Spandex Disco Jeans in 1977?

It’s August now and I have my first disco pant wearing for the month. It’s also my 30th wearing for the year which equals last year’s total. And virtually 5 months to go before the year is up! By the way, I ended up with 7 wearings last month. I may try to surpass that amount this month. Actually a fun goal might be to try to get more wearings with each month until it gets too cold to wear them.

An interesting development occurred last night. I came across a French music group called “Belle Epoque.” They were a singing/dancing group of 3 or 4 individuals and there are videos of them on YouTube. The lead singer of the group, Evelyne Lenton (Evy), is wearing what appears to be none other than black disco pants in several of the videos. Here is one of them:

Belle Epoque – Black Is Black

The thing that is throwing me off here is that this video and at least one other that I saw are both labelled as being from 1977. The show they happen to be on in these videos was a German show called “Star Parade” which ran from 1968-1980. I cannot verify if the 1977 date is correct on these videos. The problem is I was convinced spandex disco pants were invented in 1978 after the “Grease” movie craze of that year’s summer. If these videos are really from 1977 that throws my theory completely out the window. Another possibilty though is that Ms. Lenton is wearing the same kind of pants Olivian Newton-John wore in Grease, namely sharkskin pants from the 1950s. After all, if you look at her pants carefully in the videos, they seem to have a belt similar to the one that was built into Olivia’s pants. I have written about this before but yes, Olivia’s pants had a belt closure, no back pockets and no stretch either. The zipper was broken. Did I mention they were 0% stretch? Remember, she had to be literally sewn into those pants for the movie in order for them to fit skintight. So while many young ladies may believe that “Sandy” wore the very first (spandex) disco pants ever, they were far different from the real disco pants that came out shortly after and the ones that American Apparel started producing in 2008.

So is that what Evy is wearing in these videos? Or is she really wearing spandex disco jeans? I can’t imagine anyone dancing around in skintight non-stretch pants, other than for the sake of making a scene for a film as Olivia did. And if my memory serves me well, she didn’t move around all that much or make any terribly strenuous moves during that final scene.

belle epoque2belle-epoque-french-vocal-pop-trio-about-1978-with-evelyn-lenton-in-FFNGW9

So I don’t know what kind of pants those are. They sure look like spandex disco pants. But 1977? Have I been wrong in my belief that disco pants came out in 1978? Or was this something custom made for her? That is a possibility, too. I sure wish I could ask Evy. That would help tremendously!

Still, if those were a custom-made garment it would imply that disco pants in general were not a commercially available item. Not to the general public. Perhaps I am still correct that they did not become available until after the Grease craze in the summer of ’78. All the evidence I have come across up until now pointed to 1978 as the year that these pants were becoming ubiquitous on television. And the year they started showing up on album covers.

I guess I will keep doing further research as evidence allows and see what I can come up with.

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A New Record!

If you had told me that I would set a record number of monthly disco pant wearings during a summer month I would have said you are cray cray. I would have gotten up and started doing the Backpack Kid dance. But it happened. This is July and I have worn disco pants seven times (days) this month. And there are still two days to go. I’m pretty sure I will not get up to nine but it is possible I may end up with eight. That’s my big news for today.

I wore my favorite old pair of Le’Gambi black spandex jeans today. It’s the one with the small rectangular label on the back. I went to Kohl’s, then a relative’s house(!), a wings place and finally a Family Dollar store.

So going to Kohl’s in disco pants is nothing new for me. It’s the place I started wearing them after only wearing them at a place of worship. But then we went to one of my relative’s house to take her some fruit. That was a new experience. I have never worn spandex jeans to ANY relative’s house. But I didn’t even sweat it or think twice about it. The wings place was a fast food restaurant so I didn’t really care about that. Finally, the Family Dollar store is also a place I believe I have worn them to so no biggie. What was interesting is that I looked at people more directly today, both with and without sunglasses. And I noticed many of them looking at my pants. At Kohl’s I saw some people clearly looking down at them. At the wings place there were two women sitting down on the side as I stood ordering. I know they noticed my pants because as I turned around to leave the place I saw them looking at me. And at the dollar store I saw the people in the long line behind me check me out as I paid and made my way to the door. So people are noticing. Even weirder people who seem to have their own different styles going. All the while I am less self-conscious and feeling more relaxed as I wear them here and there. Serious progress!

