Weather, Tops, Pseudo Disco Pants, A.A., Etc.

Weather update:

Looks like it’s going to be about 68° here today. That’s a lot cooler than the earlier forecasts I had mentioned, but it’s still no reason to wear a coat. So looks like I’ll have to wear another pair of pants over my disco pants just to leave the house in. That’s a bummer. But it will be exciting to wear the shiny disco jeans again tonight. I guess I’ll wear my black coated Nudie Thin Finn over them and then just take them off in the garage.

Still not completely sure which top I’ll be wearing. I continue to lean towards the shiny black polo. I mean, Erin Gray looked amazing in her skintight shiny 2 piece jumpsuit. So even though my polo is not exactly matching the pants because the polo is polyester and the pants are nylon/spandex and the polo is just a little more shiny than the pants doesn’t mean that it won’t look good on me. It’ll look great! Shiny clothing is awesome. I agree with someone who commented on a blog once that shiny clothing is meant to be tight. If it’s shiny and loose it looks like bags.

My friend who asked me why I was wearing yoga pants the last time I wore my disco pants has a lot of non-regular attending friends who sometime come to church on Fridays. The last time I wore the disco jeans none of his friends showed up. So there is a chance they may come tonight. Plus a lot of the college students are done with finals or with college altogether so they just may be back in town already and show up tonight as well. So I’m willing to bet money that there will be a lot more people tonight than there were 2 weeks ago. As well as I know some of them, I am expecting some laughter, giggling, weird looks and comments. I’ve already dealt with that when I first wore skintight skinny jeans there. But they all got used to seeing me in that so the laughter, giggling, weird looks and comments went away. The same will happen with disco pants. Tonight will be a big step though, because it will be something new for a lot of them to see. The ones who already saw it 2 weeks ago may look again but it won’t be that great of a deal to them this time around.

And speaking of disco pants, I want to clarify something. I found images on google of shiny silver, loose pants out there that are being sold as disco pants for me. It’s utterly ridiculous that these things be called ‘disco pants.’ Just because the material is simulated to look like a disco ball gives no right to the maker of these pants to name them after one of mankind’s greatest inventions. Disco pants are shiny, skintight and look like jeans. These particular pants–these pseudo disco pants–are an atrocity to the name of disco pants. Yes, they are shiny but outrageously so. They are not tight at all and not meant to be worn so. And they don’t look like jeans. I would never buy or wear such crap and I refuse to even post a pic of them here.

According to the person who sold me the blue Jonden disco pants, I should get them tomorrow. Hopefully I will. And looks like I will get one jacket from American Apparel tomorrow, but the rest on Monday. That’s the thing I hate about A.A. I’ve ordered from them before and it always takes forever to get their stuff. Wish I lived in Cali. Nearly everything I buy online comes from there anyway. Imagine how fast I would get everything if I lived there!

Other than that, nothing much else going on. Looking forward to this evening in my skintight shiny disco pants.



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