Time To Put On The Disco Pants

This evening I will be wearing one of my black skintight shiny disco pants along with my shiny black polo. This will be a first time combination. I’m not sure yet which black disco pants I will wear–the LeGambi or the Bojeangles. I’m leaning towards the LeGambi because they’re tighter. Why the hell not? You only live once. Why keep saying “next time, next time?” This is the time. I just have to learn to wear them more confidently like the girls do. In essence they are just pants, just a covering for the lower body. I see people strutting around in stuff that has no functional value but plenty of horrendous fashion value. Yet all I want to wear is a pair of pants that happen to be shiny and skintight, and probably–in the minds of most–associated with something more commonplace in a female’s wardrobe yet in reality was a unisex item of clothing.

Anyway, I’ll be getting ready to go soon. Looks like I’ll be going out with a pair of skinny jeans over my disco pants. I hate doing that. But yeah, we’ll see if there’s any reaction tonight to my pants. Most everyone has already seen them. A few yet haven’t. I’m really gonna try to wear them every Friday when I’m playing in the band, which is like nearly ALWAYS. I always wear pants whenever I’m on duty to play in the band, so even though it’s summer and really hot no one can ask why I’m wearing such pants. I always wear pants when playing. I just don’t like the look of wearing shorts when I’m playing in a band.

The last time I wore the LeGambi disco pants I played drums. Well, that was here in town. The last time I actually wore them was at camp and I played bass. So it’ll be nice to get them on again. Been nearly 3 weeks.

Well I gotta start getting ready. Till next time…



About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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