Boots & A.A. Disco Pants

As I mentioned previously, I am looking to get some cool boots to wear with disco pants and skinny jeans. If I got some nice looking boots I could wear my American Apparel disco pants with them, and no one would be able to see that they look like tights!

I’m looking for some boots that have a flat sole and are not bulky looking. I found this pair from Tretorn:

I like these because they are not shiny and they have flat, sneaker-looking soles. They are rubber rain boots and 10 inches tall. Available in whole sizes only and for $65 from Zappos. They are not exactly what I had in mind but the closest I have come across. Ideally I would go with something like Ugg’s but a lot less bulky.

On another note, American Apparel did not publish my review of their disco pants, nor did they answer my email regarding some custom made pairs. Geez, you would figure they would at least be courteous enough to reply to my email. And I wasn’t being negative at all on the review. I praised them and told them they could sell even more if they loosened the lower leg some.

Here are a few reviews of their disco pants posted by none other than guys starting sometime around when they first came out in 2008:

These should really be marketed unisex. I wore these to a party and got compliments on the look, and I am a guy! The zipper is in the direction of “male” pants too. Honestly I wish AA would get with the times and market leggings and such as unisex garments, there is not one reason other than public stupidity and sexism for them not to be. (Excluding of course the really bright colors and patterns, very few can pull those looks off, and all of them are female;)) Women have borrowed or taken from the male side of the aisle, how about we just share styles from one another? Oh and the pants are great, but they do sag a bit after wearing, but the effect is not all that bad really. They are a little shiny too, perhaps for the less bold a more matt version should be made.”

Yes, they can be unisex. And folks, get off the “high pocket” thing; they ain’t that high and are right for the slacks; these are disco pants and not leggings.”

AA just elevated itself to “designer status” with these pants. Excellent quality and fit. Ordered a medium for my wife…these stretch out in time so ended up ordering 3 more pairs in an xs. Only problem was the ankle (no zipper) so she snapped some of the stitching. If you love these order “spares”. High pockets..awsome. Clem…I would suggest an xs. Dimitris..70’s and 80’s these were unisex…so I say yes…only difference is the skinny leg.

I wore these to a Christmas party last week with a gray sweater and men’s ankle boots, and leather jacket. The reaction was quite positive if nothing at all. The only off color remark was concerning them being shiny. I am a straight male, of athletic build (long, lean muscles), and these fit great. The main model shot for these pants is pretty close to my build, minus the rockin hips she has. The pockets were never an issue, and frankly I don’t see the problem with them. The pockets on the current overly tight denim jeans are pretty much the same. As I have stated before they should be marketed as unisex, as should most clothing.

I am a male and I’m pretty sure, I rock these pants. These are a beauty. 🙂

These need to be made out of nylon & SATIN SPANDEX for the shine of the 80’s type. also the legs flowed down at 8″ opening to ankle 34″ length(not tight leggings) correct this & you got something.

 As part of a group which works in hand with new fashion. These disco pants started to take it’s place also with men. Me and other few co-workers have started wearing them. They are fantastic, soft and feels for natural. I really wish they would start adding these as unisex. Good job and please help us to help you by adding them on unisex sells. Looks great under simple T-Shirt and going at a party. P.S. Just for the record, we are heterosexual men so go American Apparel and bring them to men as well.

I was confused by the person that said these are not for taking off once on. I have a medium black pair, and find them relatively easy to get on and off. Well, today I got the midnight navy, one size down. I did that cause the black ones tended to sag, and need some pulling up when on for a while. So I got the blue one size down. Now I know what the other reviewer meant. WOW. They take quite a bit to get on, but once on they are very comfy, and fit like a glove, no ripples or anything like that, except around the torso when seated. Market them unisex please, they are great for both genders with the build, straight guys included.

Ok, I love these, I think more straight guys, and many girls should venture out in them. They are quite comfy, and built well. But, gotta ask. Are these designed to be put on without underwear. They are so form fitting even with a thong there are lines. I have found them much better this way, but wonder about the correctness of it, Lol.

I’m a hetero male and just received the pair I ordered. I lowered the waist about 2 inches by sewing in a z-fold, and I lowered the pockets about 2 inches. They really are comfy, look and feel great. My girlfriend can’t keep her hands off me when I wear them! I really wish AA would make these in a lower waist for men.

The next step for this style, catsuit. A catsuit like the one Kim Karshian wore at a racing event. It was like a suit made with the same kind of seams, and think material of disco pant. For the person asking about thong or no. Hell with these you can go commando, they are thick enough, and comfortable. I would not recommend regular unders though.

To the person asking about how the pants stretch. The black pair I have have indeed stretched, and have not returned to their original shape. They are also having problems at the leg join. This was one of the first pairs available. The blue pair I have however seem to maintain their tightness, and return to their shape following a cold wash. I think there may have been issues with the earlier batch. I tried the idea you were thinking, and it did not work, could not get them on:) (and yes I am a straight guy, and wear these, and get some compliments, these should be unisex)

Yes, guys can wear these, but watch the sizing a bit. I think guys need to size up a bit more as AA sizes already are a bit slim. Somewhere it was said that “these make every body look better” and I fully agree; they do really great things for your bum and your thighs; a bit difficult to get on but once on they feel and look fantastic.

I am a gay guy and I love these pants sososososo much, I tried them on the other day and i cant stop thinking about them. I want to buy these pants so bad. people say they are hared to get on but I didn’t really notice, but my jeans are killer tight so yea. love you A.A kiss kiss :]

I just bought a pair of these in blue and I love them. I them out all the time. They fit really well. How about making a men’s version?

It’s good to see other guys enjoying A.A.’s disco pants as well. I wish I had the funds to just order one in each color they have right now. But I don’t so I’ll have to settle for getting the navy ones next. And I need to keep looking around for cool boots!

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4 Responses to Boots & A.A. Disco Pants

  1. Thomas says:

    I love my purple discopants & they fit like a glove. They should be marketed unisex.

  2. thomas says:

    I am a guy who loves going out in those high waist figure hugging discopants and they are really comfortable and smooth. Great fun.

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