Bad Aliexpress Seller

Remember that one order from Aliexpress that I wrote about where there was one disco pant I was waiting to arrive? Well it never did come and the seller will not make any amends for it now. My mistake was allowing the delivery time window to expire before opening a dispute. So now I cannot open a dispute and the seller feels no obligation to either refund my money or send another pair. I know it’s only $9 but it’s the principle of the matter.

This particular seller is called “Myrons Store” and I recommend that none of you purchase from them. They don’t sell disco pants anymore–wonder why–so none of the readers of this blog might ever buy from them anyway. But just as a service to you I provide this information and once again I suggest you do not buy from them.

My suspicions only grew over time with this seller. Initially I was informed when my order was shipped that it was coming in two separate packages. Why I don’t know. The black pair was supposedly shipped separately from the other 5 pairs ordered. Those I did receive came in 15 days after ordering.

I stayed in contact with the seller regarding the black pair and was assured it was sent and it would be arriving shortly. They even extended the time window for that pair so I wouldn’t file a dispute. So I took them at their word and kept waiting. I had a lot of other things going on with disco pants during that time so it slipped my mind to remain aware of the deadline date. And once you are past that date and don’t file a dispute, they don’t feel they need to communicate with you anymore, as has been the case with the last two messages I sent them.

So I guess it’s water under the bridge as they say. Fortunately it was only $9 but I could have resold them for more. For now I’m pretty much done buying these pants on Aliexpress, not because I don’t trust the seller but because I pretty much have what I want. At this time it appears that there are not as many sellers of disco pants on there as when I was placing all those orders this summer. But one store I really recommend is Yomsong Store A. They have pretty much every color you need and still under $10. On second thought, I may be a few more!

There is another good store called Steven Clothes Store. This one is selling them for less than $9 each. I recommend both of these stores as I have purchased from both. Just keep in mind that even though these are good sellers with great prices, the pants still have the sizing disparity, at least in the XL sizing. You will probably get a lot more consistency in sizing if you go with large, as I have been fully pleased with all my large pairs. Yes, I still think they are a bit tight for large but I’d rather have them tighter than looser.

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Cooler Disco Pants Weather Rearing Its Head

So WordPress tells me it’s my 6-year anniversary since I registered with them. My how time flies!

Anyway, I didn’t wear any spandex disco jeans today. I sort of started wearing them again on Fridays when I go to the thrift store, but today I did not since I did not have the time to go thrifting. I know, I could have worn them to the other places I went to and I even put them on as if I were going in them. But it was a cooler type day today, in the 60’s at the time I left the house. I assumed I needed a light jacket and as much as I love my American Apparel jackets I don’t want to wear a shiny jacket with shiny pants. At least not yet. The sun was fully out and strong so it did feel warm. I could have gotten by with just a long-sleeve shirt. I had not considered this option at the time so I ended up going with my shiny AA bomber jacket and a pair of Nudie Thin Finn jeans. Yeah, it was a bit of a missed opportunity but there will be plenty more. Especially now that September is here and we can expect temperatures to start dropping. Not drastically of course but enough for me to start wearing spandex jeans more often.

But this did bring up something I had not considered before–the need for a non-shiny bomber jacket. Something very lightweight and ideal for temperatures in the 60’s. I’ve got my slew of puffer jackets now, my faux leather jacket, the Apt. 9 longer jacket and the 3 AA jackets. Most of these will look great with disco pants, but I do need that one lighter jacket that is NOT shiny and that is cut short enough that it doesn’t cover too much. If I should get self-conscious about it I can always leave whatever shirt I wear untucked and hanging below the jacket. But I really need to get used to wearing shorter jackets with shiny spandex jeans. I’ve already worn the shorter puffer jackets with them several times during the spring so I need to keep doing that come the deep fall weather.

Tomorrow is going to start off cool again but should rise into the low 70’s. I think it’ll be similar to today but perhaps a few degrees warmer. I will not make the mistake of wearing a jacket again. I may however wear some disco pants but I’m not completely sure. Will depend on where I’m going and the overall mood.

