Loose Disco Pants

I decided not to keep the red Frederick’s of Hollywood disco pants I purchased recently. They’re nice but for some reason don’t have that shine that most of my other disco pants have. That is something I noticed with all FoH disco pants I’ve ever had. They’re not as shiny compared to Le Gambi’s and Bojeangles and Jonden’s. This particular pair is 92% nylon and 8% spandex. I’m not really sure which of the 2 materials is responsible for the ideal shine or what combination of the 2 results in that sexy shine. It’s definitely not 92/8 as the pictures below will testify:










Not very shiny. In fact, my American Apparel red disco pants are so much more shiny. And as you can see these are not very tight either, whereas my A.A. red ones are absolutely skintight. Here’s a side by side comparison:










To me it’s a world of difference in terms of fit. A.A.’s is completely skintight while the FoH’s are way too loose for my liking. If the Frederick’s were as tight as A.A.’s I wouldn’t even be talking about selling them right now. I’m not exactly a wearer of red pants but AA’s are so tight and feel so good that I’m having second thoughts about returning them.

It could be argued that from the knees on up the Frederick’s are pretty skintight. And it may look that way, but it doesn’t feel that way. AA’s not only looks that way but absolutely feels that way. And for me that is another key ingredient. I need to feel the pants really gripping around me. Even though skintight disco pants are comfortable, I still need to feel them ‘compressing’ the lower body.

I’m also not going to be keeping my royal blue Frederick’s disco pants which I acquired recently. They are the loosest disco pants I have and are not even fun to wear at all. But my, would they be totally awesome if they fit skintight! The rich blue color. The amazing shine. (Yes, this one is pretty shiny for a FoH). But they’re way too big. I need to stick to size 2 or 3 for the best fit on me. Size 4 is ok but starts to feel a little bigger.

Now then. Looks like my first opportunity to wear my skintight shiny blue Jonden disco pants will be next Friday the 13th. LOL. Friday the 13th. Is it an omen? Maybe I shouldn’t wear them?? Well I’m not saying I will. Just saying it will be my first chance because I don’t have to drum. It’s still a long ways off. So we’ll see how my mindset is by then.

This Friday though looks like another opportunity to wear my black disco pants. I would like to wear the new ones I just got. But I still have to take them to the cleaners to fix up a few things. I mean, there’s a big gaping hole in the crotch when I’m wearing them. You can’t really see it completely unless you’re underneath my crotch but you still can see some of it. I guess I could do it tomorrow. I’m not sure though. It’s way hot here. And I’m not too sure about this Friday. I know everyone is already used to seeing me in shiny skintight pants. But this Friday we’re gonna do something a little different. We’re gonna sit on the floor in a circle. So I know there will be many eyes on my pants if I wear them. What the hell. I’ll wear them anyway. The choice is either be myself and wear them or wear shorts and be like everyone else.

I am trying to acquire a few more pairs of disco pants at the moment. I should know in a few days about them. Will keep you posted. Until then, keep rockin’ the disco pants!


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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2 Responses to Loose Disco Pants

  1. mike says:

    Damn dude, ….wish you lived here in Tennessee…..im obsessed with skinny jeans too! always have been.

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