Slow Start September

Getting off to a slow start in September. It’s already the twelfth day and I only have three wearings for the month. Not to worry, though. I’m sure I will end up with a very good month.


I was planning on wearing some disco pants today but I ended up not going out. Tomorrow is in the bag for sure. It’s thrift store Friday and I’m strongly considering my skintight brown altered AA pair. It will be my fifty-ninth wearing of the year.


I haven’t worn the brown nearly enough since getting them. I think I may have mentioned they are extra tight and feel almost like a size small. Of course, I love wearing them like that but sometimes that self-consciousness creeps in.


I dropped off the imperial purple pair to get altered this week. That means I will be without my altered black AA pair as well until next Thursday. I love that black pair. I initially thought it was superfluous to get a black AA pair altered but I have no regrets at all! In fact, I am still considering doing a black AA in large as well. But I am eagerly anticipating the imperial purple altered pair. That will be a super fun color to wear this fall!


Been thinking lately—how beautiful a thing the disco pant is. I have really been thinking about spandex disco jeans lately and going through all the photos I have from the net. I can’t help but lament that people (most women, but no one really) aren’t wearing them anymore. The legging doesn’t die but the disco pant has suffered a major wane in popularity. Not that I want the legging to die because I do like its tight-fitting quality. But in all reality it is such a boring piece of legwear. At least if they had some shine to them. But no. Most of the solid color leggings I see being worn out there are all matte, dull. The exceptions are the wild print ones or the ones with other designs on them. And I don’t care for designs on my legwear. Oh well.


I have a lot of respect for any women who are wearing disco pants in 2019. Not because I feel it takes any kind of bravery or boldness to do so. I have said many times that there is very little difference to me between a pair of disco pants and some skinny jeans, but that little difference is huge in terms of what makes them attractive and enticing to me. My respect for these women is that they’re wearing something they truly like even though it may be somewhat post-fashionable. I daresay most women do not do this. Admit it, ladies—many of you who have worn disco pants during its hype in 2012-2014 or so would not be caught dead in them now because “nobody (who’s anybody) wears them anymore.” And those of you who never wore them at all? I think it’s safe to say there may be several reasons why you didn’t.


  1. You couldn’t afford them. I can totally understand that. They always were expensive pants but whether you believe it or not, they were totally worth every last cent. Even when they debuted at $90. I mean really, you couldn’t just get one on a credit card? Just one? You couldn’t ask for one as a Christmas or birthday present? Couldn’t get one when they had their usual holiday sales? I know what it’s like to not be able to afford something you want, but I’m pretty sure all the young women who wanted a pair of disco pants had some kind of job they got some money from. Or a boyfriend or relative who could buy them an $80 pair of pants. Hell, if I had a girlfriend I wouldn’t have even waited for her to ask me for one. I would have gotten her one (or twelve) at the same time I got mine! So while I can respect the affordability factor of the pants for some women, I can still see other options or ways to have gotten a pair if you really wanted one.
  2. You’re too scared to wear shiny spandex pants. So perhaps you already wear leggings and jeggings and the skintightest of skinny jeans. But you could never bring yourself to wear the disco pant. You were curious and even studied all the photos of the bloggers who posted of themselves in disco pants. But you thought you could never “pull off the look.” (I’ve read all the comments). So some of you remained in your state of insecurity while others took an angrier route and claimed you’d never wear such a “hideous pair of pants.” Yet the only physically visible difference between the disco pant and all the other assorted skintight pants you regularly wear is that the disco pant is shiny. And for whatever reason shiny pants give you a complex. So you never bought a pair, you never wore a pair and you say you don’t regret it at all. But I don’t really buy it.
  3. You’re not a follower of fashion or you just don’t wear anything out of the ordinary. This is another reason I can accept. Yes, there are some of you out there who probably never even heard of disco pants. You don’t care for anything but sackcloth. You dress everyday like a boring guy dresses on his best day. You are a Plain Jane. Nothing shiny for you except perhaps shoes. You would look at a photo of someone wearing disco pants and you’d immediately decide, “not for me”! And that’s fine. But either you’re part of the older crowd or you’re not from a metropolitan area. Let’s face it: most older women are not going to adopt new fashions. And most women who were around when the original spandex disco pants came about would not wear them ever again. Most if not all. And if you’re a woman from a big city you most likely already wear leggings and skinny jeans and other tight-fitting types of pants. Or maybe you don’t if you’re a religious type, though I have frequently seen many religious types wear absolutely skintight jeans & pants. Other than that, only if you absolutely do not care for clothing style trends and you are completely out of the loop would you not be interested in wearing or knowing about disco pants.


