Still Pumped For Disco Pants Debut

Two things:

I don’t know but I’ve been getting a lot of other bloggers liking my posts/blog lately. But it seems like it started ever since I first wrote about disco pants. I never really thought this blog would start “getting out there.” I’m not sure if these people are actually reading my posts or they are just liking them because they found key words such as ‘disco pants’ in them. Would be nice to hear their opinions on how the pants look on me.

Ok. Secondly, I’m still pretty psyched to wear my Bojeangles disco pants only 2 days from now. I’m also still on the hesitant side though. I want to do it and I keep telling myself that life is short and you should do whatever makes you happy as long as you are not hurting others. Wearing those pants out on Friday would make me happy and it would not hurt anyone or anything else. Of course there are people who would probably not like to see me wearing such pants, but all they have to do is look away. Change the channel, so to speak.

For me, there is a hurdle to get over when it comes to wearing tight pants. I feel self-conscious. I want to blame it on my less-than-fit body, but I remember that even when I was really thin in high school I was still self-conscious in my tight Levis 505. So it’s not a body image issue. I guess it’s a matter of putting yourself out there. Putting yourself on display. Having the shape of your legs and butt easily available for viewing. That’s not why I wear tight jeans however. I wear them because I absolutely love how they look and feel on me. I’m not trying to ‘show’ myself. I could care less about trying to attract anyone to myself. I wear what i wear for me. That being said, I still allow myself to be bothered by comments, weird looks and snickering if I happen to be wearing something out of the ‘norm.’ That’s why I limit my tight pants wearing to church only because everyone there is so used to seeing me in them that no one even says anything anymore. Sure, at first I had to deal with the comments even from them. And even some laughter. The comments weren’t horrible. The worst of the comments was something to the effect of ‘don’t wear those anymore.’ But I’ve also received plenty of ‘hey, those are nice skinny jeans’ comments from them–both guys & girls–even when the jeans have been skintight. Some even expect to be in skinny or tight jeans all the time. Whenever I wear looser fitting pants–those which may be considered ‘normal’–they say to me, “How come you’re not wearing skinny jeans” or “Where are your skinny jeans?” When you get asked that, you know that it has become completely accepted by them as part of who you are.

But then there is a double hurdle to get over in wearing skintight and shiny pants. Let’s face it: girls can get away with wearing skintight & shiny pants but guys can’t. It has become commonplace (finally, once again) for guys to wear tight fitting pants/jeans, despite the many haters out there. And maybe even slightly shiny denim for guys. There has been an increase in coated denim choices available to guys lately. Coated denim has a slight sheen to it and it’s supposed to increase the more you wear it without washing. But the majority of coated denim out there for guys is shiny to a very small degree. I have a pair of 7 For All Mankind Rocker slim jeans which are coated and shine a great deal:

They are the exception. Most do not shine like this pair. I have yet to wear these 7 jeans on a Friday night also. Perhaps after wearing the disco pants these will be next. But to go from slight sheen coated denim to very shiny disco pants is quite a jump.

If it weren’t for the back pockets and the more slim (vs. skinny) fit from the knees down, these disco pants would really look like running tights. I mean they are shiny spandex. I just hope people don’t think I’m wearing spandex tights on Friday. As you disco pants lovers out there know, they are actually pants–not tights, not leggings–and can be worn with more formal tops and shoes, for both guys and girls. Of course I’m gonna wear mine with a t-shirt, hoodie and sneakers. If I ever wore them on a Sunday I would try them with a sport jacket like my friend told me and maybe my all-black Vans Era. I’ll have to pull out my lone sport jacket from the closet today and see how they look with the Bojeangles.


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