New Disco Pants, New Vans

Back from a holiday weekend. I would give it between 2.5 stars and 3, but closer to 2.5. Why? Because I had planned on wearing my disco pants both Saturday evening and Sunday evening, but Saturday evening is the only one that panned out. Still it was a good experience and most likely the first time spandex disco jeans have ever been worn at that campgrounds.

I packed both the Bojeangles and the LeGambi pair. I decided to wear the LeGambi’s on Saturday night just because they are tighter than the Bojeangles and seem to be just a little more shiny.  I wore them for about 4 or 5 hours and they were digging into my waist by the end of the night. The Bojeangles don’t hurt my waist, but then again they are a size 4 while the LeGambi is a size 2.

I received a lot of comments when I wore them that night. Especially from those who had not seen them before. Most of the comments included the phrase ‘shiny pants’ in them. Nothing negative though. A few of the younger guys were kinda surprised and giggled a bit.    And I overheard one of the college girls saying to another something about the pants. But nothing was said or done that has caused me to not wear them anymore. In fact I want to wear them more often. At least 3 new people touched my disco pants who had never touched them before. They are fun pants to touch!

A college girl asked me if the pants were hard to move around in. And one of the college guys said “they are so tight.” One of the high school guys asked, “How do you take them off? They are skintight.” But it’s pretty cool when they actually touch the pants to see how they feel, or pull on them to see how they stretch. One of the 3 new people who touched the pants was also the 1st girl to do so. She has shown the most interest in my disco pants out of all the other girls.

We’re having a graduation party on Friday so I considering wearing disco pants for that and a blazer. I wanted to get one of those t-shirts that have a tie designed on them and just wear it under my jacket with the disco pants. But tomorrow’s already Wednesday and I don’t know where to look. And ordering online would not be practical at this point. So black disco pants, a dark blazer, a t-shirt with a tie design on it and my black converse would be my outfit. That’s about as dressed up as I will get.

On Saturday I received in the mail a navy blue pair of disco pants that I bought on ebay. I got the pants from a seller in England and the pants were made there and are of the brand “Guy Curtis.” I never heard of that brand but they’re pretty much just like the American brand name ones. Shiny, button and zipper, back pockets and made from nylon & spandex. The seller claimed the pants were ‘new without tags’ but they did smell of smoke a bit. The size is listed as UK 14 which when I checked I found out that they were larger than any other disco pants I had acquired up to that point. And when I tried them on they were larger than any pair I have. They are snug but definitely not skintight. No comparison to my Jonden’s, LeGambi’s or Bojeangles, and even quite looser than my gold Frederick’s of Hollywood. So taking that into consideration, I could wear them to the party Friday night. This would be the first time they see me in the flesh wearing disco pants of another color other than black. I didn’t take any good pics of these pants so I don’t have any to post here. Hopefully tomorrow. But this same seller also has a pair of these pants (same brand, same size) in black. I’m undecided as to whether I will get them. They would definitely be ‘Sunday’ pants though. Not really tight, just shiny.

Today I received a custom made pair of Vans Era that I ordered from the website. I couldn’t find any light grey canvas Vans anywhere online so I just custom ordered them. I realize I overpaid by about $25 for the privilege, but it’s worth it because I have a unique pair of sneakers. They’re very nice and will look great with some skintight skinny or slim jeans.

Besides all that good stuff, nothing much else going on. My contact said he will be getting some new disco pants this week and will let me know. I can’t wait to find out what he’ll have. As always, you will see it here as soon I buy them from him.

Till then…..



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