4th Wearing of Disco Pant Cutoffs & Chinese Disco Pant Order

Today I wore my shiny black skintight disco pant cutoff shorts for the fourth time. I went to the same doctor’s office as last week. There was no one there unlike last time. After there I went to a supermarket to buy a thing or two. This store is more of a yuppie type store but it was also rather empty. And that was pretty much it for today. It was very hot and humid so I figured the cutoff shorts would keep me cool and looking and feeling good as well.

My Chinese disco pants order came in today and I want to talk about that now. I ordered five colors–black, red, mint, blue, purple–all in the same size, extra large.

DSC00554   DSC00558   DSC00557   DSC00556   DSC00555

They each come in a noisy plastic bag all labelled XL.

First, I tried on the red pair because the bag was already open. I must tell you that this is the tightest ever item of clothing labelled XL that I have ever tried on. No joking. This red pair is so tight it was hard getting them over my feet. And not only do they look skintight on, but they also feel skintight. I felt as though I had to move around a little more cautiously so they would not burst on me. They were hard to take off also. Plus it didn’t help that the room I was trying them on in was like 85°. Overall I was very thrilled with this pair. Here’s how they look:

Disco Pants Mine8

Next pair I tried was the blue. As soon as I took this one out of the bag it looked quite large in comparison to the red. I easily got my feet through them and pulled them up without any effort. They are the loosest size XL disco pants I have ever tried on. I was pretty disappointed in this pair because the color is so nice. This pair is not tight at all would not be very fun to wear. Here’s how they look:

Disco Pants Mine5

The next pair I tried was the “mint” one. I don’t know if they were trying to go for the same vibe as American Apparel’s menthe color but it’s not even close. I wouldn’t even call it ‘mint’ either. Nonetheless it is a very nice skintight pair. Not quite as tight as the red but more than I expect for a size XL. They were also somewhat difficult to get through the feet. Here is how they fit:

Disco Pants Mine6

Next up was the purple pair. In terms of tightness I put these in the same category with the mint. Very tight, hard to get through the feet and very nice to have on. Here they are:

Disco Pants Mine7

Finally, I tried on the black pair expecting it to fit like all my other Chinese black ones in XL. Boy was I wrong! It turned out to fit looser than the XL pair of AA disco pants I had at one time. And those were quite loose if you will recall. While the rise isn’t sky high like my other pairs it as loose as the blue pair and almost completely uninteresting to wear. I wouldn’t even want to make shorts out of them. Here they are:

Disco Pants Mine9

There you have it. There is such a disparity in fit between these pants. I bought all five from the same seller on Aliexpress and all in size XL. I certainly expected the fit on all to be similar if not exact. Had they all fit like the red or purple or mint I would have been pleased even though those all fit tighter than they probably should have. The blue and black were pretty big disappointments but I’m sure I will find some way to incorporate them into my wardrobe.

I hope this helps any of you thinking of buying these pants. They are beautifully inexpensive pants and because of that you can buy a couple of sizes in the same color to compare. I wouldn’t buy any of these with the intention or sending back for a refund. It would surely cost more to return anything to China than to just keep or perhaps resell a pair that does not fit well. I don’t know why there is such a disparity between the fits, and I don’t know if it’s limited to the particular seller or to particular colors. But I do plan on placing another order from another seller who has additional colors and I am anxious to see how those will fit.

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3rd Wearing of Disco Pants Cutoffs

I wore my disco pant cutoffs today for the third time. They are really so great for this warm weather, and even though today wasn’t all the warm here–there was a cooling wind even–they still felt very good and refreshing. Seriously, I want to wear them every time I go out.

Today I took someone to the DMV but I didn’t wear my shorts there. I don’t like wearing anything too attention-inducing to places like that because there are lots of people there with bored eyes who never fail to check you and everyone else out from head to toe. I don’t fully get this human tendency. I don’t check people out when they come into a room. I don’t understand the fascination. Is what people are wearing so interesting? I can only imagine what’s going in these watchers’ minds. Why not just bring a book or magazine to read? You know you’re going to be there for a while with nothing to do. Why waste time people browsing? Anyway, I didn’t wear them there. I don’t like going to these places in the first place so I try not to let my clothing do the talking. So places such as the DMV, unemployment office, SS, etc. are not places I would ever wear disco pants or shorts to. Not even my most favorite skinny jeans would join me there.