There is one thing I have found myself doing more lately. On a day when I know I’m going ANew Recordout and I start getting dressed to go, I’ll pull out a pair of shiny disco pants and put them on, even though my mind’s not really set on wearing them. Perhaps even there was no intention of wearing them that day. But I’ll put them on and I can’t bring myself to take them off. So I decide to wear them. That’s what happened today. I was uncertain about wearing spandex jeans today. I was feeling more like wearing some very skinny jeans with my Air Jordan 4s. But after putting on the shiny nylon/spandex trousers I decided I was going out in them. And I paired them with my Air Jordans which may be safe for me to say that perhaps I am the only guy ever to wear disco pants with Air Jordan 4 sneakers. Perhaps even the only person ever but I’m not sure I can go that far. Regardless, it was my first time with that pairing and it looked a lot better than I thought it would. Come to think of it, maybe some of those guys who I saw looking down at my pants were actually looking at my kicks. These Jordans are a rare model and sold out rather quickly when they came out. Whatever. I don’t really care what they were looking at. I know I felt good in my vintage disco pants and 1989-style Air Jordan sneakers.

This is the first time I’ve worn this Le’Gambi pair in over two months. They really are a perfect-fitting pair in every way so I’d like to preserve them by not wearing them too often. I do have about six other Le’Gambi pants in black so I don’t have to wear these regularly. I did wear them a lot in 2012 when I didn’t have as many. This pair is the perfect tightness, perfect shine & perfect length.

A few more interesting (to me anyway) statistics:

  • today was the first Sunday of 2018 that I wore disco pants
  • today was the first Sunday since 2016 that I wore disco pants
  • the last place I wore disco pants on a Sunday before today was church

I find that interesting. I had not realized that it’s been so long since I wore spandex jeans on a Sunday! I need to make better use of those pants on the day of rest!



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AA Disco Pants Rolling In

Some people may wonder why or how I could spend the last six years blogging about something as trivial (to them) as spandex disco jeans. Well, there are blogs about everything nowadays. But there weren’t any about disco pants. So I started one. It’s not a “disco pants expert” type thing but rather someone who is just passionate about these pants and has been since childhood. Admittedly, these pants fell out of fashion during a large portion of my younger years and the only places to catch glimpses of them during those years were on television, record covers or magazines. But this is also very therapeutic for me. With all the problems going on in the world and my own personal share of them, thinking about and writing about spandex jeans is an altogether very effective escape from all those woes. When I’m writing here this topic is all I’m thinking about. And not that there may not be benefits to visiting a therapist, this is a lot cheaper!

I’m sure there are people out there who know a lot more about these pants than I do. There are some with huge collections. They could provide much more insight and history than I ever could. But they choose not to blog about it. So with my obsessive weirdness, I do.

Now to the good stuff….

Yesterday marked my 28th wearing of disco pants for 2018. I had 30 for the entire year of 2017. I’m a statistics junkie so bear with me. From June to July 2017 I had a single wearing. During the same period this year I have ten already and July is not quite over. I know I have at least one more wearing before the month is up. My disco pant shorts were worn eleven times during this period last year. This year, five. I don’t mind having less wearings of the shorts this year vs. last because I have a lot more wearings of the pants. And that’s really why the shorts’ wearings are down. Last year I was substituting the shorts for the pants due to the weather, having to carry some kind of bag, my weight issues, etc. This year I have, in a sense, thrown caution to the wind and have been wearing the pants even though it’s hot out; even though I need to carry a messenger bag to hold my essentials; even though the weather doesn’t permit a jacket to be worn in order to cover up my upper body weight. My attitude has changed to “life is very uncertain now, more than ever before, and who knows when I’m going to reach my ideal weight so I’m going to try to make it a little better by wearing disco pants.” But yes, this is clearly going to be a record year and if I’m wearing them this much in the summer I can only imagine what autumn will bring!

