Lycra Pants

Today is Easter and I didn’t wear any skintight pants to church. I wanted to wear a brand new article of clothing because according to some old traditions you receive good luck the rest of the year if you wear something new on Easter. And I have my brand new skintight 7 For All Mankind skinny jeans size 31 that I bought on ebay recently. I would have worn them but I thought I was gonna have to play in the band and I didn’t feel like walking up and back down in front of all those people in these tightass jeans. Of course when I got there, I found out I wasn’t playing after all. Oh well, missed opportunity. Maybe this coming Friday.

But anyway, all this talk of spandex disco pants on my ‘Menudo’ post has increased my obsession with them and made me dig up some old store ads that I have been saving for years:

These ads are from Venture discount stores that used to be around here in the 80s and 90s. The dates of these ads are around November and December of 1989.

The first ad features a girl standing up wearing skintight shiny pink lycra pants. To the right of her is a girl sitting down wearing skintight shiny black lycra pants. It’s hard to see any shine on the black ones but the pink ones are obvious. The prices to the right of the photo mentions nothing of the lycra pants.

The second ad, which came a week later (Sunday papers), features 2 girls standing up wearing shiny skintight pink lycra pants and one girl standing while wearing shiny skintight black lycra pants. This time the lycra pants are included in the price list to the right. It says “7.99 Reg. 9.99 Girls’ 7-14 lycra pants in neon or black. Girls’ 4-6x lycra pants reg. 8.99 sale 6.99.” Wow, I could’ve had those skintight lycra pants for only $7.99!!

The third ad features 3 girls all wearing shiny skintight lycra pants. The girl on the left is sitting down wearing neon green ones, the girl in the middle is leaning back wearing pink ones and the the girl on the right is sitting on a bike wearing blue ones. In this ad you can really see how shiny and tight these pants are. Awesome. The prices on the right state “7.99 Reg. 9.99 Girls’ 7-14 lycra pants Ankle length in bright neon colors. Girls’ 4-6x lycra pants reg. 8.99 sale 6.99.”

Funny thing is I don’t remember ever seeing these pants at Venture. Not that we would have any reason to visit the girls’ section. Also, we didn’t have a car at that time so we weren’t going there very often. [Venture stores went out of business in 1998. I’m sure I still have some clothing and other items from there, but sadly no lycra pants]. Another thing is I don’t remember ever seeing any girls wearing these pants either. I would remember for sure if I had. I sure wish I had some of the blue ones and black ones so I could wear to my 8th grade classes. Lol, I would have never worn those to school even though I would have wanted to badly.

I didn’t save any other store papers from this time so I imagine that no other store had lycra pants such as these. And I don’t think these were actually very much like real disco pants either. They probably didn’t have back pockets and they were most likely very thin like spandex running tights. But very sexy nonetheless. I would’ve easily fallen for a girl at school wearing those.

Anyway, I took a bunch of pics of me in my new black Bojeangles disco pants tonight and a few videos. Also took some pics of me in those 7 For All Mankind jeans I mentioned at the beginning of this post. The 7 jeans didn’t really come out looking all that tight so I should probably be able to wear them on Friday with no worries. The disco jeans came out looking great on me, I must say, and makes me want to wear them out real soon!


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