New Vintage Disco Pants!

So I didn’t go yesterday evening. No regrets. Probably would’ve been mostly a waste of time. Was really hot anyway. Don’t wanna be sweating too much in my disco pants.

As for other news, I finally received the 2 disco pants I bought on ebay on Sunday. Both are Frederick’s of Hollywood. I tried on the red ones and their fit reminded me of my gold ones. Not that tight and not that loose. Also strangely reminded me of my first pair of red Frederick’s disco pants I owned a while ago. The thought came into my head that perhaps this is that same pair now returning to me. I doubt it though. But yeah, I have to try them on again and take pics to show how they fit me. But they are nowhere close to the fit of the American Apparel ones I posted pics of before. They are in great condition however.

The black ones that came in today fit awesomely skintight. Probably as tight or even a bit tighter than the Le Gambi ones I have. Remind me of Leif Garrett. But they need some work. There are some pulls around the crotch which are only noticeable up close. But there is a lot of restitching that needs to be done, particularly around the crotch where a big hole showed up once I put them on. And one of the back pockets needs a few stitches as well. But these are longer than the Le Gambi ones. And upon my first trying on of them, I could not get the zipper all the way up. So I’ll play around with them a little bit more later on. I think that after I get them repaired I will probably wear them the most because they look so painted on and feel great. And since they have pulls which cannot be repaired I can wear them without too much concern about further damage.

So now I have my first pair of black Frederick’s of Hollywood disco pants and they are so sexy. I would love to get a hold of a skintight shiny black pair of disco pants that have belt loops and lower back pockets similar to the pockets of the Jonden ones I have. But looks like I have to take all 3 of my vintage black disco pants to the cleaners to get some minor work done on them. They did a great job with the Jonden’s so I expect they’ll do the same with these and should be easier because all these are black.

I’m a little half-hearted over the red ones I got today. They’re fit is not completely skintight and I’m just not sure whether I would actually ever wear red ones. I’m gonna have to start saving my money for other things now so I really should focus on getting only the colors that I would actually consider wearing, which include black, silver, grey, gold and any shade of blue (and maybe white). I’m not sure I’d wear any other colors. I don’t really wear green, yellow, red, orange or purple pants/jeans now so I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t wear disco pants in those colors either.

Well that’s it. Hopefully I can get some pics of my new disco pants either later today or sometime tomorrow and upload them here.


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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