Disco Pants + Messenger Bag?

I had posted a photo I took of myself in the Bojeangles disco pants from Friday on my Facebook page in the hopes of getting some comments. The picture was taken without flash so the jeans have only a sheen to them. I had 2 comments on the pic but nothing regarding the pants. So yesterday evening I posted another one on my Facebook page and this one was taken with flash so the pants have a great deal of shine to them. And then I started getting comments. Still not as many I had hoped for. Two guys specifically commented on the jeans and a girl commented on the ‘popstar’ look. One of the guys seems to like the pants. When I asked if he wanted a pair he said, “LOL, only if i could pull it off as well as you can..” But then he did ask the size. And that’s been it with the pictures so far. I really thought some of those who saw me on Friday night in them would comment. Or even some who weren’t there Friday. The 3 people who did comment did not see me on Friday, but they are also not regular attendees on Friday. I’ll write about any further interesting comments I may get.

I was thinking about my previous post where I wrote about other places in public I could wear my disco pants to. One thing I forgot to consider was that these pants are skintight and have no front pockets. And even though there are back pockets, you don’t want to put anything in them. They are there for fashion, not function. I mean, you could put a slip of paper in them. But not your wallet or your cell phone. Those things would be bulging out. Disco pants are meant to be flush against the body, especially where they fit skintight. So putting anything in the pockets is out of the question. Thus you need to have a place to carry your keys, wallet, phone and anything else you must have with you at all times. For women, this is not a problem. They carry purses. Guys don’t. They do have ‘murses’ and ‘man bags’ now. I have a triangular shaped backpack which I use regularly and a small messenger bag also. The backpack is cool but would add to my own bulk on top when wearing the spandex disco pants. I have mentioned that I am a bit top-heavy so I do not need anything that adds to that. The small messenger bag, on the other hand, is quite compact and perfect for just carrying keys, a wallet, a phone, an ipod and headphones, gum, sunglasses, chapstick or whatever other small item a guy might need with him. The only negative is that it does–but only slightly–resemble a purse. But not really though. I have walked around downtown a bit and there’s nothing really to be embarrassed about. So that might be the best option. Problem resolved.

I had another Facebook friend look at my 2 pics that I uploaded. He said I always have a great bottom look but the top is too normal. He told me I should wear plain v-neck t-shirts in different colors–white, blue, black, navy. I asked if he would wear pants like that and he said he would love to. I haven’t seen him in person for several years, but the last time I did he was really into skintight and skinny jeans. I remember he told me he wanted them ‘as tight as possible, but not too tight.” I came across a shiny black (polyester) polo and some shiny (nylon) v-neck shirts I bought years and have not worn in many years since. I used to wear them when I was thinner. But I never had shiny pants to wear them with. Well, I take that back. I’ve had a few shiny jeans and even a pair of red Fredericks of Hollywood disco pants a while back. But I would never dare wear anything shiny on the lower half of my body. Of course, that was also a time when guys were all still wearing jeans loose as burlap bags. You couldn’t find fitted jeans for guys.

Here are some pics of those red disco jeans I had:


In my opinion, they didn’t really fit that tight. These pics are from 2005 so maybe they would fit tighter now. I bought these on ebay sometime between 1999 and 2003 and ended up reselling them late in 2005 for $79. Pretty cheap. Should’ve kept them. I’m bidding on another red pair currently on ebay. This one’s a Bojeangles pair. The colors I am really looking to obtain include silver, navy blue, bright blue and gold. They’re all awesome, but I’m not sure how likely it will be that I will wear disco pants in such colors as red, green, purple or white even to church. So they would be mainly just to have and take lots of pics in them.

Well, that’s all for now.


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