A few days ago I received the pearl and deep peacock disco pants from American Apparel. They fit absolutely perfect. Both are size medium. In fact, I was so pleased with their fit that I entertained the thought of getting the few other colors of AA pants I don’t yet have. That would include midnight and royal, though royal seems to not be available in medium anymore and appears to be the next casualty of the rainbow of disco pants AA has for sale. I’m not terribly disappointed–that is, that I never got a pair in royal; I am concerned that the selling out of another color which is not being replaced could signify the second and possibly final demise of the AA disco pant. However, just for completist’s sake I should look around for new or lightly-used royal and red pairs.

I have pretty much given up on my idea to convert AA skinny disco pants in charcoal to straight leg fit. As I wrote in the last post the inseam is too short and wouldn’t look right on a tall person such as myself. I did however examine the H&M dark gray disco pants I own and they appear to have a longer inseam. So there may exist a possibility in them. But, I did go ahead and order two pairs of the dark grey Chinese disco pants on Aliexpress since this one particular seller changed his shipping to free. Ideally I wanted to order two large and two XL but I figured I will gamble on the large being the perfect fit.

This particular seller is unique in that he has both ‘light gray’ and ‘dark gray’ for sale. I’m guessing the light gray might be silver but I cannot be sure. I ordered the dark gray and once I get the two pairs modded I may order the light gray and see if it’s really gray or not.

I already have the navy and am still awaiting the white and now the dark gray. Once I receive all of them I will take them in to be reconfigured. I’m really particularly excited abou the dark grey ones.

Other than that I am not awaiting any more pairs of disco pants. I really need to slow down now in terms of buying more. I may have to thin the lot a bit. Just a bit. Problem is, shiny spandex jeans are no longer selling for the prices they were around six years ago. If you want to sell you either have to drop prices drastically or sit and wait till someone is willing to pay your price. As for me, unless I’m selling a pair I don’t care much for, I have to get my price and if that means a year or two, I can wait.

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Perhaps No Charcoal Straight Leg Fit After All…

The good news is I wore disco pants today. Perhaps it wasn’t the AA version that I really wanted to, but at least they were disco pants and I was glad to do it. I went with my trust new Le’Gambi size 4 in black. It’s my fifth wearing of the month and I really believe I am going to set a record month. With a full two-and-a-half weeks to go before July ends, I’m looking at another three wearings for a total of eight. And that might be on the low side!

The bad news is that I may not be able to get the charcoal pants modded. I did some measurements last evening and their hems are from 2.5 to 3 inches shorter than the Chinese pants and my fave vintage pair of black Le’Gambi’s that are perfect length. Check out the photos:

DSC08188 (2)aDSC08190 (2)a

The top photo is of the AA pants and Chinese pants. There’s about a 3 inch difference there. The lower photo is of the AA pants and the old Le’Gambi pants. There’s a good two inch difference there. The problem is as I have written that those Le’Gambi pants fit me at a perfect length. I never have to hem them at all and sometimes when I wear my low-top Converse they would appear to benefit from an extra half-inch or so of length. That being the case, I don’t think I could get away with wearing the shorter, modded AA pants even with high tops. It won’t work. I’m too tall. My legs are too long. I could try wearing the pants a little lower but with such a high rise I don’t know how that would fly.

This was an issue I never at all considered with the Asian pants. I had not even bothered to consider much less measure their inseam to see if there would be a similar problem. And I was lucky because there were no issues. As you can see the Chinese dupes are quite long. That was my saving grace. And this is too much uncertainty to risk destroying two perfectly good pairs of charcoal disco pants that are already a rare commodity. I know what you’re thinking: “well, you’d still have a great pair of disco pant cutoff shorts.” That is true but at the price of having two less charcoal pants and about $60 in the hole? Not worth it. The only way I would take my chances with this project is if AA was still selling this color. I’d have a pair modded and if they really ended up being too short I’d wear them only in the winter with my Ugg or Emu boots. Otherwise, I still have two options as I mentioned in my last post: get the Chinese disco pants and have them modded, which is something I would most likely have done in addition to getting the AA pants done anyway; take the two pairs that I have of H&M disco pants in gray and transform them. I feel less hesitant about cutting them up then I do the AA ones. However, I still have to measure their inseam to see if it would be a viable endeavor.