Have you all ordered your new American Apparel disco pants yet? They now have both black and midnight navy! I’m still waiting on the charcoal and I have yet to get a new pair in size small. I’m hoping to do that sometime next week. Time to splurge a little on myself!

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Spandex Disco Pants in ‘Lovelines’ (1984)

There is a movie from 1984 called “Lovelines” and it’s really bad. It’s about some rival high schools with all the main students being played by actors way past high school age. I know that’s a pretty typical thing with Hollywood. I’m sure we all remember Luke Perry from Bevery Hills 90210. So it’s nothing new. But the movie is just terrible unless you’re into ‘teen’ romance flicks that feature really attractive 20-somethings. Or unless you’re into spandex disco jeans since there is a character, Cynthia, played by actress Stacey Toten who wears a few different pairs in the movie. Unfortunately, she played the role of a dumb and bad girl. More dumb than bad. It is a comedy after all so you’re not going to really, really bad anyone. The only really bad thing I saw her do was take some photos hidden in another girl’s undergarment and show them to someone in order to start trouble. One of the other characters referred to her as a ‘skank’. She was a bit of an airhead whose only interests were a muscle-bound guy and–thank goodness for this–clothing, particularly shiny disco pants.

Twelve minutes into the move we are awarded with some really great shots of her in gold disco pants. We don’t get to see her this well in gold pants for the rest of the movie. But later on in a movie theatre someone drops a hot dog with mustard from a balcony above her and it falls on her pants and dirties them. That made me both angry and sad! The pants fit her so well and she looked so good in them. By the way, she was 21 at the time of the movie and extremely attractive.

A little while later she is seen wearing shiny black spandex jeans while walking a doberman around. Those scenes are outdoors so we get to see a good amount of shine on her pants. Later we see her inside the school and then inside a house. At the end of the movie she is back in gold disco pants and working with some of the other girls on some posters or something on the floor.

A few interesting things I want to point out:

-While talking to some other girls, Cynthia says that she was very angry at the guy who dropped the hot dog on her and ruined her outfit. One of the girls responds sarcastically by saying, “Well, yeah, that was such a bitchin’ outfit you were wearing.” (She was wearing gold spandex jeans & a tiger-print top.) A clueless Cynthia does not realize the sarcasm and responds with a whole-hearted “Thanks!’ So we can deduce that this other girl either did not like spandex disco jeans or it was out of style by that point. As ridiculous as it seems, we have to keep in mind that Cynthia was a high school student and perhaps it was not seen as appropriate wear for school. Whatever.

-During that same exchange from above, Cynthia mentions that she went through the wardrobe of another girl and found nothing she wouldn’t ‘be caught dead in’ and added “she doesn’t even have any metallic pants!” I was intrigued by the fact that she called disco pants ‘metallic pants.’ I’m going to actually use that term myself on occasion.

-If you look at the photos here, you’ll notice that Cynthia always wore sweaters with her spandex jeans. Not only do I think that is a great look and one of my personal favorite combinations to wear, but she looks incredibly sexy without wearing anything skimpy. The new wave of disco pants style spurred on by American Apparel featured girls and younger women nearly baring their souls out there. As I wrote before (in a post titled “Disco Pants Don’t Need Any Help”) disco pants are intriguing and sexy enough that skimping up on the upper body doesn’t add anything to them but can actually take away from them and even the person wearing them. Show me a girl wearing a well-fitting sweatshirt or hoodie and disco pants and another wearing disco pants and a crop-top and I’ll prefer the one in the sweatshirt/hoodie. Or t-shirt. It’s not that they don’t look attractive in their crop-tops and disco pants, but there really is no reason to put themselves fully on display like that. That’s just me though. I’m not into the idea of showing a lot of skin.

So that’s what I got from this movie. Would not normally watch anything like this except for the fact that I found out a while ago there were spandex jeans in it. I’ll end this post with some stills of the character Cynthia.


