A.A. Disco Pants

Was trying on my various disco pants last night. I tried on 5 different ones to be precise. First the gold ones, then the bright blue ones, then both black ones and finally the midnight navy American Apparel ones.

I really like the gold Frederick’s of Hollywood pair but I just feel they aren’t tight enough. They’re no where near the blue Jonden pair in terms of tightness. If they were skintight they’d be awesome. But one thing I’ve noticed about both of those is that they tend to be a bit more revealing. I don’t know if there’s something I can do to prevent that. The black ones don’t because they are dark and make it harder to see. So I’m definitely going to wear one of the black ones at camp. At least on one evening. Maybe both. We’ll see. But it looks like it’s gonna be pretty hot up there weather-wise.

I mentioned I tried on my midnight navy disco pants from American Apparel as well last night. They’re nice and skintight and shiny. And the color is great. But as I’ve said so many times in this blog before, they suffer from the ‘leggings’ syndrome. I don’t have a problem with leggings. But I’m not comfortable wearing leggings out in public. I’m already pretty self-conscious wearing super skinny jeans that are made for guys out in public. But anyway, here’s how it looked:













Very nice, I know. If there’s a time I would actually wear this in public it would probably be on Halloween. Anything is acceptable on that day. By the way, I never did get a response from American Apparel regarding whether they would consider making a few custom pairs of their disco pants for me. Never did.

I found this great pic on the net:


There’s at least 4 girls wearing skintight shiny disco pants from American Apparel. The girl on the far right end is wearing some kind of legging which may be those disco pants but I cannot tell because of the lighting. My gut feeling is that they’re just black leggings. But she is wearing some nice low Converse All Stars. The girl on the far left is wearing the navy blue disco pants. There’s a good amount of shine reflecting on her pants and we even get to see some of her back pocket. I don’t care for the dressy shoes she is wearing though. The 3rd girl from the left is wearing black disco pants with some black Converse All Stars. I can’t tell if her Chucks are low or high top. The 5th girl from the left is wearing the charcoal-colored disco pants from A.A. I also do not like the dress shoes she is wearing but there is a great amount of shine on her skintight pants. And finally, the girl to the right of her, or the 3rd girl from the right is wearing navy blue disco pants (like mine) and some white high top Converse All Stars. A totally awesome combination! I love how those white high top Converse look with those skintight disco pants. And I’m still trying to figure out if the girl on the far right is wearing disco pants. Upon closer examination of the pic, it looks like her pants have some shine from the knees on down. But it’s that area where the sun is shining on it near her hand with the phone that is throwing me off. Well, if those are disco pants, then she gets the top prize cause I love how they look with those sweet low white Converse she is wearing.

But that’s such a great photo because there are 4 maybe 5 pretty girls all wearing incredibly skintight shiny disco pants. I don’t even see one around here so imagine seeing 4 or 5 all together. I would love to have been the one taking that picture of them.

That’s all for now….


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