On Par For Another Record Year

Got my third wearing for this month of April 2019 today. Still a bit of a slow start but I am still doing better than by this point last year. I have eighteen wearings this year while last year I had twelve. So we’re on our way.

Today was sunny and, to tell you the truth, I did not intend to wear any spandex disco jeans. I didn’t wear any yesterday on my usual trip to the local thrift store. I also didn’t find jack squat at the store yesterday, but that’s another story altogether. I just wasn’t feeling it yesterday. Today also but I knew I had to go out so I just threw on my pair newly altered AA two-tone disco pants to see how it looked. I know how it looks on me but it’s not a look I can ever tire of. And as is usual when I put on a pair of disco pants I end up keeping them on and going out in them.

I wore them with my slightly longer Apt 9 jacket. It’s a good look. The jacket is slim-fitting so there isn’t a huge contrast between a bulky, oversized jacket and skintight pants. Of course I really want to wear my shorter puffer jackets but I’m a little hesitant of ‘putting it all out there.’ If you’ve read this blog any good length of time you know that I have no problem with anyone’s personal style—particularly guys’—that includes wearing any kind of spandex pants and NOT covering up the crotch or bum areas. That is ideally how I want to wear all my skintight disco pants and skinny jeans. A lot of guys out there want to school other guys into wearing long tops that will cover up those areas if they insist on wearing such pants. They cite reasons of ‘immodesty.’ Well, I suspect these same guys would never tell a woman to wear long tops or loose tops that would cover up their areas of ‘immodesty.’ So there is definitely a double-standard out there. Consequently, it’s 100% bull-crap to me. But hey, if those are guidelines you wish to go by, I’m fine with it. Just don’t, I repeat, DON’T tell other guys they need to mimic that style.

I’ll get back to wearing my shorter puffer coats with disco pants eventually. We’re still in early spring here so I imagine there is plenty of time. Today was one of those days I’m not terribly fond of—too chilly in the shade and too warm in the sunshine. I wear a nice jacket to keep warm from the 50’s breezes but the sun heats up the car and makes it almost unbearable to keep that jacket on!

So as I mentioned today was sunny. That’s great for disco pants. And I was off to Walmart. Didn’t stay there long as I knew just what I needed. While in the checkout line I noticed a young, black woman who was a Walmart greeter standing there looking at my pants. I looked directly at her and her eyes were on my pants. It was pretty funny. And when I went to walk out the door she said the thing that Walmart greeters say and blatantly looked at my disco pants again. I’d say her gaze was something in the category of “What the heck is he wearing?” or “Is that a dude wearing AA disco pants?” And that’s exactly what I meant when I wrote in the past about people noticing and not noticing what you’re wearing. Walmart greeters have nothing to do but stand there and acknowledge customers going in and out. They’re bored out of their minds! So they’ll stand there and check out what you’re wearing because what else is there to do?

After Walmart it was off to Walgreens and I was hoping that Ms. Let-me-see-your-butt-in-those-disco-pants was not going to be there. Of course she was though. And we walked through the doors and she greeted us from afar and I can only imagine what she said quietyl to the other female associate who was with her. At the end of our visit there we went to her register to pay for some items. She didn’t say anything to me there. I’m grateful for that cause it could be rather embarrassing if she started making comments with other employees and customers around.

And that was pretty much it for my eighteenth wearing of 2019. I’m probably not going anywhere on Sunday and the coming week should afford me about two additional wearings. I’ve got a few government offices to visit this week and, as I wrote about in the past, those are places I would most definitely not be caught wearing disco pants in. Skinny jeans, yes, but not shiny spandex jeans. Also have plans to go to the laundromat. I’ve never considered wearing disco pants there. They would be rather comfortable to wear there since one is working and moving around a good deal. We’ll see about that one. I never know if that place is going to be packed or not on the day I go. If it is packed I’d rather not be seen in disco pants. But I’m sure it’s a good excuse to wear disco pants; it could give off the impression that you’ve got nothing left to wear except a pair of shiny spandex disco jeans! Everyone would understand why you’re wearing them. But of course, you don’t need any excuse or reason to wear disco pants there or anywhere else you want to wear them. I will strongly consider the possibility and most likely I’ll wear a pair of my altered AA pants. Another cool thing about it is that usually while the clothes are washing I step out to go to a bakery nearby or get some lottery across the street.