That last image made me angry to see those awesome gold disco pants get destroyed by mustard from a hot dog!


And there she is in a very classy pink sweater and black disco jeans look.

The movie sucks but it’s worth watching just for Cynthia and her ‘metallic pants.’

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Custom-Altered Chinese Disco Pants

Yeseterday, I received my first American Apparel order since they returned online again. I ordered a pair of black disco pants–which is still the only color they are offering–and a navy sweatshirt. Those two items make for a great combination!

The disco pants look just like the ones from before. I see no difference. No styling difference, no material difference. However, I ordered a medium and they fit noticeably looser than my very first medium pair from back in 2008. And all my medium AA disco pants for that matter. When I ordered I was concerned medium would be really tight. But now I’m sure I can get a small and it would give me the perfect skintight fit! So next month I will get a small.

Ever since I tried that grey Chinese pair that fits a bit short on me I became enamored with the semi-cropped look. It has the feature of breaking up the painted-on look from waist to ankles and I think it looks even more attractive. I tried it with the AA pants I received yesterday and it looks great regardless of the color. I wouldn’t do this with the straight leg fit disco pants though. This is something that only works with the super skinny ones. I’m not sure I would quiet yet wear them in public like this. But if I had to wear a pair of these super skinny (or spray on) disco pants out I think I would roll up the hems a bit. It’s a great look and feel for summer! I so want to wear them but I’m not quite up for it yet.

Also, a few days ago I received my fifth and final order of disco pants from China. This pack featured a white, a black, 2 navy and 2 royal. Their fits were as follows:

  • white L: skintight
  • black L: haven’t tried yet but I suspect skintight
  • navy L 1: skintight
  • navy L 2: haven’t tried yet but it’s same size as navy 1
  • royal L: haven’t tried yet but I suspect skintight
  • royal XL: haven’t tried yet but they look awfully large

Mind you, this royal XL is from the same seller I previously bought the other royal XL which fit skintight. Such a shame about the disparities!

That aside, the winner of this pack was the white. It is such a bright white, unlike the more antique or pearl whites of vintage and AA spandex pants. And the fit was perfect! I took tons of photos and fell in love while wearing these that I didn’t have time to take pics of the other pairs! And these are long enough to reach my ankles but I rolled them up anyway for an even greater look.

The second winner of this order was the navy. I got the fit I wanted in this color and am completely satisfied with them. The color is great and they are silky smooth.

I’m not too conerned about the two royals and one black for now though I will try them on whenever I get the chance.

In other big news I picked up my disco pants alterations on Saturday and they really came out great. The work was done exactly as I expected it would. The black pair looks just like any of my straight leg cut spandex jeans. And being black, you can’t even see the extra V-shaped material that was added on the lower leg. So no one’s the wiser! The royal blue pair also turned out amazing. I am thinking I will have another 3 or 4 pairs made max. I really want a pair in the navy color so I can rotate between it and the black, the two colors which I will likely wear most. And then one in the wine red color since I don’t have any in that shade. One in white because it’s such a glorious white. Yes, it still has see-through tendencies. But it’s beautiful nonetheless. And I want one in AA’s charcoal color. That one will be the most expensive since I have to buy two pairs at $68 each and then pay another $40 to have the pants altered and then another smaller fee to have the second pair hemmed into shorts. With tax and all we’re talking nearly $200. Is it worth it to have a pair of true gray, skintight, shiny spandex jeans and an equally gray, skintight & shiny pair of disco cutoff shorts? I definitely think so! I’m sure they would last me quite a long time.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to get the charcoal pants done. AA still does not have them for sale. I signed up to be notified when they are. And when they do become available, I am not certain what size I should get. I have a charcoal pair from a few years ago in size medium which fits perfectly. Will the new charcoal in medium fit the same? I am content with the fit of the pair I receieved yesterday, but I would not use them as a pair to get altered. I would want a tighter fit. So I might have to spend extra money in order to get just the right size.

