Gold Disco Pants!

Looks like I have come into another pair of vintage disco pants. This one being gold-coloured and Frederick’s of Hollywood brand. They look very nice and based on the measurements provided, I think they should fit pretty well. Both their overall length and inseam is 2.5 inches shorter than my Bojeangles disco pants. The Bojeangles are pretty long. In fact, when I wore them out on Friday I actually folded up the hems a bit.

I’m looking at a tape measure to see just how much 2.5 inches is and trying to convince myself that it is not much and that these shiny gold pants will be long enough for me. Sigh. Well, I know they won’t be as short as my silver disco jeans. I can only wear that one if I do end up finding that ideal pair of boots. Otherwise they fit me like capris on a woman. Not a good look.

Silver is a great color for disco pants, so I really hoping to find a long enough pair on ebay soon. I’m surprised American Apparel has not yet decided to include silver in their array of disco pant offerings. I’d be the first to get a pair if they offered them.

I was going to suggest that if these gold disco pants end up not being long enough on me I would put them up for sale on ebay. But I keep forgetting that I’m planning on getting boots and that will hide any shortcomings of these pants, my silver ones and my A.A. ones.

I love my black Bojeangles disco pants because they are like 44 inches long with an inseam of like 35 inches! They are completely unhemmed and I thank whoever owned them before me for not trimming nor hemming them! I found out from the ebay seller who I bought these from that they were purchased at a garage sale! Imagine that! I’ll be hitting the garage sales early and often this year.

There is currently a red pair of Bojeangles disco jeans on ebay that is unhemmed and just as long as my black ones. I would love to get them. I’m not that crazy about red pants, but I remember Leif Garrett wearing red ones on some TV show from the 70s once. He was playing twins, and one was wearing red disco pants and the other black ones.

Those pants are so versatile they look great with just a simple t-shirt and white sneakers. Yeah, I’m gonna try to get the red Bojeangles. It would be much more daring to wear the red ones out. And would definitely draw more attention.

Well, until next time.




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