H&M disco pants are very inexpensive compared to AA ones, and that applies to both new and used. Even though you cannot buy new ones from H&M anymore you can still find some online being sold by private sellers. I picked up two brand new pairs last year for $20-25.

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New AA Disco Pants

So I ordered two pairs of AA disco pants last night. And I also picked up two more pairs of the white Chinese disco pants. I figured I will have these whites used to make a modded pair and some shorts. Still awaiting the charcoal pairs. Once I have the whites and the charcoals I will take them and the navys to the tailor to have made. Yeah, it’ll cost a pretty penny but I will have some very nice and unique pairs of spandex disco jeans.

The ones I got from AA are deep peacock and pearl. I haven’t had peacock since 2012. I never really got into that color until my recent vintage teal pair. I thought it would be a good idea to get one before they sell out. My fear is that Gildan (the new owner of AA) is not going to keep these pants around as long as AA did. Their plan to sell these in charcoal never came to fruition. Red has just sold out and is not being replaced. Though I should see if I could chat online with someone and ask about that. The truth is that one day these pants will not be made anymore which means they will be totally out of style. The out-of-style part is not such a great concern for me cause I’ll still be wearing them. But it also means that you will not be able to buy them new anymore unless you get them from someone who is stashing away pairs for that dreaded rainy day. Currently, you can still get them new from AA and you can get them new and used from ebay, Etsy, Poshmark, Depop & Mercari among others.

After my first pair of red AA disco pants which I got back in 2012, I never bought another. I sold that pair and have been without that style in red since. Why did I never get another? I think I felt content enough with my several pairs in red of the original, vintage style version. Plus then I ended up getting a few of those Asian pairs in red. But now that the red AAs are gone I do feel I should have picked up a pair. And not even just because they’re gone. Also because now I am feeling I can really wear the AA style out and while red is a really loud color I imagine that sometime this year I will wear red disco pants. Regardless they are a nice color to have even if just for the sake of taking photos.

Today I received a medium pair of the charcoal disco pants. Now I am really excited about getting my classic fit pants made. I have three in this color and all medium. I am still awaiting the large to arrive. After I have all four I will decide exactly which one will be modded into straight fit and which one will become shorts. Yes, it still pains me to think that one pair will be cut up but I will make a lot of use out of both finished products.

One thing I still have to consider is inseam. Inseam has never been an issue for me with AA disco pants. Since these pants have plenty of up/down stretch they have never been too short on me. In fact there has always been plenty of material bunched up at the ankles when I’ve worn them. The reason being that they cling to your legs due to the leggings-like fit. That small leg opening doesn’t all for them to creep up. So my concern is that once the small leg opening is increased by adding material, there will be nothing to keep that part of the pants clinging to the lower legs. And if that’s the case I will end up with a pair of disco pants that are too short. And it means I will have wasted a perfect pair of charcoal disco pants and the money that went with the ordeal.

The key for me is to measure and compare the inseams of the charcoal pants, the Chinese pants and some of my vintage ones that were just a wee bit short on me. Those numbers should tell me the full story. But there is a very real possibility that this might not work out how I want it. I have to be 100% certain that it will or I must drop the project and just proceed with the Asian pairs. That means no charcoal shorts either as I refuse to destroy a perfectly good pair that cost $40. I’ll just get the dark gray Chinese ones and work with those. Or perhaps just take the two pairs of gray H&M disco pants I have and complete the project with them (again, inseam issues permitting).

One of my very first pairs of spandex disco jeans was a silver Frederick’s which had been hemmed/cut short and were unwearable to me outside of tucking them into tallish boots. And no amount of pulling down on them helped make them longer. That’s one advantage skinny disco pants have over straight leg ones. The skinny ones can have a much shorter inseam yet still cover your whole legs or reach far enough down to your shoes. The straight leg ones cannot. And even if the skinny ones don’t reach far enough down it still looks fine because they look like leggings and there’s no definitive length for leggings.