So those are the women who never wore disco pants. And it really is too bad for them. Too big a deal was made over how these pants made you look and it’s ironic because they don’t really make you look any different from when you’re wearing super skinny jeans or leggings of any kind. Was the high waist off-putting? Perhaps so because up until they came out most all women’s trendy jeans were low-rise. Truth is if you don’t have any kind of bulging stomach the high rise of disco pants makes no ill-effect. Besides if you weren’t used to high rise you didn’t have to tuck your shirt into them, much less wear any belly-exposing cropped tops. If you wore something long enough no one would have to know you’re wearing high-waisted pants.


I pretty much don’t buy the excuses thrown out there for not buying/wearing disco pants. I believe the common thread in the refusals was fear—fear of looking too sexy, fear of looking trashy, fear of looking like a wet seal. The sexiness and trashiness both had to do with what other pieces were worn with the pants. I have seen many photos of women who looked trashy because they were exposing too much of themselves and wearing the highest of heels. I said this before but I’ll say if again: Disco pants make you look sexy in their own right. They don’t need any help. You don’t need to wear cropped tops or other skimpy tops or ridiculously high heels with them. The sexiest photos I’ve seen of women wearing disco pants were with them wearing sweaters, t-shirts, blazers, leather jackets or denim jackets with sneakers, boots or flats. Obviously, while the ones in disco pants and skimpier tops also look sexy, you get the feel that they are trying way too hard and I for one wish they knew they didn’t need to. And what’s wrong with looking like a wet seal??


I will continue on with the posting and analyzing of some of my favorite disco pant photos found on the internet. There are so many good ones!


I wish I had been more actively wearing disco pants over the last years. I’m glad I started wearing them in 2012 but from 2013-2016 I rarely wore them. Seventy-four percent of my wearings have come during 2017-2019 and that number is going to continue to grow. And I am looking at some really significant growth during fall when the temp drops and I get to start wearing jackets again.


A couple of additional goals I may push myself for this coming fall will be to wear disco pants with my denim jacket, my pleather jacket and more commonly my AA shiny nylon jacket. I may have worn disco pants with the AA jacket once before. I love that jacket because it has an elastic waist so it stays close to the body and has the tendency to creep up which allows virtually the full view of the disco pants crotch and butt areas (which, by the way, women commonly allow when they wear disco pants). So while I enjoy allowing those areas to be visible my only hesitation in wearing that jacket is that it is quite shiny and perhaps all that shininess may attract unwanted attention. And while my denim jacket does not have an elastic waistband—they normally don’t—it is still cut a bit short so a good portion of those aforementioned areas are exposed. Ditto for my pleather jacket. But I’d really like to get a real leather jacket. I’ve seen so many photos of women in disco pants and black leather jackets and it looks soooo good. Especially since the leather jackets they wear are cut so short! You get pretty much a complete view of their disco pants from waist to ankle.


That’s it for now. Looking forward to wearing disco pants tomorrow. How about you??

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Record August For Disco Pants

Boring jeans guy. I can’t imagine being a boring jeans guy ever again. Yes, I used to be one. I used to wear some of the most boring and most ill-fitting jeans during the prime of my life. But don’t blame me. I happened to prime during a time when baggy jeans were the norm. Whether you wanted to wear them or not they were what was available to you. Your only other option was to shop in the older men’s section and get the not-as-baggy yet still crappy fitting jeans they wore. It was lose-lose.

I guess perhaps someday I may be a boring jeans guy again and join the hundreds of millions others out there. But at least for now I like to think I wear some of the best jeans ever made. No, I’m not talking high price, boutique Italian or Japanese denim, though that’s fine too. I’m talking spandex disco jeans and skinny jeans and slim jeans. Brand notwithstanding. As long as they look and fit right that’s all that matters. What’s the point of buying $200 denim if it has a fake-looking wash to it? There are plenty of them out there. Just give me a dark pair of tight-fitting skinny or slim jeans and I’ll fade them out myself albeit over a long period of time. And spandex disco jeans? They don’t need any fading though I have thought it may be interesting to see a pair made that looks like a faded pair of jeans. I might totally wear that if it looked authentic enough. None of this obviously fake whiskering, please.

