To Wear Disco Pants Or Not To Wear

Last night I tried on my 7 For All Mankind Rocker in Indianapolis shiny jeans. They fit much tighter and are less comfortable the my Bojeangles disco pants. But they aren’t as shiny. I started thinking that maybe this week I would wear the 7’s because even though they are tighter, they are less shiny and therefore less obvious and they look more like jeans. I figured I would ease on into the shiny pants wearing. See what kind of reaction I get with the 7’s and then next week wear the Bojeangles. So I started feeling more hesitancy and fear taking over. Then another thought occurred to me; what if I don’t have next week? I mean what if none of us do? Why put it off for a time that is not guaranteed? I realize that even tomorrow (Friday) is not guaranteed but at least it’s closer than next Friday. And after the many positive comments I received, both from a friend and from strangers, I’m not sure why I still can’t bring myself to decide firmly to wear them tomorrow.

One of the answers to my question that I posted yesterday bothers me most: The one that says I shouldn’t wear them because they look like tights. And the problem is that I’m in agreement with that they look like tights. The statement wouldn’t bother me at all if I didn’t also agree with it. I looked at myself in a full length bathroom mirror a few nights ago when I was taking photos and that was my exact thought as well. They did look like tights from the knees up. Especially around the butt. I’m gonna have to put them on again tonight–it is my last opportunity to try them on before the big night tomorrow–and look in that mirror.

On the other hand, I received some answers that were very encouraging. For example, the one that said, “Yes, they are lovely. You’ll look great.” And another that said, “I think they look fine, I would say the best judge is how you feel in them. If you feel fab and you like them then you will look great as this will show. Best to wear what makes you happy than trying to look acceptable.” And still another that said, “They are very nice jeans! You should wear them. ” And I didn’t try to hide how tight or shiny the pants actually are. If you see the photos I gave them links to on my previous post, you’ll notice a side view, front view and rear view. And they mainly look like tights from the side so I made sure to put that link first. I was really surprised at the number of  people who said they look fine or great and that I should wear them. I can’t get over that.

They’re such great pants and they just might be my favorite pair of jeans EVER! Even pushing aside my skintight Levis 505. I’ve always wanted disco pants. Even as a little kid watching all those tv shows and movies and pictures of people in skintight shiny pants I knew I wanted some for me. And finally I have one that fits me like it should. I can’t pass up this opportunity. I’m just dying to know whether I will actually go through with it and what sort of comments I will get. And I need to decide what top to wear with them. I know I’m gonna wear a black t-shirt that is kinda snug and a tad short on me. Not really short. I think t-shirts should not be very long and this one is actually perfect length, but it will show more of my disco jeans butt and crotch. And then I want to wear a hoodie over the t-shirt. And I have the same dilemma there. Do I wear one of my hoodies which is longer (most of them are) and will cover up much more of the disco pants top or one of my favorite ones that is a little shorter (perfect length rather) and would show more of the pants top and my butt. Like I said before, I’m not trying to put myself on display, but there  really is no point in wearing pants like this if you’re going to cover them up completely. No point at all. Oh and I’m gonna wear a studded belt with them. They don’t have belt loops but I can put a belt around the top anyway. It’s pretty cool!

I guess we’ll see. I’m still trying to figure out how to leave the house in them. That will be the hardest part. Tomorrow will be like 51° with rain at times. So I could wear my long wool coat. It’s not that long but will cover up the pants way past the crotch/butt. Just so I can leave the house not being all self-conscious. Or I’ll wear some other jacket or hoodie that is a little longer and can cover up some of the top of the pants. I don’t know. It’s really hard to figure out. I’ll keep you posted.



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