Disco Pants Weekend

I might wear my LeGambi (or Leif Garrett) disco pants tonight. I have the opportunity. Our church is going away for the weekend so we are going to practice some music tonight and then play some sports or whatever. So I could wear the pants for music time, but obviously I’m not going to wear them to play volleyball or sit around the gym in them and watch others play. Not gonna sit on the dirty floor in them. I could just decide not to play sports and hang around with the other ‘non-athletes.’ But I’m a sucker for volleyball, especially since I could use the exercise. Not sure what I’ll do at the moment.

But I will take them with me to camp this weekend. It’s going to be ridiculously hot there this weekend so I might not be wearing skintight jeans much. I am taking my skintight Acitve Revolt jeans that were made in L.A. Always glad to support the USA when they make a great product! I’m also taking my not-as-tight-as-the-Active-jeans Levi’s 511, which are tight but do stretch out after wearing them for a while. Plus, they are thinner denim so they’ll be better suited for the hot weather. And I’m taking a looser pair of Levi’s 510. So those 3 plus the disco pants. I might make a last minute change and size down on the 510’s. That would force me to wear skintight jeans the whole time or resort to wearing shorts, which I might do anyway.

I’ll probably wear the disco pants as early as tomorrow night. Actually wouldn’t mind wearing them all day Sunday, but that’s the day forecast to be the hottest. But that would be the first time I wore such pants on a Sunday and for Sunday service. The reality is that I might changed into them on Sunday night. So I might just wear them both nights. Either way I’m sure this will be the first time ever that disco pants graced the campgrounds.

Other than that, some really awesome pairs of disco pants are being sold on ebay right now. Two purple pairs, including one brand new with tags, are listed and look amazing. There’s also a light blue pair that look so great. The brand new purple one is listed at $225. I would love to get that one but cannot spend that much at the moment. I’m going to focus on getting the blue ones which are currently at $107. I’m sure they will end up around the $120’s or $130’s.

That’s all for now. Unless I post another entry later today, you won’t hear from me until Monday evening at the earliest.


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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