More, More, More

First off lemme say it’s hot! And I ain’t talking about disco pants at the moment. The weather outside is very hot, so I don’t know for sure if I’ll be putting on my new Frederick’s of Hollywood disco pants later and taking pictures.

Today is the 4th day in a row this blog has had over 100 views per day. So thanks to everyone checking it out.

Some of you have asked why I have abandoned the original topic of this blog, namely my skintight Levis 505. Well, I haven’t. Not completely anyway. It’s just that those jeans were my all-time favorite pants until I started coming into disco pants. And as I have said before, disco pants were a childhood obsession of mine that has now come to be fulfilled. So I’ll continue to write about those Levis whenever I’m in the mood as well as other skintight jeans that I have or acquire. But mainly I will write about disco pants from now on.

Looks like this coming Friday I will once again wear my black disco pants. Not sure if I’ll wear the Bojeangles or the Le Gambi. Might try some different sneakers with them also. Until now I have always only worn my low black Converse with my black disco pants. I’m expecting some new white Converse this week that are more padded and comfortable than regular All Stars so I may wear them. They scheduled to come in on Tuesday. I think disco pants go better with Converse. They’re not bad with Vans, but seem to be more agreeable with Converse. I’ve seen plenty of pics of girls wearing disco pants–particularly American Apparel’s disco pant–with Vans and they look really great. But I think it’s because they have smaller feet. And plus they can even wear running sneakers with disco pants and get away with it just because they’re girls. But let me put on my Nike Free+ 2 with disco pants and people will ask if I’m ready to go running.

Ebay seems dead lately. In terms of disco pants, that is. There just aren’t any on there. Maybe that’s a good thing since I already spend too much money this past week. But I have 2 pairs of Frederick’s of Hollywood disco pants that I could potentially sell and make some good money. I know the silver ones are pretty short and the button has come off and they have a noticeable spot or 2, but I haven’t seen any silver ones for sale for a long, long time. So that reason alone may help me get $100 for them. You just never know with ebay.

My American Apparel order will be arriving this week as well. Delivery of my red disco pants and peacock shiny night jacket are estimated for Wednesday, and delivery of my peacock disco pants is tomorrow! The shiny windbreaker in silver has not been shipped yet. After Wednesday I will only need 3 more disco pants from A.A. and I will then have all the colors. I also have to place the order for my teen relative who will be wearing disco pants for the first time!

Till next time, keep rockin’ the disco pants.!!



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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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