Shiny Pants and Shirt??

So I’m deciding on tops to wear with my shiny black skintight disco pants tomorrow evening. And I’ve rounded it down to 2. Either the new black v-neck t-shirt size medium I bought last week which is a snug fit and compliments the pants well, or my shiny black polo that I’ve had for years. Now my friend told me not to wear a shiny top because the pants already grab a lot of attention. But I really like the way they look together. Plus, the t-shirt has a tendency to still somewhat outline my less than flattering shape. The polo does not. Both are not really long so either one will reveal a good portion of the pants and some of the back pockets. I know I will get more comments if I were the shiny top with the shiny pants. I’m not looking to get comments but it is cool when someone says something or has a really freaked out look on their face when they see what I’m wearing.

I have to wear black. I tried other colors but they just don’t slim me down like black does. I have plenty of other shirts that would go great with these pants but in all honesty they reveal the ‘spare tire’ and ‘muffin top’ too much as well as my pecs. Can’t wait to get my Slim Away belts. They won’t make me lose everything there, but at least they’ll hide a good amount for now.

All my weight goes to my stomach and face. I hate it. Totally. I have great skinny legs and a nice overall lower body but it’s the upper body that really ruins my image. I’m top heavy and I wish I could just lose about 25 lbs.

So right now I’m leaning towards the shiny polo, but it’s about 60/40. We’ll see what I decide to go with tomorrow. I have not worn this polo in many years, but I wear black T’s all the time. It’s not like this is going to be the last time I wear these disco pants (hopefully). So I will still have other times to wear whatever I’m not going to wear tomorrow.

But I know for a fact that there will be people there tomorrow night who did not see me in the disco pants the last time I wore them. So it will be interesting to see their reactions. Some will not say a word. It will all be in their facial expressions. It will be priceless!


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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