I was a boring jeans guy until 2007. Then I discovered slim and skinny jeans and haven’t looked back. My jeans have gotten progressively tighter since then. I still have one pair from that discovery year of 2007. It was one of the tightest at that time and remains one of the tightest pairs I have now. It’s a pair of Cheap Monday Tight and it’s one of my most perfect jeans. I wear them a lot during fall and spring and give them a rest during summer. They’re a bit thick so it can be too much in the summer. But they’re one of my favorites along with my Nudie High Kai & Thin Finn, Levi’s 510 and 7 For All Mankind 1 Skinny. And of course all my shiny spandex jeans!

Last week I found a really cool pair of jeans at a new store that opened near me. As I was going through the jeans on the rack this shiny black pair caught my eye and I immediately grabbed it. It was not disco pants shiny but rather leather jeans shiny and it was waxed to resemble leather. The brand is Cristiano Ronaldo’s which was a surprise to me because I didn’t know he had his own clothing brand. Anyway, the pants are very cool looking and they are way shinier than my Nudie Thin Finn coated black pair yet not as uniformly shiny as my 7 For All Mankind Rocker in Indianapolis waxed jeans. It turned out to be the only pair in the store.

The waist size was 31 and I wasn’t sure they’d fit but there was no way I was going to leave them there. I could have tried them on but I was wearing my black AA disco pants and didn’t feel like taking them off. Even if they didn’t fit I could always bring them back for a refund. But I took them home and tried them on and they turned out to be a perfect fit. They have stretch and are a bit heavyweight so they will be a fall and possibly winter piece. They look so rebellious and so rockfish! I think they will look great with my white Converse both high top and low.

I went back to this store today to return some jeans. I walked out of there with a stack of them last week and returned some that turned out not to fit all that well. I had a feeling these would not fit and I could have verified this at the store but as I already wrote I was wearing disco pants and I did not want to take them off. So today when I went I wore disco pants again. Last week it was the black AA, today it was midnight navy AA in medium. So I’m two-for-two in terms of wearing disco pants at this store. It will be another few weeks before I go back there. I’m always looking for new stuff and going there once a week I think is just too frequent.

And yesterday I wore disco pants as well. I donned the Chinese black altered pair. Been a while since I wore those. They’re great and super comfortable but I still prefer the AAs and vintage.

I am up to thirteen wearings for this month. That is a new record. And it’s very possible I could end the month with twenty wearings. Can you imagine that? And if that happens and I repeat that feat in September and October and perhaps even November I could end up with eighty wearings just in those four months!

I have talked about some goals I have for the remainder of this year. I have also mentioned that ultimately the goals don’t matter all that much but rather that I just wear the pants whenever I have a chance to. All that being said here are a few things that are on the short-term radar:

  1. Finishing 2019 with at least 100 wearings.
  2. Completing a Monday-Friday week with five consecutive wearings of AA disco pants.
  3. Getting at least one new color in the rotation and perhaps even three by year’s end.

I think those are all reasonable and feasible goals. In fact, this week could have been the week where I wore AA disco pants five consecutive days but since I started with the Chinese pair that put an end to it. Next week is a possibility but I have to go to a doctor’s office (not for myself). I have actually worn disco pants once at this doctor’s office in the past but I haven’t since and I’m not sure I want to. That was actually an unplanned wearing. I had gone out earlier that day to run some errands and was going to change before going to see him. But time was short and I decided not to. The pants I wore that time was a vintage style one so it didn’t have skintight lower legs. The AAs do even with the alterations. The most notable difference with the alterations is down at the ankles where you can see they’re not gripping. But it’s still a close fit.

I guess my issue with going in AA disco pants is that they are noticeably tighter. It doesn’t bother me so much that the doc sees me in them but it’s all the other patients who go there. There are two docs who have offices there and they share one waiting room. The walk is short from his office door to the waiting room exit but it’s enough for all sitting there to look at you from head to toe. Otherwise I’m not bothered by going there in disco pants.

As far as getting a hundred wearings for the year, I already showed how that is possible. And getting at least one new color is nearly in the works as I have the imperial purple here and ready to go. I just need a scrap pair of the cranberry red and then a medium in forest green.

One more thing to consider—the day I take the imperial purple to get altered I will also have to take the black altered one so the seamstress can copy it. That means I will have to wear the black one early in the week because once I take it in I will be without it for a week or longer. For instance, if I take the purple in this week I can forget about next week being the five consecutive AA week. So this will take some careful planning.

