LeGambi Disco Pants

So tomorrow (Monday) I shall receive my first pair of LeGambi disco pants. They will be black so they will be my 2nd pair of black vintage disco pants. But I think they will be a lot tighter than the Bojeangles. I’m going to compare the measurements of my skintight blue Jonden’s with these LeGambi’s, according to the person who sold them to me.

Size Tag – 3
11.5″ waist
10″ rise
15″ hip
33″ inseam
41″ overall length

Size Tag 2 7/8
Overall length 40
Waist 12
Hip 16
Rise 10
Inseam 31

So the tagged size on the LeGambi pair is one size smaller than the Jonden pair, but the measured waist size is half-an-inch larger than the Jonden and the hip is 1 inch larger as well. That to me means a pretty similar fit to the Jonden, but not completely. The only thing that concerns me is the inseam and overall length. The measured inseam of the LeGambi pair is 2 inches shorter than the Jonden and the overall length is 1 inch shorter. The gold Frederick’s of Hollywood pair I have had measurements listed as 32.5 inches for the inseam and 41.5 inches for overall length. My Bojeangles were listed as 34.5 inch inseam and they are very long indeed. I think the LeGambi pair will be ok. We’ll see tomorrow. Here are some preliminary pics:












The next pics you will see will be of them on me. Crossing my fingers that they won’t be short on me. Also crossing fingers that they will be tighter than the Bojeangles.

My gold pair isn’t really that tight. And they are a tagged size 4 (11/12). And since the Jonden pair is tagged a size 3 and it fits skintight, I probably should stick with that size. And going with anything larger than 4 will probably not give me the painted-on look that disco pants should have.

Also getting something else tomorrow that is totally unrelated to disco pants or clothing even. I’m really excited about that too, but that’s for another blog.



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