Boots Search & More Disco Pants

Still no luck with finding the kind of boots I’m looking for. I’ve decided that I want some exactly like the Raf Simons leather boot sneakers. The more I look at them the more I want them and the more I realize they are the perfect pair of boots.

Absolutely perfect! Smooth shiny black leather. Flat rubber soles. About 10 inches tall. And cool metal rings on the sides. There is a pair of these on ebay for $500. And too big for me. Even if they had my size I couldn’t afford these awesome boots. But shouldn’t you be able to find a knockoff of these? Yet I can’t. I’ve tried a bunch of relevant google search terms and I get no good results. And the frustrating thing is that I always use ‘mens’ in the phrases of my searches and the majority of photos are of women’s boots. Women have some really nice boots available to them. Guys don’t. We’re limited to biker boots, cowboy boots or work boots.

But I would like to find a knockoff of these soon so I can put them on with my disco pants and take pics to see how they look. I believe I’ve paid as much as $150 for boots and that’s about my limit.

Still got my eyes on those red Bojeangles disco pants on ebay right now. They’re up to $93 and the auction ends on Sunday. They would look totally sweet with those boots. There’s a purple pair of LeGambi disco pants also on ebay but I kinda gave up on that one. It’s up to $107 and I’m not sure I want to pay that much. I’m also concerned they may not be quite long enough for me. The inseam is described as 32 inches and overall length as 40. Might be a tad short. But they are sweet looking!

And they are 1 whole size larger than my black Bojeangles and the red Bojeangles I may get. So maybe they won’t fit skintight like they should. But they sure look small. Hmmm. If I just had my dream boots I wouldn’t care so much whether these would be too short or not. No one but me would know :]

Actually my main priority with disco pants right now is to get a silver pair, a dark blue pair, a bright or medium blue pair and as many additional black pairs that will fit me. As I plan on wearing the black Bojeangles I have now more often I can’t risk them getting damaged and then not having them to wear. But if anything gets messed up on that pair I will take it immediately to the cleaners to fix. I’m sure they can pretty much fix almost anything. But the great thing is that I can actually say that I wore disco pants out in public. That is an accomplishment!


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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