downhill after. I only had two wearings in February. Had some health issues during that month that kind of spoiled my desire to go out in disco pants. The weather still continued to cooperate though. Truth is, with the exception of only a few days the rest of the month could have seen me comfortably wear disco with perhaps only a pair of tights underneath.

In terms of weather March continued on with nothing terribly cold. Once again, I could have been wearing disco pants virtually everyday this month. But then this pandemic took over and has put a damper on my opportunities to wear them. Lately I’ve only been going out to do the essentials. No more shopping at Ross or thrift stores. No Kohl’s. They’re all closed. It’s just the post office, grocery stores and pharmacies and banks and gas stations. And those are all places I don’t particularly prefer to put on disco pants to go to. I almost did today though. I knew I was only going to the post office and to pick up some cat food. I thought it would be fun to wear my black altered AA disco pants. But ultimately I decided on my skin tight pair of faded blue Lucky Brand skinny jeans. I wore this pair two times in the last three days. If I were only into wearing skintight jeans I’d probably wear these very often. And I could get away with it because skintight jeans on guys have become such a normal thing now that it’s no longer a big deal, except of course only to those who can’t stand such a thing.

These might actually be my favorite pair of skintight jeans now. They’re skinny jeans but they’re not skintight all the way down to the ankles as Levi’s 519 are or some of my 510s are. I kind of like having a slightly looser lower leg for a few reasons:

  1. I have a greater option of footwear to wear with such a fit. Though I still mainly choose to wear Converse All Stars, I can also (and do) wear my Air Jordans, Reeboks, New Balance, Toms and perhaps even some of my slightly more bulky sneakers.
  2. Since I’m not in optimal shape for wearing tight clothing, this fit gives me a slightly more balanced look. I’m a bit top-heavy with skinny legs. Wearing any legwear that’s skintight from the waist to the ankles can look a bit cartoonish. But with the looser lower legs I feel it makes me look better and I am more confident. This is also true of AA’s disco pants and why I haven’t worn any of them except for the ones I’ve had altered.

This pair of jeans is the “1 Authentic Skinny” model by Lucky. This has been the only pair of Lucky jeans whose fit I have liked on me. It is a size 30 which is about four sizes smaller than I would wear in dress pants. So that is what makes them skintight on me. They’re jeans—-they should be worn that way. I wouldn’t go anywhere without this pair. That’s how much I have come to like them.

Another thing I like about these is that they don’t have any phone or wallet fade marks on them. I bought them pre-owned at my local thrift store. I have found some other very tight and cool jeans with those fade lines on them and I don’t like that very much. I can only conclude that whoever wore these jeans before me didn’t fill them up as nicely as I do for them to be able to stick their phones or wallets in the front pockets. I sure as hell can’t. I mean, I could try to squeeze my phone in there but by the time I’d get it out if it started ringing they’d hang up!

But I don’t like the look of stuff bulging out of the front pockets of skintight jeans anyway. When I wore my skintight jeans in high school I didn’t even like putting my keys in my front pockets for that reason and because I thought there might be a risk the metal edges of the keys might rip through the denim. So I’d keep them in my book bag. The bulging look has to be the reason they never put front pockets on disco pants either. It wouldn’t look right to have anything in there. However, the back pockets are fair game.

So yeah, I don’t usually put anything in the front pockets of my skintight jeans to this day. And that’s why I like cooler, jacket weather so I always have a convenient place to put keys and my phone. I’m certainly not looking forward to warm weather again when I have to ditch my jacket!

What I also like about this pair is that they are perfectly long enough on me. Jeans that are labeled with an inseam of 32 should be just long enough for me. But I have found that many Levi’s jeans labeled 32 are not. They’re too short. Or a bit too short. And this applies to both used ones I’ve come across and brand new ones. This is where you can see the difference between a designer brand (like Lucky, Nudie, 7 For All Mankind) which sells jeans for hundreds of dollars and a cheaper brand—sorry Levi’s, you know I love you but you just don’t have the quality standards those designer brands have! My high school Levi’s were also labeled 32 inseam but they were a tad short on me and I remember always having to pull them down after getting up from sitting. Of course, they were 100% cotton so I don’t know if that had something to do with it. But this Lucky pair doesn’t do that. It fits me just long enough without being too long either. I usually wear them with high top Converse but I’m sure I could wear them with my low tops as well and not have any ‘short’ issues.