In other news, I haven’t bought any other disco pants for several weeks now. Ever since I got the cranberry red AA pants I have not acquired any others. I am still looking for forest green, though. And that beautiful rust-colored vintage Bojeangles pair is still on eBay for $180. I would love to have that one but it’s way too much at this time. Hoping no one else picks it up and it stays there for quite some time.

I haven’t had any additional pairs of AA disco pants altered lately either. Two weeks ago I was supposed to take in the midnight navy to get done but I didn’t do it. And I still want to get a pearl and a black pair done eventually as well.

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Disco Pants At the Hospital!

I am thrilled to report that today I wore spandex disco pants to the hospital. I chose to wear the AA charcoal, altered medium pair. I parked on the street in order to get free parking and then walked the long path to the entrance. Mind you, this was not a hospital visit for me and that is mainly why I chose to wear these pants today. But who knows, perhaps someday I will feel adventurous enough to wear them for one of my own appointments or visits!

We entered the hospital through a back door so there were fewer people that noticed us arriving. This was not because I didn’t want to be seen entering through the front in my disco pants but due to the sort of ‘backyard’ path we walked through which led to this back door. The elevator ride was full but once we got off it the long path down to the doc’s office was a long and empty one. Once we arrived it was the moment of truth as to how full or empty it was going to be. It turned out to be quite empty with only two other people already in the waiting room. There was a wide variety of seating available. Everything moved rather swiftly, from a short waiting room period to a brief meeting with the doc and finally the scheduling of a next appointment. There is a very attractive woman who works at the desk and does the appointment scheduling and all that. Very attractive. I have seen her during our previous visits there, but today she was being particularly friendlier and more talkative. Perhaps because she saw me in disco pants?

I did make the mistake of going there today when I should have gone yesterday. I did find it odd that I would allow a doctor’s appointment to be scheduled on a Friday which is my thrift store day. But there it was in my smartphone calendar. I have to go and find the original appointment card that was given to me back in November when we last were there. I’m sure I was right but once I find this card it will settle the score. Oh well, it gave a chance for this woman and me to talk a little more than usual and to look at her face which is very, very pleasant. And no, I would not ask her out because I’m sure she is and has been off the market for a long time.

After that we make the trip back down the hall, down the elevator and out the back door of the hospital once again. That backyard walk is very nice and serene. It reminds me a bit of the botanic gardens around here. If I had a job there I would spend lunch time outdoors in that area.

Once we departed there it was off to two grocery stores and that was all for the day. The weather turned out to be warmer and sunnier than was forecast. I don’t mind the sunnier but it did start to feel overly warm at times wearing that jacket. But it was great walking weather.

By the way, the doc didn’t say anything about my disco pants. I thought that he might but it’s quite possible he didn’t even notice them. But I think a lot of other people did. It’s good for them to see. We have to remove the novelty effect and freak factor out of guys being seen in spandex disco jeans or any kind of form-fitting pants, shiny pants or leggings. There’s no reason for this. It is 2019 after all.

