How Disco Pants Became a Part Of Everyday Life

Before I get into my arts and music endeavors I can still blog here as I await some supplies and equipment I need.

My first wearing of disco pants in 2020 came on Sunday, January 5. I went with my midnight navy AA in medium. On Monday I plan to get my second wearing and on Tuesday my third. The weather appears that it will continue to fully cooperate and thus I’ll be able to wear disco pants with a pair of lycra tights under them and feel fine.

On Wednesday there is a doctor’s appointment. I am tempted to wear a pair of AAs on that day but not sure. This is a doctor’s office that I have worn disco pants to before albeit the vintage style straight leg. But I’m really feeling like wearing the a pair of my altered AA which overall are tighter-looking. Also this week I plan on doing some laundry so that will once again be a possibility in terms of a new place to wear disco pants. There I wouldn’t wear any other pair but the midnight navy AA in large. The way I’m feeling at the moment I want to wear disco pants every day this week.

But you may be wondering how I got to my current state of wearing spandex disco jeans so often. Perhaps you haven’t followed this blog since its inception. Or maybe you just don’t remember. So I’ll go through it once again.

My fascination with tight pants began during my later high school years. Just a few posts ago I wrote about a pair of hand-me-down light blue Levi’s that fit tight on me and quickly became my favorite pair of jeans. It was also my very first pair of Levi’s. I grew up in poverty at that time but I knew Levi’s was a top brand of jeans. The fact that this pair was used may have bothered me at first, but after trying them on and wearing them inside the house more and more I knew these were too special to just wear indoors.

Once I built up enough courage to wear them I started to do so in high school. That didn’t go too well as I did get comments and stares from people. The stares I could have dealt with but the comments just bugged me too much. Plus, I always felt really sexy in them even though I wasn’t trying to be. I just wanted to wear my tight jeans, that’s all. But they made me look sexy and I felt sexy in them. And I wasn’t that kind of kid. I was into doing my schoolwork and studying. I was one of the top students. I was also probably considered a nerd or geek or dweeb or dork. And though we all know the stereotype image of what a school nerd or geek or dweeb or dork looks like thanks to Hollywood, that was not my look. I like most other kids wore jeans everyday and a t-shirt, polo, sweatshirt, sweater or hoodie. (Thank goodness for no dress codes!!) No big name brands. I wasn’t a preppy. My clothing mostly came from discount stores and Sears. And most of the time I dressed in a very nondescript way. Except when I wore those tight Levi’s.

What added to my feeling sexy in those jeans was that girls were coming up to me and talking. I pretty much avoided people when I wore those jeans. I tried not moving around too much in order to not be seen. But on one occasion in the lunch room when I was wearing those jeans a girl came up to me and said another girl was interested in me and either gave me a piece of paper with a number on it or gave me a paper for me to write my number on. On another occasion a girl who was in my gym class only that one day said to me that we should just get out of that class. I don’t know if I was wearing those jeans that day or even how she saw me in them if I was and why she was in my class that one time. I do wonder why she wanted me to cut gym class that day with her and what she wanted to do if we had.

The style at that time in terms of pants was super baggy and loose. I had jeans that fit loose. But once I got those Levi’s that were skintight I wanted to wear them. I never cared for loose or baggy. I just wore those styles because it’s what I had and it was really all you could find in stores. And knowing that skintight was not in style at that time, I really didn’t want to make waves.

Kids are cruel. I remember being bugged throughout my school years for the clothing I wore, particularly my pants. One year they were too wide. Another year they were too short. Another year too tight. It’s like make up your minds already! I mentioned that I was very skinny and tall. It was extremely difficult finding jeans for me that fit properly.

As I mentioned in the recent post, I only wore these skintight Levi’s nine times to school in my senior year. But I was always looking for other places to wear them after I graduated. There was church, then college, some jobs and then just everywhere else. After church and college they became jeans I’d just wear anywhere. But it was never for any long periods of time like being at school. That’s what I missed. I liked struggling to put those jeans on at seven in the morning and knowing I’d be in them for seven hours or so.

It was only after I had found some jobs that I was able to wear them for a substantial amount of time in a day. But I didn’t wear them at those jobs very often either because I still felt very self-conscious in them and still very sexy.

My last wearing of those jeans in public came in the year 2003. Interestingly enough, I wore them to a friend’s church as we played table tennis. At that point they were already in poor condition as the button had popped out of the denim and the button hole of the denim grew larger and larger until it ripped. That should give you an idea of how tight the pants were fitting by that time. That was twelve years after I had started wearing them, not to mention the amount of time they were worn by the original owner.

So from 2003 to 2006 I didn’t wear any tight jeans or pants of any kind. Why I’m not fully sure but it probably had something to do with the fact that tight pants on guys was even more out of style than during my high school years. Plus, during this time I was fully employed and worked with guys who noticed such things and made sure to comment about them. I had worn them about three times to this job going way back to my first year there. Never wore them again even though I was at this job nearly thirteen years. I told the story before but the dress code at this place was very loose—the only loose thing I like!—but it did mention that wearing anything too tight was not permitted. It was a lab environment with a lot of dust, noise and equipment. Dressing up was never required of us. We all know that the phrase ‘too tight’ is very subjective. Who gets to decide that? In my world there is no ‘too tight’ when it comes to pants. Yes, I acknowledged that my Levi’s were extremely tight but I would never say they were ‘too tight.’ They were perfectly tight.

So after the first couple of times I wore these jeans to the job, a short while after a meeting was called with all of the staff to discuss the lab policies including the dress code. To this day I do not know if that was because of my jeans or some other reason. I really cannot imagine that some of the women there did not enjoy the sight of me in those jeans. I mean seriously. I was in my twenties in a pair of skintight jeans. Why wasn’t that a good thing? A gay co-worker even came up to me once and asked about ‘those tight jeans’ I was wearing there on a Saturday I went in for a few hours of overtime. He remembered and clearly liked it. Those women didn’t? I remember him asking me if I still wore those. It’s really nice that someone noticed and had the temerity to talk to me about it. Just too bad it wasn’t an attractive woman!

So yeah, the period of 2003-2006 was a dead zone in terms of tight pants. But things turned around quickly in 2007. That’s when I first starting seeing tight jeans for guys online. It was mostly for guys who skateboard but I didn’t care. And then as I looked around more and more I started seeing slim jeans and skinny jeans and super skinny jeans by Levi’s and Nudie and 7 For All Mankind and others. It was amazing. Tight jeans were coming back in style and at a time when I was still young enough to wear them. Not that there’s any age limit to them but I’d rather be a younger looking guy wearing them than an older looking guy.