In my book those high school jeans I wore are still the best ever pair I had. This pair of Lucky jeans is up there with its perfect-length fit, comfortable skintightness, big back pockets and stress lines in all the right places. but I do have some gripes about it. First, it is button-fly. I’ve never cared for button fly. Minor detail. In the case of these jeans though, the fact that it is button-fly might actually make it more secure and slightly easier to fasten on me. I remember on those high school jeans the zipper eventually busted. And on some jeans you run the risk of a zipper not staying up. A button-fly will always stay up though. And I do think it’s a little less effort for me to get the buttons fastened than to pull up a zipper considering how tight these fit.

Also, the rise on this pair is about 9.5 inches. I prefer a little bit higher rise. Considering the rise on my favorites pairs of disco pants are all 10.5 inches or more, I wish these jeans were at least a 10 or 10.5. But I can live with it as is. Additionally, the fading on these jeans looks a bit fake and slightly overboard. I’m sure it was not the previous owner who created the fading on it. It looks too factory. I don’t get why the manufacturers go overboard when trying to simulate natural on jeans. This is one of the reasons I wear dark blue or unwashed jeans when I don’t wear disco pants. But this pair fits so nice I make an exception for it.

These jeans are 92% cotton, 6% polyester & 2% spandex. I’m not sure where the polyester comes in because there is nothing particularly different or unique. about the material. In many cases, jeans that have some amount of polyester in them have a slight sheen to them. These don’t have anything like that.

So that’s about it. I don’t anticipate anything changing anytime soon regarding our current global situation. Thus, my disco pants wearing may suffer for quite a time longer. But I will continue to wear my skintight jeans as that is the next best thing.


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Sandy’s ‘Grease’ Skintight Shiny Black Pants

They’re not spandex. Not leather. Not disco pants.

I want to end once and for all the belief that Olivia Newton-John’s character ‘Sandy’ in the 1978 summer movie ‘Grease’ was wearing black disco pants at the end of the film. I have repeatedly written here that those pants she wore were undoubtedly the inspiration for what shortly thereafter became the spandex disco pant which began appearing on TV shows and album covers in the fall of the same year. But it’s wrong to call them spandex or disco pants or, for the even less knowledgeable, leather.

Here is an excerpt from ONJ’s book, “Don’t Stop Believin,'” where she discusses those pants in-depth.


So there you have it! That’s the real story of the famed pants directly from the horses’s mouth (or pen)!

These pants actually sold at auction last year for over $162,000! They were purchased ironically enough by the founder of Spanx. Here are some photos from the auction house:


And some info from the auctioneer:

A pair of custom-made stretch satin, figure-hugging, black high-waist pants worn by Olivia Newton-John in the finale of Grease (Paramount, 1978) when she and John Travolta perform “You’re the One That I Want” and “We Go Together” The pants have a gold-tone clasp to fasten the attached belt, a back zipper, and a row of snap closures to the ankles. No labels present. This is the one and only pair of pants prepared for and used in the production, kept by Newton-John for more than 40 years.The pants were vintage even at the time of production in the late 1970s; they were originally made in the same period as that portrayed in the film, the 1950s. Newton-John had to be sewn into them to accomplish Sandy’s shocking “bad girl” transformation.

So ONJ in her book called them sharkskin while the auction house called them stretch satin. Stretch satin sounds more unbelievable considering the pants are from the 1950s.

A few things I was never able to know about these pants until now includes that they have no back pockets. I was never able to tell from the short scenes of ‘Sandy’ wearing them at the end of the film. Many times I can’t even tell actual spandex disco pants have pockets in some film, video and photos. So I never knew. Also, these pants did have a zipper though no button. You could clearly see the belt clasps but not much else in that area. Finally, the description says there were rows of snap buttons at the ankles. No wonder they were so tight at the ankles!