But as soon as I got home I had other errands to run and so I changed into my shiny, tight shorts and picked up some Popeye’s and some pet food. At the dollar store where I bought the pet food I had to check in my messenger bag which I didn’t like doing. I removed my phone from it first and stuck it in the other back pocket of my disco cutoff shorts. I hadn’t realized until I passed in front of a mirror that when I put the phone in my pocket my already-somewhat-shortish button shirt got caught behind the phone and resulted in almost the whole right side of the back of my shorts being visible. Looked good but I quickly pulled the shirt out from behind the phone and let it down. I don’t think anyone saw but who cares if they did. I’d like to wear them with most of the shorts showing but that’s just one of those things I’m not quite ready to do.

I received my swim jammers order today and while they are nowhere near as shiny as my disco cutoff shorts, they are very tight and solidly made. They look like they will last a long time. If I ever go anywhere there’s a pool or even to a lake or elsewhere I’ll be sure to wear them. I tried the blue one and while it is not as shiny as the photo showed it does feel good on and looks nice. I have yet to try on the black one.

I wish the order of Chinese disco pants would arrive already. I’ve got to see how these colors look in person and decide which would make good everyday wear in terms of shorts. Of interest is that the seller on Aliexpress that I placed my order through is now stating that this item is out of stock. But no need to fret! There are many other sellers offering these pants still. Just make sure you know what you’re getting because clearly some of the photos they use are American Apparel’s disco pants. Just verify that the pants have a button, zipper and back pockets. I’ll be placing some more orders soon myself!

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Todd Rundgren in Spandex Disco Pants

Add Todd Rundgren to the list of guys who have worn disco pants. Seems he was wearing them plenty around 1979, and while there are many photos online most are very small and have watermarks. Todd not only wore disco pants but also skintight leather ones and full-length spandex body suits. He was a bit like David Bowie but I’m not sure if he was really considered glam rock. I am most familiar with his music as a solo artist though he led a band called Utopia for some time.

Here is the best of what I’ve been able to find:




That’s about all there is that is good. If anyone knows of any more quality photos of Todd in disco pants please let me know. The middle photo features him on the right while another guy in the middle is wearing red disco pants. I don’t know who he is other than a member of Utopia.

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The Lemon Twigs in Spandex Disco Pants

Yesterday I received a comment from a reader about a new band named The Lemon Twigs. The band is basically two teen brothers who are into all things 1970’s, including–you guessed it–spandex disco jeans. The reader send me a YouTube link of a video of theirs which features both of them in shiny, vintage disco pants.

Here are a couple of stills from the video and the video link below it:



The Lemon Twigs (in disco pants)

To be that skinny again! Well, I’m not and probably never will be but I’m still going to wear spandex disco pants. Anyway, they are sporting interesting colors of the pants–one purple, one lavender. And they have that large trapezoidal tag on the rear pocket so they must be Le Gambi brand or Bojeangles. The pants aren’t all that tight on them but even looser spandex has the tendency to be form-fitting and look tight at times.

I just think it’s great that two teen guys would wear vintage spandex disco jeans in this day and age! (The video is from 2016). This could be a very good sign and perhaps even something that may catch on. Maybe these two guys will help make disco pants a thing again. That would make it a lot easier for guys who want to wear them out and about, including myself. It certainly makes me want to start wearing the other colors I have, including purple and red.

If you watch the video and read the comments some people are saying the brother in the purple pants is trying to imitate David Bowie. Whether he is or isn’t, I don’t know, but I am quite certain David Bowie never wore spandex disco jeans. You can easily find photos of him in those famous spandex tights he wore, but make no mistake–they were not spandex disco pants. Other than that, if they are trying to copy Bowie’s musical style, so what? He was unique and great. Every music artist is copying another in some way. No one is completely innovative when it comes to music.

Here is the cover of their debut album, “Do Hollywood,” featuring one of them in black disco pants, albeit a very loose-fitting pair:


So thanks to the reader who shared this video with me. I think it is nothing short of awesome that younger guys are wearing these vintage pants. Hopefully they keep wearing them and make more videos in them and perform live in them.

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Disco Cutoff Shorts – 2nd Wearing

I didn’t wear disco pants or disco cutoff shorts yesterday, but I did wear the shorts today. And I felt very good in them. Lately I’m in the mode where I just want to wear disco spandex all the time. Whether it’s the pants or the shorts I made. The shorts just feel a lot more casual than the pants so I feel I can get away with wearing them more often and in different ways. Unlike the pants which I have felt that I wouldn’t put on just to go to the grocery store or to the post office, the cutoff shorts I would wear virtually anywhere. Seriously. That’s how casual they feel and look. And I have no problem carrying around my small messenger bag for my keys, phone, etc. And I’m starting not to care if become known around town as the spandex pants/shorts guy. Not that there is any chance of that anyway in this huge metropolis.

