Leif Garrett Pants

I received my first pair of LeGambi disco pants yesterday. As I suspected, they are tighter than my Bojeangles and definitely not as long. I want to call them my “Leif Garrett” disco pants, as they seem to fit like the black ones he can be seen wearing in many videos on YouTube. They are harder to get on vs. the Bojeangles and harder to button. But when they are on they are pretty skintight. And they fall just over my Converse All Stars, revealing a little bit of socks as steps are taken. That can be fixed though by wearing some high top All Stars. But my are they are shiny and so tight! Another pair of amazing disco pants!! Will I wear this one on a Friday night? I think I will! I don’t think most people will notice the difference between the LeGambi and the Bojeangles. I know I will.

There are a few stitches loose on the top of the right back pocket and on the right side seam. These need to be fixed so they don’t spread. I took the Jonden pair yesterday to the cleaners to have stitching fixed on the crotch, back pockets and zipper cover seam. It’s only gonna cost $10 so hopefully they will do an excellent job. I want to get those back on again. I told them to use strong thread because the pants fit very tight. I don’t know if they’re actually going to replace all the stitching in those areas or just fix the loose ones. Hope they have the exact same color of thread. If they do a great job I will take the LeGambi’s there as well.

I will post some pics of the new LeGambi disco pants later. I was really feeling like a rock star in them. There is nothing hotter than being in skintight, shiny disco pants. Nothing!



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