Her book says the zipper was broken so she had to be sewn into the pants. I had heard about her having to be sewn into the pants for some time, but initially I thought it meant they were trying to get the pants to fit so tight on her that they were sewing up the legs. But no, they had to sew to keep the pants up on her due to the broken zipper.

While the pants looked great on her in the film, knowing all this about them I would not have been interested in having a pair. But thank the gods who took inspiration from them to create something not only similar but absolutely better that all of us could wear.

Getting rid of the clasp belt: great move!
Getting rid of the snap buttons at the ankles: awesome!
Adding back pockets: best thing ever!
Making the pants comfortably stretch: better than life!

So hopefully everybody reads this and knows once and for all the truth about Sandy’s not-really-disco-pants. I’m sure every woman who has ever played Sandy in a play or show or movie was eternally grateful for the creation of the disco pant so that she could comfortably play the part and look superb simultaneously. Perhaps someday they can create a reversing-the-roles production of Grease where a ‘good boy’ wants the ‘bad girl’ and at the end of the movie he goes all ‘bad sexy’ by wearing disco pants, a leather jacket and perhaps some Converse sneakers. Wouldn’t that be interesting!


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Kardashian in Disco Pants Again

Thanks to a devoted reader of this blog, I have learned that Kim Kardashian was once again out and about recently wearing disco pants. As opposed to the pearl AA pair she wore in my last post about her, this time she was wearing vintage Le’Gambi brown ones.

I am no fan of the Kardashians but I will certainly give props to any of them who are seen wearing disco pants. Certainly Kim has to be a fan of these pants by having both the modern version and the vintage kind.


Those pants are super long on her and I’m curious that she didn’t tuck in the hems as I was taught to do. See, with the vintage style disco pants the lower legs don’t cling to your own lower legs and ankle so they resemble more of what we have come to accept as traditional pants. They can end up being so long that they drag on the ground of get really bunched up over your shoes. The AA style is super skinny and fits more like leggings so there’s never a risk of them dragging on the ground. Before when I had less styling sense I would allow my vintage type pairs to stay bunched up over my shoes. Now I tuck them inside the legs and no one can tell whether they’re permanently hemmed or not. To a greater advantage they stay tucked and don’t come undone which is really important.

So hers are not hemmed neither permanently nor temporarily. But they’re not dragging on the ground due to her high heels. But I do love brown disco pants, especially the vintage ones. I think those would probably fit me to a tee length-wise. But I am not shaped like her (thankfully) and I do not think they would fit me very well in any other manner.

Maybe Kim will help bring back disco pants—both the modern kind and the vintage. I would love her for that. She seems to be the only big name still being seen in them.

I was reading through the comments on one of the articles that featured some of these photos. Many of the comments are quite offensive towards Kim, but fortunately not very many were overly critical of the pants themselves. Many show their lack of knowledge of what disco pants are and how they fit. And some did bring up a good point of the pockets looking strange.

If you look at some of the photos I shared here you can see that the tops of the pockets aren’t flush with the rest of the pants. They seem to be puckered. I suppose it’s because there is such a contrast between the very small waist of the pants and the incredibly wide hip area. I have never gotten this effect while wearing any of my disco pants. I’ve also never seen this on anyone else wearing disco pants either. There are a lot of comments about Kim having artificial work done on her body to get it to look like that. I don’t know anything about these Kardashians and I really don’t think I’ll be doing any research on them anytime soon. But that is a possible explanation.

Main thing is that Kim seems to be quite the fan of spandex disco jeans and she was found wearing them once again. She is nearly forty years old which also is rather inspiring. There are silly people out there who say that,

“Once you’re out of college you need to stop wearing disco pants!”

This isn’t really said nowadays but it was a mantra for some haters during the halcyon days of AA disco pants and their various dupes. Thank goodness one person or a handful of people don’t get to decide what we wear, huh? Oh, I know that in a sense a handful of people certainly do get to decide what we wear in the form of the clothing industry. However, it is now at the point where we can freely choose not only from our own gender’s wardrobe but from the opposite one’s as well.