That’s all for now.

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Another Chinese Disco Pant Review

I was not able to try on all 4 new pairs of Chinese disco pants last night. I finished that task this evening. Let me tell you how they fit.

First I tried the XL grey. My initial suspicion that this pair would fit overly large and loose panned out. So all I really need to say is that they fit awful. No fun at all. Okay, they are still form-fitting enough to show your shape, but chalk that up more to the nature of spandex. No one would call that pair of pants skintight on me if I were wearing them. I would say they fit looser than a pair of XL AA disco pants. That makes 2 loose fitting grey pairs now.

Second, I tried the large grey. A world of difference between the two. Mind you, they are just one size apart from each other yet they fit like night and day. This one fit more like a medium AA pair. I can’t help but wonder if these things are being packed helter-skelter into the wrong size-marked bags/packaging. But that’s not the case because many of these pants have size tags on them. And their size tags match the size on the bags. Anyway, I am kind of in love with this grey pair in large. I have a large grey from an order I placed in 2015 and at that time I had noticed how much they were cut and fit differently from the large blacks. This new pair is probably the same as the 2015 one but I am really into this one. Yes, they are a skintight fit. But they’re also a bit shorter on me than any other color of Chinese disco pants I have. At first I was bothered by this. But as time went on I came to like it. When I pair them with low top Converse they’re not long enough to reach down so they show a little skin. They’re almost like cropped pants. And it’s not a bad thing because it’s in style nowadays for women to wear cropped pants and for guys to roll up their hems and show some lower leg. Since I wear ankle socks/no-show socks the pants fall right around or just above my ankles and so it reveals some skin. It’s a bit of a different look and I think it’s even sexy. I’m still not sure I would wear something like this in public but I feel that everyday I’m getting closer and closer to doing it. Here’s a photo:


I would totally wear them like that. The hesitation I have in wearing them is the fact they are leggings style or super skinny if you will. Not because they’re short. Additionally, if you look at the new pics of disco pants on AA’s website you’ll see that their pants fit short on the model as well:


They’re about as short on her as mine are on me.

Check out the midnight pair:


Again, a bit short.

Now on the charcoal pair the legs come down as far as possible. Take a peek:


So I guess it all depends on how much women pull up on these pants when they put them on. I know for a fact that AA disco pants are long enough for most women since they are sufficient for my long legs since I am quite tall.

Regardless, I think the grey Chinese pair pictured above is totally fine for me to wear. And with that little cropped look it’s perfect for summer.

Third, I tried on the XL pair of wine-colored pants. It is a beautiful color. I want to say it is similar to AA’s cranberry red pair but it is just slightly darker and does remind one of wine more than AA’s. The pair fit skintight and I would compare it to AA’s disco pant in medium. Great color, great fit. Absolutely love it.

Fourth and finally, I tried the large pair of wine pants. This one was definitely more of a struggle to get on. If the XL pair was skintight this one was skintighter. Is that even a word? But you know what I mean. Its fit was comparable to AA’s small. There was only so much I could pull up from the lower leg to get the pants on. These were painted on from waist to hem. AND you could feel the pressure of this pair squeezing you tight. So this one looked and felt great on. And there were no issues with length on either wine pair. If AA should not bring back their cranberry color I will most likely have a pair of these in XL modded into the vintage cut spandex disco pants.

So that’s the review. Three out of four pairs being great is not a bad deal. Highly recommend the colors. Sizing again is inconsistent but I guess that is the compromise we make for the super cheap prices.

It’s super late here now so I’ll call it a night.


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AA Disco Pants Are Back!!!

I’ve got a lot to write about today! So much going on in my personal world of spandex disco pants and in the world of disco pants in general. I have so much to say that I may not finish this post tonight! But I must!!