So where did I go today? I went to two different grocery stores. I knew I was going to two different grocery stores and I chose to wear the shorts anyway. And mind you, it’s Saturday, a day when everyone is out and about. But I didn’t care. I wanted to wear them, and I would have worn them most likely anyplace I was going today.

For the next three months (at least), I know what I will be frequently wearing when I go out. Whereas with the pants I have a limited selection of sneakers I can wear, with the shorts I can wear Converse or Vans, running sneakers or Air Jordans, those canvas women’s sneakers, Dr. Martens boots or vintage Reebok high tops! This should turn out to be a fun summer! I just have to get some more of these shorts made and soon! This one pair has held up well after two full wearings but I don’t want to solely rely on them nor overwear them. Because I am seriously thinking about wearing disco cutoff shorts at least every other day all summer long.

If I had a store, either online or brick & mortar, this is a product I would defintely offer for sale. I would buy a bunch of these Chinese disco pants and turn then into cutoff shorts. I’d have a little brand tag put on the rear right side pocket just to give them a personal touch. I would offer them in a few different lengths and colors and label them ‘unisex’. I would have a truly unique product. Sure they might look like bike or compression shorts, but I would market them as casual shorts for casual wear. What would I call them? I haven’t quite figured that out yet.

By the way, in case I haven’t recently or in the past mentioned it these Chinese disco pants are made of polyester instead of nylon. There is no tag in them other than a tiny size tag and many of the sellers of these pants make little to no mention of what they’re made from. I think I saw somewhere that they are a combination of polyester and spandex. This partially explains their low price as polyester is less expensive than nylon.

For the next several months I will probably be posting a lot regarding spandex disco cutoff shorts. I realize some of you might not be interested in this. That’s ok. Maybe it’s something you can try out for yourself. Could be a transition type thing if you love disco pants but can’t bring yourself to wear them in public. It may just be the thing that pushes you to do it. Or you might discover that you love the idea of disco cutoff shorts and you want to wear them all the time, especially if you live in a year-long-warm area. Whatever the case I’d love to hear if you decide to make your own shorts and wear them.

Well, that’s all I have for now regarding this. Look for another post before the day is up as I have something cool to share with all you disco pants enthusiasts.

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1st Wearing of Disco Pant Cutoff Shorts

I did it! I wore my homemade disco pants-shorts today. First I went to the post office to drop off a package. There was barely anyone in there. And then I went to the doctor’s office (not for myself) and spent the better part of the last 3 and-a-half hours there. This is the office that has an attractive young woman working there. I don’t think she got to completely see my shorts until she led us to one of the doctor’s rooms. There before leaving the room she looked at me and smiled. At this time it cannot be confirmed if her smile was a reaction to my shorts or just a symptom of her pleasantness.

Before I go on I want to clarify something. The following picture is what is known as ‘disco shorts’ to most people:

C7Y1unhWwAY2Ffg.jpg large-001

Those may also be known as ‘hot pants,’ although actual hot pants were already in existence in the early 1970’s before the disco craze set in with its unique line of clothing. So it’s probably not the best or most correct name either. Thus we will stick to calling these ‘disco shorts.’ Personally, I don’t think I would ever wear these. They are just way too short for my liking.

Here are my disco shorts:

Disco Pants Mine2

Mine are much longer and resemble bike or compression shorts. In fact, anyone who cannot see the button, zipper and/or back pockets will just assume they are athletic spandex shorts. I like the look. They look and feel great and I prefer them over athletic spandex shorts because after all, these were actual pants, or trousers if you will that have just been cut. So from here on out I will refer to these as disco cutoffs or disco cutoff shorts.

I am very pleased because now I have a way to keep wearing spandex disco pants throughout the scorching heat of summer. It was pretty hot today but I felt relatively cool in my disco cutoffs. Some readers have told me that they will continue to wear their full length disco pants regardless of the heat. I applaud them and give them much props and hope to see them in their spandex disco jeans. I too will try to get some wearings in here and there when it’s not too hot. But for the most part I am going to wear my disco cutoffs and I’m going to get some more made. I intend to wear them about three or four times a week so having a few different colors will let others know I’m not wearing the same one pair all the time.

