Ok, so in my last post I mentioned a few things that I need to update here. I mentioned I had my eyes on another pair of 7 For All Mankind Rhigby skinny jeans. The Malibu Waters one. Well, I found one on ebay in size 32 and I immediate bought it. Around $90 which is much better than the $218 retail price. And they fit pretty nicely! Pretty tight from the knees up but not completely skintight. I’ve been wanting to wear them a couple Sundays to church but they are still on the level of pretty tight for Sundays. Not that I think that there is a standard of pants being too tight to wear to church on Sundays. It’s just that it may be too tight for me not to feel self-conscious. But they are really nice jeans with a nice color and fade and nice fit. Who knows, I might wear them this coming Sunday but they are forecasting a temperature in the mid 80s. I guess it’s not really church people staring at my jeans that bothers me most. I think it’s getting out of the house in them and seeing the folks check them out that is the greatest hump.

A few days after getting that pair on ebay, another exact pair came up in size 31 and I immediately bought those as well. They fit significantly tighter than the 32’s which is great because I was hoping for that. They are soooo tight and awesome! Tons of wrinkle lines of tightness across the crotch, below the butt and just above the knees and back of the knees. I would definitely wear those on Fridays for church. Amazing jeans! I haven’t found any others on ebay and I’m not totally sure I will go smaller than 31. I can’t imagine how 30’s would fit  :]

Ok. I had also ordered a pair of custom, shiny skintight pants/jeans from Liquid Vinyl Clothing. Waited about 2 weeks for them and was greatly disappointed. I was really hoping they would be just like the disco pants of the 70s and 80s that Leif Garrett, Menudo and Erin Gray on ‘Buck Rogers’ wore. But they weren’t at all. The material was very thin, had a different kind of shine to them and didn’t even fit the same way my American Apparel disco pants fit. In fact, my AA disco pants are still the closest thing to the original disco pants, even though they fit skintight all the way down to the ankles which makes them resemble lycra running tights.  Oh well, $130+ wasted. I think I will put them up for sale on ebay. If I can get at least $75 back I’ll feel vindicated.

And I have even greater reason to get rid of them now because I bought an actual pair of vintage Bojeangles Skinease disco pants from the 70s/80s on ebay! And these are utterly awesome!! They have an unfinished hem which fit me perfectly cause I’m over 6 feet tall. And they are not skintight at the ankles and have more of a slim fit leg opening which is just like the ones Leif Garrett wore!!! I’m really happy with these. These are the best I have ever had. They are black and fit pretty skintight from the knees up and are a little looser below the knees which means they actually look like pants and not running tights. Nice thick material and they fit well with my Vans Authentics and my low Converse All Stars. I was scared they wouldn’t fit because they are a size 4 but they fit perfectly. And they’re really comfortable. I would love to wear these to church! As I write this post, I am wearing them, washed black Vans Authentic California  and a black pleather jacket. Now I have 2 original pairs of disco pants. This one and a silver Fredericks of Hollywood pair which is just way too short on me. My very first pair was a red Fredericks one but I ended up selling it on ebay cause I was never really crazy about red ones nor did they fit properly.


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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