Long Hair & Disco Pants

Been thinking about getting a haircut lately. It’s really hot here now and my hair is kinda longish. Other years I would have had it cut already. But now that I’ve started wearing disco pants, I’m not sure that short hair on me would fit disco-pants-rocker look. So I think I’m just going to deal with the slight inconvenience and extra heat factor of slightly longer hair.

I realize you can create your own style and wear whatever you want however you want it, but as for me, I think having longer hair justifies my wearing skintight shiny pants. It just works better for me. Can you picture Leif Garrett with short hair wearing his skintight spandex disco pants? I can’t either. But I know that the Menudo boys’ hair wasn’t all that long yet they wore skintight shiny disco pants. But they were kids. Ladies and kids can get away with wearing anything. We guys cannot. So since I don’t plan on losing the disco pants anytime soon, I’ll be keeping the long hair for now. Spandex and long hair seem to go well together.

I ordered one of those 2 pairs of Converse All Stars I posted previously. I got the Skydiver Blue ones. And tomorrow I should be receiving some cool Nike running sneakers I bought. Hopefully they will be as great in person as they are in the photos.

Found someone on ebay selling an awesome pair of navy blue Bojeangles disco pants. The seller claims the pants are brand new with tags and newly manufactured in the USA. Now I was pretty sure Bojeangles wasn’t even in business anymore so for this seller to claim the pants are ‘newly manufactured’ is odd. I contacted the seller and asked about the pants but I have not received a response. The pants are being sold for $195 and based on the pictures are absolutely amazing. If I had extra cash to throw around I would get those immediately.

I came across another UK retailer website that sells a version of disco pants. It’s called GlamorousUK.com and here is a direct link to their disco pants:


They seem to have only one colour–Pewter–and their pants are made from 90% acrylic & 10% elastane. Price is £39.99 which converts to about $63 at the moment. I guess that’s not much cheaper than American Apparel’s disco pant, especially when you figure in shipping from the UK. Anyway, here are pics of them:

Why do they all have to have that skintight fit down to the ankles??? That really ruins it for me to even consider getting. I know, I know. I’ve been buying the A.A. ones even though they’re like that too, because they’re sexy as hell regardless. I just can’t wear them in public. Not yet anyway.

Guess tomorrow I will place an order for the caramel disco pants from A.A. Then I will only have 2 to go. Oh and my tumblr page has been picking up action. I have 6 followers, 5 of whom are females. And I’ve gotten a lot of likes–ok, not that many yet–on my photos of my disco pants collection.

My teen relative for whom I bought disco pants received them but they came damaged and so she will have to return them and wait another 2 weeks or so before she can wear them. But she really did like them and we started chatting online about disco pants in general. I showed her pics of how the vintage ones I have fit me and she said it looked cool. I told her I’d be getting her another pair soon.

That’s all I have for now. Disco pants forever!


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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