I started buying tons and tons of these newly made tight jeans for guys. I had been so used to wear ugly baggy jeans that when I tried on some of the new slim jeans they felt so tight on me—jeans that today I would call too loose. But out of all those I bought in 2007 I only kept one pair and it’s a pair that fit me skintight then and still fits skintight to this day. It’s a Cheap Monday brand I absolutely one of my favorite pairs.

The only place I started wearing some of these jeans to was church. At the job was a no-no, not because of any dress code but because I didn’t want to be bothered by my fellow employees. Those guys didn’t wear anything close to tight pants and even the slimmest fit to them would have been seen as me wearing women’s jeans or something. Eventually I did start wearing some of the slimmer ones and I did receive a comment or two about wearing ‘tight pants.’ Didn’t bother me too much because I knew the pants weren’t tight, just a bit more form-fitting than what I was used to wearing.

But church was the place I started wearing tight pants to regularly. After a period of time of comments and questions and looks and touches it became second nature to them that I wore tight pants. They got used to it, I got used to it and the novelty of the whole thing died down. Over time I evolved to wearing the tightest pairs I had but it wasn’t a big deal anymore. The problem was that it was only there that I’d wear the tightest ones. That was two days a week and I need to wear them more.

The workplace was still off limits. So when stuff happened and I started having more time on my hands I began to wear the slim and skinny and then skinnier and still skinnier jeans over time whenever I’d go out anywhere. Right around that time is also when I started buying up disco pants.

I mentioned that 2007 is when I started buying tight jeans. Well, late 2008 is when AA disco pants came out. I started buying those, too and fell in love with them. But there was no way I could ever wear those anywhere. So I was going to have to enjoy them only at home. Until 2012 when I started buying the vintage, straight leg pairs. Those I could wear out but I figured I would only wear them to church. And only on the casual Friday evening church service.

But once a week proved not enough. I wanted to wear them on the more formal Sunday services as well. Here is where the beauty of the spandex disco pant comes in—instead of wearing them casually featuring a rock star look with t-shirts as I did on Fridays I would pair them with a sweater or sport jacket for a more formal and respectable Sunday look. You can’t do that with ripped jeans, folks. This is why I and so many others cannot say enough good about the versatility of the disco pant. Dress down, dress up. And everything in between. They are the perfect pant.

That’s what I did. Wore them casually on Fridays and more formally on Sundays. But I didn’t wear them as often on Sundays. And I was really building up a steady repertoire of wearings when stuff happened again and my wearings dropped off to zilch for a period of four months. After that it was only sporadic wearings for the next three years, although I was still wearing the tight jeans.

Finally, in 2017 after accepting that the disco-pants-to-church-days were pretty much over, I decided I would start wearing them to stores. Mainly thrift stores but anywhere else I’d go afterwards. I had a mere thirty wearings in 2017 but an additional seventeen wearings of my disco pant shorts. Not a lot but it was the catalyst year for me wearing disco pants more often and to more places. And by this also I was still wearing some of my tightest jeans.

The year 2018 was an even better year with many firsts. Still not quite once a week but good nonetheless. I think 2018 could have been an even better year than it was but there was a lot of stuff happening that didn’t allow me to be in the right state of mind to wear disco pants.

Then came 2019 which is by far the best year in probably every regard. Another year of records and stuff I didn’t think I’d accomplish. There was an average of two wearings per week, though some weeks saw many more. Basically, I got into a mode of wanting to wear disco pants all the time, and after witnessing the non-reaction I encountered while wearing them I decided I could wear them more and more. Thus, my passion to wear them and the fact that I haven’t encountered any negativity—well, nothing major—have combined to allow me to wear them often. It’s like if you have a favorite pair of jeans you want to wear all the time. Jeans are jeans and nobody’s going to say anything about them unless they’re extraordinary in some way. That’s how disco pants have become to me. Perhaps not completely, but enough to allow me to wear them as often as I wish.

It’s all about a mindset. OK, OK, it might also be about where you live. I mentioned many times that I live in a huge city. So it’s not too hard here. There are so many people here that you can get lost in the crowd and be ignored. But even if I lived in a small town in Nowhere USA with a lot of backwards folks, I don’t believe that would stop me from wearing disco pants. Especially if I had grown up there and lived there all my life. At some point you have to be your own person and indulge in the maturity you’ve earned over the years and wear what you like. I’m not saying there may not be additional challenges depending on what you like to wear. Some things will be blatantly harder for you to wear and be happy. But this blog is about disco pants and I don’t see why anyone anywhere in the parts of the world that claim to love freedom couldn’t wear them without issue.

That’s the story of that. Oh, on Sunday I ran into some church people who recognized me and fully know me as a disco pants wearer. In fact, they are a married couple now and the girl is one of the oft-mentioned three that I gave disco pants to. That was when she was single of course. Now she’s married and is a career woman. It’s too bad cause she was really cool about wearing them. The pair I gave her was my very second pair from AA which was a size small. But I liked when she wore them on Friday nights. Sometimes she’d have hers on and I didn’t have mine. So I tried to start coordinating with her so we could wear them together. We were at a multiple-day outing around that time where we just couldn’t get the coordinating right. She wore hers the first day, I wore mine the second and she the third. I regret not wearing them the same day as she at least once. Anyway, that was years ago. I don’t think she has worn hers in a very long time if she even has it still. It’s really sad. She wore hers with Ugg boots at times which I think is an incredible look. I have yet to wear that pairing myself this winter.

Actually she is the only one of the three who still acknowledges my existence. One of the others I gave a brand new pair to I only saw wear once and saw a few pics of her on Instagram wearing them though you’d have a hard time telling because there was little to no shine. Saw her at church few times way after that and didn’t get as much as a hello. The third girl I gave a pair to got really upset with me for trying to get her to wear them. She said she had gained weight and couldn’t wear them at the moment but she had initially. I think she didn’t appreciate my enthusiasm and I probably went overboard a bit. It’s funny though because she was a very nice girl. Very mature for her age and the only one who would approach me at events—she was from a different church—and greet me and talk with me both in person and online. Very attractive girl, too. But we haven’t spoken in three years now. I don’t want to make it seem we used to chat all the time but never did three years pass without a message. I know she got upset. I also don’t want to make it seem that she had any romantic interest in me. I don’t think that at all. But were I younger at the time I might have tried to get to know her more. She did thankfully send me a pic of her in the pants. As I knew she would, she looked absolutely fantastic in them.

