Shine On You Crazy Disco Pants

Today is the big day! Only a few hours away–about 6 to be more precise–before I rock the disco pants to church. At the moment it is only 44°F in my backyard and I don’t really expect it to climb much more than that. And that is good because that will gimme an excuse to wear my longer coat which will cover up a good portion of my thighs in order to leave the house. I know the folks will be surprised to see me wearing shiny black pants, but they’d be even more surprised if they saw how skintight they are from the thighs on up. So looks like everything is falling into place in order for me to wear the pants this evening.

Do you know how I feel right now? I feel just like I used to whenever I planned to wear my skintight Levis 505 to school back in the day. The excitement, the anticipation, the daring boldness, the uncertainty of reactions, the feeling of wearing something that is majorly exciting. Wearing something that no one else has or would wear–at least in terms of the people that I’ll be with. Going to bed and barely sleeping because I can’t stop thinking about wearing the pants the next day. Yeah, that’s how it was for me and those jeans. And it’s happening again with these pants. It will be interesting to see if any girls  tell me they like the pants. Recently, one girl told me she liked the Cheap Monday Tight Shine Denim skinny jeans I was wearing. They are black cotton with some polyester fibers woven in to give only the slightest shine or sheen rather (nothing like disco pants shine but still sexy). And very tight. So I wore that one 2 Fridays in a row. And to think, I almost sold that pair on ebay! My only complaint with those jeans is that the zipper does not stay up all the time. Probably because they’re so tight on me.

So yeah, let’s see if any of the girls say something. Knowing the guys as I do, some of them will look at my disco jeans and want to touch them. A few are so bold as to touch or even grab my butt when I wear really skinny or tight jeans. It’s a guy thing, not a gay thing. So that may happen tonight also. Anyway it’ll be cool standing on the stage in front of everyone playing my Les Paul guitar and having the multicolored lights reflect off my shiny disco pants and shiny guitar. Awesome!

Even though it looks like it’s gonna be pretty chilly tonight–in the 30s overnight–I think I will leave my long coat in the car before I go inside the church building. I’ll probably be home around 11ish, so it will not most likely be in the 30s by that early time. But I just had a thought: maybe I’ll take my fake leather jacket with me and stuff it in my bag and put it on before going inside the building! It may be a bit too cool to just be wearing a hoodie and t-shirt when I leave to go home. And the pleather jacket with the disco pants is a really hot look because the jacket is even shorter the red & blue striped hoodie I’m going to wear. But since the hoodie will be underneath it does stick out below the jacket and in a sense defeats the benefit of the shortness of the jacket.

I think both look great but without the hoodie it looks even better. I have a nylon jacket which I tried on last night and am also considering taking it instead of the pleather one. The nylon jacket completely covers up the hoodie and also goes well with the pants because it also is a little shiny.

So I’m not sure which one I’ll take. Both work well with the outfit, but I prefer the pleather one because it has more of a rocker look. But I know I’ll be really self-conscious walking around with the short pleather jacket exposing much of my disco jeans upper and butt.

I still have just about 5 hours to decide. For now I’ve gotta change the strings on my guitar and practice some tunes we’re gonna do. You probably won’t hear from me until later tonight when I post about how it all went and what I ended up wearing. Would be great if all you who are following my blog or liking my posts would leave some comments and opinions here. Would be great to hear from you!


About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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2 Responses to Shine On You Crazy Disco Pants

  1. Rick says:

    Just came across these posts of yours dude. Your mindset and spandex are right on! I’m glad you are wearing all your tight pants out and not hesitating (too much). Nice style. I am similar. I know your posts are older now but figured I’d give it a shot. Later

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