Gonna Wear My Disco Pants Out!?

So this is a very late night post here. But I just had to write about my excitement. I am actually planning to wear my Bojeangles disco pants to church Friday night. I know this is sudden, but I’ve been asking around and showing pics of myself and the response I’ve receive is overwhelmingly positive. Most people have said they look fine or great even and that there’s no reason not to wear them to Friday church service. And these are all people I don’t know and that don’t know me. But I managed to ask a female friend of mine–who also goes to church–what she thought and to my surprise she even said they look good and I should wear them. Her exact phrases were, “I like it,” “Nothing wrong with them,” “Cool,” “”I like them,” “Nice,” “Go for it,” and “Trust me.” And this after I showed her pics of me in them. When I showed her my side pic I thought for sure she would have objected because they are pretty skintight. But she didn’t. And when I asked her if she thought I could wear them on Fridays but not Sundays she pretty much said I could wear them on Sundays also but with a sport jacket. Awesome! I’d like to try that, but for now I’m gonna stick to Friday cause I can wear them with a black t-shirt and a hoodie.

Well there’s still 3 days to go before then so hopefully I will not lose my desire or courage by then to wear them out. I spent the last several hours wearing them at home and trying on different tops with them and taking pics and videos. It’s forecast to be 57 with rain on Friday so at least the temperature is good for them. At the moment I’m planning to wear a semi-snug-and-a-little-short fitting black t-shirt along with my maroon and navy striped hoodie which also fits me a little shorter than my other hoodies which I like because this one allows the wrinkles of tightness around my crotch and butt to show whereas the other hoodies are long and cover up everything. It’s no fun if everything is covered up. Anyway, can’t wait and I’ll mention if anything changes. The hardest hump to overcome will be leaving the house in them. Having to go out in them in front of the folks will be the most awkward cause they always look at what i’m wearing. Wearing them at church is the easy part. I don’t really expect many if any strange reactions or comments from the young church people. But I will take of any and I will observe their reactions upon seeing me in disco pants!! They’ll probably just think I’m wearing spandex. Oh well. Thankfully, these Bojeangles are much more like pants down at the calves and ankles, as opposed to American Apparel’s disco pants. I wouldn’t have the courage to wear the AA pants out anywhere. At least not yet  😀


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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