Got My A.A. Stuff

Received all of my American Apparel order today! And here’s the problem: I really like every item. I was banking on not liking something so I could return it and at least get a portion of the outrageous amount that I spent back. But I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

#1. Obviously the navy blue disco pants aren’t going back. They are totally great and I just tried them on quickly and took them off. I’ll be taking pics of me in them later.

#2. The Satin Charmeuse Night Jacket in black is very nice. It is not much of a jacket, though. It’s very thin and probably not really ideal for anything under 60°F. That’s how thin it is. But it looks really good. It resembles the nylon jackets that were popular in the 70s and 80s, except this one is polyester. It has the kind of shine to it that disco pants have, and it doesn’t reach down very low so if worn with disco pants (or any skinny or tight jeans) it will allow much of the butt and crotch areas to be exposed. It will show just how tight any pants or jeans you’re wearing really are. I’ll take pics of it later also.

#3. The Shiny Wind Breaker in Lamé Black is very cool. It is made of nylon and spandex–just like disco jeans–but has more of a look of polyester. It’s not as thin as the satin night jacket, but that is not saying much. It’s a very light jacket, again probably not meant for any evening or night temperature of less than 60°F. But it sure looks good! Pics of it later as well.

#4. In a separate package I received the Matte Faux Leather Hoody (tag says Biker Hoody). It is also a very thin jacket but it does have a look of leather to them. Not grainy leather but smooth and soft. And it has a hood of course. It’s an XL size and turns out that it is ever so slightly large on me. A large would probably have been ideal, but they didn’t have L when I ordered. To be honest, they didn’t have XL either when I placed my order but they were able to come up with one. I placed the order a day after I put all the items in my cart. On the day I put the hoody in my cart they had XL available. On the next day it was no longer available as an option. But I placed the order anyway and they were able to locate one. But I would love to exchange it for a large.

Regardless, it feels good to buy and wear American made clothing. Very little quality clothing is still made here, and A.A.’s prices are reasonable. I remember when they first came out with their version of ‘the disco pant.’ It was priced at $90 and a lot of people found that to be too pricey. I thought it was fair even then–now they’re $82 and for a while  after the outcry they were $78. According to what I’ve heard, original disco pants were pretty expensive back in their heyday during the 70s and 80s. So $82 is not really that bad. What is bad is that American Apparel refuses to make these in a straight-leg or slim-leg fit so we guys can wear them as well. Of course it would probably be only a very small percentage of guys who get them, but you can be sure that plenty of women who are not fond of the skinny jeans or leggings look would buy them as well.

I forgot to mention before that this Friday I’m not scheduled to play anything in the band so I can wear my disco pants again. Why should I only wear them if I’m playing guitar in the band? So looks like this friday will be another good opportunity to rock them. More on that later….



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