I recently came into a pair of H&M black disco pants in medium. I love the look of the H&M disco pants. In case you forgot or don’t know, the H&Ms have faux front pockets, belt loops, rivets and additional seams on the back above the pockets that make the pants look a lot more like denim jeans than the AAs do. I like these little touches a lot and it give these pants a unique touch. I have a pair in XS and I can fit into it. It is an extremely skintight fit though and I love it.

This medium pair fits much looser but still satisfactory enough to make me happy. When I got these I was thrilled and decided I was going to have them altered as well. Yesterday when I tried them on again, they looked a little looser but most people would still probably qualify them as skintight. Unfortunately, after I took off the pants I noticed what appeared to be some scrapes on the back, one of which turned out to be a small hole. That completely scrapped my plan to have them altered. I even ordered another H&M pair that didn’t have back pockets to serve as the extra material and now I’m hoping somehow to cancel that order. This is why I say you have to be extremely careful when buying pre-worn stuff online. You never know whether the seller is being honest and really didn’t know about the damage or is lying to get a quick sale.

For the most part I’m pretty sure I will be wearing mostly the altered AA pairs from here on out. At least for casual occasions. If I should decide to wear disco pants for anything other than a casual outing I would probably go with the vintage style ones. These outings include visiting a relative’s house, going to church or eating out.

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Fave Disco Pants Pic 1

I’m going to be posting and analyzing a series of my favorite disco pants photos found online. These will not be consecutive posts. They may not even be frequent. Either way I will continue to blog about any ‘breaking news’ I have in my world of spandex disco jeans. For instance, today I got my tenth wearing of the month and it’s only the 22nd day with nine more to go. Tomorrow will be another and this is surely going to be another record month.

However, I don’t have a heckuva lot to say about it other than I wasn’t sure I was going anywhere today much less wear disco pants. Sort of at the last minute I decided to go to a clothing store and then had to figure out which disco pants to wear. It was a hard decision today and for whatever reason I felt half-hearted at the thought of wearing the brown, two-tone, midnight navy or charcoal. I wanted to wear my newly altered black again which I only wore two days ago. But I thought I already wore those this week so I shouldn’t wear them again. Then another thought popped into my head; that Zoella internet personality character used to wear hers like everyday so why couldn’t I wear the same one a second time this week? And so I did.

I realize that when it comes to denim jeans, many people wear them multiple times a week if not everyday. When we’re talking raw denim the manufacture actually says you should wear them everyday. But let’s face it—most people don’t wear raw denim. It can be pretty expensive and only those who have any interest in fashion wear them. So that aside most people are wearing the same pairs of non-raw denim jeans multiple times per week most likely because they don’t have that many to begin with. Thankfully, I’ve always had enough denim jeans since my post-college days that I did not have to wear the same pair twice in one week. If I wore any multiple times in a week it was because I liked how they looked and/or fitted. That holds true to this day.

So it was a little difficult for me to even consider wearing the same pair of disco pants I wore two days ago again today. However, as I mentioned once I thought about Zoella and also about how perfect this particular pair fits me I went ahead and did it. Now I’m pretty sure I will not wear them again tomorrow for my thrift store day. At the moment I am not sure which one I will wear but it may be time to give the brown pair a spin.

Getting back to my original topic—my favorite photos. I’m going to start with this one here:


Nice & big. I absolutely love this photo. It captures the essence of how a perfectly fitting pair of disco pants should look from the back. Her pants are absolutely skintight with just the right amount of shine in the natural daylight. It’s possible it wasn’t all that sunny when this shot was taken.

The pants are obviously not American Apparel. You can tell by the shape of the pockets. They have a three-cornered bottom whereas the AA has a rounded or arced bottom. They may be Primark or H&M. That leads me to believe that this is probably not taken in the U.S. but rather in the U.K. somewhere. Notice the wrinkling under the left pocket? And behind the knees? I love those effects. When a pair of pants is really tight-fitting you get those effects in those areas. You also get them across the crotch and just above the knees on front as well. Her left leg is completely perpendicular to the ground as her right one is stepping forward. And even as her left leg is completely straight you can still see those wrinkles behind the knees because they have virtually become impressed onto the pants from the frequent movement. That happens with denim jeans, too when worn super tight.

There is some slack and bunching at her ankles and that can be normal with the modern skinny version of disco pants. And it’s not a bad look either. In my opinion it gives the pants less of a leggings look since leggings would most likely be fully stretched out and firmly against her legs in that area. Of course, we must remember that for the most part disco pants are an off-the-rack item and are not custom tailored to each wearer. If they were, she might opt not to have any bunching down there and to have them skintight all the way down. And on some people the pants may fit just like that as is. I still think the pants as a whole are a perfect fit and look on her.

