Cheap Monday Shine Denim

So tonight was a missed opportunity. Not only did I not get to wear my shiny black disco jeans because I had to drum, but several people asked about them. I found out last minute that I had to drum so that quickly ended the chance to wear them tonight. But since I couldn’t wear them, I was sure going to wear some other pair of skintight pants. I had first picked my Levi’s 511 in Rinsed Playa and was settled on wearing them. But then my Cheap Monday Tight in Shine Denim came to mind and I quickly changed into them. They are really tight and look great especially when walking:


So I wore these skintight skinny jeans with my shiny black polo and my Vaporous Grey Converse All Star Lo. On one photo you can see my American Apparel Satin Night Jacket. Two guys said they liked the shiny polo and at least 3 others commented that I should wear it with my ‘shiny pants,’ LOL. If you’ve been reading my posts here you’ll know that I’ve been planning to wear them together. One of my Facebook friends advised against it because he said the pants already attract attention so wearing the shiny polo also would attract even more. But he’s the same dude who did not like the pic of me in my skintight blue Jonden disco pants. So ultimately I’m gonna do what I want anyway. If I muster up the courage to wear my Jonden’s on a Friday night (after I get them re-stitched) I’ll be completely impressed with myself. But at least for the rest of this month I don’t think I’ll have any more opportunities to wear any disco pants.

So it’s interesting that some people are actually expecting me to wear my shiny black disco pants. And it looks like on Monday I’ll be receiving a 2nd pair of black disco pants. I bought another one from my contact and this one’s a LeGambi brand and is a smaller size than the Bojeangles I have. So it will be cool if they fit even tighter than the Bojeangles. A fit like the Jonden’s would be completely awesome. They are a size 2 but my contact measured the waist to be about half an inch larger than the waist he measured on the Jonden pair. So if that’s any indication, these LeGambi’s will be completely skintight also. Yes! We’ll see on Monday.

Oh, and I had no problems with the zipper on my Cheap Monday’s tonight. They stayed up the whole time I was in them, so that’s good. I think these jeans will be taking a trip with me later this month. This is really one of the greatest jeans Cheap Monday ever came out with. I bought mine from around 2007. They’re made of cotton, polyester and spandex and because of the polyester they have a really faint sheen to them. They’re really tight without killing my waist. And they stay tight without loosening up after a while of wearing.

That’s all for now.


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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