Less Shiny Clothing?

All right, babes, the red disco pant from American Apparel has arrived and is in my possession. Pics to be taken later. I’m pretty excited for these red ones. Next week I will be ordering the caramel ones.

Also received my Satin Charmeuse Night Jacket in peacock. Very nice color. It is more bluish in color than the deep peacock disco pants. Those are more green than blue.

I guess my streak of 100+ views per day of this blog will end today at 6 days. After coming close yesterday to beating my high on May 2, today has received very few views and may just as well finish as the lowest-view day this blog has gotten in quite some time.

Now I’ve got to rant a bit. I hear many people refer to disco pants as being ‘spandex pants.’ Even one of my church guys calls my disco pants that. Yes, the pants have spandex in them, but only around 10-12%. The remaining 88-90% is nylon. So why don’t people call them nylon pants? Right. Probably because they don’t know it’s nylon. I’ve had people ask me what they’re made of. I really think most people have no idea. They just call them spandex pants because they shine and fit skintight just like spandex workout wear. But most skintight jeans that girls wear–and even some that the guys are now wearing–also have spandex in them. Up to 10%, but usually around 1-3%. But no one is calling them ‘spandex pants.’ Disco pants came first. Then came exercise clothing that was made with spandex. The exercise clothing–running tights in particular–came to resemble disco pants as a matter of function. Disco pants were created out of fashion and function. They were skintight and shiny so they created visual appeal. Yet they were comfortable and so fulfilled the function element. Running tights, on the other hand, were not made with fashion in mind. Even though they were incredibly hot–especially the ones that were really shiny–they were not meant to be worn for any any purpose other than exercising. They were not made with a button, zipper and back pockets. They were meant to fit like a 2nd skin, thus reducing any wind resistance and allowing the body to keep cool or stay warm.

But of course it has become an object of fetishism. I can’t help but think that even though functionality was supposedly the sole purpose of lycra/spandex running tights/pants, why was it made so shiny? Skintight pants is one thing. Skintight and shiny pants is a whole other world. I remember it being commonplace to see people, especially women, wearing skintight shiny spandex/lycra tights, especially in the 80s but also in the 90s. It seems that when the whole disco pants craze died down it meta-morphed into the spandex tights craze. Talk about recycling products.

Even I bought a few pairs of tights because they were so affordable and looked so incredible sexy. And they made them for men too! The best one I ever got was from Eastbay. They had their own brand of products that were usually a lot less expensive than the name brands they also carried. And they had these shiny running tights in a whole slew of colors for both men and women. I’m pretty sure when I bought mine that they only cost $19.99. And these things were super shiny. I don’t think there were shinier tights out there. I also don’t know why I only bought one pair in black. They had them in purple, red, green, blue, navy, white, silver, gold, yellow, orange, etc. Here are a few pics of me in them:

Depending on the lighting, the pants can look very shiny or just with a slight sheen. Also, if you’re looking down at them they seem to reflect the most light from that angle. Straight on, not so much. On the bottom photo you can see up at the top right corner the name “Eastbay.”

I noticed that over the years spandex running tights have grown less shiny. I’m not sure why that is, but I believe it has something to do with most people not feeling comfortable wearing something skintight and shiny, even if it is for exercising. So even Eastbay has decreased the shininess of their brand tights to a level I can only describe as utterly blah. But it’s not only them. I used to have an incredibly shiny pair of skintight black Nike running shorts (or short tights as some call them). They were so sexy to wear and I used to wear them to work on really hot summer days. I would leave the house in the morning in them and when I arrived at the job I would slip my pants over them. And then when it was time to go home I would take off the pants and head to the car. I loved those short tights. I know they were getting messed up after a while. They were getting thin and the nylon material was like falling apart. Several years after those originals I got replacement Nike short tights and they just weren’t the same. The shine was much less and only at certain angles. So they have purposely decreased the shine on running tights, running short tights and bike shorts over they years probably because it just looked too damn sexy and people were self-conscious of that.

When I biked a few times in the past I wore my short tights. I didn’t have actual biker shorts, which can be sexy except for all that bulky padding. I do have a couple of bike shorts now which I have never used for biking because I never did much riding since.

I look back at those Venture store advertisements that I posted here previously and I love those lycra pants/tights that they had for girls.

They were so shiny and so tight. Wow. The 80s were so great. There was plenty of crap, too in all areas of life. But there was disco pants, skintight jeans, lycra pants, Air Jordan 4’s, Reebok 4600’s (some of the coolest sneakers ever made) and some cool music.

Long live disco pants!!


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