I don’t care particularly much for the sneakers she is wearing though I prefer them over any high heels many women tend to wear with disco pants. High heels kill the look for me and I prefer to not even look at them. Her sneakers are Vans and while I think Vans look superb with disco pants I don’t care for the patterned version hers display. A solid white or even black pair (or even one to match her jacket) would have been much better. And I don’t see her wearing any socks but she might be wearing some of those that are ‘no-show’ and can only be seen outside the shoe.

Her jacket or sweater (could be a cardigan) is a really nice color—teal, I believe and it goes nicely with the shiny, black pants, though truthfully I don’t think there is any color that wouldn’t! Most importantly is how low cut the top is which gives a solid view of the back area of the pants. Clearly it’s not so low cut that anyone would call it cropped—I put cropped tops in the same category with high heels; don’t like them, don’t need them—but you can see the pockets a good amount and it makes for a very nice view. I am a firm believer that there is no point in wearing disco pants and completely covering up the crotch and bum areas with long tops. And I am glad she is not either. But to each his own.

Her purse is a little long in the strap and serves to cover up nearly the entire right side of the bum area. Would be nicer if she shortened that strap a bit.

It’s a colorful photo. Her pants are black, sneakers are multi-colored, jacket/sweater is teal and purse is brown. Sometimes I wonder about trying to match my clothing especially when I wear red sneakers but to me it appears this young lady is not overly concerned with that as some of those colors are arguably clashing. But she’s wearing disco pants and that’s all that matters!

I would love to see additional photos of this person on this particular occasion. I don’t even remember where I found this one. It might be a one-off thing where someone walking behind her just wanted to get a photo of her in those pants. Or it may be a still from a video. Whatever it is I would just like to thank this person for such a great shot.

It is a highly cropped pic and we’re not able to see what’s going on on either side of her. Someone is walking very close to her on her left side and it’s even possible her left arm is around that person. But we can’t clearly see. Perhaps she is someone famous and some of you may know who she is. I sure don’t. But I would love to see more photos or even the video if this is what it is.

So why do I love this photo? Because it’s disco pants in motion. It’s someone walking in disco pants so skintight that some people would think are uncomfortable without a clue as to the reality of their comfort. It’s disco pants and sneakers which to me is like bread and butter. Peanut butter & jelly. It’s a pair of disco pants gleaming in the daylight while at the same time straining at its max as part of an outfit that would otherwise be unspectacular, yet it’s a complete outfit that looks respectable and sexy without baring any unnecessary skin. It’s a pair of disco pants that didn’t cost all that much yet looks just as amazing as a pair that did. It’s a symbol of disco pants as casual, everyday wear, not just for clubbing, weekend dates or presenting oneself as unsavory. That’s why I love this photo. And even though this girl in the photo probably doesn’t wear disco pants anymore and the one in the photo has long been trashed and recycled into something else, the way the pants look on her inspires me to want to wear mine everyday.

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First Sunday Wearing of 2019

The 51st wearing came on a Sunday. Interesting thing is that this was the very first Sunday I wore disco pants on this year. Sunday was initially one of the two most popular days for me wearing disco pants once I started back in 2012. Now it has taken a back seat to the weekdays. And that’s actually been a goal of mine. Nothing says routine more than the hum-drum middle five days of the week. And so if those are the days I’m most wearing disco pants now it signifies they have become a part of my routine.

Of additional interest is that this was the first Sunday I’ve worn disco pants since November 4 last year. So that’s quite a while. I’ve got some errands on Monday and I’m fully intent on wearing disco pants again. At the moment I’m leaning towards the altered Chinese pair.

I had a thought for another milestone I’d like to reach. Now that I officially have five of AA’s colors of disco pants I would like to try to get an entire Monday through Friday period’s worth of disco pant wearings. It doesn’t have to be this week, particularly since I’m pretty set on wearing the Chinese ones on Monday. It could be next week. Or I could just go ahead and continue on after Monday with four different pairs of AA pants. And next week I could set out to do the only-AA-disco-pants run. That could give me another ten wearings to go with the eight I already have for this month. At that rate I should reach 100 rather swiftly. We’ll see. I don’t want to look too far ahead. Mainly I want to enjoy just wearing the pants and keeping them on as long as possible. The thing to also consider is that I don’t necessarily have somewhere to go each day. And I don’t like to just wander aimlessly. Thrift stores are always an option but it gets tiring going to those all the time especially when you’re not going back home with any treasures.

