Not Gonna Go

Well now, well now. It’s super hot here. Almost 100°. Thankfully, I’m inside in the cool. Grateful for everyone involved in the creation of air conditioning.

Anyway at the moment I’m not feeling like going tomorrow. You know–dinner, camp. In disco pants. Just not feeling it. It would great to put myself out there in such a unique, sexy item of clothing but I’m just not feeling it. Still gonna be pretty hot tomorrow. I may change my mind by tomorrow evening, but right now I’m at 20%.

Besides that, the seller from whom I bought those 2 disco pants on Sunday still hasn’t shipped them to me. I got tracking info just a few minutes after I paid, but there’s been no delivery progress updates which means the seller has not shipped them yet! What the hell. The seller’s got my money and my pants. And I’ve got nothing to show for it. They should specify their shipping time frames. Damn, I ship stuff the next day after I get paid. I understand not everyone can do that. Then at least mention it in the auction. I’ve seen sellers specify that they only ship on Saturdays and I used to do that at one point as well. This freak hasn’t specified anything. Just sitting on my disco pants and my money. Well, I’ll just either not leave feedback or I’ll give him a low rating on shipping time.

Would I have still bought the pants if this seller mentioned that shipping is only done on Saturdays? Yes, of course. But at least I would’ve known and expected a slow delivery. This dude’s got me checking everyday and multiple times a day for delivery progress. I don’t know what’s going on, but it better not be a case of having 2nd thoughts about selling the pants to me. That will be unacceptable.

In other news, I’m getting very close to selling my royal blue Frederick’s of Hollywood disco pants. They’re a nice color and nice pants but meant for someone much larger than me. They fit me so loose that they don’t even resemble disco pants. If you’ve ever seen any photos or video footage of either men or women wearing disco pants in the 1970s or 1980s, you would have noticed that both genders wear the pants skintight. That is how they were meant to be worn. I don’t believe it should be any different now. And there’s nothing really I can do to make these pants fit me like they should. They are just way too loose. So I think I will sell them. Sure wish I could find a pair is size 2 or 3. Or even 4.

I’m also going to sell my 7 For All Mankind Rhigby skinny jeans that I have acquired this year. Two pairs I have one only once each. The 3rd pair has not even been worn other than to take pics and videos in. I hope I can get at least $50 for each of the 2 I have worn. They are in excellent condition and like-new. I take care of my jeans cause I want them to last as long as possible and because I just may decide to sell them sometime in the future. I have gotten rid of jeans from my collection that I never thought I would. Just goes to show you that ‘tastes’ and ‘likes’ can easily change over periods of time.

I still have plenty of skintight jeans and skinny jeans. And I will be keeping many of them. I just have some that I don’t wear much and I can get pretty good money for them, such as the 7’s. Another downside to those is that they are 100% cotton which–while incredibly sexy and don’t lose their shape–can make them extremely uncomfortable especially around the waist. After an hour or so of wearing them I cannot wait to unbutton them. I’m just so into disco pants right now that I really want to get rid of some of my skinnies and use the money to get more disco’s.

Oh, and I am also considering sending back my disco pants that I’ve purchased from American Apparel lately. Let’s face it: other than on Halloween and/or if I could find the right kind of boots I will most certainly never wear those disco pants in public, and not even to church. I’ll keep the black ones and the navy blue ones, but I may return the red and peacock ones.

That’s all for now. Keep rockin’ the disco pants!



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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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