Got the Jonden’s!

I have just received and managed to squeeze into my brand new (to me 🙂 shiny bright blue, completely skintight pair of Jonden disco pants. Wow! They are absolutely the tightest disco pants I now own. I almost thought I would not be able to button them and zip them up, but thank goodness for spandex! I certainly heard some stitches blowing as I pulled them on and fastened them, though mainly along the waist. I can get those fixed eventually. But man, these pants are amazing! I’m wearing them right now in fact underneath my regular jeans. I want to keep them on until I take pictures and videos which will be soon. I don’t want to risk blowing more stitches by taking them off and putting them on again later. The color is even better than in the pics I posted earlier. And American Apparel makes no disco pants in this shade of blue. Another thing I like about these Jonden’s is that the back pockets are not placed as high as on the other brands of disco pants, such as A.A, Bojeangles and Frederick’s of Hollywood. They are a good deal amount lower which means they can still be seen even with a longer top. Unless I’m wearing them lower than normal, but I don’t think so. Even before I got the pants I noticed in the pictures that the pocket placement was lower than normal:

See? I think it’s pretty cool since the pockets are definitely a giveaway that these are pants and not tights or leggings or jeggings or meggings. Well, I guess they can still be jeggings because jeggings = jeans-styled leggings. And if you’ll remember from my last night’s post that one of the guys at church said I was wearing women’s jeggings (I was wearing my Bojeangles disco pants). BUT, leggings/jeggings are supposed to be skintight all the way down to the ankles. These Jonden’s, although they seem to have a slimmer leg opening than my black Bojeangles and my gold F.O.H.’s, are still more of a slim leg rather than a skinny or leggings fit. I have yet to try them on with shoes to see how they fit over them. I have yet to try them on with anything for that matter. Will be taking a ton of pics and vids! I better charge up my camera battery right now.

Trying to figure out what kind of disco jeans Menudo is wearing in these videos. The designer name tag is on their back right pockets. That’s similar to the Jonden’s I just got. And since the pockets are lower on Jonden’s maybe that’s what they’re wearing?? This calls for further investigation. We’ll get back to that later. Now it’s time to take pics!

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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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