On Tuesday I go back to the cleaners to pick up some things and I am planning to take the imperial purple pair to get altered. The only bad thing about that is that I will have to leave my newly altered black pair there for a week and I am really lovin’ that pair! If the imperial purple is altered just like the black I am going to have one very rockin’ pair of spandex disco pants!

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50th Wearing of 2019

Well, I got my 50th wearing for 2019 today! When you consider that my 50th wearing of 2018 came on December 29 this is really an amazing accomplishment and improvement. I am still considering it very possible to get another fifty wearings by the end of this year. This is something that would have sounded nothing less short of ridiculous last around this time for 2018 and even earlier this year for 2019. But it’s actually quite possible.

OK, so you could say everything is possible. A better word to use would be probable and I would thus claim that the chances of me wearing disco pants another fifty times this year is indeed quite probable. Even more probable than that is me getting my 200th wearing overall since 2012. That’s pretty awesome.

I would have never thought that I would be wearing disco pants as often as I am now. That was inconceivable to me. Naturally, I imagined myself doing it. I fantasized about doing it. Also I never thought I would be making so much use out of the altered American Apparel disco pants. I’m wearing them more than my vintage and vintage-style pairs. In fact this year I have worn an AA pair thirty-five out of the fifty times. That is huge! That is 70% with my vintage ones at thirteen wearings and the Chinese altered pair at two.

So why have I been wearing the AA ones so much more than everything else? I think one reason is that it wasn’t exactly cheap to have these alterations done. So I want to make the most use out of them. Another reason is that there is something about that slimmer lower leg that is noticeably tighter than the vintage style. I love my vintage pairs and even though they are considered straight leg many of them still have quite the slim leg from the knees on down. I chose my very favorite pair of vintage Le’Gambi disco pants to serve as the model for these altered AA pairs. I asked for the leg opening to be made the exact size of the Le’Gambi pants just because I though it was the perfect all-around fitting pair of pants. There are limitations in being able to make the AA ones fit exactly like that Le’Gambi pair mainly due to the super skinny fit of the AA pants. Theoretically I could ask to have the fit copied from waist to hem, but that would result in extra seams being visible on the upper legs. I can deal with the extra seams from the additional material being sewn on the lower legs being visible but not the upper legs. So the alterations provide a different and unique look to these pants, one which I like a lot and another reason I have been wearing so frequently.

But an even further reason why I have been wearing them is because it makes me feel kind of rebellious to be wearing a pair of American Apparel disco pants. I’m sure that when some women see me wearing them they know the pants are AA and it feels good to have them seeing me wear something they should be wearing themselves. The fact the the lower legs are ever so slightly wider than normal might throw some of them off, but I’m sure they still recognize the pants. I’m just waiting for the day when a young attractive woman wants to talk to me about them.

Finally, I think another reason I am wearing them so frequently is that the AA disco pant by nature just has more of a casual aesthetic to it than the vintage ones do. They’re everyday and everywhere pants. Even many women have said and believe this. This era of skinny and slim jeans and pants and leggings and athletic legwear has really expanded the category of casual clothing from only jeans to a whole new world of different pants and textures they come in. I bought my first pair of skinny jeans in 2007 and my first pair of AA disco pants a year later. This has been a revolutionary period of twelve years not only for men’s clothing but for women’s as well. And the fact that the line between women’s and men’s clothing are blurring—at least in terms of pants which is mostly all I care about—is another step in the right direction.

I imagine the grand majority of the next fifty wearings I am aiming for will be my altered AA disco pants. Plus, soon enough I will have a pair made in imperial purple. I am so looking forward to that!

I’m thinking that even when winter and snow comes I will probably wear these altered pairs with my tall Ugg-style boots. As long as it’s not too cold of course. My cutoff point for wearing disco pants in winter is about thirty degrees. Anything less than that and I go back to denim jeans. But perhaps I’ll be more daring this year and try to wear them when it’s only in the twenties. We shall see.

Not sure if I’m going out tomorrow or not but if I do I want to wear disco pants again. I was rather surprised to see that I only have two wearings of the altered Chinese pants. I need to get more use out of them. But then again, they are really lightweight so it may be best to save them for when it’s really hot out there. Like nineties hot. And since I’ve incorporated some lightweight Nike joggers into my everyday wardrobe they’ve reduced the frequency of the Chinese disco pants wearings. While the joggers aren’t skinny they’re still somewhat slim and do taper at the bottom which makes for a good look.