So I’ve got my seventh wearing for the month and one more will set a new monthly record. Will I wear one tomorrow? It’s very possible. At the moment though I have no plans for going anywhere tomorrow. And Sunday even less. So it’s not all that probably. But we’ll see. For tomorrow I am leaning towards a vintage-style pair–probably a regular black one. As much as I love these pants I don’t really feel I need to wear them everyday. I know I have said that they would be my choice to wear for the rest of my life, but that’s reality. Sometimes I just feel like wearing some skinny jeans. Or I have a particular pair of shoes I want to wear that might not best pair up with disco pants. As Asia once sang, only time will tell. Regardless, I think April stands to be a promising month. I just need to start wearing them early and often. The problem with March is that I could have already set the record, but I wore them only once the first twelve days of the month. One wearing in the first third of the month puts a lot of pressure on the remaining two thirds. Though I picked up the pace a bit in the last two thirds it was a little late in the game and put me in the position of wearing disco pants when I may not necessarily want to or do not have a good reason to wear them. I hope that makes sense. For instance, if I’m only going to the post office tomorrow it is not a good enough reason to put on disco pants. Again, yes, I would love to be in them all the time. But it’s not practical. If I had an endless supply of them then perhaps I could go out in them all the time, be at home in them all the time and even sleep in them. Alas, that is not reality. So I’ll save them for better moments.


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6th Wearing – 2 More For A Record

For the sixth time this month I wore disco pants today. It was a really nice day with temps in the low 60s so I had to find a spring jacket instead of my usual cold weather ones. I chose my American Apparel leather-like hoodie which is a bit looser and longer fitting on me. I have to build the mindset back into wearing the shorter jackets with disco jeans because it’s been a while since I’ve done that. But I’m really in no hurry to get into that warmer weather where only a light jacket will suffice. I am thoroughly enjoying the 40s and 50s weather as it allows me optimal comfort—both physical and mental—when wearing disco pants.

I did pick up my two-tone altered pair late last week. They came out really well and unlike the midnight navy large, this large is a really great fit. It’s still pretty darn tight and fun to wear. I don’t know what was up with that midnight navy pair. It’s probably the loosest large pair of AA disco pants I have ever tried on. Perhaps it was worn too much and/or washed too much and it just loosened up. Or maybe it was just made that way.

For tomorrow I’m feeling a little adventurous. I have to go to a doctor’s office—not for me—and I really feel like wearing a pair of spandex disco jeans. OK, so I’ve worn some to a doc’s office before. But never to this one. And this one is usually packed with patients so it can get uncomfortable especially when you walk in and may have to sit next to someone you don’t know for lack of seating. Two things: first, ever notice when you walk into a waiting room of a doc’s office those sitting there look at you as if they’ve never seen another human before? Why is that? I don’t do that. When I’m already in there I don’t look at who comes in. Or if I do I take a quick glance and that’s all. What is the deal with that? Well, perhaps I’ll give them something to look at tomorrow! Second, ever notice how you never sit right next to someone you don’t know unless you absolutely have to? That I do and I don’t apologize for. In fact, I’ll usually take the farthest seat away as possible from everyone else.

But anyway, yeah, I am entertaining the thought of wearing some tomorrow. And I’m even considering an altered AA pair. The end of this month has kind of crept up on me fast and I’m really in the mood to set a new record for most wearings in a month. And I have two more wearings to go with only three days left! So if I don’t wear tomorrow then I will have to wear both Saturday & Sunday which may be difficult seeing how I like to stay home on Sundays. At this point I really think I am going to end up with a tie at seven wearings. Tomorrow is unsure and Sunday is unlikely. The good thing is tomorrow’s weather will be much different from today’s and it’s back to cold weather coats again. I might just be the first guy if not person to wear disco pants to this particular hospital!

This doctor’s office happens to be in a hospital. So we’d probably park in its lot, but since we’re all a bit broke at the moment I might look for free parking on the street which would make our walk into the main building a lot longer. That would be cool. But then once inside the building we’d have to wait by the elevators for a ride up several floors. After that it’s a walk down a long corridor to the office. Then the only other thing would be the waiting room and how full it is. I would hate to go in disco pants and have a standing room only scene. That’s never happened so it’s probably unlikely. So after sitting in there for a while we would get called into one of the smaller rooms where the doctor comes to see you. In there one of his aides measures the basic vitals and asks a few questions and then we wait for the doc to come in. After that we schedule a follow-up appointment and it’s back down the hall, down the elevator and out the door. Yes, there’s a lot of opportunity for me to be seen in disco pants. But since I’m not the patient, and the chance for the waiting room to be full is not likely, I think it’s a good opportunity to wear spandex jeans. Plus this doc is rather laid back and likes to kid around so he might even make a comment about the pants!