First up, a really amazing and great piece of news. I believe everyone who loves disco pants will thrilled with this. A reader of this blog alerted me that American Apparel disco pants are up for sale again on American Apparel’s new website! If you don’t believe this take a look at the screenshot I took:


There it is! Disco pants and disco shorts being sold once again! At this time only black, midnight navy and charcoal are being offered and sizes range from XS to XL. And the price is $68 which is a 20% drop from the $85 AA used to sell them at before shutting down. I have no idea if the pants are exactly the same of if the quality is the same. I will order several pairs for myself in medium and large. I’ll tell you this: the pictures on the website look great. The pants look really shiny and I daresay these pics are looking even more attractive than the ones from before. What we’ll have to see is if they expand the color line at all. These 3 color choices do not surprise me. I imagine that these were probably their biggest sellers. I am slightly surprised that they are starting back with 3 colors. But it’s a good thing as I would gamble that the large majority of disco pant fans already have black and perhaps never got around to delving into the other color offerings.

As I write this I noticed that you can really only purchase them in black size small or medium at the moment. Charcoal and midnight are not available yet, but you can enter your email to be notified when it is. So I’ll pick up a pair in medium tonight and wait for the other colors to become available. Why would I continue to buy these if I’m not completely gung-ho about the style? Because they look so nice. And maybe someday I’ll get over my hesitation to wear leggings-style disco pants. And also for a third reason which if you keep reading ahead you will see.

So that’s pretty much all I’ve got to say about AA disco pants. They are available now for purchase although some colors and sizes not immediately. I had written about this a few months ago. I just didn’t have an exact date when AA would have its online presence up and running again. Thanks to the reader, “Disco Jeans Wearer”, who left me a comment with the great news.

Next up is my Chinese disco pants project. I took the pants to the cleaners today to have modded. The wonderful news here is that I was told they could do the job. I was really excited about that. At first I was a little concerned because only an older woman to whom English is a second language was there and I was explaining everything to her. She seemed to understand but I felt a lot better after the younger, better-versed-in English woman walked in and immediately came over to look at the project.  I asked her if it was doable and she said yes. I left my black Jonden pair with them as a sample because it seemed to match the length of the Chinese pairs best. The older lady had said I didn’t need to leave the sample pair there but the younger one said to leave it. I am really glad she walked in when she did. So I left the Jonden; a tight-fitting pair of black Chinese disco pants; extra material in the form of 2 sets of lower legs that I had left over from the 2 shorts I made; a skintight royal blue pair of Chinese disco pants; a loose-fitting pair of royal blue Chinese disco pants which I told them to use for material; and that first pair of shorts I made from that pair of Chinese pants which had a popped out button and broken zipper. I asked them to replace the button and zipper and make a one inch hem on the legs. I tried those shorts on last night and they were much longer than the pair I’ve been wearing this summer. A one-inch hem should fix that up a bit. I’m not sure how much it will cost to get each pant fixed but the 3 items will cost $82 altogether. Not too bad. I will have to wait until Friday though which may be a reason the price is pretty low. I know Friday will be here before we realize it so it’s not a problem. I just hope the pants come out looking really good. I will have something really nice here with these pants if they match my imagination. I tried the skintight royal blue pair on last night and I was just wowed. I though how amazing they would be with a slim/straight cut on my lower legs vs. the super skinny look. Oh, I almost forgot–they didn’t make me try on the pants at the store for which I was relieved. Because while I was there two men came in to pick something up, I suppose, and it would have been embarrassing to be trying on those disco ‘leggings’ in their presence. And there were no other customers there at the time so I had the seamstresses’ attention exclusively.

