No Jonden Disco Pants Debut This Week

Looks like a damper for my Friday plan to wear my skintight shiny blue Jonden disco pants. I just found out I have to drum and these pants are a lot more sensitive than my black ones. Especially in the crotch area where all the seams meet. The material has really been stretched in some spots around that area and even some white lycra fibers are showing. Mind you it’s minor but I don’t wish to exacerbate the matter. They are 1 of top 3 favourite disco pants and they must last me at least until I can get additional pairs. I really love the cut of the Jonden disco pants with the lower back pockets. Their low placement allows them to be seen even with a longer shirt on top. I believe they should be seen so that people don’t think you are wearing tights. And I swear, Menudo’s disco pants in some of the videos I have posted here before must be Jonden’s due to the similar tag and placement that are on mine.

So no blue disco pants this Friday. And the worst of it is that it looks like I won’t have the chance next Friday either. I’m supposed to drum that day. And even if the bass player doesn’t show up I have no chance of sliding over to bass because there will be someone else who can fill in on bass already there. Geez. I hate this. But I will continue to wear my black disco pants every Friday I have the chance to. This coming Friday I will wear the Bojeangles disco pants I guess, since they have had a pretty long break from being worn. And if I can acquire any other pairs in very dark colors I will wear them. It’s just the lighter colours like the blue of the Jonden pants that really put everything on display and leave nothing to the imagination that have been holding me back from wearing them. But now I’m ready and I don’t have the opportunity. Damn drums. Wish someone else would play them. Guess this gives me time to get the blue Converse….

I’m considering these 2:

The top one is Victoria Blue. The bottom one is Skydiver Blue. I’m leaning towards the latter because the blue is just a little brighter and it’s a few dollars cheaper on ebay. I’ll probably buy it today.

Later then……

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