New Blue Converse

Got my new blue Converse All Stars today! And they are really nice. Here’s how they look with my skintight shiny blue Jonden disco pants and my shiny blue American Apparel night jacket:

Looks hot! Or very cool should I say. Icy. So I’ll definitely be wearing this combo–minus the jacket–on some Friday night next month.

Ok, I have not yet ordered a caramel disco pant from A.A. The reason being the seller from ebay that I mentioned previously selling brand new Bojeangles disco pants on ebay. This person did contact me back and sounds really legit. Looks like I will be saving my dimes in order to buy the real deal from this person. Super excited! Will keep y’all posted regarding this.

Appears to be yet another UK website that sells a version of disco pant. Here’s a direct link to purchase the pants from their website:

And here are pics of their disco pants:

The main difference between these and A.A.’s disco pants is that these are made from polyester and spandex instead of the traditional nylon and spandex. And only available in black. The price is £34.99 which is about $55 USD. Not sure why A.A. is the only US based store that makes and sells disco pants. Obviously it’s a hot item in the UK. All these stores need to start making these pants for guys as well.

I guess tomorrow evening I’ll be wearing my shiny black skintight Bojeangles disco pants. Yup, I’m committed to wearing disco pants every Friday to church until I work up the courage to wear them other places as well.

It’s late so that’s all for now. Keep on rockin’ the disco pants!


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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4 Responses to New Blue Converse

  1. staciv says:

    Wow! Those blue pants are awesome!!!!

    You look great in them. Wear them in public, girls will be all over you!

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