Disco Pants Debut

So it is over and done with. I wore my Bojeangles original skin ease disco pants tonight and it went very, very well! And I wore my pleather jacket. I got out of the house wearing my longer wool coat because it was pretty chilly, but when I got inside the garage I took it off and put on the pleather jacket. When I arrived at my destination I just walked in wearing the disco pants, jacket, red & blue striped hoodie and black Converse All Star sneakers. I don’t know I just felt super brave and confident tonight.

Two girls said they were nice pants. One being the same one I mentioned in a previous post who liked my Cheap Monday skinny jeans. But I’m not sure she was completely serious today. She looked like she wanted to laugh actually. But the other girl said they were nice and I asked he if she was being serious and she said yes. I know her well enough to believe her. She said the pants are ‘dope.’ And as I predicted, several of the guys touched my disco jeans to see how they feel. Five or 6 guys touched them and one who said they were too shiny actually pulled on them to see how much they stretch. One guy thought they were leather and asked if I wear my ‘rocker’ clothes only when I play guitar for the band. I said, “If you’re gonna play guitar, you gotta look the part.”

I heard some giggling too at some points. I can’t completely verify that they were regarding my pants, but I do have good reason to believe. At least regarding the giggling that came for the girls. Some of the guys also giggled but I know for sure it was about my pants because we were actually talking about it. But no one said anything mean. And no one said anything about how tight they were, though one dude said they were yoga pants which implies that he felt they were tight. The spectacle was mainly the shininess.

On stage I wore just my black t-shirt with the disco jeans the whole time up there. And I took a lot of pics and videos when I had moments to myself. A friend also dropped by to pick something up and he told me the pants looked good on me. And I caught alot of people just staring at them without saying anything. Kinda reminded me of “My Greek Friend Staring.”

So the first wearing was a success. The positives? I wore them confidently; I did not try to hide from people like I usually do when I wear skintight jeans; a few people said they looked good or nice and meant it; even a guy who said they were too shiny had to touch them several times to feel them. The negatives? There was the giggling among the girls; there was a dose of sarcasm in some of the ‘nice pants’ comments; many people were not there tonight, which means there are still many who have not seen me in these pants and so I will probably have to face sarcasm and/or giggling from them. Honestly, there was not much negative to report tonight. The most important thing was having them see me in these pants tonight in order to get them used to seeing me in them so it will become second nature. That’s the goal. These are the most daring pants I have ever worn there. After being in these pants tonight I am really convinced I have no other pants I cannot wear there now. That includes my 7 For All Mankind shiny Rocker jeans and my ultra skintight Bettina Liano Ace skinny jeans.

So wearing them this Sunday is out of the question because for one I have to play drums and I don’t want to play drums in these pants. Too much movement might cause some of the stitches to blow out. Secondly, I’m not sure I’m ready to wear them on Sundays, though I do have ideas for tops to wear with them. Next Friday is unlikely as well because we are not having our own service. So I’m really glad I wore them today because I wouldn’t have the chance next Friday.

But I got really lucky today with the weather which allowed me to wear my longer coat and quickly leave the house without revealing too much of the disco jeans. I was looking forward to everyone being there tonight though, or at least those who usually come on Friday nights. So perhaps the next time I wear them will be in May and it will probably be alot harder to leave the house wearing the longer coat because the weather is bound to be warmer. I might have to wear another pair of pants over them and then remove the other pair before getting to church. I’m not gonna think too much about that now. Just gonna try to enjoy having made the debut of wearing them tonight.

And next time I wear them I want all the Friday night regulars to be there. I want to get more reactions and comments!



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