Wearing #3 Coming Up

I know I had said that I would not wear my disco pants whenever I had to drum, but I want to wear them so badly today! Yes, I have to drum tonight but I am considering wearing them. I think it’ll be ok. And I really want to wear the LeGambi instead of the Bojeangles. The LeGambi pair has some blown stitches on the right outer seam on the hips and on the right back pocket. So I’m not sure it would be a great idea to wear them. Might cause more damage. And today is a very warm day so I will have to leave the house with another pair of jeans on top.

I almost feel as though wearing the Bojeangles is no longer a big deal. A lot of people have already seen them on me so it’s like yesterday’s news. The LeGambi pair is tighter–size 2 vs. size 4–and would both look and feel more how I like. And I’m sure most people would not even know the difference, unless someone or two has really been checking out my disco pants.

I think disco pants are good for drumming in. They are skintight yet comfortable. There’s a lot of movement going on when you’re drumming. I have worn extremely tight skinny jeans while drumming before and it made some of my legwork difficult to do. So now when I drum I try to wear skintight skinny jeans that have spandex in them or have a good amount of stretch to them. I save the 100% cotton skintight jeans and the ones that do have spandex but don’t feel like it for playing guitar. So since disco pants are so tight yet so not restricting, they may be great for playing drums in.

When I read through comments on Leif Garrett videos or Menudo videos on YouTube where they’re wearing disco pants, I see so many that question how Leif or the Menudo boys can move in such tight pants. Do these people really not know that these pants are very stretchy? I’m sure they’ve never tried any on themselves, but they must have heard of spandex or lycra or running tights. How do they think people who run fit into lycra tights? Do they actually think that people who are exercising would wear restricting clothing? I’m surprised people who think that actually know how to use a computer.

But I digress. I have more important things to think of. Including which disco pants I will wear tonight. Yes, I am going to wear one of my disco pants. What the heck. Life is short. Do what makes you happy. Disaster may be around the corner. Enjoy yourself while there is the opportunity to do so. Do I wanna look back when I’m 50 and think I should have worn my disco pants more often? Do I want to put off wearing them till I’m 50? No. I don’t think they will look as good on me as they do now. And I don’t think I would wear them as confidently. So it must be today. Right now. C’est la vie. Now to figure out which t-shirt to wear……..


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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