Other Places To Wear Disco Pants

So obviously I didn’t wear my Bojeangles disco pants today. Though I wanted to. But had to drum today so like I said before I don’t want to wear them when I have to play the set. Only when I play guitar or bass. Would have really considered wearing them again this coming Friday but there’s gonna be a concert instead of the regular thing we do. Not that that really matters too much. I could wear them anyway. But there’s going to be alot of adults and strangers there that night. That could be good and that could be bad. Good because it means alot more people to see me in disco pants and good because I can practice in a safe environment wearing them more confidently around more people. But bad because alot more people who might be staring, giving weird looks or giggling. Hmmm, the more I think about it the more I think I should just go ahead and wear them. It will do me more good than harm. It will certainly boost my self-confidence and comfortability wearing   shiny skintight disco jeans, to the point of perhaps even wearing them in other settings besides this one.

But where else would I wear them? I don’t really hang out much. I would not wear them just to go grocery shopping. Maybe to the mall, though. Maybe to Kohl’s. If I wanted to look for a new hoodie or t-shirt I could go walk around Kohl’s for a bit wearing  dark sunglasses so I could look at their faces as they see my disco pants without them seeing me look at them. That’s always fun. I just know based on what happened Friday night at church that people are not gonna be able to just take a quick glance at the pants and turn away. They will stare and stare and stare until they can make some realization of what I’m wearing. And if they don’t think I’m seeing them stare then they keep looking. That would be a nice thing to try out. But I have to work up enough courage and confidence to do that one.

Or maybe I could wear them when we have a bowling outing? Bowling is a bit more of a strenuous activity than just walking at the mall. But probably not enough to damage the pants or cause any stitches to blow out. All you’re doing is taking a few quick steps and releasing the ball. Should be safe. I’d be hanging out with my group and I know that every time my turn to bowl would come up, all their eyes would be on my shiny spandex disco pants. And of course the other people bowling there that night would also be doing double takes on my pants and reacting in various ways. I would be really impressed if some random girl just came up to me and asked about the pants or complimented them. I’m sure no guys would do that because of the ever-so-strong air of homophobia that exists in this culture. So even if another dude was in love with my pants he would not come up to me and say anything about them because of society. But girls can do that and it would be interesting if it ever happened. But of course it will not happen if I do not wear them out in public.

Sometimes, but rarely, we go miniature golfing. That would be another good place to wear them. No strenuous activities. Pretty much stay with your group. Outdoors so there will be more light for the disco jeans to reflect (if it’s sunny). But it’s not often we do this activity.

To the movies? I hardly ever go. Haven’t gone in around 5 years, lol. And I believe the last time I went I wore my skintight Cheap Monday Tight Unwashed jean. I’m not sure what possessed me to wear them that night but I did and I’m glad I did. We went to the movies and then afterwards McDonald’s. I wore them and I did not observe any really weird reactions from anyone. So I could wear my disco pants to the movies if I ever went again. The lighting is kinda low-key and most of the time you will be in the dark pretty much. So I don’t know.

Sometimes we go to different churches on Friday nights. Could wear the pants there. I did wear my ultraskintight Bettina Liano Ace jeans to a different church on a Friday night once. Though I did keep my long coat on most of the night. Only during the music and message time did i take off the coat and just kept the hoodie on. So whoever was behind me got to see how tight those jeans really were. And then some dudes sat on my right and they got to see how tight the pants were when we all sat down. And then later on when an old friend saw me he looked at my pants and said ‘woah!’ even though a good part of my jeans were covered up by the long coat. But you could still see the knees on down. But it does seem silly to wear such cool tight pants and then cover up most of them with a long top.

So those are pretty much my options for wearing them in other public places. We sometimes go away from the city for a few days on campgrounds so that may be another possibility. We’ll see what other opportunities arise in the near future.

I was expecting someone–anyone–to make a comment about the pants today. I surely thought someone would say “You’re not wearing your shiny pants today?” But no comments whatsoever. The one girl who said they were nice on Friday but kinda looked like she wanted to laugh looked to see what pants I was wearing today after I said hi to her.  So I really guess the pants had little or no impact on any of the people who saw them on Friday. That is the goal I guess, but it’s always interesting to hear what these people have to say about my style of pants.



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