Tops To Wear With Disco Pants

I sent my friend on Facebook a few links of of pics of me wearing some shiny nylon or polyester shirts with the Bojeangles disco pants and asked him if he thought it was a good overall look. He had mentioned before that the shirt I was wearing with those pants on my Friday night pic on Facebook was too plain. So I thought the shiny shirts would be a good combination with the disco jeans. But he said the shirts grab too much attention and the pants were already attention-grabbing. So he told me to just get cheap v-neck t-shirts from H&M. Well, there aren’t any of those stores very near me so I’ll have to look elsewhere. The shirts look nice, but I want to make sure that they fit well, meaning that I don’t want them too loose nor do I want them too long. If they would just cover the very top of my disco pants that would be ideal. I’m going to stick with dark colors though, such as black and navy and purple. At least until I lose some weight. Then I’ll also lighten up the colors.

I’ve been thinking about ordering the Slim Away Abdominal Belt. It’s meant to make you look thinner, at least in the stomach area. It’s supposed to offer back support as well, which something I could also use. They 2 for $10. Sounds very cheap so I don’t know how well it works. I also came across a latex slimming abdominal binder which costs nearly $38. It looks better quality than the other one. Would help me a lot because I would no longer need to suck in my gut when I’m wearing tight pants or a tighter shirt. But I realize that neither one of these belts actually help you lose weight. They just make you look as though you have.

Looks good. I really need this until I can get working on losing that extra weight myself. Start playing some basketball again, too.

I saw a cool hoodie at last night. It’s shiny black–yes, I have a bit of an interest in shiny clothing–and made of spandex and polyester. Would be cooler if it were spandex and nylon, just like disco pants. But it’s a leather looking hoodie and pretty unique looking:

And it’s unisex as well. Just like disco pants used to be! As of last night, they still had these in XL. Tonight they only have XXS.   -_-   It was kinda pricey anyway I guess. $60. But I came across some other shiny jackets they have.

 This one is made of nylon and spandex! And only costs $29 with all sizes from XXS to L available. These also have it in silver which looks really cool and would go absolutely great with silver disco jeans!! But I’m not sure these jackets would exactly fit me. They are spandex so they would stretch quite a bit. I might order the black one.

There are some other shiny jackets but I don’t think I’m interested in them. I did however email AA last night and asked them if they would consider making some custom disco pants for me. I just want the calves part of the pants to be loosened up so they fit like my Bojeangles and like other original disco pants from the heyday. I told them I would be willing to pay the extra fees associated with making a few custom pairs for me. I don’t see how that would be a major thing for them to do anyway. Just add a little bit of extra nylon and spandex below the knees and through to the hems. That would be perfect! I don’t really understand why no other clothing store is selling these pants. This is an absolute goldmine. Don’t they check out ebay to see how much the originals go for? I don’t understand businesses most of the time. Just give the people what they want and what we want is disco pants just like the originals!

How many guys do you actually think you’re going to bump into on the the street wearing disco jeans? Well, hopefully I’ll be the first!



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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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