You may be wondering which pants I would wear. It would have to be one of the altered AA ones. Right now I am leaning heavily towards the charcoal but even the two-tone is up there. The t-t really has an athletic look to them so it might take away some of the shock value some people may have of seeing a guy in shiny, skintight pants.

As far as what shoes I will wear I was thinking canvas Converse All Star. But it may be a bit too chilly for that. So I am thinking probably Dr. Martens boots. Or of course I do have my leather All Stars so they are a consideration as well.

I see both girls and guys wearing all sorts of bulky sneakers nowadays with the disco pants and the skinniest of skinny jeans. Back in ’07 when I started wearing skinny jeans and trying to figure out what kind of sneakers were appropriate to wear with them, everything I saw was thin-soled and low-profile. It was Converse. It was Vans. (At that time I mostly wore running shoes which I now regret.) The only exception to bulk was skate shoes so I stocked up on those. There were a lot of very ugly and bulky skate shoes, but there were also some that were very nice and comfortable. The problem was I never found any that I thought looked good with the super skinny jeans. And I read many opinions online that said wearing running shoes with skinny jeans was a big no-no. So I never did it. But I mainly stuck to Converse, Nike Dunks, some Vans. some Adidas and a few skate shoes that weren’t too conflicting with the streamlined, second-skin nature of those jeans.

Eventually I sold every last pair of skate shoes I had—not counting the Vans because even though Vans Authentic and Vans Era were originally created for skateboarding, they are now widely regarded as casual sneakers and you don’t need a slab of wood with wheels on it in order to sport these shoes. The skate sneakers made me feel like a ‘poser.’ That’s teen talk for someone pretending to be something they’re not. I was not a skater nor did I have any intentions of ever attempting to get on a board. I know some of these skaters use their boards as transportation. But I was way beyond that point. For me cars are transportation, bikes are recreation and skateboards are for kids who can’t drive or can’t afford everything that goes with having a car. As a kid growing up, I didn’t have a bike or skateboard so walking was my forte.

So yeah, as I said, I got rid of my skate sneakers. What I bought afterwards was more Converse, both high top and low, and other lower profile sneakers such as Nike Cortez, New Balance 420 and those super-low profile women’s 80s-style canvas sneakers that I wrote about several times in the past. But I do still have some running shoes and bulkier ones at that which I am being led to believe now are okay to be worn with super skinny jeans and even my disco pants. Will I wear them together? That remains to be seen. I like the idea of wearing them with my Nike Cortez and New Balance 420 but I’m hesitant with some of the other types.

The bigger concern is tomorrow. Right now I’d say the likelihood of me wearing spandex disco jeans is 90%. But anything going wrong early tomorrow can change that. Even wearing my skintight Lucky jeans would be an accomplishment. The truth is, most people who go to this doc are older and they don’t really have a sense of style anymore so anything different to them can be shocking and reason for staring. But that just comes with the territory of wearing shiny disco pants or tight jeans. So at best I will wear a pair of altered AA disco pants. At worst I will wear a pair of skintight dark blue Nudie skinny jeans.

There was a pair of yellow, vintage disco pants on eBay recently that sold for $102.50. I had never seen a vintage, yellow pair in the last six years that I have been buying them. They sold for more than I was willing to pay. But the interesting thing about them is that while they have the Bojeangles brand tag on the back pocket, there is a tag on the inside that says “Contempo Casuals”. Take a look:

s-l1600 - 2019-03-19T212415.322


I don’t know what that’s all about. Perhaps it was a store that decided to add its own brand name to the pants. That’s the only thing I could come up with. Another item of note is that while most pictures portray the pants as bright yellow, it appears gold in one photo. And nowhere in the description did the seller mention the color which I also considered particularly strange.

