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I created a Tumblr account not too long ago, but I just posted for the first time there today.  I found lots of pics (mostly all girls) wearing various disco pants all from American Apparel.  As I said before, this generation believes they came up with everything they never heard of before–e.g., disco pants. Most of the pics of girls wearing disco pants feature females much too young to remember the first and original round of disco pants that came out a few decades ago. Some probably not even born when the last ones rolled off the store shelves. But anyway, since we’re all about equal rights and stuff I had to create a Tumblr where I will upload pics of me in disco pants. And that means both vintage and A.A. disco pants. Guys should get equal time with disco pants. So I’ll be posting a lot of the same pics I have here. If you want to follow me there my name is sdj37.

What do I hope to accomplish with my disco pants Tumblr account you ask?? Well, mainly that disco pants are for guys also and not just girls. I want to show that guys can look good in them also. Yes, I believe I look great in them. And if you don’t think so you are free to look away. But I’m going to keep wearing my disco pants. Hopefully I will be able to somehow bring awareness to American Apparel–since they are the only clothing designer that makes them–that these pants should continue to be unisex and that they should also be made with a slim/straight leg opening which would be better suited for guys but also for gals who don’t care for the skinny jeans craze. As you know well know, I love skinny jeans but when it comes to spandex disco jeans I prefer a traditional fit. I love A.A.’s disco pants but I’m not ready to sport the leggings or meggings look.

It really isn’t fair. Women do have all the best clothing. They can and have borrowed from guys’ wardrobe over time (pants, jeans, suits, ties, etc.) and it’s been wholly accepted except by some of the most backward of individuals. I think women wearing jeans is one of the greatest things ever. Guys on the other hand try to borrow from women’s wardrobe or reclaim from their wardrobe–skintight jeans and disco pants come to mind–and are immediately labelled ‘gay’, ‘metrosexual’, ‘feminine’, and whatnot. Oh well. Whatever.

I may decide to put full body shots of me in disco pants on my Tumblr. But my face will be blotted out. Not ready to make myself known to the world yet!

Again, if you wish to follow me on Tumblr my account is sdj37. See you there!



About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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