The zipper held up well on the pair I wore today so I may scrap the idea of replacing zippers at first. Plus, if I stick with the XL size it will not put as much pressure on the zipper and will not break (as soon). But what I don’t like about the XL pairs is that the rise is super high. I believe I measured it once at 13 inches! That is way too much. I’m all for high-waisted but if the manufacturer is really making these pants for women, do they think women are going to want to wear these up to their chests? I’m pretty tall and the overall lenght of these are even too much for me. The good news is that if you’re 6’5″ or 6’6″ they will probably fit you to a tee.

As you can see in my photos, my cutoffs are XL but still fit skintight. Ideally I don’t need to go any smaller. But I do like the fit and feel of a large as it does pull you in more and has a slightly lower rise. Since the large does fit tighter the pants would most likely not last as long due to the thinner material. Speaking of this material, I really wish I could find a roll of it so I could have disco pants custom made for me in the classic straight leg style. That would be so awesome! Anyway, as far as the large goes, I might just take that first pair with the broken zipper and button that I cut the legs off to get hemmed and repaired. I’ll see how that one works and how long it lasts.

For the time being I intend to have 3 black ones made (including the one I wore today). Two XL’s and one large. One in a dark blue if possible size XL. And one in gray size XL. If I really want to get adventurous I could go with a red one and a silver one. I don’t think I could do any other color. I will have to place another order from Aliexpress as soon as I get the one I’m waiting on and see how those all fit. I want to keep the ones I’m waiting on as pants. Not going to cut those up!

I’ve been considering perhaps eventually getting a pair of AA disco pants to convert into shorts. I know it’s a crying shame to take something as beautiful as that and cut it up. Maybe if I found a cheap pair or a slightly used or slightly damaged one. I surely would not use any of the ones I currently have. But I really like the idea of an AA disco pant cutoff. They may not be as shiny as the Chinese ones but I can wear them without the fear of them getting easily damaged. As long I don’t get them too tight. Large would be the ideal size. However, since they are made from higher quality nylon/spandex they’re also thicker and are warmer than the cheap ones. So it might defeat the purpose of making them into cutoff shorts. Nah. I’d still love to have a black pair of AA disco pant cutoffs.

In closing, I am really pleased with these cutoffs I made even though they still need a hem. I didn’t do a good job of cutting straight and it’s easily seen. But as long as it’s too hot (IMO) for disco pants these cutoffs will make a perfect substitute and a great way for me to stay in shiny spandex jeans while I wait for jacket weather to return. Oh, and I should mention that I wore a plaid, short-sleeve button shirt. I never thought such a combination would work well together but it did and I’m going to keep pairing button shirts with my disco cut-offs. I may even try this type of shirt with the pants on some occasion this summer. And I may even wear these shorts again tomorrow. Why not? It’s still going to be warm. And to tell you the truth, for whatever reason, it feels less daunting to wear these shiny disco cutoffs than to wear full-length disco pants. Even with all the progress I’ve made since March it just feels easier to wear these cutoff shorts. Maybe because it makes me look more like an exercise enthusiast or athlete vs. a rockstar. Either way, it’s a thrill to wear them.

I had a thought about going to get my cutoffs hemmed and the other pair repaired tomorrow. But if I do that I will not be able to wear the one I wore today. Unless I proceed to cut up another pair tonight! Or I could wear my Nike spandex shorts which are cool but not all that shiny. I just really don’t want to go there with only one pair in hand to repair. I’ll see what I can figure out tonight. But most likely I will be in spandex disco pants of one form or another tomorrow.

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Disco Pants-Shorts Debut Today!

Just a quick post to announce that I am just about to go out in my newly made spandex disco shorts!

I cut up an XL pair of the Chinese type a couple of evenings ago. Mind you, even though it’s a $10 item and not meant to last very long, it’s still painful to cut a perfectly pair of disco pants. But I did it. I didn’t hem the legs or anything. I just turn the crookedly cut hems inward a bit and leave it like that. But I have discovered that there is a vital importance in having them permanently hemmed. The inseam on the left leg has started to unravel a bit so when I get my official pair(s) made they will be pro hemmed.

Anyway, I am super excited! I feel similar to how I did the first time I went out in spandex disco jeans five years ago, though admittedly less self-conscious. As I have said many times these are a lot shinier than vintage and AA disco pants, and much shinier than any athletic spandex shorts I have or have seen in these modern times.

I will be wearing a button shirt with them. Yes, this shirt will cover up pretty much everything but since these shorts are not like the ‘hot pants’ disco shorts of the past and made by AA there will still be a lot to see as they go down nearly do my knees.

Anyway, will be leaving soon. Will mention anything noteworthy in another post.

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