New Skintight Jeans

As I write this post, I am wearing an incredibly skintight pair of bleached light blue 7 For All Mankind Rhigby skinny jeans I just received yesterday. I bought them on ebay for about 80 bucks which is 40% or less of its retail price. These awesome jeans are 100% cotton, button fly and size 30 with an inseam of about 32. And they’re made in the USA. The fact that they are all cotton is great because it means they will not stretch out after wearing for a while. And because my skintight Levis 505 were also fully cotton. I wasn’t crazy about them being button fly, because I was sure it would be more of a challenge if they turned out to fit like 2nd skin to have to fasten 4 buttons instead of 1 button and 1 zipper. They did turn out to fit like a 2nd skin and it took a while to fasten the 4 buttons but i was able to. And they’re not killing my waist like my skintight Levis 511 in Premium Mason size 32 and in Light Stay size 30 do.
I’ve never had 7 For All Mankind skinny jeans before so I was not sure how a size 30 would fit me. I have a pair of their Slimmy jeans  in size 32, but they are 2% stretch and fit with no problem. I also had the same Slimmy jeans in size 30 and even they fit fine because of the stretch. I found it odd that their slim jeans come with stretch but their skinny jeans do not. But it’s great! There was a size 30 Rhigby skinny jean in Sandy Bleached on ebay so I took my chance and bought it. I figured if they don’t fit or don’t fit how I hoped I would put them back up for sale. But mmmmm, they fit just like I had hoped. Even the inseam is perfect. Reaches far down enough to not have the ‘floods’ syndrome. I mentioned before that that was one of my regrets about my skintight Levis 505. They were a little short so with low top sneakers I had to constantly push down on the legs to bring them down just over my sneakers because my white socks would be showing. I would have to do that whenever I stood up after sitting down. But when I started wearing mid top sneakers that wasn’t a problem anymore. And with these new 7 For All Mankind skinny jeans, they reach down all the way to my ankles. I am wearing Vans Authentic Decon’s in washed black with them, and because of the way Vans Authentic’s are and the tight leg openings of these jeans are, my white socks still manage to show themselves. But it’s really hott.
I’m wishing I could muster up the courage to wear these jeans to church tomorrow. I mean, they are nice jeans. They’re designer, expensive, clean, high quality and look good. But my thighs are completely squeezed into them. From the knees up they are tight as tight can be and resemble sausages. Wrinkles form around my crotch, on my butt, under my butt cheeks and on the front and back of my knees. Completely amazing jeans.  But because of that, I don’t think I want certain people at church staring at them. Yup, I’m not over that hump yet. Still self-conscious when it comes to that stuff. And plus I have to drum tomorrow, so these jeans would probably make my legwork difficult. Perhaps on a Sunday when I’m not playing or standing in front of others I will wear them.

I do have my eye on another pair of Rhigby’s. There is one in a wash/color called “Malibu Water” and is darker than the one I have now. It’s more of a medium blue with fading. The pictures on their website makes the jeans look really hott and is what caught my eye. But the price of $218 is more than I want to pay. And for that price, I would have to get it in a size that I would feel comfortable wearing. NOT gonna pay over $200 for jeans that I’m not going to wear out in public! Ebay’s got 2 pairs at a much lower price but in size 36. Too big for me.

When I first tried these jeans on yesterday, I couldn’t get them on with underwear. So I took off the briefs and was able to fasten the jeans after some time and struggle. I kept them on for a long time and a bulge was really noticeable. Today I tried to put them on twice with underwear and I was successful.

If I was feeling a bit more adventurous for tomorrow I would wear these awesome tight jeans. But I don’t think I am. And plus, since they are so light in color, anything could easily stain or spot them and that would suck. Oh well, we’ll see. I know I will wear them one of these days.

In the meantime I will be waiting eagerly for a custom pair of skintight nylon/lycra jeans I ordered from That might be the closest I come to having a pair of disco pants like the ones from the 70s/80s!


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7 Responses to New Skintight Jeans

  1. JimmyO says:

    Dude, I just found your blog and love it! I love jeans and that’s all I ever want to wear. Mostly Levis. I just got some Levi’s rigid 508s the other day and am loving them. Love how they’re tight on my calves, semi tight on my ass. I was looking at those Seven Rhigby Malibu jeans the other day on their website and yeah, the model made me want to buy them. But at that price, I’d have to try them on first.

    • sktL505 says:

      Hey, thanks for visiting! Tell me more about Levi’s 508. I don’t think i’ve ever heard of them. Are they women’s or men’s?
      Yeah, those 7 jeans are great. I was lucky to find them in the right size on ebay. There’s no way i would want to pay $200+ especially if i don’t wear them out. I’ll post some pics of me in my size 31’s here soon.

      • JimmyO says:

        These are the ones I got:

        For some reason they don’t look that tight on the model. But I love how the denim is almost shiny. I like all kinds of denim, but rigid always gets me hard. I like to wear them over and over before washing them. I don’t wear super tight jeans (maybe would try it alone) but I like to feel the denim against my legs and ass! I’ve also been wearing a pair of Levis 514s that are pretty tight and stretchy. When I wash them, they shrink up a lot and are like skinny jeans for several days until they stretch just a bit. That surprised me because most 514s are loose in the legs, which I don’t like.

      • JimmyO says:

        Forgot… they’re men’s.

    • sktL505 says:

      That’s great. The 508’s look good but for me they need to be much tighter. I like shiny denim also.
      I myself have not come across any tight fitting 514s. Tight in the waist, but not anywhere else, lol.
      If you’re willing to venture out into tighter territory, try 511s or 510s. 512’s are pretty good too but hard to find. And now there’s a 513 which sounds like it might be pretty tight if you get the right size.

      • JimmyO says:

        I tried some 513s recently and don’t like them. They’re ok in the legs, but I hate the higher rise. And yeah, I don’t know how I found tight 514s, because I’ve tried them on other times and for “slim” jeans, they’re too baggy! 511s are too tight for me… I run and work out so my thighs are just too big for them.

      • sktL505 says:

        Is the higher rise the only thing you don’t like about the 513s? I don’t mind a higher rise but they have to be snug in the thighs.
        511’s are too tight for you?? I have some 511’s that are really tight on me but I also have ones that look more like slim jeans. The fit really varies from finish to finish.
        You should try some really skintight jeans. You might find that you like them and there’s no turning back. I don’t wear my most tight jeans out in public very much but if i were in better shape i sure would wear them all the time!

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