In this day and age of social media and cell phones there is no reason to not stay in touch with someone unless you just don’t want to. But it also gets to a point where when you’re the only one making the effort to stay connected  you almost feel they are not interested in keeping that relationship going. This is why I have stopped communicating with many of the people I knew. Honestly, sometimes I really don’t know what the point of these various ways to stay in touch is. I feel like going back to the 1980s when there was none of this crap and you communicated via mail or landline telephone. I think all this technology has just come to show what may have always been true: that people don’t care about anyone but the immediate others in their lives.

On a final note, check out these Italian made disco pants by brand The Attico:


These are advertised as “disco high-rise skinny pants” made from 79% polyamide (nylon) and 21% elastane. They also have belt loops and it’s all for the low, low price of $492! Mind you that’s a 30% off price!! And in case you were wondering, yes, this is an overpriced pair of disco pants! They don’t even seem to fit her well.

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Reasonable Disco Pants Prices

Happy new year!

It’s been a slow start to this new year in terms of wearing disco pants. Some things had come up which interfered with me indulging in wearing them. Four days into the new year and no wearings with possibly five and only the first coming on the sixth day. But that remains to be seen.

I had mentioned that real made-in-American disco pants are back courtesy of Los Angeles Apparel. I am so glad about this for the following reasons:

1. After AA closed in 2017 disco pants didn’t go away altogether. They just started being made in Mexico and looked and fit a little differently. And now being made in China. But now to see that once again they’re being made in America is so thrilling. I think most people in the world wear them in America so it’s great to see they’re being made in the USA again. Plus we can rest assured that the people making them in the US are not being treated like sweatshop workers.

2. Even though LA Apparel only has black available at this time, it’s a good sign that they would even have that one color. Contrary to the fashionistas disco pants have never really died. Oh sure, the pants had its celebrity hype in 2012-13 and perhaps just a little beyond but they never went completely away. You’d still see them on some TV show or on some performer in a concert. Even now you can find photos on Instagram of the pants being worn currently. If fans of the pants buy them in good numbers from LA I think we can confidently expect to see an expansion of the colors available. In short, disco pants are alive and well in 2020.

3. It will be good to see all the price gougers on eBay and Poshmark , et al., no longer sell their used pairs for $60 or more. Or at least not reasonably expect to get anywhere near those prices. It is absolutely absurd to see some of these people trying to get so much for these pants, particularly for the colors that are still being sold today. I’m a huge fan of the original American-made pairs and I don’t mind paying a little more for brand new pairs in certain colors, but these people are trying to lots of cash for widely available colors in used condition! And never fall for the “gently used in great condition” rubbish. I have bought several pairs that had a lot more wear than described. (An H&M pair even had a small hole on the butt area). And some people selling colors that I have never even seen before for over a hundred dollars! So long, price gougers!

That being said you might wonder what I consider a fair price for other sellers to charge for disco pants. That’s a fair question. Here are my guidelines:

NOTE: Adjustments may have to be made in case you have to charge shipping fees (as on eBay) or not (as on Poshmark).

Brand new AA disco pants (made in USA): I think these are a rare commodity and the penultimate version of these modern-day skintight, shiny jeans. If you have a brand new pair with tags in any other color than black I believe you can ask for $80 or more. I certainly would. For instance, if someone had a pair of the forest green ones and wanted $85 for them I would absolutely buy them. For one, this color is extremely hard to come by. For another, it might be a while (if ever) before LA sells this color.

I exclude black from this guideline due to LA having this color right now. I have yet to acquire a pair of these so as to compare it to the originals. I doubt there would be any difference. As a result, if you have an original pair in black I don’t think it would make sense to try to get more than $75 for it. If it’s more than that I would just go with a fresh, brand new pair from LA.

Used AA disco pants (made in USA): There’s no bottom limit to pricing these as is dependent on condition. In terms of a maximum, again, it depends on color and how like-new it is. This is where things get more difficult when buying without seeing first. For any color other than black that is described as “like-new” I would pay up to $70 for it. Mind you, “like-new” to me means they look brand new sans the tags. Anything short of that and the amount starts dropping quickly. And with a black “like-new” I would go up to $60 or $65. Keep in mind when you see a description that says the pants are brand new without tags it could very  much be a lie. Heck, I wear several of my altered pairs with the tags still attached inside the pants! I just can’t bring myself to take them off.

Brand new AA disco pants (made in Mexico): As far as I know there have always only been seven colors of these. So there are no rare ones that you can’t get anymore. There may be stock shortages here and there but you can reasonably expect them to get filled eventually. With that in mind, I would not pay more than $55-60 for a pair of these. However, now that these are going to become rare due to not being made in Mexico anymore you may be able to command a little bit more for them. Would you rather have something made in Mexico or China? Personally I’d choose Mexico for many reasons. So you might actually be able to ask the full $68 for them sooner than you may realize.

Used AA disco pants (made in Mexico): Again these will start to become rare soon. I don’t think too many people will see a difference between being made in Mexico or China so the resale value for used pairs of these will not be that great. I would not pay more than $45 on a good day for a like-new pair.

Brand new AA disco pants (made in China): You knew this day was coming, didn’t you? When AA disco pants would start coming from the far East like virtually everything else we consume including food. I stay away from food coming from China because they have little to no safety regulations. No thanks. But I’ll wear the disco pants they make. Fortunately, I don’t need to buy them much anymore. I have each color as they were made in Mexico.  As they are now, I would not pay more than $50-55 for a brand new with tags pair from a private seller. If possible I’d just wait for an AA sale and get them for much less than that.

Used AA disco pants (made in Mexico): This is something that may not quite exist yet. I don’t know when the shift was made to China as the factory for AA disco pants, but it can’t be all that long ago. I have to look at the various pairs I purchased in 2019 to see when that tag changed from Mexico to China. Regardless, when these do start showing up as secondhand items I would not give more than $40 for a like-new pair. That may even be generous but, what can I say, I love disco pants.

Brand new LA disco pants (made in USA): I don’t have one of these yet and obviously I would not pay more than the $85 the store charges for them. It may be a while before you start seeing private sellers bartering these away. For now I can only see it happening if someone got a pair as a gift and just didn’t like it or didn’t fit into it. Just for the fun of it, I would not give more than $75. If the size I want is fully available on the LA Apparel website, why pay more than I have to?