Onto the next story: I received order #4 of Chinese disco pants today. This is the one where I bought 2 pairs each of grey and wine-colored in XL and large. I have not tried them on yet. Just looking at them in their packaging the wine is a very deep and rich color. I can’t tell how those two will fit at this point. However, as I look at the grey pairs the large feels quite light and leads me to believe it actually fit more like a small or medium, while the XL is heavy and I suspect it is going to be another loose pair. It is too bad because this is a color I’d like to have modded into a straight leg pair. But I can’t keep buying these and hoping that one or two happen to fit ideally on me. The good news is that now that AA disco pants are becoming available again, I can somewhere down the line buy a few pairs of them and have one or two modded into the vintage style fit. And this is precisely another reason I plan to continue to buy AA disco pants, as mentioned above. They would make for a much higher quality disco pant and I absolutely love this charcoal color. In my disco pants searches of the last 5 years I have not come across any vintage pairs in this color. The few I have seen all have that bluish tint to them. While a great color it’s not a go-with-all type tint as the pure grey charcoal is. Yes, it would pain me to cut up a perfectly, new pair of AA disco pants. But if that’s the only way I can get a classic fit pair of spandex disco jeans in real grey, I’ll do it! It’s not like the rest of the pants would go to waste. I would wear the one that was cut as shorts!  So I would have to buy 4 pairs in charcoal and I would end up with 2 straight leg disco jeans and 2 disco pant cutoff shorts. Or I could just have one pair made in whichever size fits me better. At this point I would go with medium.

In other news, I paid for the unique pare of spandex disco jeans I wrote about yesterday. Now I just have to wait for them to arrive. I am super excited about them too. This pair is coming from outside the borders so I don’t know how long I will have to wait for them. I think they will be great!

And finally, I did wear disco pants today again. That’s 3 out of 4 days. Not the first time I did this but it felt good. I wore my midnight Le’Gambi size 6 with an orange checked button shirt and white Converse. I feel this shirt is a bit small looking on me so I might limit how much I wear it for the rest of the season. I do like that it is cut straight across with the side vents and is a little short. But it also looks a bit tight on me and I don’t really need anything to emphasize my larger upper body. I don’t like anything too tight or too loose on top. And too bad for me, I don’t have any that fit exactly like I want. Until I loose some weight I probably won’t find any. Maybe I should just go back to t-shirts. Anyway, while in my disco pants I went to the cleaners, KMart, a Family Dollar store and a local bakery. It was a little warm today and the high temp was 77° or so. The rest of the week is forecast to be in the 80’s so I may have to go back to wearing disco cutoff shorts. But we’ll burn that bridge when we get to it.

Later on tonight I will try on my new Chinese disco pants and I write about how they fit in my next post!

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Tight End Pants Are Absolutely Tight!

You might notice that I am blogging a lot here lately. Well, I am in one of my obsessive spells currently. I just have spandex disco pants on the mind non-stop. And as long as I keep wearing them regularly and buying more here and there I will probably have a lot to rant and rave about here.

First up I want to say that I tried on my new, black Tight End disco pants last night. Earlier I wrote that I could not get them past the midway point of my upper legs upon my first attempt to get them on. Last night provided me a better result although not the ultimate goal.

It was a real struggle to get these pants up. They have very little sideways stretch, so when I say that they were completely painted on to my upper legs I kid you not. Outseam stitches were breaking as I pulled the pants up higher and higher. Little by little I had to pull slack up from the lower legs to try and get the pants as high up on my waist as possible. The only other pair of disco pants that were this hard to get on were my white Jonden. Both took at least half an hour. AT LEAST. But with the Jonden I needed the additional time of buttoning them and creeping up the zipper millimeter by millimeter. My zippering fingers were in pain for days after that!

But these Tight End pants were not going to see any buttoning or zipping action at all. The waistband is just too rigid. The white Jonden has a very forgiving waistband and it’s really the only reason I was able to get them buttoned and zipped. So I got the Tight End up as high as possible–they needed to go higher because the pockets were sitting a little lower than normal on my bum–and the open button and zipper I would have to cover with a longish shirt. As a result, I’m not sure they are all that practical to wear. Plus with those seams breaking I feel they are a bit too delicate. But I do love these pants!

