Disco Pants Or Bust

As planned, I wore the shiny black skintight Bojeangles disco pants this evening. There was not much reaction and not many people there to be begin with. Many of the regulars have gone away for a week or 2. Of those who were here tonight, one person made a comment that basically implied that my pants were the tightest he’s seen any guy wear. Another one of the guys saw my pants and touched them. Another dude grabbed my pants around the knee area and pulled them and then asked me what I think of the pants. I said they are the best pants ever. I should have answered by asking what he thinks of the pants.

That was pretty much it. I did find that a top corner of the back left pocket has come unstitched. Not happy about that. So both my black disco jeans have some broken stitches at the top of one of the pockets. The Le Gambi I purchased that way, but the Bojeangles was caused by me somehow. Gotta get both fixed now.

I’m actually considering selling some of my skintight skinny jeans now. Even some or all of the 7 For All Mankind ones I bought recently. They’re nice but I’m so into disco pants now that I’m not sure I’ll be wearing some of these skinny jeans again. I have some that I have not worn in quite some time so they may not be worth keeping. Especially some of the higher end ones. I’ll still have my favorites which I will hang onto.

An interesting occasion for possibly wearing disco pants has arisen. Next Friday we may be going to visit those who went up to camp. There will be many people there as it will be a musical/award program held in the chapel. There will be many teens as well as older people. It would definitely be the most amount of people I would have worn disco pants around. I have gone to this event in the past so I know what to expect. The last time I went in June 2008 I wore my skintight Nudie Thin Finn in Oscar Dark Worn skinny jeans. This is how they look:

At the time I wore those to that event, I felt it was bold move. I didn’t care cause I just wanted to wear tight pants even if it meant wearing them around a lot of people. And nothing really happened anyway. Maybe got some looks–nothing stands out in memory–but no comments or anything. So if I’m going to go to this event again I have to wear something more extreme than those above jeans. That means maybe my Cheap Monday Tight skinny jeans, my Bettina Liano skinny jeans, my Levis 510 super skinny jeans, my Levis 511 skinny jeans or my 7 For All Mankind skinny jeans. Those jeans are all completely skintight which is totally hot but several of them would just kill my waist after wearing them for a while. In other words they’re very uncomfortable. My Bojeangles disco pants on the other hand are skintight yet totally comfortable so they might just be the best bet. Plus, I’m sure many of the people there would get a kick out of seeing someone wear disco pants. There would probably be a lot of ‘double takes’.

It’s definitely a bold move but a necessary one if I am to start wearing these type of pants around more people–strangers in particular. It’ll be fun. Can’t stand being like everyone else. I’m not like everybody else, as the Kinks once sang. I gotta be me, and this is who I am.

I have to decide if I’m even going to go to this event though. I was bored out of my mind the last time I went, but it was just a thrill to put on my skintight jeans and wear them around a bunch of middle-aged-and-older folks who have lost any sense of style they may have had and have allowed society to command them how to dress. If I do go it will be just for the sake of wearing my disco pants around all those people. Not that I care so much if they point and laugh and stare but more so it being a really big step for me in the right direction. We’ll see how it all turns out by next Friday. The main thing for me will be if I have the courage to wear the pants to that event. If I am not ‘feeling it’ then there is no point in going, even if I find myself with the courage to wear any of my skintight jeans. It’s gotta be disco pants or bust. Nothing else.

I think that’s all I wanted to say here. So remember, it’s disco pants or bust.


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10 Responses to Disco Pants Or Bust

  1. Levis 511-fan says:

    Nice fit! Don’t you get hard in them?

  2. Levis 511-fan says:

    Are you interrested to chat sometime? Use hangouts and add tajt511@gmail.com

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