I guess I should mention which disco pants I wore today; it was the altered charcoal medium. And I wore them without any VPL which looks better and feels better. And when I went to that bank today to fax a document the woman employee told me to sit while I waited for the confirmation. When she brought the it to me I noticed she had a bit of a surprised look/reaction when she saw my pants. But that was it and I was quickly out of there. And then it was off to thrifting where I regrettably didn’t find anything particularly amazing. But there’s always next time!

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Hidden Fashion Disco Pants

I used to wear shorts all the time in summer. Come the warm weather as early as May I’d bring out the many cargo shorts and wear them through September. Yes, cargo shorts. I still have all of those cargo shorts but I don’t wear them anymore and I haven’t worn them for about two years now. I’m either going to sell the majority of them online or at a garage sale.

Why am I going to sell the majority and not all you ask? Believe it or not, I still like the concept of the cargo short. I know that in many circles they’re considered a fashion faux pas but they are really convenient in terms of the amount of pockets they offer. But don’t worry—I’m only going to keep two of them because of their colors.

I stopped wearing those shorts after I noticed how baggy they were on me. See, I have skinny legs and baggy shorts on skinny legs do not look good. It took me a while to understand this, but also a few years ago I wouldn’t have dared wear skintight shorts in public. It was only after I got my first pair of Levi’s 511 shorts that I went ‘tight’ with shorts. I just recently sold that pair after deciding I wasn’t going to wear them anymore.

I think it was about two years ago that I purchased some nylon shorts—gotta love nylon!—from ASOS. I wanted something that was cool to wear in the hot weather and at least somewhat slimmer fitting than the cargo shorts were. Granted I didn’t really need all those pockets but I wanted to maintain at least two in the front and two in the back. Most of my cargo shorts were 100% cotton and heavy so they didn’t feel all that great in the summer heat. Also they came down to my knees and I really question the purpose of shorts that start creeping to the knee territory.

The ASOS shorts were very lightweight and thin and perfectly slim. They were not skintight though if I wanted them to be I could have size down multiple times. I entertained the idea of wearing them skintight because they were nylon and they had an ever-so-slight sheen to them. Thus, I bought the three colors they had each in two different sizes. I have only worn the larger size since then and have sold all but one of the smaller ones. They are very nice shorts and I highly recommend them. Of course I don’t know whether ASOS still sells them or not but they were simply called “nylon shorts.”

But even the last two years I have not worn those ASOS shorts much either, instead opting for jeans in general or the Chinese disco pant cutoff shorts I had made. I don’t know, I’m really just not into shorts anymore. They were great to wear as a kid but I don’t care for it now. I do love my shiny, skintight disco cutoff shorts and when I am in the mood for shorts they are my go-to’s. But it has been a rarer occasion so far this summer for me to don any shorts. I was never into tanning so I’m pretty white but that’s nothing to be ashamed about. That’s part of who I am and for all practical purposes, getting suntanned is not exactly a healthful thing to do at this point. I can always see the tan lines on my arms from wearing short-sleeve shirts and I can only hope and pray that there’s nothing of ill-health going on there.

I did start this year’s warm weather wearing long-sleeve shirts but it got pretty hot quickly so I resorted to the short-sleeve. I forget to use sunscreen most of the time but even it isn’t as good a substitute for covering yourself up completely.

I’m sure that before the hot weather is all gone that I will wear my spandex disco pant shorts several more times. But considering that I am more concerned this year about protecting myself from the sun and that I have been wearing spandex disco pants so much more frequently than before, there probably will not be too many wearings of the shorts. Now if I were struggling with the idea of going out in disco pants than I certainly would be wearing the shorts more often though I’d only have the two colors–black & white. So it wouldn’t be all that often.

Speaking of which I don’t think I’ll be making any more shorts out of disco pants–at least not out of the Chinese ones. I would still love to have one (or two or three….) made from the AA pants but I don’t want to buy a new pair just to cut it up. And it’s hard to find a used pair that isn’t expensive and isn’t also damaged in the crotch and butt areas. I don’t think I’d want to spend more than $20 for that project. I’ll keep looking around however.

My preference remains to wear disco pants during hot weather. They’re lighter than jeans, which is what I would normally wear outside of disco pants, and they’re really comfortable and feel good to wear in summer. Did I mention how great they look?

