Navy & Gold Disco Pants

Two main things I want to address in this post. First, I need to post pics of the navy blue Guy Curtis disco pants I recently acquired. I’ve delayed putting up pics because frankly these pants are not that exciting. They are a large size and fit me rather loosely. I have written in previous posts that my gold Frederick’s of Hollywood disco pants were lacking a bit in the tightness department. Well after wearing the made-in-the-UK Guy Curtis pants and then putting on the gold FOH pants, I have a new found respect and appreciation for the tightness of the gold ones. They are skintight compared to these Curtis pants. They’re no where near my Jonden pair but they’re still tight like disco pants should be. Let me put it this way: I wore them to that party last night and I did not take off my sport coat at all or even unbutton it because I had my shirt tucked into my briefs and so my whole butt and crotch were completely outlined by the tightness of the disco pants. I didn’t want all that revealed so I kept my coat on and buttoned. So yes, my gold disco pants are pretty skintight but my Jonden’s and LeGambi’s are even more so.

So here are a few pics of the Guy Curtis disco pants:


















There they are with flash and without. They’re undoubtedly disco pants, but they just don’t fit tight enough like disco pants were meant to, both on females and males. They’re not all that exciting to wear. I mean it’s great that they’re shiny and dark blue. But I wouldn’t call them sexy just because of their looseness. Some of you may think I’m out of my mind to say they are not tight. But as I said before, my standard for tight has been getting higher and higher. When I decided to start wearing tight jeans again 5 years ago, the pants I considered tight back then wouldn’t cut it for me today, with the exception of my Cheap Monday Tight skintight jeans. Those were skintight back then and still skintight today. And not only that but just the fact that disco pants are supposed to fit tighter than they do on me in these pics. So I’m know what I’m talking about. Don’t argue with me on this :]

The seller I bought these pants from also has a black pair in the same size. I’m debating whether I should get them. Though they will not fit how they should either, I might be able to wear them more often and maybe to more places without drawing too much attention.

The second thing I want to talk about is the reception I received in the gold disco pants last night. Surprisingly it was all positive! As soon as I appeared in an area where many of them were all I heard was a bunch of ‘Woahhhhhhhh’s. Got some comments about me being dressed like ‘Hunger Games’ announcer, which since I have not seen the movie doesn’t mean much to me. I am curious to find out what that means though. But most of the comments ranged from “I like your pants” to “nice pants” to “they’re so cool.” So it was cool. Not sure if there will arise any other opportunities to wear those gold pants. I guess I could wear them on Fridays. Oh, and I did leave the house in them so the folks saw the pants and commented that I looked like a musician and a Brazilian music or tv star who wears similar-type black pants. I just told them that the pants look tight but they are stretch. So that’s another big step right there. I may actually be able to leave the house regularly on Friday nights now wearing skintight shiny disco pants without having to hide them. And I might just wear shiny disco pants every Friday from now on. I should be getting more pairs of these pants as long as my contact can keep coming up with awesome ones to sell me and there’s also eBay. But they seem to be getting more and more expensive on ebay. Anyway, yeah I’m gonna make it a point to wear disco pants every Friday, usually black ones but once I work up the courage to wear the super skintight blue Jonden’s I’ll try to keep them in the rotation at least once a month. Hey, gotta make up for all those missed high school days when I coulda and shoulda worn my skintight Levi’s 505.

Well, tomorrow’s Sunday so nothing shiny or too tight. Not yet anyway  :]


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