By the way, a flimsy rule as the one stated above was never meant to be universal. It was only for the rabble. Celebrities would be completely excluded from it and actually celebrated for their eccentricity. And that’s how I determine whether a fashion rule is based on sensibility or prejudice. If I’m told I can’t wear something because I’m worldly unknown, yet a rock singer, actor or pro athlete can, then I certainly will wear it, too. In short, you don’t ever have to stop wearing disco pants!

While I was reading the many nasty comments on the Kardashian post I had quite the scary thought; I imagined if I were famous and wore disco pants what all those dreadful people would say about me. Of course, with the internet you can never really tell if those people are just trying to one-up each other with their awful comments or if they really are full of malice. But I’m sure Kim K. is not bothered by what the haters say, nor do I think she even goes on her iPhone to read what they say. I would be tempted to but I’d force myself not to do it.

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AA Disco Pants On Amazon ONLY!

Hello fellow lovers of disco pants! Just wanted to give you some updates on what’s been going on in the general world of disco pants as well as my very own, personal world of disco pants.

First of all, in terms of weather, it has continued to cooperate here where I live. I can count the number of days on one hand when it’s been too cold for disco pants. If I had truly wanted to I would be finishing up this first month of 2020 with nearly thirty wearings. Yes, that’s how mild the weather has been. So am I anywhere near thirty wearings for the month? No, in fact I just had my tenth and I’m totally fine with that. Even though the weather’s been pretty good I still have to wear a pair of tights under my disco pants because I can feel the chill of 30° air on my legs. With jeans I don’t have to do that. So I’ve been wearing some of my old and new favorite pairs of jeans as well.

The ten wearings for January might be all for this month. It’s certainly better than the three or four I had last January when we were going through a terrible, terrible cold spell. So again, I’m OK with ten wearings. A month of ten to twenty wearings is really all I could reasonably aim for. I’m still not at that state of mind where I can wear these amazing spandex disco jeans everyday even though there are times when I surely feel like it. Sometimes I just want to blend in more with my environment and it’s very hard to do that when you’re wearing skintight, shiny pants! Also, I don’t want my many skintight jeans to feel left out if I exclusively start wearing disco pants. I have some pretty awesome skintight jeans that I love to be in as well.

Recently I received an ordered that I placed last August from HiddenFashion.com for some very inexpensive disco pants. For whatever reason the order never arrived and I just assumed it didn’t go through because the store is in the UK. But recently after checking their website and seeing that they still sell those disco pants, I went to my email and checked for any message of order cancellation or refund. Nothing there. I checked my PayPal account to see if there was any sign of the order not going through. Nope. It showed that funds were paid for the order but I never received it. So I contacted Hidden Fashion and luckily they didn’t give any difficulties and I received the order recently. But I can’t understand how an order could fall through the cracks like that. Anyway, here are the four colors I purchased:

Legs collage

The sizes are all in UK sizing so I wasn’t all that familiar with what I should get. It’s not like American Apparel’s small, medium, etc. Based on my research I decided a UK size 10 would be optimal for me but not every color was available in that size. So I took whatever size just below 10 they had.

The colors are orange, neon lime green, copper and neon blue if my memory serves me well. The orange and blue are both size 10. The lime and copper are size 6. And yet they all had varying degrees of difficulty to put on. The orange was probably the easiest but still with a very tight lower leg. The lime green took some time to get on as it was the tightest and most difficult. I didn’t think I would be able to get them up and then I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to take them off, especially the lower legs. The copper was not quite as tight as the lime green and had an overall more balanced tightness from the waist to the ankles. It seemed less super skinny or spray-on compared to the others, as you can see in the looser material at the ankles. The blue was also rather easy to get on and perhaps just a bit—a very little bit—disappointingly loose in the crotch area. I know, I know, they look completely painted on but I know what I’m talking about. Their fit in the crotch area was different from the other three, including the similarly sized orange pair which was no less a crotch fit ordained by the disco pant gods.

So these pants each cost me three British pounds. That’s very little money and completely well worth it. If you haven’t checked these out yet please do so. You are not going to find a better deal not even on Aliexpress. They have a few other colors as well which I did not order. Check it out. The pants are tagged as 100% polyester which I find a bit peculiar. I don’t think I have ever come across disco pants that are 100% polyester. Some of the Chinese ones I have purchased in the past say 100% polyester but I believe those tags like I believe I’m going to win the next Powerball jackpot. But whether they are fully polyester or not they do resemble the fit and feel of typical disco pants.