My large pair of charcoal pants which are yet to come will have a slightly longer inseam but it still may not be enough. I will measure what I can later on and report back at another time.

For now though I am really wanting to wear AA disco pants out again. I haven’t worn any spandex jeans this week and I am eager to do so but specifically the skintight AA ones. Tomorrow is my thrift store day and I’m even entertaining the idea of wearing a charcoal pair. But I don’t know. I’ll settle for wearing the large black ones again.

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First AA Disco Pant Summer Wearing!

Guess what? I wore my American Apparel black disco pants today! Yes, I did!! I know it’s not the first time I wore these pants, but it is the first time I wore them in summer. There were no tall boots to hide behind today.

I pulled out my large pair which I bought on ebay a couple of years ago. This is one from the original made-in-the-USA stock. They fit very comfortably. In terms of my ideal fit I would prefer tighter up top. But these are great nonetheless. I put them on and rolled up the hems about 4 widths. I thought that would give them a more sporty look and less of a full leggings look. Then I slipped on my white high top Converse and I was ready to go. I loved the look! Oh, and I wore a bright green checked shirt to kind of distract from the pants.

Considering that I dressed like this on a Saturday and went to a really busy store (that I really dislike may I add) I was rather impressed with myself. By the way, the store is Sam’s Club. I hate any store where I have to wait a long time to pay for the items I need and then go to another line where I have to show proof that I paid. Not only that but  they’ve been allowing pushy, outside marketers/salespeople to set up shop in strategic areas of the store and try to sell you things you don’t want or need. Furthermore, there are a lot of rude small business owners who shop there and cut in front of you and are very annoying. They act as though the world is ending right now. Regardless, I saw at least one woman looking down in the direction of my pants. Nothing else there but then again I don’t continually peruse the scene to see if anyone’s looking at me. I want to appear relaxed, comfortable and as though I couldn’t care less what anyone thinks.

After there I went to Dunkin Donuts and there was a guy sitting by the window who saw me as I was walking towards the doors. I’m sure that after I passed him inside the store he looked again and wondered what the heck I was wearing. Or maybe not. Finally, I stopped at a Walgreens to drop something off. This particular Walgreens has mirrors up on the wall as you go towards one end of the store. These mirrors are tilted down so that you can see who is in the aisles. I looked at my reflection in them and felt I really looked good. I didn’t want to go to this store initially but I forced myself to walk around and be seen in these pants. The more you do that the less inhibition you have about it.

And that was it. I consider today to be a milestone day. Did something new and different in regards to disco pants. And I enjoyed it. In fact, I even started thinking about getting some other colors in a size similar to this black one to wear out. Perhaps not the really loud colors but in all honesty AA currently only has black, navy, royal, pearl, peacock & menthe. The red sold out some weeks ago and they haven’t restocked. I’m wondering if that’s some kind of a harbinger. But I can definitely see myself wearing the navy, royal and pearl. Of course I already have charcoal, brown, navy, hunter green, gold, purple and menthe. But most if not all of them are medium or small.  Regardless, I have to think most anyone who saw me today probably thought I was wearing running tights or some kind of spandex athletic compression wear. Our society has grown so casual that you can combine your exercise gear with casual clothing and wear them together as a casual outfit. I think that’s great. That’s one of the things I love about this modern day and age. Even in the late 70’s and 80’s when the original disco pant were in style, most no one would wear them just to go out shopping or run other errands. They were considered a ‘nighttime’ or ‘party’ or ‘clubbing’ or ‘dancing’ or ‘concert’ or ‘special occasion’ garment. (However, for the hard-core fan all bets were off and they were worn anytime and anywhere). Nowadays disco pants are a much more casual item of clothing to be worn in most any scenario.