Finally, there is another unique color of vintage spandex jeans for sale on eBay. This one is also Bojeangles brand and is described as a rust color. I’d guess the official name as copper but who knows. Here’s a pic:

s-l1600 - 2019-03-26T204108.204

It’s a great color! I would totally get it but it’s priced at $180 and not affordable at this time. I’d have to sell several of my own to be able to get this one. Hopefully, no one buys it for a while or at least I can work something out. We’ll see.

If I do end up wearing disco pants to the doc’s tomorrow I write another post about it either tomorrow night or over the weekend. It’s going to be in the 40s with extensive cloudiness and some rain so the pants won’t be all that noticeable.


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Old Frederick’s Catalog From 1996

I was a bit disappointed the last few days because I was expecting to have my 2-tone AA disco pants by now. When I called in on Wednesday to pick it up I was told I’d have to wait till Saturday. That’s bad in itself but had I not called in and just went there I would have wasted a trip and walked out empty-handed. So tomorrow it is. Hopefully.

Today I got in my fifth wearing for this month of March. The weather is in full cooperative mode and we are now officially in spring. I just don’t want it to get too hot too soon. Let’s keep it right around 60°, weather gods. Most of my jackets that fall under the category of 60°+ cool weather are short and I’m not quite ready to consistently pair the short jackets with spandex disco jeans. Though ultimately that is my goal. I want to wear shiny spandex jeans in the 70-80° of summer only with t-shirts. Beyond those temps, well, it’s back to disco pant shorts. For now, however, let’s just keep it cool enough that I can comfortably wear spandex disco pants yet warm enough that I can wear my canvas Converse sneakers without getting cold feet.

Check out this really cool photo:


This is from a Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog from 1996. 1996! I had no idea you could still purchase these pants in 1996. Yet there they are, still being sold and made at that time. If you look carefully at them you will see some differences between these and the ones Frederick’s sold in the late 70s. These have more of a tapered leg. That is the biggest significant difference. Gone were the original straight leg fit version. And it’s also quite surprising because baggy and loose fit were in their prime in 1996. Tight, tapered jeans were a thing of the past.

Also of note in this photo is the term Frederick’s used for these pants. Mind you, this is their item. They can call it whatever they want. But the name they gave it was nylon/spandex jeans which I find 100% appropriate. I know I have written about this before, but it bears repeating. These composition of these pants was always a majority of nylon with a much smaller percentage of lycra spandex. We’re talking about 9 to 1. So why do we leave out the nylon when we refer to these pants? I really like the nylon/spandex jeans name. I’m going to start using it frequently but I will also continue to use the other terms otherwise some of the younger folks who are interested in these pants might not ever find this blog!

Look at the price back in 1996: $44! Forty-four dollars for these amazing pants! And they came in five colors—silver, white, black, pink and gold. I have a pair of these in silver and I should note that the quality of these is not up to the standard of the originals. They are still great but they are more prone to damage due to overstretching. And these are somewhat shinier as well. Which I love. It’s not written there but on the pair I have it says something to the effect of 85% nylon & 15% spandex. I just wonder when they stopped selling these. And who was wearing these in the mid 90s.

Take a look at another photo, apparently from another catalog from 1996:

s-l1600 - 2019-03-17T181013.746

These are also called nylon/spandex jeans but they look quite different from the others, don’t they? These are severely lacking in shine. They are also only available in four colors vs. the five of the other kind. The product number is the same, though (80572). I would never want a pair of these based on the fit pics. What happened to the shine? They look pretty shiny in the small pic of the four colors but not in the pics of the models wearing them. This is also from a 1996 Frederick’s catalog but I suppose not the same one. Could it be that eventually the shine was really toned down sometime later in the year? You can see how boring these pants become without their traditional shine. They are basically just another pair of jeans.

I thought about picking up some old Frederick’s catalogs on ebay but I don’t want to start collecting these things just for the sake of one item. Would be nice if someone who has the catalogs could just archive them online. That would definitely help better understand the history of this wonderful garment.