In other news, American Apparel is no longer selling their disco pants directly from their website. When you want to purchase the pants there is a link that will take you to Amazon and you buy them there. Not only that but with my most recent order of disco pants in December, I discovered that their pants are no longer made in Mexico. They’re made in China. Personally, I never expected the day when I would see these lovely pants being made in a place where most people don’t even know what they are or would even wear them. But the day has come. And there seems to be somewhat of a price drop once you try to order them on Amazon. Perhaps this is reflective of the fact they are Chinese-made now.

Currently there is a seller on eBay that has dozens of pairs of all kinds of disco pants up for sale there. It makes me feel sad that this person is getting rid of all these gems. I can only wonder what the mindset is. Does the person feel too old to keep wearing them? Do they feel out of shape? Is she/he a fashionista and refuses to wear anything that was en vogue yesterday? Does he/she need money? I would hate to be in any of those positions. The pants are all listed at relatively low starting prices—right about at $30. They have two pairs of the AA pants in forest green but neither are the size I need. I contacted the seller to see if she/he had any other sizes of the green but received no response. I hate when people do that. OK, I’ve done it myself but with good reason. And just recently. Someone asked me a series of questions about an item I’m selling. The problem is this very same person asked me the very same questions back in September about the very same item. I remembered. She can’t? And after answering all her questions—questions, by the way, which were virtually all answered in the description if she bothered to read it—she has the audacity to ask me for a lower price. I’m not going through that again. By the way, if I were up to accepting lower prices I would have selected the option to accept offers. Someone asks a dozen questions in one message, follows up with additional questions in a second message, expects a perfect item and wants a price drop on it. I don’t have time for those games. This time around I didn’t even answer her and I feel completely justified in doing so. She can go back and look through her messages for the answers to her questions. Someone like that gives off vibes of a shill or troll more than a serious buyer anyway.

So yes, there are times when you shouldn’t answer questions. Some people want to be spoon-fed and I won’t make time for that. Even if it means a sale. Those are the very same people who will usually want their money back for any number of whimsical reasons. But the question I asked of the aforementioned seller deserves an answer and I don’t appreciate the non-response. Fortunately, she/he has nothing I want so I guess you could say I don’t really care.

That’s about it. I’m still pursuing my new endeavors and enjoying them very much.


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How Disco Pants Became a Part Of Everyday Life

Before I get into my arts and music endeavors I can still blog here as I await some supplies and equipment I need.

My first wearing of disco pants in 2020 came on Sunday, January 5. I went with my midnight navy AA in medium. On Monday I plan to get my second wearing and on Tuesday my third. The weather appears that it will continue to fully cooperate and thus I’ll be able to wear disco pants with a pair of lycra tights under them and feel fine.

On Wednesday there is a doctor’s appointment. I am tempted to wear a pair of AAs on that day but not sure. This is a doctor’s office that I have worn disco pants to before albeit the vintage style straight leg. But I’m really feeling like wearing the a pair of my altered AA which overall are tighter-looking. Also this week I plan on doing some laundry so that will once again be a possibility in terms of a new place to wear disco pants. There I wouldn’t wear any other pair but the midnight navy AA in large. The way I’m feeling at the moment I want to wear disco pants every day this week.

But you may be wondering how I got to my current state of wearing spandex disco jeans so often. Perhaps you haven’t followed this blog since its inception. Or maybe you just don’t remember. So I’ll go through it once again.

My fascination with tight pants began during my later high school years. Just a few posts ago I wrote about a pair of hand-me-down light blue Levi’s that fit tight on me and quickly became my favorite pair of jeans. It was also my very first pair of Levi’s. I grew up in poverty at that time but I knew Levi’s was a top brand of jeans. The fact that this pair was used may have bothered me at first, but after trying them on and wearing them inside the house more and more I knew these were too special to just wear indoors.