Used LA disco pants (made in USA): This too will be a later thing we’ll see. Not right now. For a like-new pair I would not pay more than $60-65.

So those are my guidelines for pricing disco pants. I’m always wary of sellers who say the pants are “brand new without tags”. I can’t but think they removed the tags, wore the pants once or more and now are trying to sell them as new. I’m very suspicious of that. I don’t remove tags off clothing until the very day I wear the article. I never understood taking tags off as soon as you get the clothes. And I’m glad I am that way. This has helped me return things many a time and even resell things I could not return. My philosophy when buying new is that it better have the tags or I don’t want it. Certain exceptions for certain items are made, of course and pricing has a lot to do with it all.

On a final note, I may end up blogging less here this year. No, I’m not going away. And I’m not giving up on disco pants. But I do have some other things I want to focus on and try my hand at. For one thing, I plan to take up painting this year. I bought some Bob Ross DVDs several years ago and I haven’t done anything but watch them. Lately after catching his shows during the late, late night on PBS I have a renewed interest in painting. I used to draw cars a lot in junior high but that kinda died out after I entered high school and had less opportunity to do so. I feel I have the potential to do some nice artwork. I’m just sorry I waited this long to find out. I’m not going to start off with oil paints but acrylic rather. In fact, I’ve already had acrylic paints at home for quite some time that I’d use to decorate pumpkins at Halloween. I never liked cutting them up because they last a whole lot less. So I’d paint faces on them. This past year I didn’t even buy any pumpkins for the deck. First year ever I didn’t do that. Just had other things on my mind. But I’ve also been watching acrylic painting videos on YouTube and it really looks interesting. It’s amazing what you can do with some practice and imagination.

For another thing, I plan on studying and playing music more this year. I’ve found some inspiration with Christmas music and and big band music and I decided I want to better learn how to read musical notation since I’m not really good at it. And I also want to develop my keyboard playing technique so I can play better. So I’m going to keep myself pretty busy this year and for the most part blogging here will take a back seat to those things. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on anything new that occurs in the general world of disco pants as well as my own personal world of disco pants.

Can’t believe Christmas & New Year’s have come and gone already! Dealing with the post-holiday blues here. I think the studying and playing music and painting will help get me out of that and keep me focused on being creative. When you’re learning and practicing a craft you don’t have time for depression or bad feelings. And these are good things to get into since I’ll have nearly a whole year to potentially come up with music and artwork for next Christmas!



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Final Disco Pants Wearing & Post of 2019

Here goes my final post for 2019….

I finished up the year with 114 wearings of spandex disco pants, by far a record year for me since I started wearing them in 2012. Once I started to entertain the thought of getting one hundred wearings this year sometime in mid to late summer, I had no idea I’d really do it. But not just that—I had no idea I would far surpass the goal of one hundred. And while I can easily sit here and declare I will aim to get two hundred wearings in 2020, I am not going to do that. Forcing myself to set some of these personal milestones can at times take away from the fun and excitement of wearing disco pants. Not that pushing yourself to do so in some ways is not good. But when you just focus on numbers you start to develop a corporate mentality where your current accomplishments are not as important as what the next quarter or next year can bring. I never want to have that mindset. Certainly I don’t want to regress and wear disco pants less in 2020. I also want to wear more of different pairs and colors I have. The numbers talk is solely to satisfy the statistics junkie in me. I’ve been doing this sort of thing ever since I was in my teens. It first started with sneakers then jeans and now disco pants. As peculiar as it may sound to you, though, I still do this with my favorite pairs of sneakers and jeans though I’m not as ardent and passionate as I am about tracking my spandex disco pants.

I finished up the year with two wearings in a row. On the eve of New Year’s Eve I wore my altered pair medium charcoal AA disco pants. And on the actual eve of New Year’s Day I went with a vintage pair of my favorite black Le’Gambi disco pants. The plan was to go to Walmart so I figured I’d go with a pair ever so slightly more conservative than an altered AA. And when I say ‘ever so slightly’ I do really mean it as there is very little difference between this one and my altered black AA. The Le’Gambi is probably just a wee bit looser in the knee and calf—a true straight leg fit or slim as it would be labelled nowadays. (The straight jeans of today are still rather loose in my opinion).

The funny thing is that last year I was really hesitant to wear any of my short puffer jackets with disco pants. I would always go for the slightly longer one or my longer Apt. 9 jacket. However, the slightly longer puffer has no pocket for my sunglasses and the Apt. 9 is not appropriate for colder weather. It was in the upper twenties here on New Year’s Eve. But this year I can’t imagine not wearing the shorter puffer jackets with my disco pants. I love the pairing. I did last year as well. But this year I’m actually pairing them without hesitation. And I have five of these shorter puffer jackets to choose from when I do. Clearly I am progressing.

But speaking of the 114 wearings for 2019, when I think about that I feel impressed. Who would have thought that I’d be wearing such an ‘out there’ item of clothing almost a third of the days of the year? (31% to be precise). And who would have known that I’d still be wearing them after my first year in 2012, especially after what I thought was going to be the end of my disco-pant-wearing days? But I also feel a bit disappointed when I think about the record year I had, and it really has nothing to do with disco pants. It’s actually because I think back to my high school days and how I allowed my fear of what others would think and say keep me from wearing my favorite pair of jeans. I know, I wrote about it before. Many times. I had this awesome pair of light blue faded Levi’s that were handed down to me. I was a skinny kid in high school and regardless of that this size 29 pair of jeans was a rather tight fit on me. But I like them. I loved them in fact. And this pair of jeans was actually my very first pair of tight pants that I had the option of wearing anywhere I wanted. Or I could just wear them at home. It was my very first pair of Levi’s jeans.

The person who I got these jeans from was a guy older than I. And I used to get a bunch of jeans from him. Whatever he couldn’t fit into anymore were given to me. And I love pre-owned jeans because they have all the natural fading and wear that factory ‘worn’ jeans never do. But it was only this pair and a pair from the Gap that I liked due to how they looked and fit me. The Gap jeans were a sort of light acid wash and at a 28 waist fit even tighter than the Levi’s. I know for sure I never wore the Gap jeans to school if anywhere else except home. But the Levi’s had quickly become my favorite pair of jeans that I wanted to be in all the time.

