Disco Pants Feedback

I don’t normally post twice in the same day, but I want to publish the answers I received to my question about wearing the disco pants to church on Friday. I asked the question online and here are the answers I received:

“I dont see a reason why you couldnt .” (female)

“NO its not weird at all! esp if ur in a band, who cares!
wear them!” (female)

“If your in a band it doesn’t matter” (female)

“I don’t see what’s wrong with them, just make sure you wear a proper shirt like button up or a nice t-shirt, etc.” (not sure but i think female)

yeah they look fine and its not on a sunday and you are in a band so yeah wear them !” (female)

Yeah” (not sure but probably male)

I think they look great, you should wear them!” (female)

no i actually think its goo for church :p” (female) [I believe she meant to write “good” not “goo”]

I don’t see a reason why you couldn’t wear them! (: (female)
They look perfectly fine to me.”

yh actually they look kinda cool with the guitar look :)” (male)

They look fine to wear to church.” (female)

those are awesome! im in band to i play flute where did you get those! yes they are perfect they look good from the back” (female)

Dude! There great I’d wear those I dont see why.” (male)

I don’t know..the pants are hot, but it really depends on the atmosphere at your church. For example, My best friend’s church is the type with lots of spirited singing, a pastor that makes jokes and gives humorous sermons, etc. You could rock those at her church for sure. But I grew up Roman Catholic, and my mother still attends catholic church, and if you wore those cute pants to my mom’s church, jaws would drop. They’d probably stand over you praying the rosary.
Follow your instincts on this one.” (female)

Won’t matter what so ever :)” (male)

i’m sure you’ll be fine wearing them!” (female)

They seem fine!” (not sure but leaning towards female)

it looks great and shinny .. However i would wear a jeans to church rather than that.. that looks a little club like but if u are the i dont care crazy type, by all means wear it to church sweetie.. thanks for answering my question..” (female)

Sure it’s fine. I personally don’t like the style, but I don’t see why you can’t wear them.” (female)

I don’t think so because they look like tights.” (female)

If you want, you’re the one who’s going to be wearing it.” (male most likely)

They look fine! Actually a little dressy” (female)

yer they are lovely you`ll look great and your in a band so who cares xxx
and thanks for answering mine xxx” (female)

if ur in a band sure” (female)

I think they look fine, I would say the best judge is how you feel in them. If you feel fab and you like them the you will look great as this will show.
Best to wear what makes you happy than trying to look acceptable” (female)

yeh” (male)

I like the pants a lot BUT you must wear them with the Converse shoes! It is a winner!” (female)

They are very nice jeans! You should wear them. You are in the band so I dont see the problem. they would look great with the converse.
You should tell me where you bought them !” (female)

you should wear it with a collared shirt and perhaps a black skinny tie, just my thoughts” (female)

I mean I’m not crazy about them, but they’re not inappropriate wear them if you want I don’t see an issue.” (female)

I personally wouldn’t but I don’t see anything wrong wid it :p” (male)

Why not? They don’t show your junk or your butt. I think it’s fine! :D” (female)

I love when guys wear those :D” (female)

Cool pants, wear them” (female)

I think it would be fine (:” (female)

totally” (female)

i dont see why u cant wear them ur in a band and i guess its a punky band or something or other?? its no in my style with guys but its prob looks good on u” (not sure the gender)

IMO I’d lose them… shiny black pants look weird. If it were just black it’d be fine” (male)

No.” (female)

Just dont wear a lipstick with!” (female)
So there are all the answers I received over the last couple of days. And these are the pictures that I included in the question:


I might continue to seek more answers tomorrow as there are 6 more days to answer my question. But I’m encouraged by the number of positive responses and especially from the female side. Gets me really pumped to wear them.

Well, I’ll chime in tomorrow regarding my thoughts and feelings on the big evening to come. And I’ll be playing electric guitar that night so I’m really excited!


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