Gonna Wear the Disco Pants!

Tomorrow is the big night! At this point I’m pretty much fully convinced that I will be wearing my Bojeangles disco jeans to church. I did not have alot of time tonight but I used what little time I had to try on some different combinations of tops with the pants. I also looked at myself in that full length mirror again and it didn’t look as weird/bad as it did the other night. Yes, these pants are very tight and they put my behind and thighs on display. But it’s not too big a deal. Also, I wasn’t sure I should wear anything underneath for fear that lines would show. But I tried tonight and there are no signs of anything visible underneath. Which is better cause that will keep the pants cleaner longer and I can avoid washing them as long as possible.

And tomorrow is looking like it will be a pretty chilly and wet day, which means I can wear my long wool coat at least out of the house. Before going inside church I’ll just leave the coat in the trunk and walk in wearing just the disco jeans and hoodie.

I like the 2 striped ones because they fit a little higher up which allows more of my disco jeans butt & pockets to show whereas the solid black one fits longer and covers up pretty much the whole pockets and butt. Ideally I would like to have a solid black one that fits like the red & blue striped one. That would be great! I’d be all in black and more of my shiny skintight disco pants would be showing.

I think the red & blue striped one is the most revealing. The other striped one is also but ever so slightly less and I’m not too crazy about the white zipper. I’m really leaning towards the red & blue one. I probably will end up wearing it. And also I picked out a t-shirt which fits a little higher up and shows more of all that shininess.

Man, I’m really excited about wearing them tomorrow. I cannot wait! I’m sooo glad I got these pants. I hadn’t realized how amazing they actually are until the last week or so. Well, I haven’t even had them all that long. Just a few weeks. But they are great and I’m sure there’s a lotta gals out there who would love to have these.

I’ll probably write another post before the big evening. Until then……..


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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