So I remember wearing those Levi’s initially a lot at home to begin with. But I’d also wear them to go clean my elderly neighbor’s home a couple houses away. I didn’t do that too often because I started liking these jeans very much and I didn’t want to get them dirty. For that reason as well I stopped wearing them at home. See, ever since I was a teen (and maybe earlier) I have always had my home clothes and my street clothes. I’d never use one for the other. Never. At first since the Levi’s were nothing more than hand-me-downs I didn’t care about using them at home. They were just some better pants to wear at home instead of the crappier ones I already had.

I don’t recall exactly what it was that got me really excited by the fit and look of these Levi’s on my legs that caused me to turn these ‘home’ pants into ‘street’ pants. There are two prominent things that were definite factors:

  1. I had become really close friends with a guy in 11th grade. We used to go to his house which was conveniently just a few houses away from school to play ping pong in his basement at lunchtime. He’s actually the one who taught me to play and I developed a style that made me a really good player. Anyway, one day at his house we were in the basement just talking and I noticed he was wearing a light blue pair of Levi’s (I believe) jeans. We were sitting and the jeans seemed to be tightly wrapped around his legs. I really liked how it looked. And I thought back to that pair I had at home and felt inspired to wear it because of him. So some time after I wore my pair although my pair was significantly tighter than his. His were looking tight that day because he was sitting in them. Pants always look tighter when you’re sitting down. And when they’re a lighter color that too makes them look tighter. So his weren’t really all that tight, but mine were. I don’t recall wearing them more than once or twice that school year. Perhaps my friend even said something about them that caused me not to wear them again. He was a bit of a finicky dresser and I know for a fact that he didn’t like the clothing I initially wore.
  2.  When I used to wear them at home, I would go down to the basement of where I lived to ride my new bike down there for a little bit. I had just won it from school the year before for perfect attendance. So I used to ride it a little and there was a large mirror against one of the walls and every time I passed that mirror I would look at myself in it and how tightly those jeans were pressed against my legs. It looked really good! In fact, I loved it and I wanted to make better use of them just to just wear them at home.

So while I didn’t wear them much in 11th grade and my friend and I parted ways after that school year ended, during summer break before 12th grade I was becoming more and more obsessed with those Levi’s and planning to wear them once the school year started.

During 12th grade my friend and I hardly ever saw each other or spoke. We didn’t have any common classes. Also, during summer I had started going to church and this guy was of a different faith. This definitely drove a wedge between us but ultimately it was a good thing because I was having an unhealthy desire of wanting to dress, think and be like him. So gawd only knows what he thought to himself when he saw me wearing those skintight, light blue Levi’s once again but now even tighter because it was senior year. I didn’t care. I just wanted to be forever poured into those jeans.

My initial plan at the beginning of 12th grade was to wear these skintight jeans at least once a week and perhaps even twice. I remember even entertaining myself with the idea of wearing them on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Imagine that! Strutting around in those tight jeans three days a week! But I would have begrudgingly settled for once a week even though I didn’t have that many good jeans to wear on a weekly basis. I think I had only two or three that I thought were cool enough to wear, not counting the Levi’s.  Thus the Levi’s could have realistically filled one or two days each week.

I have to admit I felt very self-conscious in those jeans. Once again, this was during a time when tight jeans were not in for guys. No skinny jeans. No slim jeans. It was all baggy, baggy, baggy. I don’t think even many girls were wearing skintight jeans during this time. So really I was the only guy wearing pants that tight and while I loved being in them I also felt very nervous in them and as though everyone was checking me out. On top of that, soon after I started receiving comments by people who were either just classmates (not friends) or even underclassmen (not friends). I caught some of my friends even staring at my skintight denim clad legs. They didn’t say anything negative to me but there was no doubt they noticed how tight the jeans were. I even asked a friend or two if they thought there was anything wrong with those jeans. And one replied, “No, but you’re so skinny, though” as she put her hand on my leg.

That little history is what makes me disappointed. The fact that I allowed my own insecurity and the stupidity of fellow teenagers keep me from wearing the best pair of jeans I have ever owned more than nine times that school year. I was a senior for crying out loud. I was in charge. I paid my dues. I should have been able to wear what I wanted without concern for what those air-headed teens thought or said.  I wasn’t in violation of any school policies. No authority figure called me into their office to say I couldn’t wear those jeans. But it’s a lot harder when you’re a teen, isn’t it? With all the brand and style conscious teens in high school there is definitely a lot more pressure to deal with in terms of how to dress. Levi’s was a great brand back then, too. Even with teens. But ‘my mistake’ was wearing the jeans skintight. Of course, it wasn’t a mistake—just a fashion a fashion faux pas in their tiny little minds.

That could have turned out to be a great year in terms of wearing those skintight jeans. But it didn’t happen. That still haunts me to this day. I guess that’s why I’m now so adamant about my need to wear disco pants as often as possible or as I want. Am I past prime age for wearing disco pants? Probably in most people’s eyes. Am I past prime age for wearing tight jeans? If you go by age as a number alone, again perhaps in most people’s eyes. But it is silly to say things such as

Once you turn 30 you have to stop doing this or wearing that. Up until you were 29 it was perfectly fine. But the day you turn 30 it’s not. Once you turn 40 this or that is no longer appropriate. By the time you hit 50 you can’t do these things anymore.

This is an absolutely silly way to live. These are other people’s guidelines and they don’t have to be yours. Obviously I’d love to tell everyone how to dress. I’d say disco pants or tight jeans for everyone all the time! But that’s just my preference. I don’t try to come up with absurd reasons why you should actually do it my way. Others though are constantly doing this. I personally don’t like baseball caps and would love to outlaw them. NO MORE BASEBALL CAPS FOR ANYONE EXCEPT BASEBALL PLAYERS PLAYING A BASEBALL GAME! And I could write a comprehensive essay about this but I’m not going to because ultimately I don’t care enough about it. If you want to wear a baseball cap everywhere you go, just do it. But wear a pair of disco pants with it and you will look so much the better.