How about that price? And still made in the USA at that time. But as I wrote, the price reflects the slightly diminished quality, plastic zipper and different fit. Interesting, too is that they were junior sizes 3-15. I don’t know much about women’s clothing sizes but isn’t a size 15 a bit large for a junior? Based on my knowledge of what sizes fit me best in terms of these pants, a 15 would be rather large for me and I’m not even in the best of shape. The silver one I have is a size 11/12 and it’s a skintight fit.

That’s it for this post. Hoping to get my two-tone tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes. And it’s the 22nd of the month and I have five ‘nylon/spandex jeans’ wearings with a whole week-and-then-some to go. I’ve been wrong before but this could really be a record month. Only three more wearings to set a new one! And I’m already doing 44% better this year than last year by this point. I love statistics!

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Altered 2-Tone in the Works

Today I took my size large, two-tone AA disco pants to get altered. It’ll be a week before these awesome pants get done. I can’t wait to see how they turn out. I only tried them on once and they were surprisingly tight on the waist. Tighter than any other large AA disco pant I have ever tried on. That’s good because I don’t want loose fitting disco pants and because I would rather not alter the medium I have—not only because I’d like to keep them as is but also because they are already showing some signs of wear from the couple times I wore them out and for photo shoots. That’s the price you pay for skintight disco pants!

I went there wearing my altered brown AA disco pants. Felt great being in them. Wore a slightly longer jacket on top. And white Converse sneakers. The weather was absolutely great for disco pants and sneakers today. Tomorrow will be again and thus I plan on wearing disco jeans then, too. And even though Friday will drop twenty degrees from tomorrow’s high temperature, it will still be perfect disco pants weather so I’ll make it three in a row. Once you start wearing these thing you don’t want to stop, you know? Anyone else feel this way about them? I know there were some girls famous for always being seen in disco pants, including Zoe Sugg, better known as ‘Zoella’. She became famous for, well, being famous. I won’t be too mean to her though because she was a devoted disco pants wearer, even beyond their peak popularity. Of course now at the ancient age of 28 she probably wouldn’t be caught dead in them. I don’t know any others by name but if you look around online long enough you’ll find some really diehard fans who had the pants in a number of colors.

While I’m on the subject I would like to salute all the women, younger and older alike, who still wear disco pants. And I know there are a number of them as well and I really appreciate them for not just being blind followers of fashion. OK, so AA is still selling disco pants which technically means they’re not out of fashion. But it is safe to say that their initial peak has passed and there are many fashionistas and fashionista-wannabes who would not touch them with a ten-foot pole or even admit to having worn them at some point. But I don’t want to focus on them. I want to focus and celebrate the ones who still wear them. If you look around on various social media you will find some who frequently wear their disco pants even now in 2019. I even made a friend with one who has them in various colors and appears to wear them regularly. With my luck of course, she is taken. But she looks very, very, very nice in her disco pants and fills them very richly.

This reminds me of a comment someone left on one of my posts a while ago. The guy thought I was gay because I am into spandex disco pants. I thought that was weird. I don’t see what a preference for a certain garment would have to do with one’s sexual orientation. I’m sure many hetero guys would love to wear spandex—disco pants or other—in public, but they have been so beaten down by societal tradition and the talk of ‘manning up’ that their brains will not even allow for the possibility to consider wearing that other than as a joke or a Halloween costume. Yet isn’t it ironic that the two sports they love so dearly–football & baseball–feature men wearing tight, spandex pants and in the case of football, tight and shiny! I find that so ironic it’s laughable. I must admit I have never followed either of those sports, but in the past before I started buying spandex disco pants I did watch some college football only because the players’ shiny spandex pants reminded me so much of disco jeans! I probably never watched any full games but I sure rooted for the team with the shinier pants, lol. And I refuse to believe that some of those guys did not fully enjoy wearing those pants in the public eye. Who knows, perhaps that’s even why some of them chose to play football in the first place.

After I get the altered two-tone pants my next priority will be the midnight navy in medium. I’m just so pleased with the two altered mediums I already have in charcoal and brown that I want the midnight as well. And I’m going to go with the new pair I have. I thought I had three mediums in this color but apparently I only have two so I’m going with the new pair. I figure I am going to give it a good amount of wear so might as well go with a sturdy new one. If I ever branch out into leggings-type I’ll wear the used one I picked up not too long ago.

