Disco Pants on Statigram & Instagram

Here is a link to bunches of pictures of disco pants on Statigram. I wanted to create an account there and add pics of me in disco pants but the only way you can do so is by also having an Instagram account. But you can only create an Instagram account with your smart phone and I already have a public account with them which I use for more “run of the mill” type photos. I don’t know if I could make a second account at Instagram and whether it’s worth all the work considering I’ll have to take photos with my phone. I don’t even know how to tag photos on Instagram as of yet. But for now you can enjoy all the lovely pics of disco pants on Statigram.

On another note, I will be buying some disco pants for a relative. I’m just sharing the love of disco pants. She’s a teen and I showed her the link to American Apparel’s disco pants page and asked her if she liked them. She said yeah so I told her to pick a color and size. What she doesn’t know is that I’m going to get her 2–the black ones she asked for and the charcoal ones she also liked. She’ll look great in them!

Today in the mail I received the blue Frederick’s of Hollywood disco pants i bought on ebay for only $20. They are in absolutely great condition and they are a beautiful shade of rich blue. But they are labelled size 15/16 and they are really big on me. They fit so unlike disco pants are meant to fit. To be perfectly honest, they are so loose they’re boring. At the moment I don’t know if I will keep them or resell them. I know for a fact that I could easily get $100 for them, even if they are rather large. This color has to be pretty rare and the pants are in top-notch condition. Still can’t believe I did a buy-it-now on these pants for $19.99 and $5 shipping. Gosh, why can’t I find more deals like this?? Anyway, I will put them on tomorrow and take pics. The fit of these is along the lines of the Guy Curtis disco pants but even looser if that were possible.

After I get my deep peacock disco pants and my red disco pants next week, I will have 4 of A.A.’s disco pant colors and will only be missing the purple, charcoal and caramel. At this point I’m figuring I will get those 3 also. I’ve seen many pics of girls in the caramel ones and they look absolutely mouth-watering. Here are a few examples:

























































There they are. Absolutely amazing pants! They look gold like my originals but A.A. calls them ‘caramel.’ And since as I mentioned before my gold ones aren’t really all that tight on me, I will get these in a medium in order to get that absolutely skintight fit.

I found plenty of hot pics of A.A.’s red disco pants too which led me to finally purchase them this week. Tomorrow I will post those pics I found around the ‘net.

Till then….


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