Deep Peacock Disco Pants

I got my deep peacock American Apparel disco pants today!! I almost thought they were not coming. I grabbed the mail—which was super late as always–and there was no package from A.A. Yet the tracking info online kept saying it was out for delivery. Well, a little while later there was a package on the kitchen table from them. I was excited.

So I tried them on and they are totally amazing! The color is great and the skintightness is perfect:










Yeah, I’m wearing some Nike running sneakers with the disco pants in some of the pics. Girls get away with wearing Vans, Converse, Air Force 1’s, high tops, low tops, platform shoes, flats, boots of all kinds with disco pants and it’s perfectly fine for them. So I might as well wear the shoes I like with them. Besides I wanted to see if the Nike’s with the disco pants gave the ‘runner’ look. Not sure if it does. But I like how it looks. Definitely unique. And hot.

So there is the newest addition to my disco pants collection. This is the 11th disco pant I now have. In a few days I’ll be getting the red ones I ordered. And then sometime next week I will probably order either the charcoal ones from A.A. or the caramel ones. I’m gonna try to get the remaining 3 colors I don’t have (imperial purple being the 3rd) within the next several weeks.

There is an absolutely stunning purple pair LeGambi disco pants on ebay for sale. But the seller is asking $260! That’s crazy. The pants aren’t even brand new. But to be honest, if I had the extra funds they would be mine. The waist/inseam/overall length are perfect and would fit me utterly skintight. I’ll try to borrow some pics from there and blog them here tomorrow. Until then, long live disco pants!!!


About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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2 Responses to Deep Peacock Disco Pants

  1. staciv says:

    I love those pants!

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