There’s currently a brown medium on ebay for only $250! Get it while you can!! There’s also a used cranberry red for $188 and the (fake) lavender one still there for $150. How much are you guys willing to pay for disco pants? Particularly for harder-to-find ones. I’m not willing to pay all that much unless it’s a brand new pair of the vintage type or it’s a color that I really want. In terms of AA pants the only color I still really want is forest green but I won’t be paying anywhere near $100 for it.

That’s all for now. Look forward to my next disco jeans excursion.

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Cranberry Red AA Disco Pants

Well, I finally got my cranberry red American Apparel disco pants and now I have every solid color that has ever been available in these pants. This one is a size small and it fits like a second skin. Great fit and look. I took some really good pics. And I am very happy I accomplished my goal of getting every color and taking the best photos I could wearing each.

So does this mean I’m done buying AA disco pants? I am absolutely done buying certain colors. Royal blue, (any and all) purple, midnight navy, red and freesia are some I have no intentions of acquiring more pairs of. But I still have my projects in mind and will continue to look out for pearl, black, and the ever scarce forest green.

Today I just received a spare black pair I ordered last week to use for altering my two-tone and possibly a solid black pair later on. This pair is in terrible shape but only cost two dollars and the areas that will be used to alter my other pairs are just fine. Thus, tomorrow I will take a trip to the cleaners with this weather-beaten pair and my large two-tone. I’m thinking of having a midnight navy in medium done as well but I have to find the medium I want to alter and I’m not sure I have enough material from the previous midnight navy job. The tailor used material from only one leg of the spare pair to alter the large midnight navy. Since the medium will also need to be lengthened I’m not sure she will have sufficient material to line up the seams properly as she did for the brown pair. And she is very difficult to find at the store. I’ll take it with me just in case (provided I find the medium I want to alter before tomorrow).

I’m still on the fence about altering a solid black AA pair. I have plenty of the vintage style disco pants so technically I don’t need it. But there’s something about the AA pants that look really good. And then there’s the question of do I alter a medium or a large or both? Further questions include do I look for USA-made pairs to alter or buy the new Mexican-made pairs? I really don’t like having used pairs altered unless they’re in like-new condition.

And I’m still strongly considering having pearl disco pants altered. The same questions arise for pearl as for black. Do I buy new ones or look for used ones? Medium or large? Both?

The weather here is finally becoming what I officially call ‘disco pants weather.’ Forties & fifties with some sixties forecast for this week. Today was already good enough to wear spandex disco jeans but I decided to go with my skintight Lucky jeans. I really like those. But tomorrow I told myself that I will surely wear disco pants and I may even wear them the next three days in a row. I might go with a vintage black tomorrow, AA brown on Thursday and AA charcoal on Friday. Or any other combination. All depends on my mood and what shoes I feel like wearing. I think the next few days I can give the various boots a rest and go back to my Converse sneakers. Looking forward to that!

Last week I saw an episode of Charlie’s Angels on TV and it was a post-Farah Fawcett one with one of the girls—Cheryl Lynn—in red disco pants. Her pants had a big white label in the back. Boy, she sure did love wearing disco pants on that show, ay? Can’t blame her! I’ll have to eventually do a post about that one.

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Red AA Disco Pants

Finally within a few days or a a week or so I shall have the very last color I needed of AA disco pants. Yes, soon I will join that very small circle of people who own AA disco pants in all seventeen solid colors. That is a real thrill for any lover of disco pants!

Recently I received an original red pair. This has become a hard color to come by due to AA not restocking it once it sold out some months ago. I was fortunate to find an American-made pair for a good price. The size was small and seeing how I’ve been able to fit into this size in forest green, midnight navy and pink I decided to grab it in red and I am certainly glad I did. The fit is absolutely perfect and I am starting to think that small in these pants is the best size for me. Some waistband stitches snapped as I stretched it to the max to button up but that’s okay. I have an amazing pair of second-skin, shiny red disco pants. There is just something about shiny, red spandex disco jeans that makes a statement. This is my first red pair since the once I bought new from AA back in June 2012.