I came across an online store called “Hidden Fashion” and it has many colors of disco pants for sale. It is strictly a women’s clothing store but what does that even mean anymore, right? It’s UK based so if you’re in the States you’ll have to do some price conversions and it will take longer to arrive. But they’re all selling for three British pounds which is mega-cheap even after converting to dollars. I bought four colors—neon lime, neon orange, copper & turquoise. Some of them will definitely not fit me but they’ll be nice to have and again for that price it’s really not a waste of money! The pants are super shiny and skintight. I don’t know how good the quality is. I’m suspecting probably low, but even if they’re as good as the Chinese ones they are very much well worth it. Here’s a screenshot of some of their colors:


Just beware that not all of these offerings are officially disco pants or disco trousers. Some are leggings and some others just don’t look right. But in the photo above the orange, purple, turquoise, yellow, lime green, gold & copper are mighty nice looking. I will definitely review the pants once I get them. I’m only expecting that two of them will fit but it all depends on how much they stretch.

I’m planning on getting my seventh disco pant wearing for August tomorrow. It is my thrift store day but I’m also going to have to go to a bank. I’m thinking this may be mildly entertaining. I’ve been to banks before while in disco pants but tomorrow I’m going to actually have to speak with someone higher up than a teller. And this is not a bank where I conduct my personal banking at. So it will be interesting. I will have to observe the person to see if they check out my disco pants. I just have to figure out which ones I’m going to wear. It will definitely be an altered AA pair. Right now I’m leaning towards either medium charcoal or medium midnight navy.  I just feel like going extra skintight tomorrow, especially after seeing one of the Charlie’s Angels (Cheryl Ladd) wearing a red pair with knee high boots on the show today. I won’t be wearing knee high boots but I will be wearing Converse high tops.


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Altered Black AA Disco Pants Are Awesome!

I wore my newly altered black American Apparel disco pants in medium today for the first time and I am in love! The fit is unbelievable. It is completely skintight just how I like disco pants to be and the widening of the lower legs opens up just enough so that they look like really slim-fitting jeans instead of leggings. And the extra half-inch I requested the pants to be made longer also made a huge difference. They sit right over my low top Converse without looking ever so slightly too short. I think these just might be my current favorite pair of spandex disco jeans! I will be wearing these a ton in the coming weeks and months.

There was some concern initially about the waist on these pants. They fit very tight on my waist and I almost thought it was too tight and I would not be able to wear them. But thank goodness for 10% spandex! At first they are extremely tight-feeling on the waist but after some time it does relax and you don’t even feel it anymore. I don’t mean that as in you go numb. I mean that it’s stretchy enough that after a while you feel very comfortable wearing them. I have and have had some pairs of vintage disco pants where the waist was so tight that it didn’t relax after some time in them but rather became more painful to wear and I couldn’t wait to get them off. So this pair of AA is not like that. I felt great in them and hated having to take them off when I did!

Like many other times in the past I just put these pants on today because I was going out and wanted to try them out just for fun. But once I put the sneakers on I knew I was not going to be taking them off again. They looked and felt absolutely amazing.

Because of how great these pants turned out I have decided I am going to get my imperial purple done. Yes, that very last pair of disco pants I ever bought from AA before it closed. I am going to have it altered. I may take it in next week. The only thing that may suck is that I will probably be without this new black one for at least a week if I drop it off as the sample pair. Or I could continue to use the brown one. Either way I will have the imperial purple done and ready for September and the fall.

In case I haven’t mentioned it, this black pair is a new-with-tags pair made in the USA. It is really shiny since it has been spared the effects of wear, washing and detergent. There is nothing like a brand, spanking new pair of spandex disco pants. Unlike denim jeans these pants do not get better with age and wear. While I do love pre-worn pairs of denim jeans I always prefer a brand new pair of disco pants.

Since this black pair has turned out to be such a success I might might might just get one of the new made in Mexico pairs to have it altered as well. I just think it would be cool to have one with the lower pockets with the altered legs. I would have to wait for a sale, though so we’re talking maybe Labor Day. But my priority will be with the imperial purple. That comes first then we can do the Mexican black. Of course, the black will be pushed back if I should happen to secure a forest green and/or cranberry red pair before then. Perhaps pearl, too, but I’ve been less gung-ho about that color lately.

It’s still the first half of August and I already have six wearings. That would suggest I could end up with at least twelve by the end of the month. The way I’m feeling lately I could wear a pair everyday I go out. I don’t know if I’m going anywhere tomorrow but Friday is thrift store day and I’m sure I’ll wear some that day.


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