Jonden Disco Pants Debut This Week?

So not much reaction on Friday when I wore my skintight shiny black LeGambi disco pants. Received all of 3 comments. Which to me translates as meaning that they’re pretty used to seeing me in those pants now–whether it’s the LeGambi or the Bojeangles. They don’t know the difference. Again it may seem like I’m asking to receive attention or comments. It’s not the case. But it is interesting to see how they react or what they say. I do suspect that if I were a peer of theirs and wore such garb it would be talked about all the time and attention would be overwhelming. But since I’m not exactly in their age range they don’t say much or make a big deal probably out of respect.

I like hearing the comments though. And this lack of comments now means it may just be the right time to take it to the next level. Now I’ve already worn my gold disco pants to that party that one night and that may have been a next step up. There were plenty of comments and looks and attention. But those pants being gold coloured makes it rather more outlandish to wear just on regular Friday night. So I’m thinking and I’m really feeling like wearing the super skintight blue Jonden disco pants. I have had a pic on my Facebook for a while now of me wearing those pants and I know that some of them have seen it because they have mentioned it in conversation that I have a pair of blue shiny pants. So it would not be a total surprise if I were to show up on a Friday night wearing them. Probably not a surprise to a few. But I’m not sure. I don’t know how many of them look at my profile pics. I know I don’t receive a heck of a lot of comments so it’s hard to say. But definitely I feel the time has come to wear those on a Friday night. They are blue like jeans are and not as outlandish as skintight shiny gold pants. But they are totally skintight and shiny so that would be something unique for them to see.

But they really do expect me to wear skintight pants of some nature. I’ve been wearing skintight jeans around them for like 5 years now. I’ve mentioned before that when I don’t wear tight pants I do get asked how come I’m not wearing skinny jeans. I could never just out of the blue start wearing skintight shiny disco pants around them. It would be odd and totally out of character for me. I guess you could say I’ve been building up to this for the last 5 years. I didn’t know I would be acquiring disco pants. But the whole skintight jeans/skinny jeans thing has set this up perfectly for the present moment where now I can continue to wear skintight jeans/pants, but now venturing off into the territory of them not only being skintight but also shiny.

I’m really feeling it and I may wear them as early as this coming Friday. I have the whole week to build the courage and confidence to wear them and to get psyched for the whole thing. They are amazing pants and it would be awesome to see the looks and hear the comments. Skintight shiny black disco pants are one thing. Being black they don’t completely allow you to see shape and curves and all that jazz. Bright blue shiny skintight disco pants are a whole other matter. They totally allow all curves, shapes, and bulges to be seen. So that’s something to keep in mind. I know some of them will like seeing that. Based on feedback I’ve received, I am certain that both some of the guys and some of the girls enjoy seeing me in my skintight disco pants. So it may be time to let them see and for me to cross another milestone in fulfilling my desires.

What’s the worst that could happen? Might be on the receiving end of giggles, laughs, or statements such as “Oh my god!” Weird looks maybe. Stares. My own self-consciousness. My own feelings of nervousness. I know some of them will want to touch the pants which is fine with me. But I’ll be in them for about 4 hours and then it’s over. So whatever is said or done to deride my pants or me is over after a few hours. I just want to wear them at least once in public. If I can conquer my own uncertainty of wearing them on a Friday night I may find that I can wear them more often than just once, which I would love to have the boldness and confidence to do.

I do want to get a blue pair of Converse All Stars though to go along with the blue Jonden pants. The vaporous grey pair are really hot with these pants and I may wear them for now until I buy the blue Converse. And of course I’ll wear a black t-shirt to help mask my less-than-ideal upper body.

This will be a huge step for me, so I’ll be raving and ranting about it all week right here. Oh and I’ll be ordering a pair of American Apparel’s caramel disco pants this week. Probably on Wednesday.

So that’s it for now. Keep disco pants on the mind!



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6 Responses to Jonden Disco Pants Debut This Week?

  1. staciv says:

    Do it! Wear them in public, you look great in them and it will inspire others who love spandex but are too shy or ashamed to admit it to confront and embrace thier fetish.

    And you will get compliments and an amazing thrill from being in public in skintight spandex disco pants!

  2. Thomas says:

    I have purple discopants & had giggles in public, love going out in them with my pink allstars, Don’t be afraid to be yourself, awesome yes oh Boy am so horny . And it goes well with my pink Puma hoody

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