Good For Drumming

Watching Erin Gray on ‘Buck Rogers’ wearing a shiny skintight dark green pair of disco pants and a matching top. So hot! It must have been heaven for her to make those shows every week in a different yet equally tight and shiny color of disco jeans. I know it would be for me.

Well I wore my new LeGambi shiny black disco pants on Friday night. And of course no one could really tell that they weren’t the same ones I’ve worn twice before. And they didn’t get damaged from me having to drum. They were actually very comfortable and pretty ideal for such activity. Now I know that I can wear them without worries when I have to drum. I will be wearing them more often. I know summer’s coming up but I’ve always worn jeans even in the summer when I have to drum. Very restricting, skintight, second-skin type jeans. I just don’t like wearing shorts unless I’m going there for fellowship  and/or fun. I just might wear disco pants every Friday or so from now on. I have to make up for all the times I should’ve worn my skintight Levi’s 505  :]

I did get a few more positive comments on my LeGambi disco jeans Friday night. One girl said she likes them and a guy said they look nice. Another dude who came back from college kinda laughed and joked around a bit about the pants but it wasn’t malicious and I didn’t mind. In fact, I think this guy may secretly like tight pants himself. He did try on my ultra tight Bettina Liano jeans on once and they were completely skintight on him, too. They looked really good on him and I think he enjoyed having them on and the attention he got. I have some pics of him and a video of him walking around flaunting himself in those jeans. On Friday when I was wearing the disco pants, he did grab my rear. Only teens will do that stuff. But it is so irresistible to want to touch those pants when you see someone wearing them. The pants are so silky smooth to the touch and so inviting. As I write this Erin Gray is now wearing a shiny skintight white pair of disco pants.

Side note: Just had a power glitch. Between the NATO protests and the oncoming severe weather, who knows what the cause is.

Now Erin Gray is wearing a navy blue skintight shiny pair of disco pants and a matching long-sleeved top. Great episode indeed. I have no idea what the plot was, but great episode indeed.

I spent some time today wearing my blue Jonden disco pants and taking pics and videos of me in them. And I feel I was working up the courage to wear them on some Friday night. I mean, people there are already used to seeing me in the black ones. They know I wear this type of pants now and it’s like they expect to see me in them. Just like it was a huge step for me to wear the black disco pants for the first time, it will be another huge step to wear the blue ones. Yeah, they’re absolutely skintight, but I’ve worn and still do wear absolutely skintight jeans. Yeah, they’re shiny, but I’ve already worn shiny pants 3 times now. And yeah, they’re blue, but most of the pants I wear are blue. So it’s just the combination of shiny, skintight and blue that will be a first. But I think it’s a lot easier to get away with wearing these blue ones rather than gold coloured ones or red ones or purple ones because of how common the color blue is for pants and in particular jeans. So don’t be too surprised if you see a near-future post here about me planning to wear them.

I will be going to a campground for Memorial Day weekend and I certainly do plan to take one of my black disco pants to wear up there. I’m also going to take a few pairs of skintight jeans along but I haven’t decided which yet.

I tried the Jonden’s with my Vans shoes:

Looks OK, but much better with the Converse. But maybe would look better if I had worn my blue vans which are also a half size smaller than these.

That’s all I have for now. Not expecting any new disco pants this week. And I’m not sure if I’ll be wearing any either. There’s a chance on Friday. We’ll see how the week rolls.

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