Last night I purchased two pairs of charcoal AA disco pants. One is a medium the other a large. Both were described as new without tags. And I got each for about $40. So finally, I can have my modded pair made up and a pair of shorts made. I am really excited about this. I have been wanting a pair of vintage fit disco pants in the AA gray color since forever and soon it will happen. Now I have to reevaluate whether I should get some of those gray Chinese disco pants I was thinking about. I probably still will but I wish they cost less.

That’s my news for today. Another point is I’ve got two wearings in a row now. Don’t know if I’m going anywhere tomorrow but if I do I will be sure to wear at the very least some disco pants shorts (aka mid-length m/leggings) if not some pair of disco pants.

Oh yeah, someone at home did ask me today if my AA disco pants weren’t too tight. I said no and that they’re very stretchy. That question was followed by ‘aren’t they too hot to wear in this weather?’ Again I said no and that they’re very lightweight and better than jeans in hot weather. I also added that they are good for folks with back problems, which I do suffer from. Another excuse to wear them and often!

Something I need to seriously think about is where to go from here. Should I try to wear these at least once a week now? Should I wear them without the hems rolled up? Should I start thinking about what color to wear next even though I don’t have any other AA pants in size large? I have a thrift store navy pair which is size small and fits amazing, but am I ready to wear it out? Ditto for the dark green. I have a few pairs of the charcoal in medium, but the made-in-USA pairs fit tighter than the new made-in-Mexico pairs so the mediums will still be a completely skintight fit. But since I have a large on the way I may be able to start with it and then slowly ‘downsize.’ We’ll see how all that goes.


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Disco Pants All The Time

I’m currently in one of those moods/modes where I just wanna think about, talk about and wear disco pants, disco pant shorts or even shiny leggings.

I wore my Chinese modded black dupes today but I almost wore a pair of AA disco pants. To make myself look good, I’ll just say I opted to go with the Asian pair because it was really hot today and they are much thinner. The truth is I’m still a bit hesitant to get into super skinny disco pants and get out there. But I was even toying with the idea of wearing the skinny version and rolling up the hems a bit for a modern look and a summery feel.

I feel as though I am almost there in terms of wearing the AA pants. Mind you, I did wear them a few times this past winter but, as mentioned before, they were tucked into my tall Ugg-style boots so no one could really know they were skinny/leggings style. For whatever reason, being out in public in skintight shiny spandex from waist to ankles is still a daunting task for me. On the one hand there is plenty of excitement at the thought of it since I love AA pants and wearing them. On the other hand, there is some dread. Of what I’m not completely sure, but probably something that would seem pretty trivial at the end of the day.

So why is it that I can feel comfortable in shiny skintight spandex from waist to knees but not from waist to ankles? Well, I have rather skinny legs, especially the lower legs. A long time ago when I was wearing tight jeans at one of my jobs, a co-worker said I had ‘chicken legs’ and that’s something I have never forgotten. Not that this guy’s opinion on anything actually matters to me. He himself had no sense of style or individuality. But it’s the term ‘chicken legs’ that he used and that I have seen all over the internet when the discussion centers on guys wearing skinny jeans or spandex pants of any kind. It’s a stupid term and one used only to discourage guys–particularly ones who don’t spend countless hours at the gym chiselling their legs–from wearing form-fitting lower body garments.

When you wear shorts are you not revealing the shape and definition of your legs? So how is it different from wearing something that is colored and fits over those legs like another skin? Aren’t you seeing the same thing, except that now it’s in a different color? I realize the style for men’s shorts has been horrible in terms of length and width. I, too have worn those baggy cargo shorts that resembled bells over my upper legs (and knees). I’ve seen guys wearing shorts that go below the knees even.  And crew socks up to their mid-calfs. What is the point of that? Might as well wear pants. It will feel the same and it won’t be half as foolish looking.

So when I wear plain ol’ regular shorts anyone can tell how skinny my legs are. I don’t think wearing AA style disco pants or leggings is going to exacerbate that. So why don’t I then? I think there is still the issue of my being top-heavy. When I wear my vintage-style disco pants (or any pants that don’t grip my lower legs) I feel it balances out my upper heaviness with the thinner legs. Sounds like a good reason. But it doesn’t explain how I have no problems wearing some of the super and extreme skinny jeans that I have. They wrap around my lower legs just like tights and yet it doesn’t bother me going out in them.