Once I built up enough courage to wear them I started to do so in high school. That didn’t go too well as I did get comments and stares from people. The stares I could have dealt with but the comments just bugged me too much. Plus, I always felt really sexy in them even though I wasn’t trying to be. I just wanted to wear my tight jeans, that’s all. But they made me look sexy and I felt sexy in them. And I wasn’t that kind of kid. I was into doing my schoolwork and studying. I was one of the top students. I was also probably considered a nerd or geek or dweeb or dork. And though we all know the stereotype image of what a school nerd or geek or dweeb or dork looks like thanks to Hollywood, that was not my look. I like most other kids wore jeans everyday and a t-shirt, polo, sweatshirt, sweater or hoodie. (Thank goodness for no dress codes!!) No big name brands. I wasn’t a preppy. My clothing mostly came from discount stores and Sears. And most of the time I dressed in a very nondescript way. Except when I wore those tight Levi’s.

What added to my feeling sexy in those jeans was that girls were coming up to me and talking. I pretty much avoided people when I wore those jeans. I tried not moving around too much in order to not be seen. But on one occasion in the lunch room when I was wearing those jeans a girl came up to me and said another girl was interested in me and either gave me a piece of paper with a number on it or gave me a paper for me to write my number on. On another occasion a girl who was in my gym class only that one day said to me that we should just get out of that class. I don’t know if I was wearing those jeans that day or even how she saw me in them if I was and why she was in my class that one time. I do wonder why she wanted me to cut gym class that day with her and what she wanted to do if we had.

The style at that time in terms of pants was super baggy and loose. I had jeans that fit loose. But once I got those Levi’s that were skintight I wanted to wear them. I never cared for loose or baggy. I just wore those styles because it’s what I had and it was really all you could find in stores. And knowing that skintight was not in style at that time, I really didn’t want to make waves.

Kids are cruel. I remember being bugged throughout my school years for the clothing I wore, particularly my pants. One year they were too wide. Another year they were too short. Another year too tight. It’s like make up your minds already! I mentioned that I was very skinny and tall. It was extremely difficult finding jeans for me that fit properly.

As I mentioned in the recent post, I only wore these skintight Levi’s nine times to school in my senior year. But I was always looking for other places to wear them after I graduated. There was church, then college, some jobs and then just everywhere else. After church and college they became jeans I’d just wear anywhere. But it was never for any long periods of time like being at school. That’s what I missed. I liked struggling to put those jeans on at seven in the morning and knowing I’d be in them for seven hours or so.

It was only after I had found some jobs that I was able to wear them for a substantial amount of time in a day. But I didn’t wear them at those jobs very often either because I still felt very self-conscious in them and still very sexy.

My last wearing of those jeans in public came in the year 2003. Interestingly enough, I wore them to a friend’s church as we played table tennis. At that point they were already in poor condition as the button had popped out of the denim and the button hole of the denim grew larger and larger until it ripped. That should give you an idea of how tight the pants were fitting by that time. That was twelve years after I had started wearing them, not to mention the amount of time they were worn by the original owner.

So from 2003 to 2006 I didn’t wear any tight jeans or pants of any kind. Why I’m not fully sure but it probably had something to do with the fact that tight pants on guys was even more out of style than during my high school years. Plus, during this time I was fully employed and worked with guys who noticed such things and made sure to comment about them. I had worn them about three times to this job going way back to my first year there. Never wore them again even though I was at this job nearly thirteen years. I told the story before but the dress code at this place was very loose—the only loose thing I like!—but it did mention that wearing anything too tight was not permitted. It was a lab environment with a lot of dust, noise and equipment. Dressing up was never required of us. We all know that the phrase ‘too tight’ is very subjective. Who gets to decide that? In my world there is no ‘too tight’ when it comes to pants. Yes, I acknowledged that my Levi’s were extremely tight but I would never say they were ‘too tight.’ They were perfectly tight.

So after the first couple of times I wore these jeans to the job, a short while after a meeting was called with all of the staff to discuss the lab policies including the dress code. To this day I do not know if that was because of my jeans or some other reason. I really cannot imagine that some of the women there did not enjoy the sight of me in those jeans. I mean seriously. I was in my twenties in a pair of skintight jeans. Why wasn’t that a good thing? A gay co-worker even came up to me once and asked about ‘those tight jeans’ I was wearing there on a Saturday I went in for a few hours of overtime. He remembered and clearly liked it. Those women didn’t? I remember him asking me if I still wore those. It’s really nice that someone noticed and had the temerity to talk to me about it. Just too bad it wasn’t an attractive woman!

