The Disco Pant Is Not A Modern Creation!

I realize there is a whole new generation of women–if not also men–out there that is discovering this phenomenon called disco pants. And I applaud American Apparel for being in large part responsible for this. But I must make it clear that American Apparel did not invent disco pants, nor is their version of it in true keeping with the original disco pants. They have done a great job with their disco pants, but it is a more modernized version due to the super skinny leg. Also, disco pants first came out around 35 years ago and were in fashion up until about 27 years ago.

It is very likely that the people going ga-ga over A.A.’s disco pant never knew they already existed and is not a new creation. But I’m sure that once again it is a case of a newer generation claiming something as their own when in actuality it is just a recycled product. This happens plenty of times in music. A new artist will cover a classic piece from another era include a sample from an old song and the newer generation will think it’s one of the greatest things their own came up with. Same with movies. An old classic will be remade and today’s younger generations have no clue that it originally appeared 40 years ago (Ocean’s 11, et. al). And of course the remakes–be it movies, music or even disco pants–are never as good as the original. In terms of movies and music, it cannot be remedied. But in terms of disco pants, all they have to do is turn that skinny leg into a straight or slim or straight leg. But for some reason they choose not to.

As some wise person once said, there is nothing new under the sun. Everything is just recycled, reused, reintroduced to new people.

Anyway, hopefully my contact will let me know what he gets in this week in terms of disco pants. I’m looking forward to getting a new pair or 2. Still trying to get some silver ones, red ones, dark blue ones and purple ones.


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