The other day I decided to try on the very first pair of disco pants I ever found at a thrift store. It was a small black. When I first tried them on back then (October 2016) I gave up as I could not get them buttoned up. After really forcing the issue recently I succeeded. I may have lost some weight since then but it was still a struggle. There are many miles to go, as they say. But anyway I think that I will get them on again and take some great pics in them. Oddly enough, I don’t have any photos of myself in black AA disco pants that I think are really great. Probably because I focused so much more on getting good photos in the vintage type black pairs. So now I will try to get good pics in them and the one final color on the way and my AA disco pant portfolio will be complete!

I have put together a collage of my very best photos in AA disco pants. One for each color. It stands right now at sixteen photos. Included is one of my two-tone pair. Once I get a good black one I’ll probably remove the two-tone but I’m not sure cause the two-tone is so nice, shiny and tight. Then I’ll do the cranberry red and the portfolio will be really finished.

Even though these are my best photos there are some I may still redo. Ideally I would like to have each photo focus on completely different complimentary pieces to the disco pants, just as each pic will have a different disco pant. In terms of shoes, the current sixteen photos feature twelve different shoes and thirteen different tops. I have enough different shoes to accomplish this but I feel the shoes are less important than the tops. But as I look over the photos the only ones that really stand out to me as needing to be redone are the freesia and the rich purple. I have to think over what color and type of top to wear with the freesia pants, while the rich purple mainly needs a re-shoot due to its color be incredibly difficult to capture correctly.

Finally on Friday I wore disco pants out. After nearly a month I donned a pair and went thrift shopping. Which one did I wear? I went with the altered charcoal medium. It’s such a great pair I cannot say enough good about it. And while I really lament the fact that nobody else is wearing disco pants around here, it’s also nice that I am wearing something nobody else is.

In terms of thrift store finds I cannot say there was too much to write home about. The best find was a pair of Hue black leather-like leggings/jeggings that had faux front pockets and faux zipper flap while having actual back pockets and a coin pocket up front. A little short on me and not as tight as ideal up top. But I’ll try them on again and perhaps take some pics. Also found a pair of very thin, lightweight Levi’s 510 skinny jeans. They’re pretty stretchy and I just know they will be too short for me but I look forward to trying them on. Oh and last week I found a really nice pair of Lucky Brand Authentic 1 men’s skinny jeans. There were two pairs of this kind of jean, the other being a darker wash but ripped. As I don’t wear ripped jeans I left it hanging there. Anytime I have come across a pair of Lucky jeans while thrifting it always turns out to be a bootcut monstrosity. This was the first time I found a skinny one and two at that! So when I got home I tried on the lighter wash pair I purchased and it was a very nice tight fit. I particularly liked the cut of these jeans because the lower legs were not tapered as many skinny jeans feature. They don’t grip the ankles and as a result I have a greater choice of footwear to wear with them. They reminded me of my old high school Levi’s jeans which were very tight at the crotch and bum, through the thighs and knees and then a straight leg down to the ankles—what I call a perfect-fitting pair of jeans. My only gripe with these jeans is the factory wash which in areas looks too forced and fake. Also, at first I thought I would be disappointed with its button-fly, but it turned out that since the jeans are so tight on me on that area it seems the button fly keeps it more securely fastened than a zipper might.

So while I’m always looking out for great new spandex disco pants for my collection I’m also still on the lookout for that perfect pair of jeans—my high school pair being the standard. I’m pretty sure my perfect pair will have to be a pre-owned one since that old pair of Levi’s was also pre-owned and all the great yet less-than-perfect pairs I have acquired since I’ve been thrifting have all been used as well. One thing I will absolutely not do again is spend a hundred dollars or more on brand new designer jeans. That makes no sense at all.

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