So yeah, the period of 2003-2006 was a dead zone in terms of tight pants. But things turned around quickly in 2007. That’s when I first starting seeing tight jeans for guys online. It was mostly for guys who skateboard but I didn’t care. And then as I looked around more and more I started seeing slim jeans and skinny jeans and super skinny jeans by Levi’s and Nudie and 7 For All Mankind and others. It was amazing. Tight jeans were coming back in style and at a time when I was still young enough to wear them. Not that there’s any age limit to them but I’d rather be a younger looking guy wearing them than an older looking guy.

I started buying tons and tons of these newly made tight jeans for guys. I had been so used to wear ugly baggy jeans that when I tried on some of the new slim jeans they felt so tight on me—jeans that today I would call too loose. But out of all those I bought in 2007 I only kept one pair and it’s a pair that fit me skintight then and still fits skintight to this day. It’s a Cheap Monday brand I absolutely one of my favorite pairs.

The only place I started wearing some of these jeans to was church. At the job was a no-no, not because of any dress code but because I didn’t want to be bothered by my fellow employees. Those guys didn’t wear anything close to tight pants and even the slimmest fit to them would have been seen as me wearing women’s jeans or something. Eventually I did start wearing some of the slimmer ones and I did receive a comment or two about wearing ‘tight pants.’ Didn’t bother me too much because I knew the pants weren’t tight, just a bit more form-fitting than what I was used to wearing.

But church was the place I started wearing tight pants to regularly. After a period of time of comments and questions and looks and touches it became second nature to them that I wore tight pants. They got used to it, I got used to it and the novelty of the whole thing died down. Over time I evolved to wearing the tightest pairs I had but it wasn’t a big deal anymore. The problem was that it was only there that I’d wear the tightest ones. That was two days a week and I need to wear them more.

The workplace was still off limits. So when stuff happened and I started having more time on my hands I began to wear the slim and skinny and then skinnier and still skinnier jeans over time whenever I’d go out anywhere. Right around that time is also when I started buying up disco pants.

I mentioned that 2007 is when I started buying tight jeans. Well, late 2008 is when AA disco pants came out. I started buying those, too and fell in love with them. But there was no way I could ever wear those anywhere. So I was going to have to enjoy them only at home. Until 2012 when I started buying the vintage, straight leg pairs. Those I could wear out but I figured I would only wear them to church. And only on the casual Friday evening church service.

But once a week proved not enough. I wanted to wear them on the more formal Sunday services as well. Here is where the beauty of the spandex disco pant comes in—instead of wearing them casually featuring a rock star look with t-shirts as I did on Fridays I would pair them with a sweater or sport jacket for a more formal and respectable Sunday look. You can’t do that with ripped jeans, folks. This is why I and so many others cannot say enough good about the versatility of the disco pant. Dress down, dress up. And everything in between. They are the perfect pant.

That’s what I did. Wore them casually on Fridays and more formally on Sundays. But I didn’t wear them as often on Sundays. And I was really building up a steady repertoire of wearings when stuff happened again and my wearings dropped off to zilch for a period of four months. After that it was only sporadic wearings for the next three years, although I was still wearing the tight jeans.

Finally, in 2017 after accepting that the disco-pants-to-church-days were pretty much over, I decided I would start wearing them to stores. Mainly thrift stores but anywhere else I’d go afterwards. I had a mere thirty wearings in 2017 but an additional seventeen wearings of my disco pant shorts. Not a lot but it was the catalyst year for me wearing disco pants more often and to more places. And by this also I was still wearing some of my tightest jeans.

The year 2018 was an even better year with many firsts. Still not quite once a week but good nonetheless. I think 2018 could have been an even better year than it was but there was a lot of stuff happening that didn’t allow me to be in the right state of mind to wear disco pants.