I think about the number of times I could have ended up wearing those jeans during senior year. And the additional memories I could have now. There were blatantly perfect days I could have worn them but didn’t and yet I considered doing so. Those are the hardest ones to deal with. I am glad to report that I did wear those old Levi’s during my college days and also my church days. That brings up an interesting point; I mentioned earlier that during summer break before senior year I had started going to church yet I never wore those jeans there until after high school. I never wore them to church because I felt it was a different environment and worried about what all my loose-jeans-wearing church friends would think of me in skintight jeans (even though a few of them were from the same school and surely saw me wearing them there). But with high school over church was my logical next place to wear those jeans. And so I did. And while I was doing church I started college. But I didn’t wear them at college when I started wearing them at church. And when I parted ways with my church, college was the next logical place to wear them. And so I did. But not very regularly or often. After college the wearings became more random and not limited to any one place. Then I began to wear them to various jobs I had. You have to imagine that by then the pants were even tighter than before. This all took place within a twelve year period. Can you believe wearing a pair of skintight jeans for twelve years going back to your teen year? And even though they are no longer wearable I still keep them because of the memories I have with them and the fact that they were my first ever pair of tight jeans and the catalyst for all the tight jeans I wear to this day and ultimately my disco pants.

Thus while I look back with regret on not wearing those tight jeans nearly enough anywhere that I happened to grace the presence of with them, I have learned that you shouldn’t keep yourself from doing the things you like—I’m not talking about bad things here but rather neutral things, such as wearing clothing that is out of style, or a hairstyle or facial here that isn’t seen as ‘cool’, etc.—out of fear of what others may think of you or, worse yet, what they may say about or to you. I know it’s difficult if you catch someone looking at you and giggling about something different you got going on or if someone pokes fun or even insults you about it. In situations like that you have two options:

  1. Ignore it. Most likely that is what I would do. I get too worked up if I engage in an in-person argument over something trivial such as what I’m wearing. Let it bounce off you as though you were Teflon.
  2. If you’re quick-witted (which I am not), spew something back which may either be humorous or sharp-tonged. But you really have to be quick with a solid response. You can’t think it over before coming up with something.

As I said, my preferred response is #1. Let them think I didn’t hear it or I’m deaf or don’t understand the language. That’s immature school kid stuff. Why engage?

Anyway, as far as resolutions for 2020 go, I don’t really have any. Obviously, I want to continue to wear disco pants as often as possible. Starting to wear other colors is a plus. But even that’s not important. I am fully content and excited to exclusively wear black, charcoal and midnight navy. I want to try to wear disco pants with jean jackets in 2020 so I’m really going to shoot for that. And perhaps even my pleather jacket. If I can lose some weight this year summer may be a more conducive time to wear disco pants even though I’m not crazy about the choice in tops when it’s summery hot outside. Let me just enjoy this cold disco pants weather that hopefully doesn’t get any colder. By the way it was only in the upper 20°s and windy on New Year’s Eve and I was not troubled by it in my disco pants and tights underneath.

How about you all? Have any resolutions that involve disco pants? Plan on getting any? Plan on getting your first pair? I wonder how many of you readers out there don’t even have a pair yet.

I don’t know if I’ll be going out on New Year’s Day but if I do I’d like to wear disco pants. It would be great to start the new year with a disco pants wearing. Nearly did it in 2019. Missed it by a day. But yeah, I don’t know. It’s not a big deal. The day after should be a fine day to do so.

The Le’Gambi I wore on New Year’s Eve was a little less kind on my waist than my AA pairs. I think that’s one of the things that has really impressed me about AA disco pants. As tight as the pants fit and as great as they look painted on, they are super comfortable to wear. And last night I tried on my brown pair of Le’Gambi pants which I had reported previously as being really tight on the waist and a bit short. They’re still tight and still short but at least the shortness can be remedied by wearing them with the Dr. Martens Zaniel or even the Mayer boots. So that’s good news and I look forward to wearing them in 2020.

Remember when I had made goals of wearing disco pants two or three times a week and while it seemed feasible it also seemed like a stretch to me? To tell you the truth, it seems so natural now. Three times a week I’d say is absolute minimum. I want to keep it at around three or four wearings per week in 2020. Five may be pushing it and might feel forced. But it depends on whether I’m feeling it or not.

On my next post I’d like to review some of my disco pants accomplishments of 2019. Stay tuned for that. Happy 2020 everyone!

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Los Angeles Apparel Disco Pants!

Merry Christmas!! I realize Christmas is officially past, but I’m a firm believer in Christmas not just being a single day but a season like fall, winter spring or summer, or a season of basketball or football or the like. It neither begins nor ends on December 25. For me it begins sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving although closer to the latter. It ends sometime in late January when festive feelings have worn off and the idea of a new year has fully taken root and everyone and everything has returned to its status of ‘business as usual. ‘ Though many see the end of the holiday season as being January 2 and welcome it, I don’t shift gears that easily and take a very gradual and long-winded slice of time where I continue to indulge in the good-feelings and celebratory aspect of the period. Thus, while the calendar may state otherwise, it is still Christmas to me and I will fully engage in all the holiday activities—including shopping for gifts for me!—as though I were still anticipating the one big day everyone else builds up for.

So did you have a merry Christmas Day? Mine was fine. I didn’t get any disco pants. Did you? I’m OK with not getting any because I have plenty. At this point it’s actually fun to give them as gifts. But I do have some interesting bits of news to share with all of you.

First of all, after receiving my latest order of disco pants from AA, I discovered that their disco pants are no longer made in Mexico. They’re made in China now. Yes, China. I was rather disappointed to learn this. The transition from Mexican-made to Chinese-made seems so lightning fast. What was wrong with making them in Mexico? At best, at least Mexican-made meant they were still being produced in North America. No overseas imports. But being made in China is a different story altogether. Just today I refused to buy highly discounted fresh fish due to it coming from China. Clothing is one thing, food is another. No thanks!

I should state that the pants are fine. I have not looked them over all that well yet. I did try on the medium red I purchased and it fits well. But I have not compared it to the American-made version in red.

And by the way, it’s not just the red that is a Chinese import now. I looked at the black pair I bought and it too was made in China. I imagine all the colors already are or will soon be made there.

I love disco pants and I will always wear them no matter where they’re made. But with these being made in China now I can only anticipate the drop in quality that will come. It also irks me that the American-made pairs cost $85 while these Chinese ones cost $68. Why am I only paying 20% less for these now that they’re being made in China? I would expect a deeper discount. Why not $55? Or less??

I’ll say this though: if they continue to bring back the other colors and possibly new ones I won’t care too much that they’re made in China. I will buy them regardless.

