Been reading about ‘meggings’ lately and for those of you who don’t know, meggings are leggings for men. There are some cool shiny ones out there but plenty of nasty printed ones as well. People either hate meggings or love them. I don’t personally care. If guys want to wear them it’s fine by me. I am not going to criticize. Actually I like to see guys venture out into territory that pushes the boundaries of clothing that society and all the brainwashed, indoctrinated folks out there have deemed appropriate for us.

Perhaps if I manage to lose some weight I may wear meggings myself. But I’ve been ‘trying’ to lose weight for some time now. The truth is that if I am not able to bring myself to wear American Apparel’s disco pants out in public then I probably won’t wear meggings anytime soon either. That’s the true test for me. I already have pants that are pretty much leggings: A.A.’s disco pants. If I can’t wear those out I’m not going to wear any that are specifically made for men either. When you start getting into the field of leggings and meggings, there is probably very little difference visually between them. If a guy goes out in meggings, people will think he’s wearing women’s leggings. It’s a no-win situation. In my opinion, A.A.’s disco pants could definitely be a unisex item. There is nothing extremely female about them, especially if you consider that meggings are now semi-popular with men–not American men, but other more ‘liberated’ men across different parts of the globe. That being said, a bold guy could easily pull off the look of those disco pants and most people would probably think they’re women’s pants but so what? He can always just say they are meggings. Hell, I wouldn’t even bother searching out for meggings. Just wear my A.A. disco pants and say they’re meggings.

But I’m not ready for that look yet. Not sure I will ever be. At least not in public. The closest I am interested in getting to meggings, leggings or jeggings is my American Apparel disco pants. Those are leggings-like enough. And they’re sexy as hell. I’m really only interested in jeans-type pants, which means they should have a button, zipper and 2 rear patch pockets. Front pockets optional. Skintight and shiny is optimal. Skintight and not shiny is great too. Not tight but shiny is rather pointless. Not tight and not shiny is what everyone wears and is boring to the high heavens.

So that’s my take on meggings. Dudes, wear them if you wish. I applaud you. They look great! No hating here. If more of you start wearing them, I can wear my American Apparel disco pants without concern. As for now, I’m going to stick with my skintight jeans and my more traditional vintage shiny skintight disco pants from the 70s/80s.

How I wish A.A. would start marketing disco pants for guys also. They seem to be such a liberated clothing company that would recognize the rising popularity of leggings for men. Yet they still haven’t made any for men. Can’t wait for the day when I see their disco pants listed as ‘unisex’ and they have pics of both girls and guys wearing them.



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