Disco Pants in Summer?

We’ve been going through a heat wave around these parts. Today hit about 103°. And I am faced with the opportunity to wear disco pants this evening. And really the only thing that is hinting at me to not wear them is the heat.

When I’m around my younger friends I tend to be more self-conscious of my weight issue. So if I’m going to wear a light colored top it has to be loose. I can wear something a bit more fitted on top but it has to be black. And since I don’t like wearing very loose tops with disco pants–I just don’t like that look on me–I usually go for the black, better-fitted top. Around older people I don’t really care much about hiding my lack of being trim on top because most of them aren’t either.

Now, that whole sitting-in-a-circle-on-the-floor tonight has been on my mind as well. I had received the black Frederick’s of Hollywood disco pants this past Saturday and I wanted to wear them tonight. But since they are unstitched in the crotch it creates a big hole there as they are stretched nearly to the max due to their skintightness on me. It’s not so much visible when I’m standing but rather when I’m sitting down. So if we’re gonna be sitting down on the floor the hole will be pretty visible to everyone around. That rules them out for my wear this evening.

Two weeks ago I wore the Bojeangles so I would really like to put on the Le Gambi disco pants tonight. So maybe I will. The Le Gambi and a black T. And my light grey Converse. That will be the first time I pair these grey Converse with any disco pants. I’ve taken plenty of pics of them together and they look really hot together.

I ordered a bunch of nylon t-shirts today from an online store (muldoons.com). They were really cheap. Only $6.99 each. I ordered black, navy, burgundy, royal and silver. Multiple pairs. Hope they turn out to fit great. If they don’t I will send them back. I need nylon shirts to keep cool in hot weather and to wear with my various disco pants.

I will have to get dressed soon. It will be fun to put on some skintight shiny disco pants again and be around friends. This is the first time this month I’ll be wearing disco pants. Next Friday looks like a real opportunity to wear my skintight blue Jonden ones. Mmmm. Those are so amazingly tight. They’re even a bit hard to get on. But once they are on it’s like I just want to live in them and not wear any other kind of pants ever. I still say whoever invented disco pants was a genius and deserves some kind of Nobel Prize.

I’ll letcha know if anything interesting happens tonight. Till then, ROCK ON DISCO PANTS!


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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