I was told that even though I can’t button/zip them I could still get away with wearing them if I wore an oversized sweatshirt or shirt with them. That is very true and the more I hear people suggest wearing disco pants with oversized tops the more I think it could be a real option for me, even though it’s not my ideal pairing. The Rolling Stones hoodie I wore the other day with disco pants is a bit oversized for me and yet I still felt a rebel and a rockstar. I guess for me it depends on what sort of graphic is on the shirt or hoodie. Or even if there is no graphic.

There is something I really loved about these pants–their shine! It reminded me of the shine of the Chinese disco pants. Extremely shiny and silky-looking. Also similar to the white Jonden and the silver Frederick’s I have. Absolutely amazing. I wish all my disco pants had this particular kind of shine. Also, even though I could not fasten the pants they still felt tight on me. I love the fact that spandex is skintight and yet comfortable, but I still like to feel that the pants are tight on my thights and crotch/bum area. It’s not all that fun if the pants fit like a second skin but you can’t feel the tightess on you. When I wear spandex pants it’s usually not for running, dancing or any kind of aerobics so I don’t mind feeling restricted by them somewhat.

But these pants’ shininess reminded me that I need to go to my cleaners this week and see if they can modify that Chinese disco pant from skinny lower legs to slim/straight. I really hope she can do that. I’ve got extra material for her to use so all she needs to do is determine whether it’s feasible. If it is and it turns out great I may buy a few more in different colors to have done. Would definitely love some pairs in navy, royal and grey. But I also have to see how much it would cost to do such a thing. I can’t imagine it would be terribly expensive–I think more than $50 would be terribly expensive–or overtly time-consuming. I just have to make it known that I do not want anything even slightly resembling boot cut or flared bottoms. I don’t think it would be necessary to add more than 2 inches total to the circumference of the hem. The greatest challenge perhaps would be to see exactly at what point the extra material needs to be sewn in on the lower leg. It may even need to start at the knees or so. That might be something that she wants to see with her own eyes so she might just have me put the pants on in there. I’m fine with that except I would hope that no other customers would be there right then. I’m still rather shy about being seen in the leggings-version of disco pants. I am thinking I may even take my royal blue Chinese pair there to have modded as well.

I’d like to go there tomorrow but realistically I’ll probably go on Tuesday. I have some prep work to do as well. Need to find of my vintage ones that I can take to her so she can copy the cut on. I don’t think it will be enough for me to just provide the measurements for her. I would rather that she has everything she needs from me at her fingertips. This is a big project (for me) and it could turn out to be something extraordinary.

Finally, I have come across another pair of vintage spandex disco jeans I plan to buy. It’s a brand I don’t have and never heard of. The color I already have but the pants are very nice nonetheless. The fit pics are amazing and if the pants should happen to fit me similarly I will have an absolutely awesome pair of shiny spandex jeans. As I mentioned aIready have this color in two pairs, but one pair is extremely tight (killer on the waist) while the other is quite looser. I am hoping this new pair will fit closer to the skintight pair but without the strain on the waist. Also, being a different brand it has some unique visual elements to it. For one, it has a little tab on the back right pocket, similar to the red tab on Levi’s jeans. That is such a small thing but it does so much visually for Levi’s jeans. I cannot imagine Levi’s without that tab. Additionally, these disco pants have some extra seam lines on the back above the pockets. I’m not one for extra doodads on disco pants, e.g. rhinestones, all-around zipper, etc., but these seams do not deter at all from the pants’ great look. Frankly, the way I wear the pants those seam lines will not ever be seen because they are way too up high. And last but not least, there is a little decorative stitching pattern on the pockets, again similar to that found on Levi’s jeans back pockets. It’s very subtle. Clearly these disco pants were inspired by Levi’s and these elements really do give the pants a unique look. Also they were made in England.

So that’s what’s going on here. Got my Tight End pair yesterday. Might be getting another one of them soon. Will be getting this English pair eventually. Still waiting on 2 full orders of Chinese pants. And that one stray black pair going on a month now. Looks like an eventful period in terms of spandex disco jeans. Can’t wait!


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