In Jonden Disco Pants!

OK, here we go. As promised, here are pics of my new shiny bright blue absolutely skintight disco pants. There were several blown stitches on these pants, namely on the pockets and in the crotch area, and now there are even more after I spent about 2 or 3 hours wearing them. I’m gonna have to take these to my favourite cleaners and have the woman there re-stitch all these bad ones with some super strong thread. But here they are:


Don’t they look great? They are without a doubt the tightest disco pants I have. They were even hard to pull up! And as you can see, they fit tighter around the ankles as compared to my black disco pants and my gold ones. These are tagged a size smaller than the other 2. But this color is so sweet! And I love how the back pockets are fully revealed, including the “Jonden” tag above the right pocket. This is the first pair of Jonden’s I’ve had or seen even so I don’t know if they made a habit of placing the pockets lower on the rear than the other big brands. Or maybe this pair was one actually designed for guys. Hopefully I can acquire some more of the Jonden brand of disco pants.

Another awesome thing about this Jonden pair is that it’s 87% nylon and 13% lycra spandex. My Bojeangles and my Frederick’s of Hollywood are both 90/10, so this one’s even more stretchy. I guess that’s why I was able to squeeze into them.


Absolutely awesome! I felt like one of the Menudo boys while I was wearing these (minus their black leather boots). The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that they wore Jonden disco pants also.

That’s a mirror shot as you can tell by the reversing of the Jonden tag. I feel this pic really shows how tight these pants really are, with all the wrinkles on the back of the knees and around the rear.


When I showed one of these pics (unedited) to my friend who suggested I get the v-neck t-shirts and asked him what he thought, this is what he said:

“wat the fuck bro….stop. LOL. i can see ur balls. WAT THE FUGGGGG”

When I told him that they’re nice pants he replied:

“nah dude. thts something else.
its too much for me
too much attention lol!”

Oh well. I know most people are not warm to the idea of a guy wearing skintight shiny pants. I appreciate his honesty. It’s not gonna keep me from liking or even wearing them. But I do think it was exaggeration on his part when he said “I can see your balls.” A slight normal bulge yes but nothing else. And a bulge can be seen in any kind of pants. But I think sometimes people look too hard and see things that aren’t really there.

Unfortunately, just before I took the pants off to put away, I noticed this:

So I must get that fixed. Especially if I ever decide to wear these out. Which, I’m just not sure I will. Maybe for Halloween. On that day you can wear anything and it’s acceptable.

Next up: I may be acquiring some dark green disco pants that have belt loops. I don’t recall ever hearing of this brand. It’s not one of the big names. And I may get a 2nd pair of black disco jeans, but this time being LeGambi brand.

And finally, looks like most of my American Apparel order will be arriving on Monday. At that time I’ll wearing my midnight navy disco pants and taking pics and vids. But I doubt that they will top these Jonden pants. These took the cake today!



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  1. qopel says:

    There’s not supposed to be any wrinkles

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