On the other hand, I found out some very good news. In case you don’t know who Dov Charney is, he was the CEO of American Apparel until he was thrown out. What I didn’t know was that he has started a new clothing store called “Los Angeles Apparel” (referred to as LA Apparel from here on out). I don’t know how long this operation has been in existence but I just recently found out it is in business AND you can buy American-made disco pants from it! Yes, AMERICAN-MADE DISCO PANTS! The price is the same $85 it used to be in 2017 and earlier and it is only available at the moment in black. Isn’t that great news??

If LA Apparel should have more colors eventually I will buy exclusively from them. For instance, if they should end up having all the same colors AA Apparel currently has I will only buy the LA ones.

So as 2019 comes to an end I think the news in terms of disco pants is actually quite promising. LA Apparel bringing back the true made-in-America disco pants from 2008-2017—how wonderful! The only thing is that if the pants don’t start selling like hotcakes they may not bring back other colors. Not only that but the pants may go away altogether if the sales numbers aren’t there. I don’t know what they’re looking for in terms of sales. But since the Gildan-owned American Apparel has continued to sell disco pants two years after the original closing I think it’s a good indicator.

I know a lot of people will moan about the price. It’s $85 again. The pants are made in the USA. The workers are getting paid living wages. You have to support that fact. Some things are worth paying more for on principle alone. Look at it this way: earlier I said that the Chinese made ones are only 20% less expensive than the American ones were (and now are again). Flip that around and consider that the LA Apparel ones are only 20% more than the Chinese AA ones. That’s not really bad at all. And even if the Chinese ones should drop in price I think LA Apparel’s price of $85 is still quite reasonable.

Look up Los Angeles Apparel and you will see the website. It’s so exciting. My only is that their disco pants are still being promoted exclusively as women’s wear. There are no photos of men wearing them which is a shame. Also, the composition of the pants is listed as 90% nylon and 5% spandex. What’s the other 5%? I suspect it’s an error and the actual number is 10% spandex.

Have you all been wearing disco pants? I have pretty regularly. I’m going to have a solid month in terms of wearings. It has already turned out to be a much better than expected month. We had four days in the 50°s and one in the 60°s. The rest of the month will be mostly in the forties with one more day forecast in the sixties. Another four days to go before this month (and year) is up. I’ll be looking for another two or so wearings.

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Vintage Levi’s Jeans-Like Spandex Disco Pants

First things first: recently I wrote about wearing a vintage, English-made pair of royal blue spandex disco pants that featured decorative stitching on the back pockets and a Levi’s-like tab on the side of the right pocket. This gave the pants more of a jeans-style look. A reader was fascinated by this (and with good reason) and I promised to show a photo of these unique details. So here it is:


Ah yes, I forgot to mention the branding label placement on the right edge of the pocket as opposed to the center placement of most of the big brands. The brand is Lazy. B and below that name is written “made in England.” The black tab on the side of the pocket also says “Lazy B.”

The decorative stitching on the pocket is a little more busy than what you see on Levi’s jeans but not overwhelming. In fact, the design itself seems to be the very same one Levi’s uses on its jeans with an additional similar one flipped upside down and combined with the first. And if you look carefully you can see an additional vertical line of stitching above the pocket. I don’t know the purpose of these stitches but it may just serve to give the pants an even further unique look. Additionally, the pockets are of the angled variety, not the rounded version of the big brands and American Apparel.

I love this pair because not only is it perfectly skintight but also super comfortable with a stretchy waist. And it’s certainly a strong pair as there are no signs of damage on it even after my recent wearing. The only issue I have with it is that it’s a bit short on me. Too short for even Converse high tops to remedy. But now that I have the Dr. Martens Zaniel boots I can wear these pants without any concern for their lack in length.

This is my only English-made pair of disco pants at the moment. At one time I had a Guy Curtis brand which was also English-made, but it never fit well—too loose—so I sold it. This current pair is by far superior in every way. Here is a front view:


Love the fit! Just wish they were a wee bit longer. And it would be cool if these had belt loops. But no big deal. I wear belts with all my disco pants anyway. Don’t even really need belt loops.

Anyway, speaking of royal blue—I found my first pair of royal blue disco pants while thrifting on Friday. Not only that but it was an American Apparel pair. And not only that but it was an American made pair. Believe it or not, this is my very first pair of American made royal blue AA disco pants. I never owned a pair before! I never bought a royal blue because I felt I had sufficient pairs of disco pants in this color. I have only come to purchase a royal blue AA pair not too long ago but it’s a Mexican-made pair. So for completest purposes this was a good find. And other than some white spandex fibers showing in the crotch and bum areas it’s not in terrible shape. A lot better than my sole forest green pair. I have not tried this find on yet. It’s a small and I’m confident it will fit me quite well. This one cost me right around five dollars.

I guess there aren’t too many more colors of American-made AA disco pants that I don’t have at this point. I don’t have a pearl nor a menthe. I think those are the only two colors. And in terms of the Mexican-made ones, the only color I don’t have is the midnight navy. Perhaps I should pick a few up while they’re having the 60% off sale.

In other news, I’m at well over a hundred disco pant wearings for 2019. The AA ones continue to dominate. I’m really happy with them. Having them altered was definitely one of the best things I ever decided to do. And some additional good news is that the weather looks to be very mild through and beyond Christmas. I’m talking some temps close to 60°! That means more wearings and perhaps even going back to my Converse & New Balance sneakers for a few days there.

I’m up to eleven wearings for this month. I did wear a pair on my birthday albeit in retrospect I should have made a better choice. I wore the large charcoal altered pair when I really should have worn the medium. But a wearing is a wearing. Doesn’t really matter because at this point I don’t spend a lot of time dwelling on my birthday anymore. I hardly contemplated on it. It was pretty much just another day. When most people in your circle of family & friends either don’t know or care that it’s your birthday there’s really no point in dwelling on it much.

I’m actually looking at my cart on the American Apparel website. I have two pairs of disco pants and my total comes out to about $65 with tax and shipping. If I throw in one more pair it will only cost another $21 since then I’ll be eligible for free shipping. Not sure what other color I would get. I think I have small and medium in black, pearl, menthe, deep peacock and on the way is red and then midnight navy when I place this order. Red is scheduled to arrive on Christmas eve. Royal blue is the only one I have only a medium in. So perhaps I’ll go with a small royal blue. I don’t know. I’ll think about it some more.

Oh yes, one more thing—I have also surpassed last year’s post count on this blog. It was in the fifties in 2018, while this year is already in the sixties. So I wore more and I wrote more.