Then came 2019 which is by far the best year in probably every regard. Another year of records and stuff I didn’t think I’d accomplish. There was an average of two wearings per week, though some weeks saw many more. Basically, I got into a mode of wanting to wear disco pants all the time, and after witnessing the non-reaction I encountered while wearing them I decided I could wear them more and more. Thus, my passion to wear them and the fact that I haven’t encountered any negativity—well, nothing major—have combined to allow me to wear them often. It’s like if you have a favorite pair of jeans you want to wear all the time. Jeans are jeans and nobody’s going to say anything about them unless they’re extraordinary in some way. That’s how disco pants have become to me. Perhaps not completely, but enough to allow me to wear them as often as I wish.

It’s all about a mindset. OK, OK, it might also be about where you live. I mentioned many times that I live in a huge city. So it’s not too hard here. There are so many people here that you can get lost in the crowd and be ignored. But even if I lived in a small town in Nowhere USA with a lot of backwards folks, I don’t believe that would stop me from wearing disco pants. Especially if I had grown up there and lived there all my life. At some point you have to be your own person and indulge in the maturity you’ve earned over the years and wear what you like. I’m not saying there may not be additional challenges depending on what you like to wear. Some things will be blatantly harder for you to wear and be happy. But this blog is about disco pants and I don’t see why anyone anywhere in the parts of the world that claim to love freedom couldn’t wear them without issue.

That’s the story of that. Oh, on Sunday I ran into some church people who recognized me and fully know me as a disco pants wearer. In fact, they are a married couple now and the girl is one of the oft-mentioned three that I gave disco pants to. That was when she was single of course. Now she’s married and is a career woman. It’s too bad cause she was really cool about wearing them. The pair I gave her was my very second pair from AA which was a size small. But I liked when she wore them on Friday nights. Sometimes she’d have hers on and I didn’t have mine. So I tried to start coordinating with her so we could wear them together. We were at a multiple-day outing around that time where we just couldn’t get the coordinating right. She wore hers the first day, I wore mine the second and she the third. I regret not wearing them the same day as she at least once. Anyway, that was years ago. I don’t think she has worn hers in a very long time if she even has it still. It’s really sad. She wore hers with Ugg boots at times which I think is an incredible look. I have yet to wear that pairing myself this winter.

Actually she is the only one of the three who still acknowledges my existence. One of the others I gave a brand new pair to I only saw wear once and saw a few pics of her on Instagram wearing them though you’d have a hard time telling because there was little to no shine. Saw her at church few times way after that and didn’t get as much as a hello. The third girl I gave a pair to got really upset with me for trying to get her to wear them. She said she had gained weight and couldn’t wear them at the moment but she had initially. I think she didn’t appreciate my enthusiasm and I probably went overboard a bit. It’s funny though because she was a very nice girl. Very mature for her age and the only one who would approach me at events—she was from a different church—and greet me and talk with me both in person and online. Very attractive girl, too. But we haven’t spoken in three years now. I don’t want to make it seem we used to chat all the time but never did three years pass without a message. I know she got upset. I also don’t want to make it seem that she had any romantic interest in me. I don’t think that at all. But were I younger at the time I might have tried to get to know her more. She did thankfully send me a pic of her in the pants. As I knew she would, she looked absolutely fantastic in them.

In this day and age of social media and cell phones there is no reason to not stay in touch with someone unless you just don’t want to. But it also gets to a point where when you’re the only one making the effort to stay connected  you almost feel they are not interested in keeping that relationship going. This is why I have stopped communicating with many of the people I knew. Honestly, sometimes I really don’t know what the point of these various ways to stay in touch is. I feel like going back to the 1980s when there was none of this crap and you communicated via mail or landline telephone. I think all this technology has just come to show what may have always been true: that people don’t care about anyone but the immediate others in their lives.

On a final note, check out these Italian made disco pants by brand The Attico:


These are advertised as “disco high-rise skinny pants” made from 79% polyamide (nylon) and 21% elastane. They also have belt loops and it’s all for the low, low price of $492! Mind you that’s a 30% off price!! And in case you were wondering, yes, this is an overpriced pair of disco pants! They don’t even seem to fit her well.

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