Every time I come up with a reason I can also shoot it down with solid reasoning.

I can’t wear AA-style disco pants out in public.”
— I already have several times this year

When I did wear AA disco pants a good portion of the lower legs were tucked into tall boots.”
— I have worn super skinny and extreme skinny jeans with low top sneakers, thus no part of the lower legs were covered up

I feel awkward wearing something that is skintight from waist to hem.”
— I wear skinny jeans that are skintight from waist to hem

I feel awkward wearing something that is shiny from waist to hem.”
— I wear spandex disco pants often

I feel weird wearing something that is skintight AND shiny from waist to hem.
— OK maybe I got one here. Still, technically I have already done it even though my boots covered them. It would be a first without the boots.

I feel people will know I’m wearing AA disco pants ergo they’ll know I’m wearing women’s pants.”
— I have already worn jeans that I would say were clearly women’s. And even with the many times I have worn spandex jeans no one has ever declared that I was wearing women’s pants. Furthermore, most people either will not notice what you’re wearing or not even know one way or the other

I want to wear them but I don’t see any other guys around here wearing them or meggings for that matter. Heck, I don’t even see any women wearing disco pants.”
— I can’t do anything about that. The only thing I will get by waiting to see other people wear what I like is older and more unattractive. Be a trend setter!

As you can see I don’t have any legitimately good reasons for NOT wearing AA-style disco pants. And I really do think that rolling their hems up a little will make them a bit more ambiguously modern, sporty and even metro.

At the thrift store I usually go to I found some months ago a pair of H&M joggers. They have front and back pockets and a drawstring waist. They have zippered, scrunched up hems which when fully zipped give a tight fit. So the upper legs are rather loose but the lower legs are tight. I blame these pants for stirring up my interest in the leggings-like fit of AA’s disco pant. I really like these pants but wish they were tighter up top. Oh, and they have a bit of a dropped crotch which I don’t like much either. The rear patch pockets hang very low on the bum. I would love to find a slimmer and even shiny version of these pants!

And speaking of thrift stores, today was my day to go. As I wrote in the beginning, I wore my black modded Asian pair. Since they have the wider lower leg I can actually roll them up to my knees and give the impression I’m wearing shorts. But why do that when I already have such shorts? Anyway I did find another pair of great leggings today. I came into a black pair of AA leggings. So four weeks in a row I find some awesome leggings. This pair today has the disco pant look more than the other AA pair I found a few weeks ago. That one has more of a leathery look to it. I also found a pair of Levi’s 510 in Rigid Stretch which upon my first attempt to get on did not fit. If I am able to get them on they will be a very, very tight fit.

In other news, I found something very interesting while looking around at meggings:


That is something that a meggings store calls “mid-length megging.” I was totally taken aback by that since they resemble my disco pant cutoff shorts. I was thinking that people were going to think I was wearing spandex shorts or biker shorts or something like that. But anyone who is hip might actually think I’m wearing mid-length meggings! And I may have to change the name of my disco pant cutoff shorts to mid-length disco pants. I love the name!

But as I started this post, I have disco pants on my mind all the time lately. I’m now in the mood to where them everywhere I go. I mean every casual place I go. Still wouldn’t wear them to certain places. But all my daily routine type places are fair game now. When I dropped off a package at the post office today there was a medium-small line waiting to be served. I went to the front and laid down my package and everyone in line surely noticed the super shininess of those Chinese disco pants. Later, when I was headed to enter the thrift store doors there were some 20-something girls behind me. With the sun shining as it was today there is no doubt they noticed what I was wearing. All of us reached the doors about the same time and two of them entered first, but the third stepped back and let me go in before her. Probably wanted to get a back view of my pants!

Tomorrow is going to be another hot one. And I will be going out for errands again. While I most likely will wear my ‘mid-length disco pants’ I will leave the possibility for wearing a pair of AA disco pants. Maybe the black size large. Or the medium 2-tone.

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