More Disco Pants on the Way!

So I went ahead and took full advantage of American Apparel’s 30% discount code and picked up about another $200 worth of stuff, including 2 shiny skintight disco pants in colors I don’t yet have. I ordered a red one after seeing so many hot pics of girls in red ones on tumblr. And I ordered a peacock one also after finding much less but equally enticing photos of girls in them on tumblr.

So 30% off of $82 leaves about $57. Not bad for something I will probably–never say never–wear out in public. But I will have plenty of fun in them in the privacy of my own home and will share some pretty hot pics of them here and on tumblr.

I also ordered 2 jackets. Wow! Four items for $200. Dang crazy. But at least it’s all made in the USA. And it’s not like I can find these items or cheaper, imported knock-offs of them in other stores or websites. And I’m really pleased with everything I’ve ever bought from A.A., from long-sleeved t-shirts to disco pants to shiny jackets to disco pants and on to disco pants. Did I mention their disco pants? Well, I know I’ve complained plenty about their disco pants but I’m still in love with those disco pants and have to give them all the credit in the world for really being the only ones daring and bold enough to make and sell the hottest type of pants ever made. They really only need to fix one thing on their disco pant. Everything else is absolutely magnifique!

So about the jackets: I ordered 2 of the kind that I ordered last time. I bought one of the Satin Charmeuse Night Jacket in deep peacock and one Shiny Windbreaker in Lamé Silver. Yes, I love shiny clothing. Especially bottoms. And especially skintight. Now if I were in a little better shape up on top, I’d be wearing skintight shiny tops as well. Or just skintight tops period.

I’ll probably get these items next week sometime. I will also be getting a blue pair of Frederick’s of Hollywood disco pants that I was surprisingly lucky to get for dirt cheap on ebay. It’s a large size–larger than any disco pants I currently own–so if I’m not happy with them they will be going back up on ebay and probably at least at 4 times the price I paid.

My ‘disco pants contact’ didn’t really have anything I was interested in this past week. Not really that I wasn’t interested, but rather that an item was a bit pricey and that I was concerned it was not long enough. Looked great though. Red disco pants with a matching red spandex jacket:

I wouldn’t mind having a set like this, but I really want to focus on getting as many disco pants as I can that fit me just right. If these things were less expensive I would just get any and every last one. But as they are pretty expensive I have to pick and choose among ones which will be best for me. I’m not looking to resell any of these pants. These are for me to wear and to fulfill a childhood-long desire for them.

Thanks to someone on tumblr, I have learned of an online store in the UK that sells a version of disco pants similar to A.A.’s version. The website is and they call the pants “Love Label High Shine Skinny Trousers.” They cost when converted to dollars is about $54. The pants feature a button, zipper and 2 rear patch pockets. They are listed as being made of polyamide which is just another name for nylon, so don’t be concerned. The material looks just like A.A.’s nylon disco pants. And there’s 12% spandex (elastane) in them. They come in black, midnight and red. Sizes are in UK terms. The midnight and red ones look great, but the black ones are very ill-fitted on the model. These pants are meant to be worn skintight so I do not know what they were thinking when they took pics of the black ones. Here is a direct link to the pants in midnight:—midnight/1112986712.prd?crossSellType=pzone1&parentProductId=prod11460375

If the mood strikes me I may just pick up a pair or 2 of those and then I’ll review them here. The brand is Love Label.

That’s all for now.


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