I haven’t been wearing the imperial purple and cranberry red altered pairs much lately. This is exactly why I am hesitant to have other colors such as the deep peacock, red, menthe and pearl altered. I don’t want to spend the money on these projects to just have them sit there. The black, charcoal and midnight navy have been wildly popular. At this point the charcoal medium comprises 22% of the altered pair wearings, with black at 18% and midnight navy medium at 15%. The two-tone stands at 13% and brown at 10%. The two-tone has been on the back burner for a bit due to my wearing more boots with the colder weather lately. I think the more athletic look of the two-tone clashes a bit with the Dr. Martens boots I wear. But if the coming days do pan out with temps in the 50s then I will get them on.

On Friday when I found the royal blue AA pants at the thrift store I did not don any disco pants myself. I’m not totally sure why. I had worn some three days this week and a fourth would have been nice. Oh, I think it’s because I was going to a different bank and because I wanted to wear some Air Jordans. I’ve worn disco pants to this bank before so it’s not an issue with the bank. And the Air Jordans would have looked fine with the altered pants. I don’t know. It was probably just an off day.

On Saturday I have to make a trip to Walmart. And while I’m not fond of the idea of wearing disco pants to this particular Walmart on a weekend day, I am still very much leaning towards the option of wearing a pair. Even if it’s a more reserved vintage pair. But either way I am looking at the probability of wearing disco pants at least five more days this month. The weather will be cooperating so why not?

The truth is that lately when I go out not wearing disco pants I feel like I’m dressed in a very boring, plain and ordinary way. This includes even when I wear some of my favorite skinny jeans. Jeans are not doing it for me anymore. Oh, I still love them but they feel so unoriginal and unimaginative. I really feel that disco pants is MY style now and it’s the only thing that makes me happy and makes me feel like ME.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for the next post!


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20°s Are Still OK For Disco Pants

The last few days have been sub-freezing. Temps stayed in the 20s all day. I know I said I wouldn’t wear disco pants when it’s below 32°F but on Wednesday I just had to. I was really getting bored out of my mind wearing denim jeans even though they were skinny or coated even. I needed to see the see and feel the gripping glimmer of my spandex disco jeans on my legs.

Thus, on Wednesday I wore my black altered AA pair. Yes, it was only in the 20s but I did it anyway. And you know what? It wasn’t all that bad. Truthfully, when all your outdoor time is just between store entrances/exits and your car you don’t really get the time to freeze your butt off in disco pants. At least not in twenty degree weather. So I’m officially declaring that from now on, even when it’s only in the twenties outside, I will venture out in disco pants. Of course I was wearing the extra layer of lycra-nylon tights underneath, and that was enough to keep me warm.

On Thursday it climbed back up into the forties so without question I wore my midnight navy altered AA disco pants. Still kept the tights underneath because it just feels warmer with them. I think when the temp goes below fifty I put the tights on. Above that I don’t need them.

I was thinking about some of the other firsts I’ve had this year regarding shiny spandex jeans. This was the first time I wore a pair on Thanksgiving. Before I was always too self-conscious to do so but this was the year to do it. Also, I have never worn them on Christmas. This may be the first year I do that as well. I don’t plan on going anywhere on that day so I would have to wear them at home which might be kind of weird so I’m not sure that will happen. Furthermore, I have never worn disco pants on my birthday but this is looking like the first time that will happen. How cool it will be to wear disco pants on my birthday! Another year older yet still rocking the spandex disco jeans!!

Remember when I said I would never wear disco pants just to go out grocery shopping? Well, that’s out the window now, too. On Thursday in fact my sole intent was to go out grocery shopping and I wore some. So I can confidently declare that that is something I would do without hesitation now as well. As far as going to the bank or filling the gas tank, I would wear them also but only if I was going to additional places afterwards. I usually never go just to the bank or just to buy gas so those places are neither reasons for or against wearing disco pants any longer.

Well, this short post is almost a week old and I have new adventures to report. So let’s call quits on this one, OK?

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Debut Wearing of a Vintage Royal Blue Disco Pant

It’s been three days since I’ve worn disco pants and I am missing them! Got a strong start to the month with five out of the first six days seeing me in disco pants. But then a three day lull. And now it’s supposed to get colder—the kind of cold that I don’t wear disco pants in! But I will see if I can do it anyway.

I began the month with my 100th wearing of the year by wearing my cranberry red AA disco pants. Following that I wore the altered midnight navy size medium, altered black medium, a vintage English-made pair in royal blue and the altered charcoal in medium. On the weekend there wasn’t much action. Beginning of the new week also featured a doctor’s appointment so nothing there either.

The most notable thing to happen lately was the wearing of the royal blue, vintage, English-made pair. I’ve had this one for about two years and it has a very comfortable, stretchy waist. The color is bright blue with stitching on the back pockets that reminds one of the stitching on Levi’s jeans. Also reminiscent of Levi’s jeans is the little white tab on the side of the right pocket. I really like those touches as they give the pants more and more of a denim jeans look.

I had never worn this pair before. I love how skintight it fits without choking my waist. But it is a tad short on me so it looks best with my new Dr. Martens Zaniel boots. Even my high top Converse couldn’t make up for its shorter-than-needed inseam for me. The reasons I’ve never worn this pair before was the shortness and the fact that it’s such a bright, royal blue. I have worn royal blue disco pants in public before but it was back in my initial days at church and never again since. Even though the color is so bright it does resemble the blue of a pair of jeans. So I went with it. That was on Thursday. It’s a new color for me even though as mentioned I have worn the color once before. What remains to be seen is if I will keep this color (and this pair) in my rotation. I have three other pairs in this color including two Le’Gambi and one AA. The AA is unaltered so I cannot wear them for now. One Le’Gambi is vintage and absolutely one of the tightest pairs in my collection. I think it’s a vintage size two. I remember the time I wore them to church they were killing my waist and I couldn’t wait to get home and take them off. The second Le’Gambi is a brand new pair in size five that fits a little loose.

So I may keep wearing the Lazy B regularly or not. I might just focus on continuing to wear the colors I like best. Not that I don’t really like royal blue. For me it’s more important to wear disco pants as often as possible and less important to try to wear each one I have. There may be occasions for some of the wilder colors in the future. But the more neutral colors—the more inconspicuous ones—give me plenty of pleasure to wear right now.

That’s about it for now. Have to start a new post since I have some interesting new things to discuss. Love live disco pants!

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