Challenging Development

Another interesting development regarding this coming Friday. So now not only is the plan to go up to camp but also to stop on the way there and get dinner at the oasis! This really complicates matters now.

First of all, the camp thing is a semi-church thing. Most people who will be there are folks who go to church or relatives of folks who go to church. It’s about music, yeah, and getting awards, but it is also church-themed. And like I said before, it’s not really an interesting thing unless you’re into orchestral/band type of music. I haven’t gone in 4 years because it’s really not my cup of tea. I just go to see the fellow youth group/young people who have been stuck there for a while. And I go because it gives me an opportunity to wear tight pants outside my usual comfort zone area. Though it is outside my normal comfort zone area, it is what I would still consider a ‘safe’ zone because technically it is still ‘church.’ So it would be a great place to wear my skintight shiny spandex disco pants.  And if I were to have a good coming week and if i were to feel like going to this event, I would wear my disco pants to it. And as I said previously, if I am not feeling the boldness to wear the pants, there is no point in going. Really, the only point in going is to wear my disco pants around more people–people I would most likely never see again–and just try to observe the general reaction if any. I mean, shiny black spandex pants aren’t really that big of a deal, especially in a dimly lit room. There’s a chance it may not even be noticed there.

But now that the plan includes stopping on the highway oasis for dinner I am definitely at greater unease. This is a much more public place with a great deal of both natural and artificial lighting. Not sure how many peeps would be there on a Friday evening though. Nonetheless there will be people there. This would be the greatest amount of exposure I would have allowed of myself in disco pants up to this point. And it may be just the push I need to wear them more often and in other places. But it may also end up being a harrowing experience which just might relegate my disco pants to only wearing at home again. And it’s gonna be a hot day–about 90°–so I would wear the black disco pants and a black t-shirt and some Converse of course.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the pants will be seen and noticed in this place. And I would love to wear my sunglasses so I could watch people as they stare at my pants without them seeing me. I would be curious to know if any stranger would come up to me and ask about the pants. I am nervous as hell now about wearing these pants. Don’t know if I’m ready for full-fledged exposure. Not sure what to do. I’ll be writing about this all week no doubt.

On another note, I did purchase 2 additional disco pants on ebay today. Both had buy it now prices and considering their condition and not wanting to risk losing them I bought them both. They were both from the same seller and both were Fredericks of Hollywood brand. A black pair in size 1 which will be the smallest disco pants I have. If I am able to squeeze into them they should be a completely skintight fit, perhaps even tighter than the Le Gambi pair. The other pair is a red in size 2. So this one might just be the only red pair I need to get and being a size 2 should also fit completely skintight. Very excited about getting both of these disco pants.

If these 2 pants turn out to fit really great–meaning totally skintight–I might start unleashing some of my disco pants that don’t fit so well, including the royal blue Fredericks of Hollywood I acquired recently for $20 and the silver FOH pair I’ve had for years. I may also start either returning or selling some of my American Apparel disco pants. I doubt I’ll ever wear the A.A. ones unless somehow I manage to adopt a total indifference to what others think. But I’m not there yet. Plus I have to start saving up to buy disco pants from that seller on ebay who will be getting brand new pairs of Bojeangles disco pants. Those will cost a good amount so I’ll have to liquidate some unwanted disco pants to get those.

That’s all for now. I will spend a good amount of time ranting about this upcoming Friday and whether I will or will not wear my shiny black skintight disco pants in a massive public setting (or 2).

Disco pants for life!



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